No Choice With the Employee Free Choice Act

It has been about two weeks now since I first met Devon Generally, standing out in front of Independence Hall, the very building where our founders laid the foundation for our great country with the same principles conservatives like myself and Devon are so desperately trying to bring back into the fold.

Here at America’s Right, I write a lot about how the GOP must return to its conservative roots and find new blood to effectively disseminate its message and remind Americans of the merits of conservatism. In Devon, I see potential and capability rivaled only by his passion and patriotism and, as he pursues his dreams of doing the right thing for our nation, I am honored that he can stop by this little Web site from time to time along the way.

I hope this commentary will only be the first of many to come, and that you will help spread the word about his candidacy. In the meantime, learn more about Devon here and at his Web site, and contact him at the latter if you’re ready and willing to help him bring our country back to the principles and values upon which she was founded, one step at a time.

– Jeff

By Devon Generally
America’s Right

The idea that this legislation is being referred to as something innocuous like “Card Check” is deceiving. Kind of like referring to $787 billion in pork-barrel spending as “stimulus.”

A bit of advice: when our elected officials in Washington, D.C. begin to push through legislation with pleasant-sounding or nebulous names, Americans should either get informed and protest, or simply duck and cover.

Many people on the other side of the aisle argue that “Card Check” is necessary to preserve the rights of workers. In fact, the architects of this legislation would have us to believe that unionizing even the smallest of businesses will provide higher wages and healthcare. In reality, however, this radical legislation destroys such rights. Perhaps the Employee Free Choice Act could be better named the Employee No Choice Act.

The first of the two pillars of “Card Check” reeks of intimidation. Imagine for a moment that you own a small business — a print shop, a car dealership, a machine shop, or even a restaurant. Under this legislation, union organizers could visit your operation, talk to your workers, and essentially force them to publicly sign legally binding cards to form a union. Once a majority of workers signed, the union would be officially formed and certified, and it would be unlawful for the workers–up until that day, your workers–to request a secret-ballot election.

The second of the two pillars reeks of inequity. As soon as the aforementioned union is certified, this legislation sets a short deadline for small business owners and other employers like yourself–we’re still using our imaginations, remember–to agree to the demands of that union in terms of wages, benefits, hours and more. If you decline, an arbitrator provided by the organized labor-happy federal government would decide those conditions of employment for you, and for your workers.

See? It’s more of a No Choice Act than a Free Choice Act.

One of the major tenets of free peoples is the right to feel secure in their vote. Since 1892, for example, we’ve chosen our president in private, secure that our covenant with our government is nobody’s concern but our own. The days of being afraid were once a distant memory. Those days, it seems, are rapidly returning with this lemming-like march towards “Card Check.” The fear is shared by the employer and the employed. Supporters argue that they’re all for worker’s rights, yet they omit the fact that some of the highest unemployment rates can be found in the most unionized states.

Without a union in the department store he took over following his father’s death, Barry Goldwater offered wages higher than the national retail-store average. His company also assumed the full cost of employees’ health, accident, and life insurance, and made use of other innovations such as a profit-sharing plan and a maximum forty-hour week.

Goldwater described his business strategy as “enlightened self-interest.” Will we now be enlightened by the self-interest of big union bosses? Where is the courage of those who claim to represent us? While Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter–who voted with the Democrats on this issue in 2007–may actually come out on the right side of it this time (and, for our country, I hope he does), he says that his change of heart has come because he has been “lobbied on it very, very heavily.”

Where, may I ask, are the principles? Yes, it may be all well and good that Specter could come out on the right side of this issue, on the side of freedom and the side of prosperity, but it terrifies me as an American that this man has come about such a decision because of someone whispering in his ear or promising something in return.

We need courage in Washington. We need principles in Washington. We need conservative leadership in Washington, leadership exhibited by people who refuse to betray small business owners, sentence our workers to rampant unemployment, and burden our children with the mounting debt and consequences of our bad choices, all in the name of so-called bipartisanship.

And we need leaders in our nation’s capital who understand the proper role of unions. I assure you that I am by no means anti-union. I’ve occasionally worked in a union environment, dealt with great people who happen to be union workers and bosses alike, and I fully understand the usefulness–and, in some cases, necessity–of a union. However, as a man who has always lived in the Land of the Free, I appreciate the choice of not being in a union. Does the Employee Free Choice Act indeed provide for these freedoms, or do we simply have yet another special interest to appease?

Devon Generally is a conservative, a U.S. Navy veteran, and a working-class father of twins. He currently works as a Shift Supervisor for Philadelphia Gas Works, and is in the embryonic stages of challenging Sen. Arlen Specter for his Senate seat in Pennsylvania in 2010. He has been contributing to America’s Right since March 2009.

For more information on his candidacy, visit his official Web site at



  1. Laurie says:

    Devon, First, let me welcome you to America’s Right. What an outstanding article and I could not agree with you more. As someone who has also worked as a union member (was also a Union Steward) I could not agree with your assessment more. Even in the best of times I remember the elections for union officers and how important it was that our ballots were private. We were even afraid of our own…(what would happen if they found out I voted for the new guy instead of the incumbent). I am not anti-union either; they have their place….but Card Check is not the way we as free Americans need to go.

    Again, welcome Devon. I wish you much success in becoming a leader for our country…we need more like you.


    Devon, thank God for Americans such as yourself. I am sick of the ‘R’ and ‘D’ when what we need is ‘CS’ (COMMON SENSE). I hope Specter can’t even get his families votes. And I see you are currently in the energy sector so a new job might be wise anyway!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent article, Devon. No personal experience with unions; however, I think Jeff is a great judge of character. I trust his endorsement and look forward to hearing your name more and more in the future.

    Best of luck in your race against Mr Specter–it’s time for new blood in that seat.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Generally, you presented a very compelling and factual argument. This is just another step in driving the country toward European Socialism.

    Anytime I traveled to a European country, business related, I was amazed at the inflated value of goods and services. For example in most countries, a McDonald's hamburger, fries and a soft drink would cost more than twenty dollars American, seldom could you find any simple meal for less than twenty dollars. When a 'burger-turner' is making twelve to fifteen dollars an hour, that's the end result.

    Don't think the AFL-BTU or the AFL-FCU (American Federation of Labor; Burger-Turners Union & American Federation of Labor; Fry Cooks Union) won't arbitrate the same type of pay structure for their unionized employees. Then we will be able to enjoy that same twenty dollar meal deal in this country.

    Don't misunderstand, at one time in this country, the 1930's through the mid 1950's, the labor union performed a service. They insured the working conditions were suitable, the work schedule was fair and employees weren't exploited. Today, there are no fewer than six federal agencies that govern the same areas / conditions labor unions were originally introduced to reform. Along those lines, I guess that is the same standard of redundancy the Federal Government operates on. Don't enforce the fifty gun laws that are on the books, pass another one or two so we can truly impair every law-abiding citizen…but I digress.

    This is just another "great advancement", brought to you by the liberal progressives, that is wrongfully conceived, willfully mandated and errantly fulfilled. It appears no one 'models' these "great advancements" to see what the cost of the conclusion equals. The ends will not justify the means, in this case.

    So, yes Mr. Generally, you are exactly one-hundred percent correct in your argument. The beginning of a whole new set of issues would be released with the introduction of "Employee Free Choice Act" and no one on the leading edge of this legislation has even begun to think what the 'side effect' or down-side is.

    So, what is accomplished? If you raise the median salary of the working masses, guess what, the business owner is forced to pass these exponentially increased costs right along to the consumer. The employee of the AFL-BTU had an increase in yearly compensation and now makes $48,000.00 per year but in the interim, across these great United of States, every good and service cost increased by the same two-hundred fifty percent.

    The "kings and queens" of smart in our Federal Legislature need to start dusting off some reumes because in 2010 there are probably going to be some changes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    On ABC’s This Week, Sunday, March 9th, Claire McCaskill falsely stated that no secret ballot is provided to decertify a union, as the basis of her argument for this travesty of a bill. Of course, she was wrong, and of course, no one on the show called her on it. No, no, I had to look it up for myself, as usual.

  6. Gail B says:

    Jeff, thank you for granting my unspoken wish, that Devon Generally would write a piece for America’s Right! What a great start for a beautiful day!

    Devon, sir, you are already being discussed down here in the Peach State! You will get help in spreading the word of your candidacy from the Dont Go Movement, which is national now. We were discussing you the other night in a conference call, and we DO NETWORK with other conservative organizations. “TRUTHS We Hold” is our motto. One of the things we do is decide on which candidates we will support.

    Jeff has shown his true colors (we love Jeff!); and if Jeff likes you, we like you!

    About the Card Check: My retired civil engineering friend has breakfast with a group of folks every morning. The other day he said that there was a union member there and that they were talking about the Card Check. The man said that “the Card Check would KILL America.”

    My question is, “What’s the government doing meddling in union business anyway?”

    I was so happy to see your column that I jumped here first. Now to enjoy your message with my coffee!

    Thanks, you two, for making my day!

  7. Gail B says:

    Devon, my “second impression” of you is even better than the first!

    You ROCK!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nice article-and good luck (seriously) with running against Spector. This past election cycle really did reveal who are the Conservatives and who are just Politicians. Im afraid I have many of the latter in Florida. Thankfully one of them-Martinez-has made the right decision, but there appears unfortunately to be a lack of a qualified replacement.
    I hope that the Balart brothers find a way to early retirement also.

  9. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Devon -
    Thank you for this informative article & for your service to our country. It will take some very courageous men & women to stand up to this tide of evil that threatens our beloved America. Pennsylvania is blessed to have you ready to fight for our principles. May God bless your efforts!
    Thanks, Jeff for introducing another great mind on your site – God's blessings to you as well!

  10. Dee says:

    Good luck, Devon, on your run against Specter. We need new blood in Pa. My father worked in the steel mills of Pittsburgh when I was growing up and I remember him telling me that unions had their place at one time but he had no use for them. Also, one summer I worked in a fairly large bakery. It was owned by a businessman who worked hard and grew the business. When I was hired he told me that there was not a union and that all the employees would be paid for 40 hours each week, even on the weeks when we did not work 40 hours. We rarely, if ever, worked more then 40 hours. He was very fair in dealing with the employees. We were allowed to take whatever baked goods we wanted each day. Of course, he knew that after 2 weeks, we would be sick of the donuts, etc.
    Once again, good luck.

  11. suek says:

    “The second of the two pillars reeks of inequity….If you decline, an arbitrator provided by the organized labor-happy federal government would decide those conditions of employment for you, and for your workers.”

    This is not “inequity”, this is government control of the workplace. The government steps in and dictates wages, benefits, hours and working conditions. Sound like “Centralized Planning” to you? It sure does to me.

    This is the goal – to destroy private industry – the capitalist base that _is_ the American power. They _intend_ to destroy this nation. They _intend_ to bring about Communism.

    If you are young enough to be unfamiliar with the “Workers’ Paradise” that was the USSR, you need to read some history books.

    And oh yeah… Any major bill the Dems propose with a fine sounding name, chances are that the law they propose will do exactly the opposite of the bill’s name says. That’s something of a cliche, but it really does seem to be true.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Generally, please write more articles soon! Waiting eagerly.

    If you called up Madame Pelosi or Mr. Reid, do you think you could talk some sense into them? Ok, that’s asking too much.


  13. Linda says:

    Devon, welcome aboard. Jeff once again has brought someone of character and intelligence into the fold. I live in California, but will be watching your career in earnest and trust that in the future (and hopefully not too distant future), we will be seeing you at the very least more influential in your local and state government, as well as hopefully in Washington, D.C.

    You are correct: We need principles in Washington!

    Thanks again . . . and welcome.

    P.S. Thanks, Jeff, for yet another great contributor (to not only this site, but hopefully to America as well).

  14. tm says:

    Fianlly, someone who gets it.

  15. rdansie says:


    That was a wonderful article.

    I’m retired, but previously worked for a Company that had one location which was under union control and another location that was non-union. What a stark contrast in labor costs and productivity! The company eventually closed the union plant and moved all the operations to the non-union plant. They had no choice in the matter if they were to remain competitive.

    I look forward to reading your next article. If I lived in your state you could count on my support.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Out of the mouth of babes, at a UN conference the Chinese called the U.S. a deadbeat country. That makes Obama a deadbeat president.

    Truth always wins, and this time, I think it will make it into the history books.

    The Obama/Biden comedy team should resign. America has a dire need for competency.

  17. liz smiley says:

    The first time I have seen anyone of influence say anything about no birth certificate from Obama (at 19:23 minutes into the video): Colbert Report from 3/11/09

    Thought I’d share!

  18. MaryAlice says:

    We just rolled out this site: and we are going to notify our members tomorrow. Please spread the word!

    Brendan Steinhauser
    Director, Federal and State Campaigns
    601 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
    North Building, Suite 700
    Washington, D.C. 20004-2601
    (202) 942-7612 phone
    (202) 379-6583 cell
    (202) 942-7649 fax

  19. Anonymous says:


    We are so thankful for your courage and integrity, both on and off the battlefield!

    So excited to see such a fine, young, conservative mind “engaging” in this fight!

    One word of advice: As you know, politics can get ugly! Draw on all of your extensive and hard military training to get you through the battles that lie ahead. You CAN do it, but not without God’s help! Pray, pray, pray! And we will pray for you, too! And contribute to your campaign!

    Personally, I cannot fathom that ANYONE who votes Republican would vote for Specter…I mean, he is not a republican or a democrat! Well, maybe he is a democrat plant in the R party….I never thought of that! Go to every diner and get the grassroots organizations that are forming every week to do their thing. We have to be better than ACORN!

    I want to say something that I think needs to be said to the minority community. I know you are an African-American, and you of all people would have the authority to say to this community, “Government dependance and the welfare state is the NEW SLAVERY! Only YOU could say that to your constituents, but it needs to be said, b/c it is true.

    What do you think? I know that is a pretty charged statement, but I just think the black community is being used to get votes. To me, that is appalling!

    God bless you and your family, Devon!

    Lisa in TX

  20. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sad when Americans have to fight the “Terrorism” of those who were hired to represent them and protect the Nation!

    The ENEMY IS WITHIN and we need to cut them out – just like cancer.

    This is not an American Government – it’s been infiltrated by masked anti-Americans.

    How about we have some American Law Enforcers to do their jobs and clear out the fungus and slime.

    Allowing a group of ‘thugs’ to run and rule us is an abomination.

  21. Claudia says:

    I live in a RIGHT TO WORK state and think that Unions are OK, in some circumstances, but NOT ALL. Nevada is a total right to work place and for the Unions to come in here and demand that they have the power to make every person employed at this casino or that construction job is NOT RIGHT as many people prefer to be able to work for the employer of their choice in whichever industry without having to give dues to someone other than the taxes that they already pay and if the City requires a Work Card, such as in the casinos, because that even costs a bunch of money when a person is starting up. There are already enough fees imposed on people just to work and taxers, so I would say that it is OK IF a Union wants to try to organize a company, but not to impose that Card Check situation as it is a persons private business whether or not they want to go union, jsut as it is in the choice of Voting at the polls.

  22. Small Biz Owner says:

    Great job, Devon, of clearly articulating the problems with EFCA. Best of luck with your candidacy. And thanks, Jeff, for introducing us to Devon.

  23. Jan says:

    Welcome Devon! As a former employee of a fortune 500 company who had union workers I completely relate to your article. We spent millions of dollars each year just negotiating with the unions. In some areas they are still needed, in others they have outlived their usefullness. Anyway……I welcome you and wish the very best on your endeavors.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Well, we better start looking into Obama’s newest appointment: VAN JONES I’ll let everyone one do their on research on this thug. . .


  25. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everything that was said by Devon. My husband is an airline pilot and is required to pay union dues or he will lose his job. Another issue that is never discussed about unions is the amount of money they get from the employees. This obama mess is a continued effort to make money for the unions and the dues is an added expense for the workers. I have never understood how membership can be mandatory. If you look at ALPA, you will find very wealthy employees at their headquarters and when USAir and America West merged, ALPA did nothing that helped and it seemed to me that a conflict of interest existed with the same union representing both airlines. I may be getting off topic, but this has bugged me for years.

  26. Anonymous says:

    you are incorrect in claiming that workers cannot request a secret ballot under the EFCA. Workers can request it, but employers cannot. If 30% of employees sign a petition requesting a secret ballot, one must be held.

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