No, No, My Friend . . . After You.

Obama could soon overtake Chavez in race to socialist oblivion

By Rick Saunders
America’s Right

It should come as a surprise to no one that Hugo “In For Life Now, Comrades” Chavez now believes that the end of capitalism as a worldwide engine for the elevation of civilization’s standard of living is in sight. In other words, his light at the end of the tunnel is our oncoming train.

In fact, Venezuela’s bantam Il Duce spoke last Friday to a collection of “workers”–no doubt voluntarily attending the event–in the southern state of Bolivar when he publicly exhorted American President Barack Obama to “follow the path to socialism.”

Little wonder. The policies, proposed budgets and statements that have thus far emanated from Obama sound more like they are grounded in Karl Marx’ Communist Manifesto and A Critique of the Gotha Programme than the United States Constitution. Funny . . . wasn’t it only a few weeks ago that Obama vowed, hand on the same bible used to swear in Abraham Lincoln, to support the Constitution of the United States of America?

In Marx’ crown jewel, The Communist Manifesto, he enunciated ten core planks of communism — two of which, coincidentally, are eerily relevant today: the principles of a heavy and graduated income tax and the centralization of credit in the state through a central national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly. Think about that, and then take a look at Ronald Glenn’s Ben Bernanke, Mob Boss post here at America’s Right post on March 5 and draw your own conclusions.

(Incidentally, that’s why I always talk about the “tenets” of conservatism. It’s awfully difficult to beat somebody with a “tenet.” Can’t say the same about a plank. — Jeff)

In the latter work, 1875′s Critique of the Gotha Programme, Marx formulated the incentive-sapping, toxic bromide: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” To the untrained ear, that sounds chillingly like “share the wealth” or “redistribute from the rich to the poor.” Let’s see, who said that before the election, McCain or Obama? Refresh my memory . . . what were the exact words again?

With the accelerating deterioration of the American financial system, beginning initially with the reckless “affirmative action mortgage” policies of the Carter and Clinton administrations through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, aided and abetted by ACORN operatives and liberal congressional Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank, and now carried forward in the catastrophic spending orgy ignited by Obama and his agents, coupled with calls for higher and higher taxes on individuals and businesses, the stock market has responded as would any rational capitalist: revulsion and unequivocal disapproval. At the closing bell last Friday, trading closed at 6,627, down nearly 2,700 points from election day in November 2008, when The Chosen One ascended to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on the promise that he would lead us out of the desert. That is a plunge of just under 30% in only 122 days–including non-trading days–or an average of over 22 points per day. Over two trillion dollars . . . gone.

But who’s counting? Certainly not the mainstream media, to which the phrase “fat, dumb and happy”–not to mention Obamacentric–fits like a glove. Say . . . is the destruction of the economy a “high crime or misdemeanor” under the Constitution? Let us review:

Does anyone see a pattern here? Could the slide in the stock market, the stunning increase in unemployment, and the dramatic drop in consumer confidence have anything at all to do with the fact that the Guy from Chicago–the one who promised, above all, that “change” would come to Washington–got elected and is now implementing not only a drift to the left, but is executing a hard turn to port on the ship of state’s rudder and steering a course of “full ram ahead” on capitalism?

The real question is how long will the leftist Obots–in Congress, in academia, at Ben & Jerry’s and throughout the mainstream press–keep their eyes shut and their fingers in their ears while chanting “la-la-la-la-la-la” and falling back on their slogan that Bush and the evil Republicans were responsible for all of this? Memo to all Obots: that excuse is getting old. And the diversionary attacks on Limbaugh are–pardon the phrase–hopeless.

How long will CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN and Pravda on the Hudson continue providing sycophantic cover for Obama as he accelerates the destruction of the stock market, the incineration of jobs and the demise of capitalism in America itself? How long will it be until a somnambulant nation comes to its senses, swigs a bunch of caffeine and realizes that the “change” President and Mrs. Obama had in mind on the campaign trail was socialism . . . or something worse? And if you think these are far-fetched questions, take a look at Glenn Beck’s interview last week of the Chairman of the Communist Party U.S.A., Sam Webb. Webb and communists worldwide are giddy over the election of Obama. And they should be. Their goals are his goals, and his ideology theirs.

So, Virginia, in the not too distant future, look for Hugo Chavez to change his tune and stop urging Obama to follow him and Venezuela on the path to socialism. Instead, Chavez will be shouting to Obama to wait while he and Venezuela catch up to us on the path to “something worse.”

Rick Saunders is a freelance writer who splits his time between endeavors in southern California and the American southwest. He began writing for America’s Right in December 2008.



  1. Whats_up says:


    What i find interesting is that you dont tell people that between May 4, 2008 and Nov 4, 2008 the Dow lost 3,738 points or more than has been lost since Obama became elected. Lets at least be honest and tell the whole story

  2. MaryAlice says:

    And telling the story on the BIG 3

    A must read!

  3. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Oh, come on. You need to read these pages a little more. You might learn something.

    I’ve said repeatedly that we got into this problem because of the reckless spending of the Bush administration (along with, of course, the increased government involvement due to the Clinton administration implementation of the Community Reinvestment Act).

    Everybody here is culpable at some level. Listen, for too long, the Republicans and Democrats alike were all acting like big government liberals. That’s part of what caused the problem.

    This president, however, promised change, yet he’s doing the exact same things–fiscal irresponsibility, forcing banks to relax lending standards and maintain loans for insolvent people–while simultaneously blaming the actions of the past. They’re one in the same, but it’s just getting worse and worse and worse.

    And it will continue to get worse, because this is their design. I used to think that Obama and his folks were doing everything they could and just were mistaken in truly believing that Keynesian economics would work. They know it won’t.

    Instead, more and more with each passing day, I believe they are driving this country into the ground and to its breaking point INTENTIONALLY. Why? Think of what Lenin said: “The worse, the better.”

    The worse, the better. In other words, make things bad enough so that the people will welcome government involvement en masse.

    The worse, the better. Kind of sounds a whole lot like Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama all saying that we should “never waste a crisis.”

    The wholesale liberal agenda, because it makes no common sense, is difficult to make palatable to the American public. Make the people desperate, however, and they just might bend over and take it.

  4. Whats_up says:

    then say that in your article, the quote you used was this “Since November 4, 2008, the stock market has plunged some 2,700 points, losing approximately one-third of the value it possessed on election day.” While this is truthful it is only half the truth, now I am not a fan of what is occuring but I am also not a fan of leaving out half of the truth. The matter of the fact is we dont know what would have occured if Obama didnt get elected, for all we know the market might have dropped father than it allready has, maybe his policies (as much as I disagree with many things that he has done.) have actually stopped the market from a free fall. That is why it is so important to tell the WHOLE story and not just part of it. Please dont fall into the trap of criticizing those who do wrong while doing the same thing, we have to much of that allready. Having said my piece I do enjoy your site and your insights.

  5. A REALIST says:

    Until we get people, like yourself Jeff, into governance this country is literally screwed.

  6. Laurie says:

    What’s Up….

    You must be new here….as Jeff said he (we) have acknowledged the part that the Bush administration played in this crisis. What is the new 0 doing to solve it? He knew what he was getting when he ran for the office. If he did not want to take ownership of it and solve the problems as he preached in his campaign speeches, he should have bowed out gracefully and let someone with some experience run the show. As it is he has done NOTHING to improve the situation. Looking at your May 4 to Nov 4 details that means in those 6 months we lost an average of 617 points per month before the election and since the annointed one was sworn in we have lost approximately 1800 points per month!! So let’s tell the whole story …

  7. Jeff Schreiber says:

    The matter of the fact is we dont know what would have occured if Obama didnt get elected, for all we know the market might have dropped father than it allready has,

    See, I also predicted that one of the arguments which would arise as Obama’s policies made things worse is the “imagine would have happened if we DIDN’T act!” argument.

    We’ve covered the Bush administration. Check back in September and October to see how utterly disgusted I was.

    We need to stop this slide NOW. The problem, however, is that I’m now of the opinion that this might have been the plan all along. I thought so for a long time, but didn’t want to believe it…

  8. ladalang says:

    Would like to have your readers vote grade Obama. Looks like he’s scoring an F at this point.

  9. BlueWater says:

    Obama has been amazingly quiet about the current suffering of Americans. He could easily slow layoffs and ease the markets by dropping the corporate tax rate to 20%. Expensive? Not nearly as expensive as the trillions in paybacks he’s giving. Obama is so blinded by his hatred of capitalism that he doesn’t care who goes down in the process. Bush was bad – and Obama is Bush on steroids.

  10. Anonymous says:

    What’s Up…do you think that Jeff’s statement about how much the market has fallen since the election is as bad as “This stimulus bill has NO pork in it” or
    “The American people don’t care about pork”….we discuss on this site all the contributors who are responsible for our situation, Democrat or Republican.

  11. Moránar says:

    The problem, however, is that I’m now of the opinion that this might have been the plan all along. I thought so for a long time, but didn’t want to believe it…

    I’m now of the opinion that you’ve fallen for a conspiracy theory. Seriously, I read this blog frequently even though I don’t agree with your views, and this marks the ‘Schreiber jumped the shark’ for me.

  12. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Now, now, now — I don’t like sharks.

    I’m merely trying to say that an America in crisis is the perfect venue for the left to advance the agenda they’ve been planning for years. Look at what they’ve said!

  13. Ian Thorpe says:

    I love a line from Obama’s weekly address picked up on in the British newspapers last weekend. He said, “We cannot afford to waste money on things we don’t need.”

    Wonder if he meant his personal plane or his personal helicopter or his $775 billion stimulus bill or his $800 billion giveaway budget or his $800 billion bank bail out or something else?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Although their world-views may APPEAR diametrically opposed, both Bush and Obama share(d) a common destructive philosophy regarding the monetary system; it is/was simply a tool to be manipulated to suit their political objectives.

    For Bush it was an attempt to keep the voters happy enough with their economic condition to overlook the expenditures on an unpopular war. With Obama, the economy represents a golden opportunity to reshape the philosophical direction of the country from “free” to “enslaved” (and the Constitution be damned).

    Intentionally or unwittingly, they both have moved/are moving us towards the destruction of the U.S. as an independent entity by economic means. Welcome to the “One World Order”.

    That is why there is no hope at the present time to bring about a sane monetary policy in the U.S. It’s all “political”, not an honest attempt to solve the economic or monetary system problems that we face. You will know when honesty gains a foothold when the Fed is dissolved.

    (And thanks, “Lisa”, for telling me that I “HAD” to read “Meltdown”. It was time well spent.)

    Old Bob

  15. MaryAlice says:

    And this from Georgia's 10th District Congressman Broun

  16. cher-pa says:

    FYI: 10th amendment rally for state of indenpendence:
    Monday March 16th, Noon
    Main Capital Rotunda
    Harrisburg, Pa.
    State Representative Sam Rohrer’s Website has more information and directions.Lets protect ourselves from a federal government gone wild

  17. Anonymous says:

    i could write page, pages on "the take over"
    the crisis had been on factory since the 60´s, lurking out for the best opportunity for "the take over"
    we will be so naive if for 1 seg we will think the s.p. is to stimulate the economy
    the s.p. is to stimulate the alinsky´s, m.davis´s, cloward & piven´s, ayers´s plans to implement the apparatchik and throw the republicans back to ice age

  18. Anonymous says:

    Old Bob:

    You are my new best friend! Thanks for reading “Meltdown”! Wish more people would…then maybe the discussions would not only skim the surface of the problem (i.e. political fights). Both parties are guilty of simultaneously USING and IGNORING the FED! One of the only persons besides Woods (Meltdown) that is on target is Ron Paul. (And for the record, I did not vote for Ron Paul!)

    I bet his fellow congressmen think he’s crazy! Just like a prophet is not welcome in his hometown!

    And most people have NO IDEA what the FED is, let alone what they do! It is not as “sexy” of a topic as political party struggles.

    Bob, do you listen to Glenn Beck, Sean, Rush, or a combo of them?

    Glenn is the only one out of the three that delves deeply into the core reasons. Sean is right on the surface, but I find myself wanting to call in to his show and tell him to go deeper…like talk about the FED! Rush is good, but again, he’s only skimming the surface!

    I am trying to do some research as to what are the alternatives to the FED. I read in “5000 Year Leap” that originally, it was Congress’ job to control monetary policy and currency. WELL!!!! I don’t think that is a viable solution anymore! That takes representatives with character, honesty, and a commitment to the preservation of our free market republic! Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi or Barney Frank controlling our money supply?

    I shudder at the thought!!!

    Do me a favor, Bob…give your Meltdown book to someone else and beg them to read it! The more people that truly understand this crisis, the better we will be able to affect change when the time is right!

    Lisa in TX

  19. Anonymous says:


    Please understand this: Policies stem from ideologies. There is absolutely NO WAY that anyone with half of a brain would promote and institute policies that actually debilitate a tanking economy if it were not intentional! I don’t know what your preferred economic theory is (my guess is that it is Keynesian), but please remember one little nugget of truth:

    Government never CREATES wealth, it only CONFISCATES it!

    You might find it interesting that the leader of the Communist Party USA, Samuel Webb, is tickled pink with Obama’s administration. He said in a recent speech that Obama’s agenda dovetails quite well with his party’s. THAT is encouraging (if you are a communist/socialist/marxist)!

    Please read the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the Bill of Rights and 5000 Year Leap. Then, if you do not agree with the concept of a free republic as spelled out in these writings, I would suggest you get busy and move to any number of socialist “utopias” that exist.

    As my bumper sticker says, “If you want socialism, move to France!”

    I’m glad you feel free to dissent on this site, but please know that you will be confronted intellectually and ideologically!

    America is great b/c we have had the freedom of expression….hopefully this will not die with the “Fairness Act”!

    Just a Mom Who Uses Her Brain

  20. goddessdivine says:

    If Hugo Chavez likes Obama, that definitely says something. Wake up America! (But hey, I bet that makes Sean Penn happy…..)

  21. Gail B says:

    MORANAR — Go to the Democratic National Committee’s website and click on what their platform is. Then click the page icon at the bottom left corner of the page you are reading. You will see books. One of them is the History of the Communist Party of Russia. READ!!!
    Then find out what is in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Obama is following it TO THE LETTER!

    The liberals are following the rule that, if people become desperate enough, they will forsake what they have believed in for “HOPE.” (Sound familiar?)

    Government cannot boost economy because it has no product to do so. The government can only spend money it takes away from us. That is not an economy boost.

    Margaret Thatcher said that Socialism works only until there is no more money to take from people. The Democrats THEMSELVES said that capitalism is the engine that generates prosperity. So, why are the Democrats fighting prosperity? BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT PROSPERITY. THEY WANT THE US TO BECOME A COMMUNIST COUNTRY. How many times has Obama lied to us? Answer: Every time he opens his mouth, and I’m not exaggerating. He has promised everything and done the opposite every time. He’s full of horse apples!

    MARY ALICE — Thanks for your link to Paul Broun’s message. I can’t contact him because I’m not in his district, but please email him and thank him for me. I may have to move to Augusta! (That’s really close to SC, too!)

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, LISA.

    I can use every friend I can get. I seem to lose them as fast as I make them. However, I AM growing a little thicker skin as a result of being called names like “bigot” and “racist”. And I really did appreciate your insistance that I read “Meltdown”.

    I plan to pass the book along, but, as you probably know from your own experience, getting people to actually do some reading is difficult. Even though I’m retired, I still don’t get my reading done each day until midnight (I read from 9:00 PM until midnight). My next book (I started it last night) is “New Deal or Bad Deal”.

    I don’t have much opportunity to listen to talk radio, but I make it a point to watch Glenn Beck. I’m losing interest in Sean Hannity; like yourself, I feel as though his program lacks substance. Both he and O’Reilly are too full of themselves.

    Keep up the comments on Jeff’s blog. It’s where I spend most of my non-working time (I know that I said that I’m retired, but actually, I’m in partnership with one of my sons in a software development and licensing business).

    Old Bob

  23. Anonymous says:


    My tired old one-cell brain got me again, Lisa.

    I meant “New Deal or RAW deal” by Burton Folsom, jr., not ” — BAD Deal”.

    Sorry, but you gotta cut an old guy some slack.

    Old Bob

  24. Let us move forward says:

    American Thinker has a point by point comparison between the 2008 Communist Party Platform and what Obama is doing.

    Article Here

    Link to 2008 Communist Party Platform Here

    I wonder why the Communist Party even entered a candidate in the election? Did you see the Soviet flag on national TV at the Chicago bash?


    “At its quarterly national committee meeting this past weekend, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) called for a landslide in the November 4th elections to defeat John McCain and strengthening the Democratic Party majorities in Congress.” (March 2008)

    All this makes you wonder.

    Lenin promised what the people wanted: peace, land, and bread and universal equality and fraternity. He decided that the Russian people couldn’t handle liberty and created the State that we remember as the Soviet Union. Lenin nationalized the banks for the “people’s good”.

    Obama promised peace and hope and anything else that anyone wanted to hear at the time. He has “worn” the mantel of “Presidential” in whatever way he could: President-Elect, Lincoln, Reagan? (I know) But he couldn’t get the public Oath right. He is married to the teleprompter and answers only planted questions at the public news conference. (The press is still covering for him.) Is he afraid that he might reveal something else that we shouldn’t know? Or is it fear of a total flameout?

    Here comes censorship. The fairness doctrine will probably be reinstated. Wikipedia is sitting on Obama’s page making sure that no one adds anything that doesn’t glow to it. Guess he or his admirers can’t face the truth.

    Still no records: No BC, no health records, no college records. Not a single challenge from Congress during the counting of the Electoral College Votes. Bush had several and Clinton did too. Some say that the Republicans want to run Jindal in 2012 and are purposely turning a blind eye to the citizenship question. All the fuss about McCain being certified as eligible and nothing on Obama? He must not be eligible.

    His rush to the White House makes you wonder what it was that he didn’t want people to discover about him before he got there. And when he got there, rush rush rush the stimulus bill, so urgent that Congress couldn’t wait, couldn’t read it, and not posted online for 48 hours for review, then (sigh) I’ll sign it in several days. All to hide the political paybacks and rationed health care? Voters objected anyway and Congress ignored them (Why?). Now he wants health care “reform” before the end of the year. “Health care must be fixed to fix the economy.” I wonder what will be hidden under health care?

    You have to wonder if the economic mess is deliberate. His deliberate scare tactics to get the stimulus bill passed surely made the mess worse. If money is spent the way he is proposing, the US will see hyperinflation or become bankrupt. Crippling our major energy source (coal) would be the last straw for the economy. We need energy to function as much as we need money. Either he doesn’t have a clue what the consequences are or his actions are deliberate.

    He is alienating friends and allies of the US and buddying up with former adversaries. He seems to have little practical understanding of his role as “first” diplomat. He stood up Brown for a planned joint press conference. (No teleprompter?)

    Obama is inexperienced and impatient. He may not know what to do and is just shooting blind. Some have said that he is like a puppet and wonder who has the strings.

    Or maybe its just rush rush rush hide hide hide spend spend spend scare scare scare. What happened to hope hope hope? This is change change change!

    Sounds like a reporter’s comment on the campaign plane. Rush rush rush so much that the plane was never cleaned and it smelled smelled smelled.

    Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Congress and America, you need to stand up now! What can we do? TEA PARTIES ON TAX DAY? MARCH ON WASHINGTON IN MAY? ANY IDEAS?

    I only know that something is very strange. This seems like business as usual but not like business as usual at the same time. I am very concerned.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Old Bob:

    Thanks for the post! I knew you were talking about New Deal, Raw Deal even before you corrected…I have that one, too!
    Don’t worry about the name-calling…that is all the left can do b/c their arguments are empty and erroneous!

    I live in SUCH a conservative town that I rarely if ever encounter dissenting views. But the danger there is the temptation to grow complacent while shielded in “the bubble”! That’s why I like my friends here…they keep me inspired and informed about all of the “goings-on”".

    I have soooo many books that I want to read…there is not enough time in the day! I just ordered a new one yesterday that was written by a guest on Glenn’s show called “The Great Depression Ahead” (by Harry Dent). Heart-warming reading! But he was a great guest, and he brought up an interesting point: He said that sometime in the near future there might be a “bear boom” (or something like that ) where the market will rebound quite a bit. People will think that we are on the road to recovery, but he warns that this will be temporary and anyone who is still in the market should GET OUT at that point! Then the real crisis will hit, a real depression, and it will last until approx. 2013. The fallout will last much longer. So we will be selling when the market rebounds.

    I have taken a new approach: Seeking out those voices and experts that predicted this when no one else saw it, and listening to what THEY say is coming as a basis on how to prepare and make decisions. I figure if they predicted it, they are the best ones to predict the future happenings.

    My husband, who works so hard, is finally listening to and believing me…he now gets my sense of urgency to prepare.

    Take care!

    Lisa in TX


    Osama Bin Laden is laughing his cave booties off right now. We are going the way of The Soviet Union just as he predicted. And we are doing it to ourselves, and yes it looks purposely. Really sucks having a Muslim President.

  27. Ctrl-Alt-Del AMERICA says:

    To all you NSA scrubbers, BITE ME.

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