Ignoring Science In the Name of Not Ignoring Science

By sitting down today to sign an executive order repealing restrictions placed on the use of federal funds for embryonic stem cell research by the Bush administration, President Barack Obama slighted his predecessor’s purported ignorance to scientific progress, saying that he rejects the “false choice” between science and morality.

False choice? Someone should educate our Dear Leader about Eugenics.

Obama repealed the restrictions out of hope that more lines of embryos to destroy will bring about fantastic cures for diseases and afflictions that plague many in our society. One Democrat lawmaker, in a wheelchair because of a childhood gun accident, mentioned that he hoped today’s signing would help him achieve the goal of walking again.

Now, I am not one to besmirch scientific progress. In fact, if anyone will halt the tide of progress when it comes to matters of health, it will be Barack Obama and his plans for socialized medicine. What matters to me today are the misrepresentations and omissions from which this executive order emerged, misrepresentations as to the current capabilities of stem cell treatments, and omissions as to the current capabilities of adult stem cells.

For a brief news cycle back in the fall of 2007, we heard about a landmark pair of studies in which two groups of scientists showed that they could successfully “reprogram” adult skin cells to act like embryonic stem cells. This, of course, has been conveniently forgotten about since.

“This is the beginning of the end of the controversy,” researcher James Thomson, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told reporters in a conference call. Thomson, who wrote one of Tuesday’s papers, developed the first human embryonic stem-cell line almost a decade ago.

Both papers reported a new, simple method that reprograms human skin cells to act like embryonic stem cells.

In the other paper, published in the online journal Cell, a group led by Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University reported that inserting four genes into human skin cells reprogrammed them into what scientists call “induced pluripotent cells” (iPS) — which look and act like stem cells.

Of course, more work remains to be done. Yet those on the political left, much in the same way they approach global warming, seem to be determined to shout down any dissent, claim that the science is settled, and go on to fund measures which could certainly do more harm than good, consequences be damned.

Much like the global warming debate is not an environmental debate but rather a microcosm of the larger ideological debate between those on the left and right, a choice between socialism and capitalism, the embryonic stem cell debate isn’t even a matter of faith, isn’t even about the so-called “false choice” between science and morality. This is about a fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives. A difference in priority.

As one of the latter group, I believe that I am living not for myself but for my daughter, for your children, and for our children’s children. Everything I do, I do not because I want more for myself but because I want more for my family, for my daughter, for our future generations. Those on the left say that they want the same, but do the opposite. Environmental regulations said to be designed to save the planet for future generations weaken those who are truly in a position to make a difference and strengthen those who care little about greenhouse gases. Fiscal irresponsibility carried out in the name of stabilizing the economy for our children will burden them and their children with unfathomable debt. It’s not about the future, the nation, or anything other than their own present interests.

That’s why I see the heart and soul of liberalism, not science, in the decision made today to destroy future generations in an attempt to preserve our own.



  1. MY OPINION says:

    This ‘administration’ needs to be aborted in IT’S embryonic stage.

  2. BlueWater says:

    Facts? Silly Consertatives, tricks are for Kenyans!

  3. Waiting to exhale says:

    Barack, Michelle, Nancy, Harry, Al would you all mind not exhaling, you’re spewing carbon dioxide.

  4. Joyce says:

    Feels like Atlas is shrugging!

    Cheers Jeff, don’t give up

  5. cher-pa says:

    FYI- 10th Amendment rally for state independence.
    Monday March 16th Noon
    Main Capital Rotunda
    Harrisburg Pa.
    More info at State Rep Rohrer’s website.Anyone that lives in Pennsylvania needs to print out the NO TAX INCREASE PETITION.Have everyone you know or dont know sign it.WE need to protect ourselves from government greed.

  6. Gail B says:

    This just in from Southwest GA:

    “April 14th in Thomasville, GA, there will be a large gathering of people. This started with a local group (no name) led by Mark Lassiter, a editor with one of their newspapers, and has spread to several organizations, so far the anticipated attendance is 1,000! John Oxendine is also speaking to this group.”

    Oxendine is the current Georgia Insurance and Georgia Fire Safety Commissioner.

    We have at least two groups in Georgia working together. If you want to know what’s going on in your area of the state, email me! gailbullock@att.net. We’ll include you in our emails and alerts so that you will know when and where to participate.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The biotech industry has made its money off of legitimate research, now Obama is just baiting the unsuspecting and unprincipled into thinking there is a gold mine out there.

    He’s like a prostitute for the sin industry. What a flake.

  8. Nellie says:

    This is an unfortunate move–the devaluing of human life is very scary to me.

  9. goddessdivine says:

    This administration has no moral fiber.

    Talk about abuse of power with all these executive orders…..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yet those on the political left…seem to be determined to shout down any dissent… consequences be damned.

    CONSCIENCES be damned too. For your readers who may not be aware, the president is lifting the enforcement of conscience protections for medical workers too.

  11. Gail B says:

    The really sad part of it is that the alleged president Obama and his administration have no regard for human life, whether it be an unborn baby, a partially born baby, or a full-grown adult.

    The liberals are behaving like a bunch of crazed women (sorry–men don’t usually do these) when the doors open for an After-Thanksgiving sale! The problem is that they’re spending money that isn’t theirs, nor will they pay it back!


    They are spending as much as they can before Hospice Hill, I mean Capitol Hill, is taken back by American patriots.

  13. dc says:

    It seems that everything we consider evil and wicked is the exact thing this criminal is signing into law.

    The pen he was given, made from the wood of a slave ship, is being used symbolically to sign American’s into slavery.

    Even if/when he is kicked out, look at who remains. The whole group would need to be cleaned out as well and the “branches” disinfected. Close the White House until someone “worthy” of the position arises. Put these criminals in the FEMA Camps!

    STRONG delusion.

  14. Ian Thorpe says:

    Without getting into the ethical arguments or the possible consitutional issue of Obama’s use of an executive order to bypass congress on this very volatile issue I can say that embryo stem cell research ought to be a dead duck. This reseach has been going on fr around twenty years and has produced nothing of value. It does seem the media spin is deliberately blurring the line between embryo stem cell research and further development on the much more promising work being done with stem cells harvested from placenta and umbilical tissue and from modified adult skin cells. I don’ recall there ever being an issue over any of these.

    So once again the Obamessiah is being credited with a miracle when he has only done a little window dressing.

    Unless there is a hidden agenda behind the decision to resume embryo stem cell research. Such techniques could be part of a eugenics program (just threw that in for the tinfil hat wearers.)

  15. suek says:

    No constitutional issue here, Ian. Bush restricted _federal funding_ of stem cell research to certain existing embryo lines. There _never_ was any restriction of embryonic stem cell research – just a _funding_ restriction. Privately funded researchers were not restricted in any way.
    What Obama did was to remove all restrictions on federal funding of research on any and all embryos.
    We already know he is in favor of abortions at any stage of development, including partial birth abortions, including not legally requiring a physician to assist an aborted baby that may survive the abortion. This action is no surprise.

    The funny thing is that he says that politics will no longer influence science in his administration. So he permits federal funding of embryonic stem cell research – which scientists now seem to feel is not as promising as adult stem cell research, and then says that cloning will never be permitted.
    What is _that_ if not a political decision? Not that I’m in favor of cloning…but to say it will never be allowed after just saying that all decisions will be scientific not political????


  16. suek says:

    Looks like he also did an EO at the same time that would _prevent_ federal funding of adult stem cell research. No politics, eh. I’d sure like to know the “scientific” rationale for not funding adult stem cell research…


    Now….about that eugenics program you mentioned….!!!!

  17. Celia says:

    I’m starting to think that Obama putting his finger in his ear is his “tell”.

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