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CNBC ‘Mad Money’ host Cramer responds to White House criticism

Last week and weekend, when given the opportunity to briefly speak at the twin “tea party” rallies here in Philadelphia, I talked a little about how our economic crisis is bigger than party politics.

I explained that while I am a conservative, an unapologetic, red-blooded, God-fearing conservative, this is not a conservative problem. I explained that this is not a Republican problem, or even a Democrat problem. This is an American problem, and it is a problem because the vast majority of Americans have lost touch with, taken for granted, forgotten or simply ignored the ideas and values and principles from which our framers laid the foundation for this great nation in that very building 230 years ago. Limited government. Fiscal restraint. Accountable leadership. Preservation of God-given natural rights.

Despite the conservative bias which [proudly] permeates the pages here at America’s Right, I could truly care less about what side of the political spectrum you’re on so long as you make things work. Sure, I’d prefer that we all revert to solid conservative principles, but if some Democrat out there can make things work in some other way, I’m all ears.

That, I guess, is why I was so delighted to hear what CNBC host Jim Cramer, well-known as a Democrat and Obama supporter, had to say about our president’s plan for the American economy, and why I was so dismayed to see the White House reaction to Cramer’s commentary.

Today, in a column written for The Street, Cramer did a phenomenal job with regard to putting the economic crisis in perspective. Now, a cynic would say that he also admitted that liberal policies rarely make fiscal sense, but that’s not what I’m driving at (at least not now). Right now, we need solutions, and we need results. While it seems to me–and apparently Cramer–that principles more closely aligned with the tenets of fiscal conservatism make up those essential solutions, I’m more than willing to entertain unconventional ideas, so long as they will not result in essentially tossing the baby out with the bathwater.

I’ve included, below, an excerpt from the closing end of Cramer’s commentary. Please, please, please read the entire thing HERE. The excerpt:

I don’t like talking politics. It is personal, but some things are a matter of public record, including my substantial six figure donations to the Democratic Party before I was no longer allowed to contribute by contractual agreement. I regard two Democratic governors as my friends, and helped back one of them in a major financial way and spoke and campaigned directly for the other.

I also made it clear in a New York magazine article that I favored Obama over McCain because I thought Obama to be a middle-of-the-road Democrat, exactly the kind I have supported all my adult life, although I will admit to being far more left-wing during my teenage years and early 20s.

To be totally out of the closet, I actually embrace every part of Obama’s agenda, right down to the increase on personal taxes and the mortgage deduction. I am a fierce environmentalist who has donated multiple acres to the state of New Jersey to keep forever wild. I believe in cap and trade. I favor playing hardball with drug companies that hold up the U.S. government with me-too products.

But these are issues that we have no time for now, on the verge of a second Great Depression. This is an agenda that must be held back for better times. It is an agenda that at this moment is radical vs. what is called for. I am proud to have voted for the Obama who I thought understood the need to get us on the right path, and create jobs and wealth before taxing it and making moves that hurt job creation — certainly ones that will outweigh the meager number of jobs he’s creating.

Most important, I believe his agenda is crushing nest eggs around the nation in loud ways, like the decline in the averages, and in soft but dangerous ways, like in the annuities that can’t be paid and the insurance benefits that will be challenging to deliver on.

So I will fight the fight against that agenda. I will stand up for what I believe and for what I have always believed: Every person has a right to be rich in this country and I want to help them get there. And when they get there, if times are good, we can have them give back or pay higher taxes. Until they get there, I don’t want them shackled or scared or paralyzed. That’s what I see now.

If that makes me an enemy of the White House, then call me a general of an army that Obama may not even know exists — tens of millions of people who live in fear of having no money saved when they need it and who get poorer by the day.



  1. Anonymous says:

    As I said to all my friends, both “R” and “D” on the afternoon of November 4:

    “No matter who wins, about 50% of the population will be disappointed tomorrow.

    If Obama wins, nearly everyone will be disappointed within 6 months.”

    I wonder what percentage we are up to now… it even sounds like a lot of “D” representatives are realizing their political careers are running out of time the further Usurper Obama pushes Soros’s agenda.

  2. rdansie says:

    It appears that Obama’s “financial chickens are coming home to roost”

  3. mdb says:

    Obama still has a 59% approval rating. The yahoos I here interviewed on TV/Radio still think he is the second coming of Christ. Despite all the bad news, the effects of the policies being pushed throught have not yet had time be expressed in all their terrible glory. As much as I'd like to think that there are legions out there who "get it" like Cramer regardless of political leaning, I fear that we need to experience far, far, more pain before even a small percentage of Obama supporters recognize the folly of this administrations behavior. Even then, most of them will never admit that maybe they made the wrong decision because: O will blame all their troubles on W, they are just too embarrased, or the reason they voted for O is that he's black (or some other equally nonsensical, tunnel visioned, narrow minded reason). In short, there are far too many idiots in this country right now for there to be a rapid sea change in attitude. Cramer may lean way left of most readers here, but he's not an idiot. So, add in Santelli & you've got 2 who've seen the light. That number is not encouraging.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How can this unsurper continue to spend money America does not have?

    It appears he is moving full speed ahead with all of his campaign promises before the 2010 congressional races. He continues to blame former President George Bush, and in the same breath alleges to include republican lawmakers in the planning.

    When is the National Republican leadership going to throw the “fat in the fire”, and begin to fight back for the American taxpayers?

    I am still waiting to view Obama’s original birth certificate!

  5. CAL says:

    I am glad that Cramer is now seeing the error of his ways in trusting Obama, but I think he is a incredible idiot for thinking Obama would ever govern from the middle. If you did any reading at all about Obama's background, his associations and his voting record (when he was not voting present) you knew he was a radical who had no understanding of or appreciation for the free market. Also, it angers me that Cramer thinks it is ok to pass his looney left wing policies like cap & trade and wealth redistribution through taxes in good times. It is not ok to pass these policies in good times or bad times. No matter when you initiate the policies, they are going to lead to bad things happening. For him not to understand this is unbelievable to me. It may take longer for the bad things to happen if you initiate these policies in good times, but the bad things are still going to come. Look how long it too the mortgage meltdown to come to fruition. The Community Reinvestment Act started under Carter and was ramped up under Clinton and it still took eight years after Clinton before the whole thing exploded.

  6. Gail B says:

    Obama promised HOPE. He should have finished his word: HOPELESS!

    Does anyone else feel oncoming financial suffocation? Or is it just me?

    Have to share this! I wrote the CEOs of Chrysler and General Motors to ask that they refuse the bailout, the same day that Pelosi wrote them to remind them of the Feb. 17 deadline. I received a nice reply from Chrysler to thank me for my interest and concern. Then a few days ago I received a packet containing a second letter and a copy of their release dated February 17 entitled (what’s Jeff’s expression?–”Are you ready for this?”) “GM Presents U.S. Government Updated Plan For A Viable, Sustainable Company.” SUBTITLE: “Restructured GM to be Re-focused, Streamlined and Simplified.”

    Then, Tuesday, March 3, Financial Times reported, “GM urges EU states to come to its aid
    Mar 03 2009 14:56
    The struggling US carmaker said that its European arm could run out of money by as early as next month, putting up to 300,000 jobs on the continent at risk [Read more ยป].” The link is


    Germany raised an eyebrow and asked for more details on GM’s plans and wanted assurances that none of the money would reach Detroit.

    I just thought that sort of odd. It seems that GM says that it has three plants too many over in Europe.

  7. MDB says:


    With regard to Cramer's support of cap & trade, I believe he said he believed in the idea, but that the point of cap & trade should be emissions reduction (he clearly states his strong environmental stance). He ranted that THIS cap & trade scheme was about generating revenue & didn't reduce emissions one bit & that it pissed him off. Come to think of it, now I can't remember if it was Cramer or someone else who went down that path, but I imagine Cramer would agree regardless. Not trying to defend cap & trade (I hate it), just saying Cramer holds it in higher esteem because of his environmentalist priorities.

  8. dc says:

    These are from 1/08 – found while searching on http://ixquick.com/ which is a ‘secure search engine’ and pulls up some “different references” from other engines.

    OBAMA’S MUSLIM CONNECTION By Jon Christian Ryter http://www.newswithviews.com/Ryter/jon212.htm

    Barack Obama, Kenya, his cousin Odinga and Islamic jihad

    Barack and Kenya: His Agenda

    These were posted over a year ago, and most of this information was pushed to the side.

    They might be helpful when putting more of the pieces of the puzzle together. Clearer insight into “who” we’re dealing with.

    The Kenyan Connection and what precipitated from his supporting his cousin ~ controversial:

  9. GOING FOR BROKE says:

    SPENDING DOES NOT EQUAL LEADERSHIP. There is nothing easier than spending SOMEONE ELSES money (except spending their childrens and grandchildrens money). THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. NOW DAMN IT.

  10. A FOUNDER says:

    “Banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies”. Thomas Jefferson

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