This has been circulating pretty widely since this weekend, but I couldn’t resist putting it up here as well. You know, I’ve said more times than I can count that the conservative movement is in better shape than many would like to admit because of a host of young, solid conservatives. Well, I didn’t really imagine they were this young …

Jonathan Krohn. 13 years old. CPAC.


  1. Anonymous says:

    someone was blessed to have great parents.

  2. berkshire says:

    It was awesome to hear all of the young conservatives speak at CPAC on Friday. Thanks to Fox News for streaming it so I was able to listen to it while I was working.

    Another good talking point from this conference was that NTU announced a text message service to receive updates to call congress whenever an important issue is raised.

    Text FIGHT to 54608 to join…I did!

  3. Dolly says:

    This young man is what makes me believe America can and will be strong again. I am a Conservative first and foremost, not a Republican nor a Democrat. I am 78 yrs. old and pray that in 4 years conservativism will ‘rise’ again.

  4. tinkerthinker says:

    He is great! Maybe president one day!

    ps.–I wish you would consider adding the share feature for digg!

  5. Laurie says:

    Jeff, I saw this young man at CPAC and on several FOX shows since and he is truly a remarkable person. It makes me believe that the future of America is still viable and it is someone like him that gives me hope. Truly remarkable.

  6. Lilly says:

    Amazing that a 13 yr old gets it but adults have no clue! Wonder what his teachers think of him, lol! Thanks for posting this Jeff! It gives hope (I really despise that word anymore)!

  7. Seeks Truth says:

    He is in our homeschool group. Isn’t he wonderful?!?

  8. Seeks Truth says:

    Many of us in our homeschool group are involved in TeenPact.
    We just came back from a day at the Capitol last week (older childen spend a week). I was amazed at the calibur of these young people. It’s exciting!

    Be confident. There is MUCH young talent out there in homeschool circles just waiting to be discovered. And many of them are involved politically or desiring careers in that path.

    In fact, I need to run right now because we are off to our Debate class…. we’re always political in there. :-)

  9. Lisa says:

    Anyone see a future in conservative politics for this young man?? I do. Wow, to be able to have the priciples and speaking ability at the young age of 13!!

  10. tm says:

    His book is called “Define Conservatism” It is extremely well written – I personally think the younger generations are more inclined to a resurgence back to conservative roots – this boy sure proves it.
    and the link explains why he wrote this book.

  11. dc says:

    Articulate, rebbed-up, refreshing!
    Didn’t even have to use the “dumbing down” word “dude!”

    Thanks for posting him Jeff!
    A short rendition (but growing in stature) Reagan mentality! American born and raised + quality “substance”!

  12. Gail B says:

    “Wow” is right!
    Well! He has “presence” at the microphone, probably did not use a teleprompter, and is a good-looking guy who cares! (And, I was born 56 years too soon! Don’t you just love him?) Betcha Glenn Beck wouldn’t rip HIM to shreds, as he did Michael Steele!

    QUESTION: Is there any way we can put Jonathan Krohn in the faces of some of those liberals in Congress, particularly our traiters–Specter, Collins, and Snowe?

    This young man is going places, but we’ll have to wait 32 years for him to arrive at the Oval Office.

  13. Gail B says:

    Received some great news today in an email from someone in a Georgia group. Georgia has a new version of the Sovereignty Act. It’s H.R. 470 and is based on the New Hampshire Sovereignty bill (that has teeth in it). Georgia’s HR 470 is in the Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee. I contacted the members of the Judy Comm in support of it and asked that they give it a favorable (Recommend “Do Pass”) report out of committee for the House Floor vote to go on to the Senate. Spent the afternoon loading an email group for State Representatives so that when it does come out of committee, I’m ready!

    If Georgia does pass it, I’ll be glad to turn my flag downside up!

  14. PattyW says:

    All I can say is, “wow!” I wish my kids were as politically astute as this young man. (Mine are college-age and succumbed to the “hopey dopey changey” peer pressure on campus.)

  15. Anonymous says:

    The kid is amazing.

    I can’t help thinking what this country’s
    financial portfolio would look like right now if the demolitioncrats hadn’t squelched G.W. Bush’s legislation to put controls on Fannie and Freddie?
    History, I think, will eventually be kind to Bush.

    ARTICLE BY N.Y. TIMES: Vintage 2003

    Bush Proposed Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac Supervision In 2003
    Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 12:21 pm Posted by Steven in Economy

    A September 11, 2003 New York Times article shows that President Bush proposed β€œthe most significant regulatory overhaul in the housing finance industry since the savings and loan crisis a decade ago.” His proposal: An agency within the Treasury Department to supervise mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    Fearing that mortgages would no longer be available to people who were unable to pay them back, Democrats eventually killed the proposal. The current meltdown in the mortgage industry is a direct result of giving mortgages to people who could not pay them back, a practice protected by Congressional Democrats.

    Both entities were recently taken over by the government, a move that puts trillions of taxpayer dollars at risk.

    Under the plan, disclosed at a Congressional hearing today, a new agency would be created within the Treasury Department to assume supervision of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored companies that are the two largest players in the mortgage lending industry.

    The new agency would have the authority, which now rests with Congress, to set one of the two capital-reserve requirements for the companies. It would exercise authority over any new lines of business. And it would determine whether the two are adequately managing the risks of their ballooning portfolios.

    The plan is an acknowledgment by the administration that oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac β€” which together have issued more than $1.5 trillion in outstanding debt β€” is broken. A report by outside investigators in July concluded that Freddie Mac manipulated its accounting to mislead investors, and critics have said Fannie Mae does not adequately hedge against rising interest rates.

  16. Gail B says:

    Wouldn’t you love to see Jonathan Krone debate with Obama and/or Pelosi?

    Can’t get him off my mind–the fellow is so brilliant, downright refreshing, and absolutely correct!

  17. Bodenzee says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade. Rahm aspires to be the


  18. Tigress says:

    Um…this kid is annoying. How the heck can anyone be so sure of themselves after only 13 years on this earth (in which the first few he couldn’t even wipe his own bottom)? He’s obviously just a parrot for his parents’ viewpoints as he could never have experienced enough in life to come to such decisive conclusions.

    Sorry, just calling it like I see it.

  19. Tigress says:

    Oh yeah, I’ve also got to say that it is exactly this point he insinuates–that non-conservatives have no principles and don’t care about people and their rights–that irritates independents no end. How dare his parents lead him to believe only ‘conservatives’ care.

    We can argue day and night about policies, no problem, but do not ever tell me conservatives are the only ones who care about people and their rights.

  20. Glacialhills says:

    Tigress…”independents” are just people that are too gutless to embrace their liberal ideologies. You show me an “independent” and I will show you a closet liberal that votes 95% + of the time just as liberally as a Kennedy. If even one of the Republican candidates that Ran against “the one” were as conservative as this young man is and could have enunciated half as well what it is to be conservative, they would have swept away all the hope and change the ballot adjusting acorn poeple accomplished.

  21. Anonymous says:


    Wow…your claws are sure out!

    It is parents' JOB to instruct and train children in matters of truth & falsity, right and wrong! If one cannot teach them THAT, then what SHOULD be taught? How to put on a condom?

    Plllllllllease! There is no moral or philosophical vacuum in raising children.

    M'thinks that you are simply annoyed and threatened by his obviously strong viewpoints.

    If only MORE of our youth would not "check their brains at the door" and refrain from mindlessly parroting Hollywood's misguided fallacies!

    BTW…what is so "caring" about enslaving people through dependence on government? As the old saying goes, it is much better to teach someone to fish than to give them a fish.

    If we always enabled our children and didn't force them to become self-sufficient, would we have done a service to them?

    When you spoke of Jonathan's parents "wiping his bottom", it made me think about how our government is doing that proverbially for a huge number of adults in this country! And don't be mistaken….it is not from compassion, but from desire for power!


    Hey OBAMA, please notice he doesn’t use teleprompters, just speaks from his heart and a gifted mind. You might wanna work on that yourself.

  23. Amy says:

    Anonymous at 8:33, well said, especially about the wiping of bottoms part.

    This boy really impresses me. And, it is the job of parents to instill values in their children. He also possesses the ability to speak and think for himself which is obvious in his eloquence and passion.

    My 5 and 3 year old were actually discussing politics the other evening. I have told them I believe Obama is bad for our nation and a little bit about why. They said Obama had bad ideas and John McCain would have been better (at least not socialist in my opinion). Then my 5 year old said George Washington was the 1st president and Lincoln was the 16th. He also asked the name of the guy who got shot in the head (Kennedy). He goes to a really good charter school and evidently is also learning a lot there.

    My point is that if you talk with your children about poltics, ideas, and values, they will learn them. If they also learn to think, they will be able to see the benefit of conservative ideas and choose them for themselves when older, hopefully.

  24. Tigress says:

    Sorry to get so hot under the collar, guys. I’m not saying what he said is ‘wrong’, I’m just questioning how he can, at 13, have been exposed to enough as to speak so authoritatively to a room full of people who had life experiences he cannot even imagine yet decades before he was even born. He just came off as pompous to me. I guess I prefer listening to old people (experience really does count!).

    And respect for others–even those whose ideologies you disagree with–is going to be the key for conservatives to win people to their side. Conservatives are viewed as narrow minded and obstinate. Whether they are or not is another question–just sayin’–use the honey not the vinegar…….

  25. Tigress says:

    Oh yeah–Sarah Palin: LOVE her!!! Ann Coulter: get rid of that monstrosity.

    I was very disappointed to see her venomous presence mentioned as one of the most popular for conservatives (in the survey). She speaks about compassion but spews hate and vitriol. She makes independents and those curious about conservatism RUN like he11 and never look back.

    You’ve got to clean up that house before you put in on the market, conservatives. I hope you have the fortitude and sense to do it.

  26. Anonymous says:


    This young man is unusually articulate and briliant for his age…he has to be a prodigy.

    We don’t call Mozart creepy for composing his first piece at 5 years old, now, do we?

    It IS uncommon to hear someone of his age speak so commandingly in contrast to the “like” and “dude” spouting teenagers who are dumbed down in our schools. Give him a break!

  27. Gail B says:

    Tigress, Jonathan Krohn became interested in ideology at age 8, when he was listening to the radio with his father. That tells me that he had someone to bounce off of and answer questions. The kid wrote a book, but he did his own research by interviewing politicians, asking questions, observing, and listening. He has a genuine interest in clarifying definitions of words. Some of care about wordsmithing while others just love math. His age doesn’t make any difference; the kid is outstanding. I feel fortunate that he is a local phone call away from me. I’m going to contact him and buy his book!

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