Expectation Versus Reality in the Age of Obama

Expectation versus reality. It’s the divide that drives a stake in the heart of the liberal ideology, a worldview which seems so ideal and obvious when discussed over chai tea in a dusty, smoke-filled faculty lounge in nearly any institution of learning throughout the United States, yet so woefully and dangerously inadequate when tested by the problems and pitfalls of the real, outside world.

Liberals, for example, expect that their detente-at-all-costs approach to foreign policy will be enough to establish good faith and bring nothing but peace and conciliatory dialogue from those who wake up every morning from dreams of our destruction. It’s why former President Jimmy “Dhimmi” Carter feels so comfortable in the warm embrace of Hamas leadership. It’s why President Barack Obama can justify sending $900 million to rebuild the lives and infrastructure of people who, just months before, were lobbing rockets at innocent Israeli women and children. But the reality is quite different — the divide between good and evil dwarfs, by far, the divide between expectation and reality and, in the end, evil is still evil and will always manifest itself as such.

Of course, the same divide between expectation and reality can be seen in the Democratic party’s approach to our current economic downturn, a bona-fide crisis brought about by the complete and total abandonment of fiscal restraint, responsibility and accountability by everyone from the back hallways and closed offices of Capitol Hill to the kitchen tables of Main Street America. Liberals expect that, somehow, we can spend our way out of a crisis of debt and encumbrance, but in reality similar Keynesian approaches to economic difficulty have never worked in the past.

Today, we learned that the American gross domestic product decreased much more than had been originally projected, and the same divide has presented itself once again. The government expected that the GDP would drop by about 3.8 percent when, in reality, it dropped by 6.2 percent.

This calls into question the very foundation of the plan for our economic recovery put forth by President Obama and the Democratic party leadership. How will that vast divide between expectation and reality affect the assumed numbers figured into the 2009 budget, the next bill, the next move made by an already over-bloated federal government? We already see, after all, that Obama has accounted for the aftereffects of increased taxes on the wealthiest Americans as savings rather than revenue, and that the president’s budget flunkies expect the Iraq War to be fought in perpetuity at the cost of $170 billion per year in their claims to save money by drawing down forces, when in reality the forces would be drawn down anyway due to the success of the Petraeus surge, and that much of the money no longer spent in Iraq will be needed in Afghanistan.

The president’s numbers are wrong, his math is fuzzy, and it all comes back to that divide between expectation and reality. Until we face reality first rather than acting on idyllic liberal expectation, those ideas carefully crafted over the past four decades and honed during the last 14 years, we will be doomed to fail as a nation. Until we face reality first, any expectations are as uncertain as the changing winds.

The reality, North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones told America’s Right yesterday, is that “this government has a spending problem.” We have a crisis of fiscal restraint and responsibility which, left unchecked, could present large problems for future generations of Americans.

“Unless and until this administration and this Congress rein in their ravenous appetite for borrowing money from the Chinese in order to fund their pet programs,” Jones said, “this nation’s fiscal situation will continue to spiral out of control.”

As of today, however, there is no sign of any such sea change on Capitol Hill. Three days ago, despite promises of earmark reform by presidential candidate Barack Obama and promises by President-elect Barack Obama to “hold . . . leaders accountable for wasteful spending,” the House of Representatives approved a $410 billion appropriations bill loaded with more than 9,000 earmarks totaling $7.3 billion. In fact, in the past two weeks alone, our elected officials in Washington, D.C. have spent or committed to spend more than two trillion dollars.

And this isn’t a Democrat problem. This isn’t a Republican problem. This is an American problem. This is a problem because the vast majority of Americans have lost touch with, taken for granted, forgotten or simply ignored the ideas and ideals and values and principles from which our founders built this representative republic. Limited government. Fiscal restraint. Accountable leadership. It’s all been forgotten.

Instead, we have a culture more comfortable opening their palms for a handout rather than rolling up their sleeves and getting to work — and we have a power-hungry federal government more than happy to accommodate the growing addiction to the appurtenances of the growing welfare state. Over and beyond the problems inherent to a country on the dole, one problem is that our government may be willing to exponentially expand its scope, but it is not able. That’s where nations like China and the United Arab Emirates come in.

We are mortgaging the futures of our children and grandchildren under the false and fraudulent pretense that we can somehow borrow and print our way out of trouble, said Congressman Jones at one point during his first conversation, about a month ago, with America’s Right. “This mentality of ‘throw money at it’ — it won’t work,” he said. “You cannot buy your way into prosperity. It just cannot happen. And at some point in time, the severity of the problems facing America will get so bad that we’ll understand that we shouldn’t be taking care of the world. Sending jobs overseas, free trade stuff, it needs to stop.”

“It’s not fair to younger generations of Americans,” Jones said. “Jeff, you sound like a young guy, many of the people on my staff are younger — well, this money is going to have to be paid back eventually, or else China and the U.A.E. may end up saying ‘no,’ saying that they don’t want our paper anymore. We’re saddling our future generations with the consequences of bad decisions made today.”

Those bad decisions, of course, inevitably include the idea that we can raise taxes on the wealthiest two percent of Americans without downhill, adverse consequences affecting everyone else, that somehow the middle and lower class will be immune to the aftereffects of an increased tax burden on those who develop businesses, create jobs, invest in industry, and drive the American economy. In 2006, the wealthiest two percent of Americans shouldered a whopping 62 percent of the total tax burden, while the top one percent accounted for 40 percent of the total federal income tax revenue. Going by numbers for fiscal year 2007, Barack Obama’s new budget works out to be about $25,500 per taxpayer.

We simply cannot sustain that, and raising taxes is no way to foster economic growth. Rather than fight the liberal expectation that, somehow, further burdening the engine of the American economy will somehow allow for forward progress, we need to confront the reality that the heart of the problem is our addiction to maintaining a lifestyle far beyond our means. Alabama Congressman [and fellow Auburn University alum] Spencer Bachus, in a statement made yesterday to America’s Right, seems to agree.

“Raising taxes is the worst thing to do in a recession,” Bachus said. “It’s the private sector, not the government, that will ultimately drive our economic recovery. What the government should do is stop the borrowing and spending that got us into this problem in the first place, and let families and businesses keep more of their hard-earned money so they can spend it as they see fit.”

If there is any good news, it’s that liberals also expect that the rest of us will see the wisdom in their misdeeds, that we will capitulate and succumb to the idea that government really does know best. They expect that their monopoly on the mainstream media and the effusiveness of the president will be enough to ensure power in perpetuity. The reality, however, is that we are going to prove them wrong.

So long as we can “get our act together,” said former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton at CPAC yesterday, “[Obama] will be a one-termer.” I agree, and I’m going to take it a step further:

As the current leadership in Washington continues to take America down this path to socialism, mediocrity and collective misery, conservatives from coast to coast will awaken and realize once again the merits of the movement. So long as we continue to focus our efforts on honing and disseminating the message of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, so long as we revert to the principles of limited government with which our founders established this nation, we will begin the resurgence in 2010, not 2012.

The reality for conservatives is that we are the underdog. Those on the left are better organized, more efficient, and have only begun to undermine our freedom and countermand our principles. There’s a reason, after all, that they have a community organizer for a president. As of right now, they’re better in the streets than we are, better with a megaphone, better at a microphone. If we can turn the tables, however, if we can learn from the mistakes we’ve made and understand how we were beaten, the expectations for conservatives–and for America–are immeasurable.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Ask yourself which areas of our lives are we the most satisfied and those with most complaints. Would they be profit motivated arenas such supermarkets, video or clothing stores, or be nonprofit motivated government-operated arenas such as public schools, postal delivery or motor vehicle registration? By the way, how many of you would be in favor of Congress running our supermarkets?


  2. Anonymous says:

    For GDP to be off of government estimations by as much as has been acknowledged raises the possibility that not even one dime of the bail out money went into the US economy. So where is it going? Cocaine for the new deal politicians? Gold for the old deal politicians? Foreign currencies? Blackmail?

  3. Anonymous says:

    What was the riff by Congressman Jones about “sending jobs overseas and free trade stuff” having to stop.”?

    Now, I’ll have to admit that I’m watching Glenn Beck at the same time that I’m reading and writing and I may have misunderstood, but I hope that we’re not riding that old – and false – saw again.

    As one who held management responibility within the global procurement organization for a division of one of America’s foremost technology corporations from the mid-80′s to the mid-90′s, I can tell you that U.S. corporations do not “send” jobs overseas because they like to spend half their life on airplanes. They go overseas because they have to. They go off-shore so that they can compete and, hopefully, stay in business and therby not lose all of the U.S.-based jobs. And if they run fast enough and work long enough hours, they might just return a reasonable profit to their shareholders – not to take jobs away from Americans.

    American industry has one choice, and only one; match your competitor’s cost structure or go out of business. This is why Detroit is on the ropes; they have tried to compete without matching their competitor’s cost structure. They have tried to compete in spite of having a bloated “direct labor” cost, vis-a-vis their non-union competitors.In order to maintain parity, price-wise, in the marketplace, they have had to remove costs somewhere else (i.e. new technology, quality, features, etc., etc.) and by so doing have been forced to field inferior products to the foreign transplants. They should have been allowed to go through a structured bankruptcy in order to create a competitive cost stucture.

    The worst thing that the government could do is interfere with free trade. If Americans care about jobs going overseas, stop shopping at WalMart and buying foreign cars. Leave that decision in the hands of the consumers, but government intervention is what trade wars are made of – and ultimately, “hot” wars.

    Sorry, but I guess Rep. Jones naivete hit a nerve.

    Old Bob

  4. Anonymous says:

    if the republicans want to really do something about our country, they should start working right away before is too late, i would say that what is going on right IT IS A MUST, IS A NECESSITY, to find someone honest, clean(no dirty cloth in the closets), bright BUT that she/he has to be charismatic, seductive, appealing because he/she has to seduce those democrats that under narcolepsis, the rancid republicans &wake americans up as wholly, THE OLD MODEL IS OUTDATED, & would not work today
    this week SCIENCE MAGAZINE , has an article(predicting elections:child´s play) on research done at the univ. of lausanne, switzerland by j. antonakis & o. dalgas…. more or less says voters base their decisions on the sensations that the politician´s face transmits

  5. Anonymous says:

    A great man. A brave man. Join him!


  6. Anonymous says:

    I pray day and night that God will stop Obama/ Soetoro and his distruction of our country.



  7. Gail B says:

    Jeff, I’ve spent the afternoon writing and working on computer maintenance, so I haven’t gotten any “news” to speak of. But when you said, “Today, we learned that the American gross domestic product decreased much more than had been originally projected…. The government expected that the GDP would drop by about 3.8 percent when, in reality, it dropped by 6.2 percent,” that told me exactly what is going on with the Obama administration!

    The economy of the United States has a big effect on the economy of other nations of the world. So, when ours tanks, theirs tank, too. Now, when our people become dependent on our government, what about the people of the other countries? Will they also depend upon their governments? They are working towards the New World Order!

    Now that we know, what do we do?

  8. Anonymous says:

    What was once a conspiracy theory is now documented fact. Consider this from the San Francisco Chronicle:


  9. Anonymous says:

    Time to join the John birch society.They have laid it all out way back.We have arrived.
    i’m going to make sure and plant the seeds of discontent everywhere I can push a key with the University,system for ensuring that brainwashed marxists infiltrated every facet of this nation.Those leftist profs. need to be kicked out on their asses! They helped bring this on.They took money from middle-class families to indoctrinate our youth and destroy this nation!
    I hope they all end up in those footbaths at Michigan state with their pink slips. No kid of mine will attend these marxist bootcamps. I’m so pissed!

  10. goddessdivine says:

    Ok, that picture is great. (I seriously think that’s how he envisions himself.)

    Great post, except I have to disagree with one statement–that those on the left ‘have only begun to undermine our freedom and countermand our principles’. This began looooong ago; it is merely being expedited exponentially by the Anointed One.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Aw, the GOPs are mad, nothing new here.

    Stop losing hair and energy over this fella’s.

    You can not stop this. Liberalism is here to stay for now. There shall be no huge divide between the rich and the poor anymore.

  12. Anonymous says:

    That 6.2% GDP number is from the 4th quarter of 2008. Some of the comments are laughable on here. Guess who was the president then?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey Man,,

    I am very glad that you feel a little better about America right now, but how about letting us in on it now so that we can feel better too. The little teaser above just stresses me out, like waiting for a diagnosis or to hear from your child when it is past curfew.

    Just find the extra minutes and give us what you’ve got now, please.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hey Man,

    What happened to the teaser? Now I’m really stressed out!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:


    What people are doing across the nation to gather momentum for helping our nation – Tea Parties.

  16. Lisa says:

    To Liberalism is Here to Stay…:

    Liberalism was rampant under George Bush’s watch…big spending, bad govt. policy, etc.

    Stop with the petty party jabs…we are CONSERVATIVES on this sight, and are as mad as anyone about the big spending “republicans” over the last several years. Partisanship is irrevelant these days. What matters to these bloggers PRINCIPLES!

    The huge divide b/t the rich and poor was CREATED by liberal politicians. They created the New Slavery called government dependency.

    You sound like some jealous, immature bafoon who is too lazy to get out there and hustle like those “greedy rich people” do on a daily basis!

    Get a job!

    And, oh, by the way…a study was recently done at Indiana University (NOT considered a hotbed of conservatism) which discovered that conservatives give 4 times more to charity than liberals. Check it out! And proven by looking at Obama and Biden’s tax returns…pathetic!

    Remember: Liberals are only generous with other people’s money.

  17. Anonymous says:

    There shall be no huge divide between the rich and the poor anymore.

    No, everyone will be made poor. And since the poor never employed anyone, there will not be jobs for anyone. And just as the liberals kill off innocent lives that are inconvenient, they will now succeed in killing off the God given talents and abilities given to share, risk, and help even those who could care less about themselves or their lives.

    To work to create a big zero and then enforce it through unbridled power is to deny the very heart of the dignity of all human beings – their free will to do good or to do evil … and then assume the responsibility or punishment for those choices before their Creator. Without that man becomes lower than the animals who are at least within the order of nature … and we’ve already witnessed many instances of that around us in recent history … just keep up with the news!

  18. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Man,

    What happened to the teaser? Now I’m really stressed out!!!!!!!

    I took it down — I felt bad, as I sure didn’t want to stress anybody out.

    Let’s just say that I was impressed by somebody yesterday, and am looking forward to getting a profile piece out once I can find the time.

    Don’t stress.

  19. Ian Thorpe says:

    While reading a piece earlier in the week on the pork barrel Jeff it seemed to me Obama’s spending plabs are not so much lean, tsasty pork as nothing but lard. To paraphrase Shakespeare again; “Obama lards the lean earth as he walks along.” (after Henry IV part 1, act 2 scene 2) but your opening paragraphy brought to mind a scene from the film Back To School starring the excellent Rodney Dangerfield as a self made building contractor with little education who decides to enrol at business college.
    In Dangerfield’s first class the lecturer starts to spout business theory until Dangerfield stops him and delivers a lecture on the realities of doing business.

    It’s easy to make a fortune or run a nation on paper. Reality is a bit different.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Get rid of the superman photo before I throw up. Paste the usurper commie thugs head on joe stalin, where it should be.

  21. Anonymous says:

    [i]“. . .the divide between good and evil dwarfs. . .”[/i]

    The first time I read that, I thought “dwarfs” was a noun rather than a verb! Yikes. Is this the War of the Rings? Has Sauron and his Nazgul come to destroy us? Who is our Keeper of the Ring, and who will be our Gandalf?

    [i]“You can not stop this. Liberalism is here to stay for now. There shall be no huge divide between the rich and the poor anymore.”[/i]
    –Anon @2/27 10:49 pm.

    “Here to stay for now” pretty much sums up the situation, I’d say. Nice internal contradiction. On the other hand, there has always been a huge divide between rich and poor, and there always will be. That’s just the gritty truth of things; civilization isn’t [i]that[/i] far removed from the Serengeti. Even in the USSR, only a privileged few had dachas.


  22. Dee says:

    We took our gift certificates and went to Outback Steakhouse last night. In the booth behind ours we could hear the apparent owner of a business telling his parents what Obama’s plan would mean to his business. We stopped to talk to him when we were finished eating. He told us that he started his company, they build parking garages, years ago from from the ground up. He made no money for the first 9 years. Under Obama’s plan he would be taxed approximately 60% of what he makes. He said that he now employes 500 people. He does not think that it would be worth it to continue working so hard and is considering closing the company. Five hundred more people would be out of work. We told him that he is the type of person that our representatives need to hear from. He and we, feel that we no longer have a voice.
    Thank you, Jeff, for keeping us informed.

  23. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous 2/27 @ 10;50 PM:

    Push-back is fair game, but please try to be honest about it. Yes, all of this economic free-fall started in ’06 under President Bush, BUT DURING THE PERIOD OF TIME THAT THE DEMOCRATS CONTROLLED CONGRESS. And BTW, you won’t find much praise for the Bush administration’s economic policies on this site.

    All administrations do everything within their power to keep the good times rolling so that they can get their other policy objectives passed and get re-elected. In Bush’s case, I believe that his administration manipulated the economic situation to mask the cost of the war and continue to get funding for it approved by Congrss. As a conservative Republican, I say “shame on him”.

    But plese keep in mind, and be willing to admit, that since the 2006 election, the Democrats have controlled congress. And please also remember that, under our Constitution, the President may propose a budget (or a bailout) but Congress – which happened to be Democratically-controlled the last two years of Bush’s administration – has sole Constitional responsibility for passing budgetary legislation.

    Obama’s constantly whinning about “I inherited this “problem, all tied up in a bow” is about as dishonest as it gets. He come across as a petulant child who, after being caught in a fight during which something broke, claiming “he hit me first”.

    If you want to espouse a different point of view, fine. I respect people who don’t agree with me as much as I do those that have the same opinions as I (and I’m certain that Jeff does too) but, I for one, expect intellectual integrity in the process.

    So if you’re going to comment, shape up.

    Old Bob

  24. Anonymous says:

    To Liberalism is Here to Stay…:

    Lisa is correct. No one here is giving GWB a free pass. We are not partisans. We are Americans who love our country and care about principles.

    I invite you to watch this clip on capitalism and greed.

    Greed is what is inside a man’s heart. There is only one fix for that and His name is Jesus Christ!

  25. dc says:

    If China buy America?

    I’d like to see your Good news too Jeff!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Here’s what my opinion has boiled down to…
    This person is doing his level best at destroying this country from within. There is no possible way that he couldn’t know that what he is doing is taking this country in the opposite direction of recovery. No possible way.

    It’s not conspiracy. It’s logical. It’s obvious. It’s simple math.

  27. Anonymous says:

    We stopped to talk to him when we were finished eating. He told us that he started his company, they build parking garages, years ago from from the ground up. He made no money for the first 9 years. Under Obama’s plan he would be taxed approximately 60% of what he makes. He said that he now employes 500 people. He does not think that it would be worth it to continue working so hard and is considering closing the company. Five hundred more people would be out of work. We told him that he is the type of person that our representatives need to hear from. He and we, feel that we no longer have a voice.

    Tell him not to give up! This is exactly what they want to happen. They desire rampant unemployment so that either the government steps in or the big corporation (w/ govt ties) eats up the little guy. Darwinism.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Great post. I have a similar post currently on my blog. The link is below:


    Check it out.

  29. SPIDERMAN says:

    STUPORMAN!!! love the graphic !

  30. Anonymous says:

    To All Porkulus Lovers:

    Just think what these new tax laws will do to wonderful charitable organizations like Salvation Army, Red Cross, and others who truly help the needy!

    Now let’s see……….when those “evil greedy rich people” can’t take deductions to offset the humongous taxes they already pay, then they won’t be giving to these charities anymore. They help people like no bloated, non-caring governmental program could even THINK of!

    I think churches will suffer, too, but people of faith won’t stop giving to them completely. As for our family, if we have to make the choice b/t tithing to our church (10% of gross) and paying our mortgage, then we WILL BE selling our house and downsizing.

    Mr. “Liberalism is Here to Stay”, I’d like you to tell us what percentage of yYOUR income you actually give to the needy. (And I don’t mean to animal org’s like PETA!…I love animals, but they are not as important as people!) Do YOU pay $200,000 to the govt. each year above and beyond state and local taxes? Hmmm…? Well WE DO, and we are being taxed without representation!!!

    We obey the law, help in our community, teach our children right from wrong, and have never been in trouble with the law.

    My husband could have chosen to be a car mechanic, b/c he loved doing that. But he instead CHOSE to work his butt off and go to medical school and train for years to help and heal people. You can envy doctors if you want, but the reality is that you did not CHOOSE that profession. So live with your choices, and quit resenting people that made a different CHOICE!

    Do your homework and get back to me after you find out what percentage Obama and Biden have given…does that impress you?

    Learn about John Huntsman…. a self-made billionaire who literally grew up in a one-room house with cardboard walls.

    And why is it that so many “poor” people in our country have cable TV, cell phones, and cars? Go ask someone in India if he thinks those people are poor!

    The solution to poverty lies mainly in the repair of the family structure and the teaching of self-sufficiency. In addition, help should come from the local communities, not the federal government!

    YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THE DAY: Read the Constitution instead of the Communist Manifesto, go volunteer at the Salvation Army and make a contribution while you are there, and do some research on how the FED has ruined our truly free market for almost a hundred years. One last thing…go get advice from some “rich hate-monger” as to how you can work hard and be more successful…then maybe you can make bigger contributions to charity like we do!

  31. Article1Section2Clause5 says:

    It’s obvious he is quickly doing all he can before his true eligibility is found out. This man is hiding more than Nixon ever would have even attempted.

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