Couldn’t let this one go…

Compare the two video clips…

It wasn’t that long ago when Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s campaign made light of the aftereffects of Arizona Sen. John McCain’s five years spent in a Vietnamese POW camp.

The whole thing, if you remember, came out following an interview in which McCain admitted that other people use the Internet for him, that he’ll often watch as his wife or daughter surfs the Web on his behalf. While the Obama campaign interpreted this as computer illiteracy and used it to once again paint McCain as the out-of-touch, old white guy, in reality the senator’s limitations come as a result of injuries incurred at the hands of the Viet Cong. Because of the aftereffects of the beatings and torture and sacrifice he made for the nation, McCain simply cannot lift his arms much higher than his waist. Those injuries manifest themselves in his speeches, in his awkward thumb-raising gestures, and in his ability to sit down and use a computer.

Vice President Joe Biden, on the other hand, just lives with his foot in his mouth.

If any Republican, or God forbid former President Bush, had mentioned that he didn’t know a certain “Web site number,” he would have been lambasted by the press. Biden? Not so much. It’s just Joe being Joe and, as we heard the president say last night, nobody messes with Joe. Certainly not the media.



  1. sharon says:

    Funny Jeff, thanks for sharing. Got any videoclips of Obama complaining about all the spending under Bush? We need to get that information out there. I guess we need to run the next campaign, we might as well start now.

  2. BlueWater says:

    Now, if only we had a candidate who would stand up in a debate, rapid fire the inconsistencies we all know about, and make them scream Uncle! Watching Bobby do his best McCain soft-shoe was excruciating. Don’t tell me how great this country is for electing a Black Communist – a Commie by any other color is still a Commie! Don’t try to look like another Obama-like immigrant made good! All you do is keep the focus on Obama’s achievements – and Bobby is not Obama. Obama didn’t get elected on his past – he is the electric leader of a cult – but Bobby doesn’t get that. You sound like a little kid when you start by saying “Me, too!” Don’t send a boy…

  3. Anonymous says:

    We’re sorry the video you requested is no longer available.

    (as we deleted it, because it makes our savior look bad, “we have a black president now”)

    We control transmission.

  4. BlueWater says:

    If I may be so bold as to suggest a required reading – The Art of War by Sun Tzu. The Republican Party doesn’t understand that politics requires long-term strategy, and that proportionate responses are the joy of the enemy. Reagan communicated his message tirelessly and consistently while unashamedly extolling the virtue of every achievement and connecting the dots for the American people. He never let up – winning 49 states the second time around – and handing Bush Sr. the presidency. Gingrich rallied Republicans across the country under a single battle cry that described and amplified the characteristics of the opposition while promising the same set of reforms from coast to coast. No Republican ran alone like they do now. When you voted for a Republican, you were voting for everyone who signed the Contract with America – and you understood that. You didn’t have to like your guy, the focus was on the contract and the promises. Then, after the victory, they kept amplifying every achievement as the promises were kept – never relaxing until after Gingrich was gone. Winning the White House was one of the worst things that could have happened to the party. They lost their long-term perspective and work ethic. Reagan connected to the people, and Gingrich connected each candidate to a national movement. Reagan mastered the relationship with the people while Gingrich mastered the strategy. The Republican Party is making the mistake of looking for a cult hero like Obama – but Obama is the cult champ. We need to go back to what works for us – communication, strategy, persistence and cohesiveness – the same qualities necessary to win a war. Check it out.

  5. George 8+1 says:

    How about the Obama’s historical blunder in last night address when he said, “And I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it”? Was he talking about Germany? That’s where Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler were when they produced their automobiles in the 1880s. The first American car wasn’t built until 1893 (by the Duryea brothers of Springfield MA). I guess Joe Biden did that research for him too.

  6. Meredith says:

    Thanks Jeff. We can always count on you. Hope you don’t mind I linked your blog to mine. It is


    I know you don’t like just name calling in here, BUT, Joe is nothing but a buffoon.

  8. Claudia says:

    I wonder, did anyone else notice last night, that Joe Biden ONLY SMILED about two or three times, and the rest of the time, he sat there looking for all the world to see, LIKE HE WAS MAD AS HELL AT EVERYINE AND EVERYTHING….. a total frown on his face from ear to ear, most of the whole time.

    Reno, NV

  9. Andrea says:

    Amazing to me that they could make a campaign ad about McCain not being computer literate when he was an expert at flying a jet fighter, and landing it on air craft carriers.(I believe that would envolve some extreme computer skills……I’d like to see Obama do anything similar.

  10. tm says:

    How was cheney so bad again?

  11. Anonymous says:

    All Obama knows how to do is be a Community Organizer and a campaigner. He is going to prove he is worse than Jimmy ‘Peanut’ Carter. Even Bill ‘Slick Willie’ will be moved up from the second worst to third.

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