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Throughout the primary season last year, perhaps the biggest surprise was the success of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. His conservative values, his advocacy of the Fair Tax, his unapologetic approach to faith, and his phenomenal sense of humor provided a welcome respite from the stiff shirt of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and famously non-conservative Arizona Sen. John McCain.

As February 2008 bled into March, it became obvious that Huckabee’s presence in the presidential primaries had settled into that of a spoiler–albeit a fairly welcome one–and that perhaps, in the near future at least, he was practically begging for his own television show. Fox News Channel delivered, and “Huckabee” has been excellent.

I like Mike. The only real problems I had with him were his stance on providing educational scholarships to the children of illegal immigrants–like it or not, it’s a magnet that needs to be shut off–and his continued presence in the election which inevitably led to McCain prevailing in the primary. (I firmly believe that, but for Huckabee in the latter stages, Romney may very well have been the GOP nominee.) That being said, I really like him as a commentator, and would welcome him mixing it up once again in 2012 should he be up to it.

However, looking at the video above–it’s a few days old, but only made its YouTube appearance a few hours ago–I would by no means be disappointed if he continued along his present path. The success or failure of America depends largely upon the success or failure of the GOP . . . and the latter depends upon people like Mike who can effectively disseminate the conservative message.



  1. Laurie says:

    Jeff, I saw this on Mike’s show last night and could not agree more!! LOVE IT….

  2. vcw39 says:

    And tomorrow PesBO is back on the campaign trail. Must be that being President is above his pay grade.
    I really do think it is because he doesn’t know how a president is supposed to do his job. Because of lack of experience all he can do is campaign.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hate to burst your bubble about Huckabee. He may talk the talk, but does he walk the walk? I don’t think his record is very encouraging:

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is important. Please pass on.

  5. darkleo000 says:

    This video might make you throw up a little in your mouth

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why is it always Mike the spoiler? Why not Romney the spoiler? I have no doubt if it hadn’t been for Romney Mike would be president right now.

  7. Carrie Wigal says:

    Jeff, I was so delighted to see that you featured this segment today. I saw it Saturday night and loved it.

    As for your thoughts on Huckabee being the spoiler for Romney…I beg to differ. I believe, had Thompson stepped out of the race before SC, SC would have gone to Huckabee and Huckabee would have ultimately been the nominee. Anyone who paid attention to the SC Debate could see that Thompson honed in on Huck with the sole intention of knocking him out of the race. Nobody expected Huckabee to come out of nowhere like he did winning in Iowa. Thompson, although I would have probably backed him had he shown a bit more enthusiasm about becoming president(& Huckabee wasn't in the race), was the spoiler. Even die-hard Fred-heads were looking for more from him, but he got his head in the game just a little too late (some might even argue he was never in it to win it).

    Romney didn't stand a chance with Huckabee around…why? Because it was clear that Huckabee had something Romney didn't…grassroots support. (Only Ron Paul supporters trumped Huck in that department-on the GOP side, that is.) All the money in the world couldn't buy the kind of support Huckabee had.

    As for your issue with the education stance concerning illegal immigrants, I consider this very small in the grand scheme of things. He was very strong on border control (Duncan Hunter endorsed Huckabee after he dropped his own bid for the presidency…and Illegal Immigration was a hot issue for him, not to mention social values). Huckabee favored sending all the illegals back home, having them get in back of the line (despite whatever Ann Coulter had to say).

    Even after Super Tuesday, had there been one more debate between Huck and McCain before McCain secured the nomination (specifically before Texas & Ohio), I strongly believe we would have been headed for a brokered convention. No one can argue this: Huckabee, hands down was the best debater.

    After watching HUCKABEE this weekend, I was even more committed to get this man into the Oval Office. We need what he has to offer: a principled Washington outsider, experienced in Executive Leadership, socially & fiscally conservative with a message that resonates across party lines. He excites the conservative base, like Palin did (evidence by what happened in Iowa). He appeals to independents because of his strong stance on the FairTax.

    He possesses something these politicians across the board do not…COMMON SENSE. He actually listens to other people speak, he speaks from a principled point of view as opposed to just spouting speaking points and he inspires Americans to dream big dreams again.

    I don't just like Mike…I love him! He's not the Messiah, but he knows Him on a first name basis, and he recognizes that God is still God, and we should be seeking His guidance and wisdom like our forefathers did.

    Personally, America could use a man of God in the White House again. And I don't mean another George Bush… more like another George Washington.

  8. CAL says:

    Huckabee and McCain are small, petty men who teamed up to destroy Romney’s chances in the primaries. If they cared about this country, they would have been honest with themselves and accepted the fact that neither of them could win on a national stage. If Huckabee and McCain would have bowed out, we would have had a President Romney now. We would have had someone in charge who is a good, decent man that knows how to handle an economic downturn and not turn it into a crisis.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, I thought you were better at getting to the truth than taking that media quip about “scholarships for illegal immigants.” If you ever heard Huckabee explain exactly what the issue was, you would realize again how the media distorted things. ( Ann Coulter included) Huckabee believed that children of illegals that had been here for years, had grown up with other American children, and had worked very hard at making the grades, shouldn’t be punished for something their parents did. He was not talking about teenagers crossing the borders and getting preferential treatment. He was talking about those that earned it, along with the American students. Personally, as a teacher, when I nearly drive myself crazy trying to keep spoiled American kids from failing due to apathy and laziness, I have no problem giving a scholarship to someone that does understand the value their education and is willing to work. They most assuredly will make better citizens in the long run, even as illegals.

    And as far as Romney for president, I think had it come down to it, I probably would have gone with Obama over him. I had no respect for Romney after his unbelieveable spending on false attack adds against Huckabee and McCain, and his blantant changing of positions to fit the situation and the election. (His flip-flopping and lying about his position on abortion is well documented on you-tube) He showed a level of low to which Obama didn’t even go. And before some yells, “You just don’t like Mormans”, no I am fine with Mormans. It is liars of any kind I do not like. Even a reporter had enough of him and took him to task about it. I have never seen a reporter challenge someone like that out of pure disgust.
    I fully supported Huckabee in the campaign. I waved signs with former yellow-dog democrats, and got many others to change their party affliation after listening carefully to what he had to say. Had he made it to the election, there would have been many more cross overs to the Republican party. If he had won, I am positive we would not have this C.R.A.P. we have now! If you want to truly know the man, read his books. They are all awesome.

    But anyway, thanks for finally posting something positive about Huckabee! Your site, and Huckpac, are my daily source of news reports and information. They are both sources I can trust. Most of the time. :-)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nicely written and thoughtful commentary, Carrie.

    I too like Huckabee, but, as I’ve written before, I have serious doubts that any candidate for the presidency who is authentically committed to Judeo/Christian values (most importantly, the sanctity of life and the defense of marriage) will be successful in the future. So the choice may be between winning and being faithful to those values.

    If that turns out to be the case, I wonder which will prevail; the desire for a seat at the table, so to speak (i.e. winning) or steadfastness to conservative/Judeo/Christian values? Of course, there is no guarantee that we will even have that choice in four more years, so we need to be asking ourselves the question “How should we then live?” The presumption that we will be able to return the nation to the principles that our founders set forth springs from the arrogance of having had it so good for so long. An aura of inevitability permeates our minds, but we know from Scripture that that is not how it turns out.

    My conviction is that you can only understand what is going on – and how it all turns out – is by first understanding human nature and the seeds of the eternal battle between good and evil that are imbedded therin.

    Old Bob

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…

    This is important. Please pass on.

    February 16, 2009 6:14 PM

    OK what the heck is a National Grand Jury? I have never heard of this.

  12. Spence says:


    Mike is not a conservative and he is a very dangerous opportunist. I mean, the guy gets introduced on his show as “governor Mike Huckabee”. Yes, it is proper to have that title if you were a governor, but I think it is a little more classy to be less pretentious. He destroyed the Republican party in Arkansas. He did not keep his word to repeal the food tax in Arkansas even though he campaigned on it. He also acts like he is tough on border control and immigration, but his record as governor shows him to be pro amnesty, pro illegal alien, and pro open borders. He also raised taxes, freed a convicted rapist who then raped and murdered another victim, and then lied about it. Huckabee and his family were using the $60,000-a-year Governor’s Mansion fund as their personal piggy bank. There is a lot more about Huckabee that needs to be explained and vetted.


  13. Anonymous says:

    The closest man to George Washington is Dr. Ron Paul, and it’s neot even close.

  14. tm says:

    Obama’s Policy Shift on Durban Racism Conference Draws Concern, Criticism

    If anyone doubted the course The chairman BOBO would take re: Isreal, this should be a wake-up call. Is it to early to call for an entire Democratic Party Impeachment? He can’t seem to get into bed with the anti-Israel Arab Countries fast enough.

  15. Carrie says:

    I have the utmost respect for Dr. Ron Paul. Admittedly, I didn’t fully understand what he stood for when the primaries hit VA, but I learned a lot more over the summer. When that man speaks, I listen. It would behoove his Congressional colleagues to start giving a serious ear to him as well.

    Spence, concerning your distaste for Huckabee, I wonder how much of your scorn is based on first-hand knowledge. It sounds like a lot of regurgitated-MSM-speak. I don’t know about the repeal of the food tax and the reference to the Governor’s mansion, but the claims concerning his position on border control, record on taxes, and pardons given have been reasonably explained.

    One of the problems with our political process and media coverage is that I don’t believe these folks are interested in knowing/communicating the truth. Many are more interested in getting the lowdown on someone rather than truly investigating and understanding the situation. Someone makes a claim and others embrace it as fact and run with it. While there may have been facts involved, mere facts don’t tell the whole story. If people were truly interested in knowing the truth, like we are here at America’s Right, they would seek it out, not simply rely on a soundbyte from a political opponent’s campaign rhetoric. Look at the whole Obama presidential eligibility issue…the people who claim he’s absolutely qualified obviously have not done their homework. It’s easier to just go with the popular position than to seek the truth.

    The difference between Huckabee and many of the other politicians, is that he’s willing to explain his position and his record if folks would just let him. The problem is many folks don’t want him to explain anything, because when he does, he makes sense! Sure there may be significant instances where you disagree with the man, I’m not saying he’s perfect but at least you can know what you’re disagreeing with him on when you hear the “rest of the story”.

    While I would love to see this man as the next president, I believe the work he’s doing now has great value. He’s a funny guy; he’s smart, compassionate and wise, and I’m glad that Fox decided to cash in on him.

  16. Carrie Wigal says:

    Old Bob,

    There is no reason why a man or woman of strong devotion to God, and steadfastness to Judeo-Christian values cannot hold the highest office in the land. While wickedness does have a stronghold in this nation, God is still in control. If the light of the world keeps shining in the darkness, there’s still always hope for this country.

    I believe what we need now is to concentrate on changing the hearts of men…and that’s through prayer and speaking the truth in love. As Christians (those who are, that is), we need to take an active role in being informed citizens. We need to engage our culture with Biblical truth…don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to evangelize here, but rather we need to get back to the basics in this country. There is a God and we must not ignore or trample on His Commandments any longer, lest He completely removes His hand from our land. As a nation we need to STOP killing babies and making a mockery of marriage. Individuals have the right to do whatever they wish and suffer/enjoy the consequences, but as for the nation as a whole, we should not allow the law of the land to blaspheme God.

    Whether those who read this personal rant agree with me on my particular faith or not, we can agree on this: we need less government involvement in our lives and a return to one nation under God. If we expect God to Bless America, then we certainly better respect Him as God.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Mike certainly wasn’t playing spoiler. Despite the media’s insistance that it was a two man race, Huckabee and Romney polled evenly nationally up until Romney dropped out. If anything, Fred Thompson played spoiler to Huckabee.

    That said I am glad that you have come out in support of Huckabee!

  18. Granny T says:

    Governors have to deal with the unsealed borders in a way that they can still balance their state’s budget – which is probably why Gov. Huckabee said we must secure our borders first. Gov. Huckabee said that it cost less to educate illegals than to incarcerate them or support them on welfare – which explains why he was willing to give in state tuition to illegals that had graduated through the Arkansas schools and were willing to apply for citizenship.

    Gov. Huckabee came out loudly against both bailouts and the spending bill.

    I voted for Gov. Huckabee during the primary election and will vote for him in 2012 if he runs again. It will take someone with Huckabee’s likability and communication skills to beat Obama.

  19. IStandAmazed says:

    It actually spells “CRAP”.

  20. Anonymous says:


    My point of view in no way conflicts with yours. I was just trying to point out that if there was ever a presidential candidate who SHOULD have been rejected by those who profess to embrace Judeo/Christian values, it was Obama, and yet a significant number (between a quarter and a third, as I recall) of self-professed “evangelicals” voted for him.

    This, along with a 94% vote by the Black community (which we normally consider to be predominantly “Christian evangelicals), was the difference in the election. It seems to me to be reasonable for us to conclude from all of this that the overall majority of voters have priorities which are not based on Judeo/Christian values (i.e. race, abortion, etc, etc). Unless God Himself intervenes in some unusual way, I believe that it’s only going to get worse in the next four years.

    Just look at the demographics of the past election and then consider who will be controlling not only economic policies, but the educational system, the media, and the entertainment industry during the Obama administration. Perhaps then you will understand my concerns.

    Yes, I will pray for a change in the hearts of American citizens, as only God can bring about, but this may not be His plan. So, in the meantime I will continue to ask myself “How should we then live?” It’s important that we not forget who we are, and, as Christians, understand how this affects how we respond to the present-day circumstances.

    Old Bob

  21. Anonymous says:

    Okay how would anyone know how to fix our troubling economy? Problems like this have never hit "America". You can say we have a good idea about whats going, but when you have a "*&@#&#" calling the shots gettings nameless bills passed and having the real americans go into debt, lose their homes, families, jobs oh thats a.k.a. "Everything" there is no light at the end of the tunnel for this country you should all wake up now. That is what the mayans want you to do and I as well. hopefully all you $^%&ing idiots will smell the ^%*#ing coffee. I am pro one world government im just waiting for time to stand still and the right people to stand up I will follow the real leader then. Whether it may be god, aliens or ourselves. I have a sick twisted view on the world but I am no dumby.


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