Au Revoir, America!

I have seen our future, and it [could be] France

By Ronald Glenn
America’s Right

Since the votes last Friday, and undoubtedly in the next few days, the Democratic Party and the establishment American press have spent and will spend a lot of time patting themselves on the back for the passage of the so-called “stimulus” bill. America has a new day, they’ll say. President Obama is already greater that any president who has ever served, they’ll argue. Why not make Nancy Pelosi the first woman in our federal government to have a monument as large as the Lincoln or Jefferson memorials built in her honor? Our new leaders, after all, are so smart, they’re so forward looking, they’re so courageous.

But what have they really done? They have spearheaded the beginning of America’s final conversion to a European state, which is precisely what the intellectual left has wanted for decades. In fact, the current issue of Newsweek magazine says outright that America is more French now than ever before. One question: If America does become totally French, who will save the French nation in the next world war?

Beginning in June of last year, I began having long, private conversations with my associates in real estate and law about the obvious banking and economic problems facing our nation. In rather hushed and deliberate tones they told me that, in the long term, America would have one of the following two fates:

First, complete collapse. America would simultaneously be facing 25 percent unemployment, hyper-inflation and the possibility that 50 percent of real estate would be seized by the banks through foreclosure. Some investment brokers even predicted the destruction of the American currency to the point where it might have to be ended. That’s right — ended. Furthermore, they said a recovery similar to the one that ended the depression of the 1930′s would be unlikely since America had lost most if its industrial base. We don’t make much of anything anymore. In the end, this collapse has the potential to destroy the world banking system.

Alternatively, the second possibility is that America would be forced to be far more European. The middle class would survive because the federal government would assume the responsibility for the social welfare state, radically increasing the percentage of government spending in relation to the Gross National Product. In return, the majority of Americans would have to accept a lower standard of living. A two car family may become a one car family. The beach house would have to go. America would avoid bread lines and tent cities, but to do so would mean the official death of endless affluence. It would be as predicted as far back as the 1960′s, when many Republicans who were opposed to Lyndon Johnson’s spending programs argued that they foresaw a merging of the capitalist and communist states. America would become more socialist; conversely, Russia and China would become more capitalist.

Heck, we already see it happening. Russia cleaned up when the price of oil skyrocketed and has new naval vessels at nearly every friendly port in every ocean across the globe, while America is talking about salary caps for executives.

Yes, it’s happening, but has it happened out of necessity? Russia and China obviously wanted capitalism, but who in America wanted socialism? As strange an answer as this may seem, no one really did, save for the American socialist and communist parties. The Democratic Party does not really want socialism — true socialism would make everybody too poor. What the left wants is aristocratic power. They want to have the nation run by an educated, rich elite — just like the Europeans. This is not just about money. This is about control, about influence, about involvement. They want you to stop smoking. Have plenty of condoms. Access to abortions. No improper fats in you food. They want to protect certain animals. They want you to know whatever they do for you is out of love and concern, certainly not out of the evil malicious standards created by unforgiving capitalist markets.

The relatively recent–and ongoing–banking crisis has made the transformation to being French quicker, but it has been on the political left’s wish list for some time. The federal bench has increasingly been concerned about international law standards, all the healthcare models are European, what the Europeans think about American foreign policy is of the utmost concern. The greatest crime a Secretary of State can commit, after all, is to make the French angry.

Most of this love for the European model of government is based on the belief that capitalism does not consider social justice to be its main concern. Capitalism moves wealth around under its owns laws. For example, just as Detroit owned America in 1965, America now intends to own Detroit. For those on the left, social justice cannot be accomplished without controlling federal spending. Therefore, in order to make life good for everyone in America, social justice has to begin at the federal level.

If the first scenario had happened and America had indeed gone through complete collapse, the forces of capitalism would have been put to work. However, these forces have been undermined for the sake of saving us from the capitalist system gone haywire. Newsweek pronounced this week that after George W. Bush, both Republicans and Democrats are now socialists. Do you need to be reminded that England is also socialist and Queen Elizabeth has long been touted as the richest woman in the world? Seeing that “we are all socialists now,” according to the magazine, it makes you wonder why George Washignton bothered with the Revolutionary War at all.

Ronald Glenn has worked in real estate and law for more than twenty years. He now works in Philadelphia, and lives outside the city with his wife. Ron has been writing for America’s Right since January 2009.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, off topic.

    I think now would be a good time to start shaming INDIVIDUALS from the MSM. Call them out on their bias reporting. Look into their personal affairs. Treat them exactly like they treat conservatives and anybody else that does not fall in line with their way of thinking.

    Laugh at them, discredit them, humiliate them. Be vocal, cause a fuss, show them for what they are.

    Post about them, talk about them, and their hypocrisy.

    Alienate them from Main Stream Americans and make them obsolete in today’s information society.

    Praise worthy journalists that are fair and have integrity, even those that do not report what you necessarily want to hear, but are unbiased and whose reports are based on all of the facts available .

    It is time to start a war on the MSM. Without the far left liberals spoon feeding the American public, the Obama administration will be severely crippled and have a much tougher job, fooling the masses.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great article, but don’t be so sure BOTH scenarios won’t occur–that America won’t experience a complete collapse, AND, what’s left of it, slide into socialism.

    Once you acknowledge that we’re powerless pawns in a chess game being played out by an evil shadow government of the world’s wealthiest, most corrupt, most power-hungry b******s who have absolutely no regard for human life but their own, you understand that they can do just about ANYTHING they want with this country, including beheading all the ‘troublemaking, patriotic, gun-owning conservatives’ who might try to stop their takeover.

    What a disgrace our government (executive, judicial AND legislative branches) has become to the memory of George Washington’s Revolutionary War victory and the fine men who made it possible.

    And worst of all is the fact that Americans willingly, stupidly, brought it all on themselves.

  3. Bodenzee says:

    It’s about time too identify the new ‘John Hancock’ to frame a 21st Century ‘Declaration of independance.’

  4. MaryAlice says:

    This from Alan Keyes:

    THOUGHTLET- “A little thought (that) goes a long way”
    Everyone’s fussing over whether the Alleged Usurper’s stimulus plan will help or hurt the economy. Are they missing the point? Massive taxpayer resources are being pumped into Obama’s powerbase. His cohorts grow stronger, while the larger economic impact of the plan makes everyone else weaker. Not much of a recovery plan, but a great strategy for securing power.

  5. BlueWater says:

    There’s hope. If Obama is removed via citizenship issues, then his signature on the bill means nothing. Perhaps, then, enough people will come to their senses, and the bill will die.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Obama takes his wife to Fla. for valentines dinner, takes a 3 day vacation to be with his family and all this only after being in the WhiteHouse 4 weeks. WOW, I do not believe Obama really is intelligent enough to know just what the Presidency means. He is a fake and is starting to show his true side of stupidity. All his henchmen are not to bright either. They are either crooks or just plain stupid when it comes to telling BO what he should do. I believe the american people should start pressing a bit harder for his true citizenship so we can get someone who does belong in america to run this country. Anyone else would be a better choice.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Frightening new "little" bill. Things have already be activated and rather stealthily as expected:

    Not so much France … but maybe Germany … at a particular time – or perhaps a civilian militarized version of Chavez?

  8. Anonymous says:

    THAT, BlueWater, is our only hope, I am afraid. Glenn Beck talks about depression and revolution. I tend to agree that what has happened will most certainly result in that kind of scenario.

  9. Anonymous says:

    ACORN! A video not to be believed. And we are giving this organization money out of the stimulus bill? This is outrageous. Please Jeff, stay on this one. Thank you.

  10. Gail B says:

    Ronald, excellent article! And, thanks for sharing with us the opinions of your real estate associates on our economic problems. It boggles my mind why anyone would want to throw America under the bus.

    I’m still reeling over what I read last night about the Denver Airport. A question on Freedom’s Phoenix asked why Obama went to Denver to sign the Pork Bill. Seems it had to do with the Denver International Airport (DIA). If you Google “New World Airport,” you will see links identifying it as DIA. Look at the video. Read an article or two. This is no ordinary, modernized airport. Ask yourself WHY? The big question then becomes WHEN?! Yes, martial law is coming.

  11. sharon says:

    something is up today guys.. the banks have put a freeze on all new money for home loans. The warehouse lines are frozen and loans that are scheduled to close will be shelved indefinitely.

  12. Rix says:

    The deepert problem with the conservative movement is that it is, by definition, conservative. Every time socialists gain the upper hand, they change policial landscape in their favor, while the best the conservatives will do is to preserve the status quo. Combined with obvious demographic trends, this trend leads to the ever increasing advantage for the left wing that eventually becomes impossible to overcome. Worse even, conservative leaders confronted with outside pressure, MSM barrage, and academic brainwashing mashine are forced to partly adopt their opponents’ failing ways, thus hastening their own demise.

    That said, I wonder if there is a Republican politician out there with a pair of stainless-steel balls to stand up and openly proclaim the following:

    - All federal programs of social allowance are unconstitutional, exist solely at the mercy of American taxpayer, and must be set to shrink down automatically when the budget does.

    - Politically correct legislation introduced in the name of “social justice” (CRA, FHA, and FEA, to name a few) is harmful to the very cause it is supposed to serve and must be repealed immediately.

    - The whole discussion on illegal immigration boils down to the key word “illegal”, and the people who cross the border must be treated exactly as others who break the federal law.

    I am quite sure that folk at this wonderful forum could come up with a few more agenda items, but my point should be clear by now. Enough with “closet conservatives” – MSNBC will not like us anyway.

  13. suek says:


    got a link?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Sharon said: “. . .the banks have put a freeze on all new money for home loans.”


    Well, that’s upsetting if true. Perhaps it is a sign that the credit situation is actually worse than we’ve been told? I was planning to buy a house later this year. How can I help the economy rebound if that happens?

    Nice article by the way, Ronald. Good “energy.” So, if we are all socialists now, can we also proudly proclaim that we are all French now?

    Good Lord.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Socialism is on its last leg in Europe and it will never succeed in America. Of course the people who are most dependent on socialism, the politicians, are frantic to see its survival. But survive, it can’t. They made a fatal error.

    Socialism is a fantastically expensive social system that is completely 100% dependent upon a highly productive, well paid and profitable work force. It succeeded in Europe as long as European monetary policy served European productivity and profitability. But when the fiat system itself was targeted to counter the excessive credit creation that resulted from the massive trade imbalances caused by the sudden entrance of 3 billion low-paid Asians into the global market, the fiat money system was undermined and destroyed.

    Europe used its cheap money to build Eastern Europe, but now that the commercial loan bubble is bursting, the artificially high amounts loaned for that venture will wipe European socialism off the map.

    Excessive credit creation is to the politician what a bag of heroin is to a drug addict. They cannot be around it. Ever.

  16. Gail B says:

    This has crossed my mind numerous times: Do the Democrats in Congress REALLY understand what’s happening, or are they just trying to get money into their districts/states so they can be reelected?

    I’ve said on several occasions that the Dems are being led (by socialists Obama/Pelosi/Reid) as the rats were led by the Pied Piper. I write letters to the local addresses of the Dem Congressmen in my state (GA) and ask them if they realize that they are being used as pawns. If they don’t get “REAL” information from the MSM, at least I can write to them to give them a heads-up on two things: (1) What’s going on behind the bills, and (2) There are voters out here who do understand what’s going on and how the Dems are voting on those bills.

    Go to the General Assembly site for your state and get contact information for the legislators. Call them and/or write them to ask that they either craft legislation for states rights or support it if it’s already in place for a vote. That should occupy at least an afternoon.

    Another thing we can do is write letters to the editors of our newspapers. They may or may not print them, but remember “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

    If you think of anything else, let us know!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure that your pessimistic future scenario will take place. I especially disagree with the statement that we don’t make much any more. All of our manufacturing production has been up for many years. We just don’t need as many people to produce it. Then there is our ability to grow massive amounts of food. The rest of the world will not stop eating.
    And, we still produce a hell of a lot of fossil fuel: gas, oil and coal.
    Then there is the technical side of what the US produces: software, services, hardware, etc.
    And, what about big pharma? We create 90% of all the new drugs on Earth.
    What we need is for the government to get the hell out of the way.
    Until that happens, we are going to be in the doldrums.
    Economics always gets its way.
    The bloom will be off of the Obama rose withing 6 months. His popularity numbers will end up lower than Bush’s.
    Keep the faith in the USA!

  18. Gail B says:

    Sue K and Sharon–

    Want a link? Here has good information on the credit freeze.

  19. MaryAlice says:

    Alternative to the Stimulus Bill from and
    Newt Gingrich

  20. Anonymous says:

    One way to set the stage and put it into perspective for those who see thru ‘Shaded glasses.’

    For those who want the ‘Un-stimulus’ bill: “You Can” have it – YOU CAN pay for it yourselves.
    Those who don’t want it: Don’t pay.

    Those who want a Socialistic program: “You Can” – And YOU CAN pay for it yourselves.

    Those who don’t want Socialism: You don’t have to – you can abide by the Founding Constitutional (American) rules and guidelines.

    Win, WIN.
    Now that’s Balanced, Fair and nice for everyone!

    *By the way Gail B. you sure seem like a “nice lady”! Appreciate your good and wise input! Pat your little doggie for us! Here’s a couple you might like: read about the Pork Roast in Den.

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