The Cult of Personality vs. the Battlefield of Ideas

By Ronald Glenn
America’s Right

The Republican party may have lost the fight over the stimulus package, but it could lose more fights in the months ahead because of a a single, terrible liability that could doom whatever ideas it presents: The GOP does not have a single, great, alternative leader, a wordsmith with a ebullient personality, in Congress to counteract President Obama.

The political landscape in America has, more often than not, been tied to a singular, often charismatic leader. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Throughout leftist history in the 20th century, after all, the fight between the cult of personality and the battlefield of ideas has been a long and sordid one. There were many political voices in the early twentieth century who expressed the belief that if Leon Trostsky had run the Soviet Union instead of Joseph Stalin, everything under the good old commies would have been just fine. This lets the communist system off the hook, blaming the failures on the individual politicians instead of the system. To those perpetual blame-shifters on the left, there is no such things as bed leftism, just bad leaders.

This kind of thinking has carried over into America’s current situation. The Democratic Party, through President Obama, keeps promoting that it has “new ideas” that will replace the tired ideas of the past. Obama and the Democrats, it seems, may be taking direction from to Aesop, who once wrote that “after all is said and done, more is said than done.” Spending a lot of government money for pork, for example, is not a new idea. However, it is promoted by a new politician. Barack Obama. And that makes all the difference.

The American public has placed their hopes in a man, ignoring the fundamental lack of genuine innovation in the current regime. “New ideas” has become a substitute for Democratic carte blanche. Many of the people I have spoken with over the last few days have shown a remarkable disinterest in the specifics of the stimulus bill, instead allowing any faith in the bill to rest solely on their opinion about Barack Obama. In an overt slap to the face for former President Bush, I even had two people tell me they were glad we now have a “smart” president who can “speak well.” At the end of the day, however, these same two people did not know anything about the $800 billion dollar spending bill except what they had heard from the mouth of Obama himself — that it would “put money in the economy.” That, for them, was enough.

This is why it is so difficult to fight a battle of ideas. People often put their faith in personalities rather than ideas, since ideas can change with the wind and what a politician often says does not matter anyway. Like it or not, the Republican Party needs a national spokesperson and, as I previously wrote here at America’s Right, a coherent national platform. If the party cannot find such a figure to lead by example and lead with principles backed by personality, the GOP and its message will be excoriated by the left as a collection of shrill, cluttered voices.

For better or worse, George Bush and Dick Cheney had the attention of the press for eight years. Unfortunately, the Republicans now may not find that voice until the state of the economy gets worse in spite of the stimulus, allowing for the public to cast aside–or at the very least temper–the addiction to personality over ideas and be willing to listen to a voice that is not Democratic.

The Republicans face tough political times ahead. They must be prepared for the classic attack of being the “enemy within.” If the stimulus does not work, the Democrats will have to find a scapegoat, and it will not be Nancy Pelosi. They will place the blame firmly at the feet of the Republicans. They will argue that the Republicans made the mess, and have been unwilling to find a solution. They will, as liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy says, be “domestic terrorists.” When a government refuses to face its own mistakes, it will go after the opposition. And this mainstream media will be more than complicitous.

This is precisely what happened in the Soviet Union — the socialist policies failed and, subsequently, the political terror began. Where will it begin in America? My guess is that it will begin with the Fairness Doctrine. The first thing a good leftist does, after all, is figure out a way to make the opposition shut up. After that is accomplished, the next move will be to falsify the outcomes of their own policies. Any way you look at it, in six months’ time, the truth is going to be hard to find. Economy still struggling despite the influx of billions in borrowed and printed cash? It wasn’t that the stimulus failed, they’ll say, instead think of how much worse it would have been if we didn’t act!

George Bush was not a saint in this regard, either. For example, during his tenure, the government simply stopped reporting on how much money was being put into circulation. They just stopped. Similarly, there will inevitably be much the Obama regime does not tell us. Just for starters, do you really think they intend to keep track of where all this stimulus money is really going? And, even if they did know exactly how much waste there was, would they admit to it?.

You and I both know the answer to that.

Above all else, the Democrats will do anything to preserve the image of President Barack Obama. As long as the Saint keeps his halo, he will keep his status and, with sainthood, it tends to be all or nothing. George Bush lost his post-9/11 sainthood in the sands of Iraq. If Obama does not lose his sainthood because of the aftereffects of this stimulus package, the Republicans will be in for a long fight of their own.

He and the Democrats must be held accountable. To do that, we must preserve free speech at all costs. Those on the political left know they cannot compete on ideas alone, and therefore will do anything possible to replace free speech with controlled speech. Watch for the signs, and tell others to do the same.

Ronald Glenn has worked in real estate and law for more than twenty years. He now works in Philadelphia, and lives outside the city with his wife. Ron has been writing for America’s Right since January 2009.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Great piece, Ronald. I too am looking for a voice – a voice that can speak coherently and powerfully for the true conservative constituency in America. A voice that is recognized as having the full and unwavering support of millions of individuals so that when that person speaks, the opposition will understand the power that he/she represents. The fragmented wailing and wringing of hands will get us nowhere.

    There must come a harsh awakening to the fact that this isn’t just another negative interlude in the steady progress of the great America of our founders. This is the inflection point where, left to their own devices, the leaders of the country will most assuredly remake it into something unrecognizable to those of us who are old enough to remember what we once were. There are many examples, one of which you have mentioned regarding Communism, where a society has pivoted on a charismatic leader. In an earlier comment on this blog I have mentioned Germany in the 30′s as an appropriate analogy. The reign of these individuals has always resulted in societal chaos and mass destruction.

    It will be thusly so in the United States, as well. It is simply the nature of evil when it is allowed to run rampant. This is my fear.

    Grandpa Bob

  2. Jose Alvarez says:

    Lets get El Rushbo meanwhile to be the GOP leader.

  3. sharon says:

    Great writing, thank you for sharing. I agree with Ronald there is no true leader in the halls of DC where we need one the most.. The Republican party has to counter the Dem’s in their delivery of the agenda, in print and in media continually. It is the only way we can get the word out. The washington Democratic party has always been a lying shady bunch and now that they have all the power I would expect more of the same, at a heightened level.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lets not forget that the reason obama was elected was that the republicans could not get the job done.

    Out of control spending, ethics problems, a lack of proper planning and a lack of political philosophy were the order of the day for the last eight years.

    Saying George Bush was not a saint is fine but he also was not much of a conservative.

    There needs to be more of a lack of partisanship here – the problem is not one of our parties – it is both.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The darn “public servants” in D.C. are NOT listening to their constituents as far as I can see, or there would not be a TARP bill nor a Recovery package.
    I know I have sent hundreds of e-mails , hand written pleas, and many phone calls.
    What do you know, MY senator actually was stupid enough to help write this obomination .A piece of legislation that is not well written and is a travisty of justice on top of all the pork. I refuse to call it anything but a piece of hog manure.

  6. Independent says:

    Do you want the stimulus plan to fail Ronald?

    You want the stimulus plan to work and put food on millions of people’s plates right, or are you just concerned with party lines and views?

    Majority of democrats do know that B.O. is not a saint and agree that, only the extreme left of 10% paints a picture of a saint. Most say that he does have to prove himself in these years. It is not hope or change or his promises, it is the GOP failure and Bush that put him in office. If there was no GOP failure, there would be no B.O.

  7. Tigress says:

    Great article, Ronald! Right on target.

    The Republican party cannot even figure out what it’s own platform is let alone present it to the nation. Many want to make it a morality war against the other side whom they believe to be completely devoid of any intelligence and humanity. This type of condescension repels many potential followers.

    Imho, they should be concentrating on crafting a strategy for our country to compete in the global marketplace by creating opportunities for technological innovation while remaining vigilant about terrorism. Instead you’ve got a bunch of self-appointed ‘cultural saviors’ worried about private citizen’s personal decisions–that is not leadership.

  8. Anonymous says:


    I believe most people are missing the point here. This whole political farce being staged by Obama is ultimately his way of giving “retribution” back to all black americans for the years their forefathers had endured slavery. If you connect the dots from his love of Lincoln to this social welfare package he’s now jamming through congress’s throat, it all makes sense. It’s payback time. He sees himself in the image of “Lincoln”, the savior of his people. His anger for social justice, however, will ultimately be the downfall to his destruction. The only question is though, how much damage he will inflict on the american people and this country along the way?

  9. Laurie says:

    Ron, what an eye-opener and sure does give us a lot of food for thought. We all do need to stand strong to maintain FREE SPEECH.

  10. Todd v. says:

    Excelent article Jeff!!!

    Todd v.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Ron. I just saw the movie “Taken”, an action packed thriller where the main character comes out of CIA-Like retirement to track down the ones who abducted his 17 yr. old daughter, the object of all his love and adoration, who lives with his ex wife and her very successful husband. He realizes his chances of finding and rescuing her are statistically down to 96 hours. He’s willing to do anything and everything to get her back and he is smart and extremely savy in every detail. As unlikely to succeed as you would imagine, his courage, determination and experience take him where he needs to go. Just a movie? Yeah it would have been a year or so ago. An entertaining distraction from the every day. Action, excitement, a hero, good triumphs over evil. It’s more now and its personal to me because my country has been stolen and I’m not sure we can get it back. I’ve always believed that evil is very real and exists in the world and even in our day to day circle of influence its all around but often its subtle and hidden. Not anymore. We are now witnessing it out in the open, clear for everyone to see and we’re calling it by acceptable names. We are actually being polite and tolerant towards it. Just last week lying and cheating on income taxes got a new name if you happen to be a liberal,socialist, marxist, America hater. Not long ago killing babies became the respectable pro-choice, woman respecting, socially responsible, anti extremism way to view the proceedure. Homosexuality and all other deviate sex not only became respectable, it’s now celebrated and you have to call it Gay. Faith in God and especially Jesus became the stupid, uneducated, intolerant, racist, bigoted, hateful, and unacceptable position to hold. Getting elected to the office of President regardless of how you do it, through corrupt groups like Acorn,, refusal to reveil your historical records and documents, vote stealing, illegal foreign and domestic contributions, lies, slander, radical associations, socialists beliefs etc. is all excusable because of the importance of showing the world and ourselves that we are better than when our ancesters owned slaves and we are no longer racists. We are focused on “A Dream”, “The One”, “The Messiah”, “Change”, the cult like, antichrist, Pied Piper, empty suit, inexperienced and phony instead of the ideals, values and character that made this country the great country that it was, and the only question we need to ask is “Can we get it back?” If you go see the movie, I can hear you say ‘I can’t do that’, or ‘how unlikely is that outcome’? That’s not the point. It’s about determination that would do anything and risk everything to get back what you have lost. Although ‘hollywood’ that message got through to me more than any other time because my friends whether you realize it yet or not this evil has taken our country and many are under a spell and are going along. We like the character in the movie are down to our last hours and we may collectively be our last hope. Let’s roll!

  12. Todd v. says:

    Guess I should have said Excelent article Ron! lol

    Todd v.

  13. Seeks Truth says:

    Love this. You are right — we need a spokesperson. I think Newt Gingrich is a brilliant spokesperson, but he doesn’t have the American Idol look, plus he soiled his own reputation by condemning Clinton for the very same things he was doing.

    I think it is harder for conservatives because we actually have principles, and, as Alinsky has said, no one can live up to all their own rules. Democrats will never have this problem because they have no principles.

    I do believe greatness emerges under dire circumstances. Look at Palin and Obama who both arrived out of nowhere. Look at all of us previously apolitical types who have been awakened and burning the lines to Washington. There is a voice out there. We just haven’t heard it yet.

    Don’t give up hope. Keep fighting for every little jot and tittle while you are still on the north side of the turf!!! Never give up! Never, never, never.

  14. SeeksTruth says:

    Thought this video was a very nice summary of the forms of government. Takes just a few minutes to watch.

  15. Seeks Truth says:

    You said:
    I have spoken with over the last few days have shown a remarkable disinterest in the specifics of the stimulus bill, instead allowing any faith in the bill to rest solely on their opinion about Barack Obama.

    The reason people can’t reason is due to their “education.” I still say this is the #1 place we must focus our fight.

    Not only are children being fed propaganda, socialist testing methods are used. T/F, multiple choice, fill-in-blank do nothing but require children to parrot back what they’ve been taught (often taught incorrect things). Open-ended essays require children to think and reason thru arguments.

    Even composition assignments today are stream-of-consciousness writing, not exercises in thinking.

    Parents must take hold of this education issue because it is the root of the problem. I see too many parents defending their public school because they think their school is one of the good public schools based on test scores, ratings, etc. Sometimes life is just easier when we don’t face hard facts.

    Lincoln: the philosophy in the classroom today will be the philosophy of the government tomorrow.
    Hitler: Give me the boy and I’ll own the man.
    Bible “Raise up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”.

    In other words, teach them when they are young. What other reason could Obama have for now wanting to provide birth-5 programs.

    Think about it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I asked the question yesterday and have several times in the past , does anyone have any information on the constitutional convention that WTP web site is helping plan in July – the last time one met / only time in our history was 1787 and it was to re – enforce the protections for all that were weak in the document – this may very well be the avenue to pursue to stop the destruction w are all well aware of and re construct the voice of common sense and reason in our country ! I agree there has been a great brainwashing that has spread all over this country and its momentum must be STOPPED – it is evil as suggested and clothed in politically correct language – to blind the sheep from the truth – there are basic truths – black and whites – grey has led to relativism which renders the human being into a weak lukewarm piece of mush rendering him/her /it unable to recognize the trance they are in – blind . So again what about this
    convention ? someone must know about it ? Bob Schutlz ., give – anyone ?
    I’m ready – anyone else? – EM

  17. Still a Patriot says:

    This is a very thought provoking article. I truly believe the person you described is Gov. Mike Huckabee. He is exactly the type of leader you described – principled, brilliant, experienced, genuine, an inspirational orator & patriot. Read his latest book "Do The Right Thing" & check out his websites:,, & Whenever I feel that all is lost, he gives hope & encouragement. He truly believes we can win our country back & inspires us not to ever give up.

  18. SeeksTruth says:

    Anonymous at 10:32,
    I am not sure what WTP is planning, but I know the states individually have voted on this. They need 2/3 (I think) to make it happen and are very close to that now. This is also know as “Con Con,” for short, in some circles. However, there has been some concern over the dangers of this as of late and some states who previously voted for it are now trying to rescind it. I have to admit that I don’t understand all the issues, but I do think it is prudent to proceed cautiously since we’ve only done this once before in our history.

    And think about it, do you really want all those bozos up there in DC closed up in a room together discussing ANYTHING that has to do with us. Not me, boy!

    I think the WTP thing might be something different and they are just calling it by the same name?

  19. vcw39 says:

    You all forget that the Democrat party took control of the government during the last two years of the Bush administration and the President couldn’t veto anything without getting an override. So he gave up and let the Democrat party have control.
    That’s when all this crap started. You can blame all of this on Bush and congress, they all are to blame. If there would have been term limits in the constitution this might not have happened.
    So now we have a proven Socialist trained ‘community organizer’ who won’t divulge any personal records, with no experience in leadership, still in campaign mode, letting Nancy and Harry run (ruin) the country, who has been put in power under false pretenses.
    Hopefully the states will invoke their constitutional rights of the 10th amendment and regain control of this fiasco.
    I forgot to mention the obvious fact that the main stream news media was not being main stream with their falsification of the news which helped cause this travesty.

  20. Anonymous says:

    As most are probably aware, former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and others in CA brought suit to have the state’s electors ordered to withhold their votes for Obama until his eligibility was established. Since his inauguration, it has been amended to seek a future requirement for a vetting process, in addition to the still-sought unveiling of Obama’s records.

    President’s attorney’s have filed a motion demanding birth, college records be withheld from the public. (From Worldnet Daily)

    Also of interest; ‘Obama’s Busted Bubble’ (2/10/09), and ‘Murphy’s Law, the Peter Principle and Barack Obama (2/11/09).


  21. seeks truth says:
  22. Anonymous says:

    The CC have delegates chosen by the people to rep each state ? not to do with the congress – We are a republic – and this is the thrust behind the pulling together – I am a truth seeker too proceeding with caution but – the 1st Convention convened for like reasons – you are able to attend the meetings etc. to listen and observe this movement – we need some vehicle to stop this destruction before us – and the people have to have remedy to stop and fire politicians running roughshod over our personal liberties -what is more personal than mortgaging away our liberty for their wims – IN justice gone rampantly wild – more input please after you read giveme liberty .com

  23. Anonymous says:

    were they elected by the congress or the people seperate from congress//? CC1787

  24. Anonymous says:

    The one who said, I believe most people are missing the point here… I believe you hit it on the nail.

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