Life is Life, but Perception is Reality

By Robert Wallace
America’s Right

Sycloria Williams was 18 years old and 23-weeks pregnant, but she didn’t feel that she was ready for a child. So Ms. Williams did what the United States Constitution–according to 5 out of 9 Supreme Court Justices, at least–guarantees her the right to do. She got an abortion.

Ordinarily, this would not be newsworthy. Although abortions are far more common between 8 and 12 weeks, later abortions are not that uncommon and there a variety of methods to choose from.

At her position within the gestational period, four procedures would be possible. In the case of Ms. Williams, however, two can be ruled out immediately — but in her case only two were likely. The first, the Intact D&X procedure otherwise known as “partial-birth abortion,” is now illegal, and the second, a hysterotomy, can be ruled out because Ms. Williams was not under full anesthesia. The third possbility, indeed available to Ms. Williams, is an induced miscarriage, in which either a drug is administered to the fetus to stop his or her heart from beating, or the uterus is pumped with a saline or urea solution that causes death over time. In the fourth–and likely–possibility, a dilation and evacuation (D&E) procedure, the cervix is dilated enough for the abortionist to reach in with sharp cutting implements and forceps, dismember the fetus, and remove the body parts one piece at a time. In fact, it was the difficulty in dismemberment which brought about the concept of partial birth abortions in the first place, as the growing bones of a growing fetus at this stage make dismembering more difficult.

Either of those choices–in utero dismemberment or poisoning–would have not only been completely legal, but totally unremarkable. There would be no news coverage, no outrage, no talk of criminal charges, no quotes from leaders of the National Organization for Women, and Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique would still have his license. There would, of course, still have been a body to dispose of, but the police would have had no interest in recovering it from the trash. Additionally, the baby in question would most likely not have been given a name.

But she was. Her name was Shanice.

The reason Shanice was given a name is that Dr. Renelique was running late that day. Ms. Williams delivered the baby healthy and alive and, at 23 weeks, Shanice had a slim but real chance of survival. She never got that chance, however. Instead, the abortion clinic official knocked Shanice out of the reclining chair where Ms. Williams had given birth, cut the umbilical cord without clamping it, and threw the baby in the trash. The cause of death was listed as “extreme prematurity,” but it is more likely that Shanice bled to death through the unclamped umbilical cord.

While Americans react in shock and outrage, I can’t help but ask “What’s the big deal?” I would like for someone to explain to me why we are horrified that a 23-week-old baby would be left to bleed to death outside the womb, but consider it business as usual if it is poisoned or dismembered inside the womb. What, pray tell, is the difference?

Our national split-personality disorder with respect to abortion is nothing new. If an unborn human being is wanted, then we use the word “child” and display pictures from ultrasounds on our refrigerator doors. If you kill a pregnant woman who wanted her child, you can be charged with double homicide. However, if the exact same human being is unwanted, then we do not call it a child — we may call it a fetus, or we may deny that it exists at all and refer to the more general “products of conception” or “uterine contents.” Or, in the case of President Barack Obama, we might call it a “pre-viable fetus.”

None of these Orwellian games alter the fact that Shanice was just as alive and just as human in the moments before she was born as in the moments afterwards. She didn’t change. Only our perception of her did, and it is on that irrational distinction between born and unborn that we as a nation have decided to grant or deny the most fundamental right: the right to life.

has been writing for America’s Right since December 2008.



  1. Don't Tread on Me says:

    Excellent article! I often wonder if one day in the future, we will teach about the horrors that happened in these abortion clinics, referring them to the “death clinics”.

    But as long as we have judges and politicians willing to dehumanize babies in the womb, we will have voters who buy into the lie.

    I believe God reserves a special place for these babies in Heaven…

  2. La Muse Poetique says:

    Very nicely worded Robert.

    I didn’t read your name at first, and as I was reading it I was thinking this sounded like something you would write.

    Turns out it was you. :)


    I’m so very very scared for this continent…we may not have to wind up in Egypt like the Israelites of old BUT in Deuteronomy 28: 1-14
    cataloged are the blessings for hearkening (listening)… contrasted with the balance of the chapter (vv 15-68. The UNITED STATES is taking America down the tubes…the parties will reap what they sow and the calamities that will befall them will afflict all!

    After calling to my two Senator’s offices and asking for a reason as to why no provision to reinstate constitutional money as the very basis of the STIMULUS was met with deafening silence: like get it out and get off the line!

    Bob Schultz has got the right idea…call for a Continental Congress of the people!

  4. suek says:


    Agree with your entire article, but I still have a question…

    How in heck can the young woman who went in for the abortion sue the provider? That blows me away. It’s totally irrational. What is she suing for?

    Don’t get me wrong – no way should the abortion provider not be held accountable for malpractice including murder – but a lawsuit from the person who asked that the baby be killed in the first place because the effort succeeded? Insanity!

  5. Sharon2 says:

    People refuse to see the logic of Robert’s article. They bury their heads and convince themselves that they are nice people and that is what matters. There was a time when so little was known about the developing baby. That is not the case now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This article is waste of time and intellectual energy; an utter rehash of petit moralisms.

    They have just passed euthanasia legalization and your are bantering on about fetuses.

    Fool. They are going the start killing the living because people like you are so easily distracted and prone to miss what the real end game is.

    So, might as well continue with the holier than thou. It doesn’t matter now. You have lost the war.

    With the medical provisions in this new stimulus bill, the genocide begins in earnest. Because petit moralists like you squandered the political credence of the anti-euthanasia movement, that which informed abortion opponents most feared is now rapidly on its way to becoming law.

    Sorry that I may sound angry. Truth is, I am terrified for all of us.

    What has happened today may never, ever be corrected. I fear the change is permanent.

    Many millions of Americans will now die many years too young as a matter of federal policy and bureaucratic convenience. The money made will be too good to let go of and the power enjoyed too intoxicating for things to ever go back to the way they were 24 hours ago.

    Now you really have something to pray about.

  7. Gail B says:

    I wish that Jeff, Rick Saunders, Ronald Glenn, John Cardillo, and you, Robert, could go to Washington and speak from the House floor and Senate floor to those liberals who are selling our country out to Communism.

    The bailout money will be used to buy up private industry along with anything else they can get their hands on–private investors cannot compete with that–and even though it will all be paid for by tax money, it won’t be the people’s assets. It will belong to whomever is in control; and at the rate Obama is going, it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t declare Martial Law towards the end of his term, which would send Congress home for six months and keep him in office. THEN WHAT?! He would get to go to another reception with the United States Supreme Court Justices and be sworn in again!


    People need to be FIGHTING for our freedom–by “burning up” the phone lines, fax lines, etc. That stimulus bill is the key to his entire four years. If he gets that pork approved, we’re sunk.

    Guys, can y’all go to Washington?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The thing that astounded me most – and disheartened me at the same time – during the presidential election was the number of professing Christians who were willing to overlook Obama’s position on abortion to vote for him.

    As Bodie Thoene said, in essence, in one of her books on the rise of Hiter’s Germany and the effect on non-Aryans and even imperfect/deformed German infants, “To agree to kill a child, a society must first agree to kill God”

    I believe that America is exactly where Germany was under Hitler in the 1930′s.

    God have mercy on us.

    Grandpa Bob

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