Nine-point-seven trillion dollars. According to Bloomberg.com, that will be the total bill should the Obama-Pelosi ‘stimulus’ package pass within the next few days. That number, apparently, is enough to pay off more than 90 percent of the home mortgage loans in America, or roughly $33,000 for every living American man, woman and child regardless of whether or not they pay taxes, work, vote, or own their own home.

This is generational theft. My daughter, your sons and your daughters, and their sons and daughters — they’ll be the ones left with the tab. It’s beyond sad.

Over the past few weeks, and indeed since the original TARP bill in October 2008, I have written time and time again about how we must let the free market run its course, how we simply cannot spend our way out of debt, out of crisis, and into prosperity. That’s just not how it works.

Today, looking at the giant overall number, I cannot help but wonder what kind of mental illness it takes to even be able to talk about such numbers in the daily course of business. To them, this isn’t real money. To them, it doesn’t have downward consequences. They’re just numbers, and a way to kick the can down the road.

Back when the first TARP plan was unveiled–I cannot remember, and am too lazy to check, whether it was $700 or $750 billion (but what does it matter, anyway?)–I remember a congresswoman asked why the total number turned out the way it did. She answered by saying something along the lines of, “well, we wanted a number that didn’t seem too big, and didn’t seem too small.” That’s how they decided it. They picked a number, consequences be damned.

Don’t get me wrong — while President Obama and the Democrats certainly are not busting apart the tax-and-spend stereotypes, much of that $9,700,000,000,000.00 rests squarely on the shoulders of former President George W. “I left my free market principles in Crawford, Texas” Bush, presiding over a Washington, D.C. where up was down, where six was nine, where Republicans acted like Democrats, and where mental illness was the order of the day.

What kind of mentality, after all, does it take?

“Golly gee, I think we should throw $600 million at more coupons for digital television converter boxes,” one politician might say.

“Naw, $600 million is too small,” another might say. “Let’s make it a cool billion dollars.”

“A billion is too much,” says another silver-haired criminal. “I need at least $325-point-two million for the cleaning up of dog poop in my district.”

“Oh, yeah. We’ve got dog poop in my district, too. I need $325-point-two million.”

“Me too.”

“Yep, us too.”

“Heck, let’s just include dog poop in the stimulus package!” Pelosi would say. “We’re already on the hook for $8 trillion . . . what’s another $1.7 trillion?”

I don’t get it, and sadly, neither do they. This isn’t monopoly money (yet). Those zeroes represent dollars paid in taxes by hard-working Americans out of hope that something good will come. Those zeroes represent amounts for which we are now beholden to China and to the United Arab Emirates. This isn’t play money.

One of these days, I pray that these people will wake up and find a modicum of common sense. In the unlikely chance that they do not, I pray that the American people will have the awakening and vote these people out of office, each and every one of them, finally realizing that our elected representatives rarely have the hopes and intentions of their constituents at heart.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, the Federal Government has abandoned America and Americans. It’s time for the states to step up.


  2. vcw39 says:

    Thanks for the above link to a very good thought out explanation of what the states are doing in response to our insane leaders. I am putting it below as it is important.


  3. Anonymous says:

    This is just an infuriating situation. Obama is on TV right now in some sort of town hall meeting, and he’s still in full campaign mode, talking about “the same old failed policies that got us here in the first place,” etc. He’s determined to ram this disastrous bill through just out of sheer arrogance and ego. Either that, or he is making a calculated, targeted attempt to destroy the free enterprise system we’ve known and enjoyed for generations. (The old Russian word Kulak comes to mind.)

    Is there no one left in D.C. who will stand up to this multi-trillion dollar sacking of the future?


  4. Anonymous says:

    I am so sad and discouraged to see this happening even while we taxpayers call, fax, email, scream NO, NO, NO, stop the madness! I just don’t understand how this can make sense to anyone, at least anyone who has ever lived on a budget. If you do not have the money, you do spend and buy goodies. I have no credit cards, my husband and I agreed if we can’t pay cash (not newly printed either) for something, well, then we simply can’t have it. How can anyone that lived through the Depression not be standing up and yelling at the top of their lungs to stop this? Oh, that’s right they are and no one in Washington is listening……how sad, how frustrating.

  5. GiveMeSanityPlease says:

    This reminds me of the scene in Austin Powers when Dr. Evil wants ransom money, but with a little paraphrase. “Let’s make it … Nine …. Trillion … Dollars” with the pinky making it’s way to the corner of the lip and his evil conglomerates laughing like this, “wooo ha ha ha ha.” Where is Austin Powers when you need him? Too busy shagging, I guess.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Give me a break! Saul Alinsky’s prized student, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama thinks he is still on the campaign trail. Now he has to learn how to govern. This crisis did not just start, it began in the 1990s and leaders in our government were very much aware of it. Y2K predictions were more service jobs and small businesses, medical/healthcare, and building trades/construction, technical/computers, financial services.

    A majority of the unemployed need to be retrained for the jobs of the 21st Century. Factory jobs are long gone thanks to Bill Clinton and NAFTA. Ross Perot warned Americans about NAFTA but nobody listened. He stated “The loud sucking sound you hear will be jobs going south of the border and outside the USA for cheaper labor.” Labor unions have driven high paying manufacturing jobs out of this country. Mainstream media squashed the truth. Now that reality has set in, who is to blame? Why was $5.2 billion allocated for ACORN in the stimulus package? I don’t believe Obama has even read the bill.

    Get real people – manufacturing jobs were being phased out since the mid 1990’s. The major US manufacturers were building new plants in other countries for cheaper labor costs and lower taxes. This is the new age of technology. If the unemployed don’t get retrained they will remain unemployed or on public assistance. Most of them were high school dropouts but were able earn a decent living working in factories.

    Obama’s campaign of “HOPE” was for the American public not to demand to see Obama’s vaulted birth certificate and college records which would prove that he is not eligible to be president.
    “CHANGE”, the only change since his election is the skin color of the person elected president and his politics. Quick passage of a $780 billion bailout in October took care of Wall Street investors and bankers. To date nothing has trickled down to middle-class or low income Americans. Banks had a retreat, purchased other banks, paid bonuses to executives and made a down payment on a $50 million jet. Each were financial contributors to Obama, Dodd, Frank, Reid, Pelosi and Schumer. He continues to campaign against Bush and the Iraq War while promoting dependence on the government [socialism], rather than independent entrepreneurship [capitalism]. Change in Washington leadership – corrupt Chicago politicians in charge of the national treasury

    If the economy is so bad, tell Tom Kaine, new chairman and the Democrat National Committee to stop sending emails asking for cash contributions like the Obama campaign did in 2008. Each time he sends a message they ask you for money. Evidently, the democrats and mainstream media are running another scam on the American public to raise money. This stimulus bill was to be the big payback to the democrat’s loyal supporters. They went overboard and put too much pork in the bill and thought they could rush it through the senate without scrutiny. There is no rush to spend $1 trillion this country does not have. The Senate should take all the time it needs to make a wise and prudent decision to protect the taxpayer’s interests. I am still hoping Barry Soetoro brings his original birth certificate to Elkhart with him. Inquiring minds want to know if he truly is a “natural born citizen and is legally authorized to increase the national deficit and pardon imprisoned terrorists.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Saul Alinsky’s prized student Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama thinks he is still on the campaign trail…

    Thinks??? He IS still on the campaign trail — it’s all he knows. He has no experience in anything else. He couldn’t even do the job he was paid for as a Senator, he campaigned almost all of that time. He has no experience of any kind to be president, so he is still ‘campaigning’, even without his teleprompter, while Pissoli and Reid run the show in Washington.

  8. Anonymous says:

    As I asked my Senators: Please explain to me and your colleagues how present legislation does not place We the People as de facto Indentured Servants in Perpetuity, in violation of the 13th amendment?
    My family, friends, co-workers and everyone with whom I have had even a casual discussion do NOT want this legislative juggernaut to be the law of the land, so make whatever procedural changes to follow the will of the people that you must, and do it soon. Failing that, please explain in plain English what the bill’s provisions are so that I can explain to my children what we are doing to them.

  9. goddessdivine says:

    Have we not learned anything from the Japan of the 90s? Why don’t we ask them how they fared by throwing more debt at their problems? It wasn’t good folks. Neither was FDR’s outlandish spending in the 30s.

    I believe it was Churchill who said “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”.

  10. Let us move forward says:

    Something to think about.

    Alan Keyes wrote (http://loyaltoliberty.blogspot.com/):

    “we have crossed the line that separates civil politics from civil war disguised as politics.”

    He also described his treatment by the Obama supporters in the 2004 Senate campaign “as the ugliest indignities I have ever experienced in politics”.

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