States Take Action to Block Gitmo Detainee Transfer

Unlike Pennsylvania Democrat Rep. John Murtha, not every elected official wants terrorists in their particular district and backyard.

In the wake of the executive order mandating the closure of the detainee facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and transfer of the detainees, the order signed by President Barack Obama within hours of his inauguration and without further plan as to the fate of the detainees themselves, individual states are taking matters into their own hands to ensure that their respective constituencies remain detainee-free.

Just this past week, Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA) introduced the “NO GITMO in Georgia Act,” a bill intended to prohibit the transfer or incarceration of the detainees in question through or within the state of Georgia. Gingrey was joined by a half-dozen other Republican Congressman from Georgia — Reps. Lynn Westmoreland, Tom Price, John Linder, Jack Kingston, Nathan Deal, and Paul Broun.

Better yet, Gingrey’s bill has sparked similar legislation in other states, including a bill sponsored by North Carolina Rep. Sue Myrick, also a Republican. Myrick’s bill, as of Saturday afternoon, had no such cosponsors.

While neither Rep. Myrick nor Rep. Gingrey or their own representatives answered e-mails from America’s Right (gee whiz, and we’re such powerbrokers here, too), there was a decent and comprehensive statement released by Gingrey on his congressional Web site:

“The detention center at Guantanamo houses some of the world’s most hardened terrorists who want nothing more than to destroy America,” said Gingrey. “And yet, the Obama Administration has committed to close the facility without answering questions critical to our national security and public safety. Where will current detainees and convicted terrorists be relocated? How will we ensure that they are not allowed to return to the battlefield to fight us again? Will they be afforded the same legal rights as American citizens?”

“I am certainly not comfortable with terrorist detainees being housed in the State of Georgia,” continued Gingrey. “Therefore, I have introduced the NO GITMO in Georgia Act to make sure that never happens. No matter what the fate of this critical national security facility may be, this bill would prevent either the transfer to or housing of Guantanamo Bay detainees in any military facility or Federal detention center within the State of Georgia.”

Gingrey, of course, is the congressman who just in recent weeks lobbed a few harsh statements toward radio talk show powerhouse Rush Limbaugh, subsequently asking for forgiveness from the man behind the microphone. All that aside, however, both he and Myrick have shown extraordinary leadership with regard to realistic American attitudes toward the Global War on Terror — Gingrey with this legislation, and Myrick with her recent warning to colleagues in the House to “think twice” about meeting with officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim advocacy group just recently linked to terrorist group Hamas.

I fear that we as Americans are becoming complacent, once again falling into that “September 10th” mentality that we are somehow inexplicably insulated from radical Islam and its attitude toward the West. For the most part, we’re back to looking at the on-again, off-again conflagrations in Gaza and other perennial trouble spots overseas, forgetting that these people want nothing more than to take the fight to us, to make us all pay for the sins of the infidel.

Truthfully, it’s easy to become complacent; for many, there is comfort in willful blindness and voluntary ignorance. This easy way out, however, is compounded by a new administration which, in itself, is mired in this idyllic worldview featuring a peaceful global community, featuring shared resources, shared assets, shared values (or lack thereof) and shared aspirations — a worldview perpetuated by the aging hippies in academia and forgetful idealists in western Europe and advanced by a detente-at-all-costs approach to foreign policy.

So long as we’re in the habit of communicating with our elected officials, we should thank them when they strike out on their own and actually advance the will of their constituents, actually take a realistic approach to the threats which face our country and way of life from overseas. If these people–Myrick, Gingrey and their supporters and co-sponsors–are your congressmen and congresswomen, thank them. If they’re not, call your own representative and apprise them of what’s going on in Georgia and North Carolina, and why it is important to the continued safety and security of our nation.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this info and NO we must NOT become complacent…I am upset about these terrorists being moved from GITMO, and I am FURIOUS about this presidential determination that was signed on JAN. 27 but not made public. Everyone needs to read this on…search for presidential determinations. Obama has signed this order to grant $20.3 million dollars for ‘migration assistance’ for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to be resettled in the US and TAXPAYER expense!!! So we are ‘bailing out’ the Palestinian Hamas supporters now and bringing them to our country! I did not believe this at first, but it is in the Federal Register and on the web site and yet I have seen nothing about it in the news. We need to storm Washington with protests about this immediately…we don’t have jobs or money to support our citizens but we can spend $20 million dollars to bring HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of PALESTINIANS to this country at our expense? God Help Us!

  2. Greg Goss says:

    And with 20 states introducing sovereignty legislation maybe there is a bright side to an Obama Presidency.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m from Pennsylvania and sooooo happy that I am from the east coast. Murtha is not the brightest bulb in the pack and I just can’t understand why the western pa folks keep electing him. He is nuts! But when they interviewed citizens from that area the young did not care for him and the elders did. So that tells you there are more older voters than younger ones there. GOD BLESS THEM!!!

  4. vcw39 says:

    Here is a link with a lot more info about the sovereignty legislation.

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