Status Quo We Can Believe In

According to a Wall Street Journal report today, CIA director-designate Leon Panetta has received more than $700,000 in speaking and consulting fees since 2008, some of the money apparently coming from troubled financial organizations and banks, with one in particular coming from a firm steeped in national security.

This is just the latest in a whirlwind of nominee-related problems plaguing the fledgling Obama administration.

For me, the problem is not necessarily the speaking fees, as many a Washington insider make money from consulting and speeches following the end of a run as a government official. Heck, if someone was willing to help me pay my bills, I’d be happy to drone on and on about conservatism to almost anyone willing to listen.

For me, the problem isn’t even that the same administration pushing salary caps on American executives has embraced one of their own who made $700,000 at the podium last year, or even that President Barack Obama has, once again, tapped a Washington insider to fill a crucial spot in his administration. After all, on both accounts, there’s something to be said for insiders and the valuable experience they bring — especially with such a green (in a non-environmental sense) chief executive in the Oval Office.

The problem with Panetta, along with Daschle and with Clinton and with so many other picks is that presidential candidate Barack Obama promised from day one to provide the American people with “change” they can believe in, with a new approach to governing in our nation’s capital, yet President Barack Obama has been choosing advisers who directly countermand that very simple and fundamental tenet of his presidential campaign. The problem here is that presidential candidate Barack Obama promised that lobbyists would have no ties with his administration, yet President Obama’s picks for CIA director, Middle East envoy and Director of Health and Human Services all have close ties with lobbyists, or have advised lobbyist groups as to how to effectively work in the halls of Capitol Hill.

Honestly, other than the potential conflict of interest with the national security-related firm and a few other details, unless this is an indication of some sort of deeper relationships or quid pro quo arrangements or just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Leon Panetta and transparency, I have no significant problem with the way he has paid the proverbial rent since last serving in Washington. After all, as far as we know, he paid his taxes. My problem is that, during the course of his campaign, Obama made several very specific, very fundamental pledges — yet his actions since capturing the presidency have been diametrically opposed to those promises.

The double-talk and double standards, the “do-as-we-say-but-not-as-we-do” attitude among our elected officials, must stop. As far as I can see, the only way to stop it is to make as many people as possible aware of as many such indiscretions, and let the people effect true change in Washington.



  1. elspeth says:

    We were also promised transparency, and that hasn’t work out, either.

    I learned that we lead by example.

    BO’s personal example of transparency starts with proving eligibility to qualify for POTUS.

    (Oh, who picks the Word Verification? Mine was “ousasize”. Is that poking fun at Pelosi’s comment about the number of Americans losing their job each month? Too funny!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    It appears to me that Barack Obama is appointing anyone and everyone who is in the position or has knowledge of his true background. Hillary Clinton over the State Department and passports, Eric Holder, Atty General over the Justice Department, Joe Biden is just happy to be vice president. Gov Richardson had to drop out, Bill Clinton is in the background calling all the shots. Chris Dodd, Nacy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and Chuck Schumer are holding a gun to his head. Where is the birth certificiate?

    More TV commericals, the campaign is over. Obama is pushing to payoff each the his contributors with the bailout packages before the American public wakeup and realize they have been scammed big time by the democrats. He is keeping his face on television to hold on to his popularity and continues to tell the republicans, the people elected me! He doesn’t realize the majority of Americans did not vote for him. He received a majority of the citizens who bothered to register and vote on Nov 4. The democrats are attempting to railraid their plans through within the first 60 days, they don’t need republican votes to pass any bills. Democrats merely want republicans on the record for the next election.

    I’ll bet you the keys to Obama are with Gov Blago and Tony Rezko and Rahm Emmanuel knows it!.

  3. Anonymous says:

    CNN.COM … not one word about Obama’s choice to lead the CIA (Leon Panetta) this morning on their website. Nothing negative on Obama period….

    They do have an article on Sarah Palin and her taste for murdering wolves, however.

    Great. Change we can believe in comrades.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The reasons behind the Panetta appointment by Obama is a “no-brainer”. He needs someone to watch his back in the CIA. He doesn’t trust them. Why else would you bring in an outsider with no intelligence experience?

    Let’s see how much of a fight the Republicans put up on this selection. Or have they already used up all of their beef on the pork?

  5. BlueWater says:

    The left thought Obama would be ruthless towards the right, but gentle towards the left. They are learning that liars know how to lie, and the objects or victims of those lies are irrelevant. This is the train wreck of a power-hungry, manipulative criminal who achieved his goal and is now clueless of what to do with it, other than build walls around himself and ignore the phone calls. He got the impression that the press who coddled him would continue to do so, but he didn’t know the price tag attached. No one coddles you without expecting something in return. The bills are coming due, and he’s unable to pay up. I would take joy in the cannibalistic feast if it weren’t costing me and my children so much.

  6. toto says:

    Its blantantly apparant that Obama hasn’t got a clue as to what the general population is thinking. He doesn’t seem to get it, we are sick of these politicians who do as they please, and if they get caught, its some excuse, like “I wasn’t aware”, doesn’t that scare anyone that they weren’t aware of not paying their taxes, or that the same ole status quo still remains. He keeps talking change, when in fact, its just the same ole good ole boy/girl network. Frankly, he is showing he has no capacity to hold this office, he is either very naive, or someone else is pulling his strings behind the scenes.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to assume the biggest problem facing Obama is trying to find ‘anyone’ in Washington that has clean hands……. When is everyone in this country going to ‘wake up’ to the fact that the cauldron in Washington is entirely full of nothing but the dishonest dregs of society that live off the hard work and efforts of the productive members of this society…..I think the proper term is “BLOODSUCKERS!”

    Any honest politicians are either destroyed or drummed out of town…. They upset the status quo that the others swear by….Most of Washington needs to be handed their walking papers…..We are the only ones that can vote the problems out,if we start removing these idiots from office perhaps they will begin to understand who’s in control…. They need to be the ones on unemployment not America!!!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Compared to a lot of these dregs involved in the corrupt political circus today, I’ll take Michael Phelps and his bong anytime. At least with Michael, we know in the end, no matter what flubs he may make, he’ll come up swimming in Gold.

    And the USA needs another winner right about now.

  9. goddessdivine says:

    I just don’t get how these frauds he’s recommending for his cabinet and such are ‘the best he can find’. Seriously? Nomination after nomination has skeletons in his closet. I always said Obama hangs out with the wrong people. When will America wake up?

    So much for “hope” and “change”. I can only “hope” he’s booted out of office by 2012.

  10. Southern Girl says:

    What I can’t understand is the bleeding heart libs and Obama fans that still see “no wrong.” Seriously? You are ok with the fact that he has bold faced lied to you for months? I don’t know about you all, but that makes me irrate.

    As for the “landslide” win that brought the hopeychangey feel to the White House…a lot of people seem to be forgetting that there are 59+Mil Americans that DID NOT want that. You know, maybe if it were 59K, I’d say…ok, we lost. But 59Mil is a substantial number.

    We just need to ban together and keep pointing out the lies and criminal actions and hopefully, Obama’s mask will be removed, so that America can see the man for what he truly is.

    A Chicago Politician.

    I agree with the rest of you, it is time to clean up Washington. If you know a Joe Blow that is an outstanding citizen…push him/her to run for the next position they can.

  11. EMPIRICUM says:

    Synonymous with USURPATION is FAKERY. The generic term is FRAUD.

    The longer this FRAUD is perpetuated, the more problems this once great nation will have.

    Where is DR. EDWIN VIEIRA now that we need him to make good his legal theories? And where is the military?


  12. Let us move forward says:





    ALL MAIL sent to Congress has to go through ANTRAX TESTING!!!!

    The testing DELAYS your LETTERS to Congress THREE WEEKS!!!



    The anthrax testing must be standard and probably practiced by the Supreme Court too.
    Leo was probably not aware that this testing was standard when Cort’s case was mailed.
    I wasn’t aware of it until I asked my Senator’s Office.

  13. Gail B says:

    Well, I wonder if it would do any good to write letters to the editors of our newspapers. We can also Google the telephone numbers of the district offices for our D.C. comrades and start calling. At least then they would receive some conservative input and opinion.

    As far as Obama’s nominations of those who have the skinny on his background, EVERYBODY could be offered a D.C. appointment, if that is the qualification for a job!

    What I am afraid of is that under the Bush administration, the Democratic Congress has spent us into a position of having no political leverage. Otherwise, we could block his every word. “Give us proof of your eligibility to be POTUS, and we will consider supporting some of your spending where it will help the American people. Otherwise, good luck on getting anything through Congress, Comrade.” Well, our hands may be tied at the federal level, but there are still states that can gain control of things before The One takes them over.

    Do you get the impression that the U.S. Justices have been bribed? Why else would they turn their backs on every lawsuit against Obama? Or, perhaps that’s where the $5.2 billion for ACORN is destined to go? Just wondering. SOMETHING just isn’t right, including the pretrial conference with Obama and all but Alito of the Justices. Hmmmmm.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Gail B. you are right on! Something is NOT right and the Supreme court, the Bush administration, and the media know it. The question is…why hasn’t anyone done anything about Obama and his lies??

  15. Anonymous says:

    Argentina’s Economic Collapse on You Tube. I quote….

    The policy of Indebtedness gave rise to generations of bureaucrats who favored banks and international corporations over their own country. An alliance of foreign banks an multinationals comes to power which leaves a country bled dry with a foreign debt. It is a swindle to make the government responsible for the debts of banks.

    I say again this is history, a tried and true method. We are entering the end phase. Obama = Menem both were elected with the messiah label and their policies are strikingly similar.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Keep Justice Ginsberg in your prayers over her recent health crisis. Pancreatic CA…

  17. Anonymous says:

    i do not think anything matters any more,like it used to be, he has the strange- malignat capacity and the whole fanatic team behind that all his BS is turned into gold on the publicĀ“s eye
    therefore , rezko, blogo, BC, islamic terroris ass.etc, you name it… would not matter, nothing is going to be moved not even a whit

  18. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 2:15,

    You are wrong. I have never been involved in anything “political” in my life, except to cast my vote. Because of what I am seeing, in our Government, policies, proposals today, I am suddenly an activist. I make regular calls to my senators, write letters in support or opposition to proposals, and am now in search of a group or organization that I can volunteer with, to hopefully make a larger impact.

    What “they” are doing, DOES matter, IS being seen, and WILL bite them in the arse!

    Join something today!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Don’t laugh – this is not a joke, it is true! USA Today reported:

    President Obama is dealing with another tax mess.This time it’s the president’s choice for Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis. The Senatorial committee considering her nomination was abruptly scrapped today after the revelation that yesterday her husband payed over $6,000 to settle tax liens against his business. The liens had been outstanding for 16 years.

    I guess that since O waltzed to the WH with no questions asked, he thought that all his crooked pals would do the same and the MSM would still back him up.

    If O or anyone else ever writes another book about Obama and his cronies, I hope that they title it ‘The Audacity of Idiots’.

  20. bdaman says:

    We don’t need a CIA director anymore the new president will just have the charges dropped.

    President Obama Likely to Order Military Commission Charges Dropped Against Terrorist Suspect Al-Nashiri Friday

  21. Anonymous says:

    AZ HCR2024 Claiming sovereignty under the tenth amendment to the Constitution of the United States over certain powers, serving notice to the Federal Government to cease and desist certain mandates and providing that certain Federal legislation be prohibited or repealed. Document.asp?inDoc=/legtext/49leg/1r/bills/hcr2024p.htm#


  22. Too Angry to Identify Myself says:

    Just like the Death-eaters in Harry Potter, Obama is sucking the life out of our freedom. I am a retired “old lady,” but my grandchildren are YOUNG! They will be taxed years from now for Obama’s greed, pork, and political payback package without having a say in it for planning their own future. Why should they have to pay for today’s national debt when they begin working, when they will have had no representation for the taxes to be levied because of Obama and Pelosi?

    Understand, Bush started out with a surplus, and his Democrat Congress spent us into this financial recession fiasco we’re in. Where is the grain of sanity that tells Obama and MadamN Pelosi that more spending of American tax dollars is going to get us out of it?

    Logic tells me that this was ALL planned before Obama threw his hat into the ring. He knew what he wanted; and he knew the Constitution well enough to get around the obstacle of eligibility; he knows how to get what he wants; and he’s Hell-bent on bringing this nation to its knees. He is not a Christian. He studied his own Islamic Muslim faith (by law) in the Catholic school he attended in Indonesia; and somebody caught on tape said that Obama was an immigrant. (Obama was running for the Senate seat. His reply was something to the effect that it didn’t matter because he wasn’t running for President.)

    I’m just sick, y’all. I’m enraged, just as Michael Savage screamed the other night. I am frustrated beyond belief, as you all are. I feel that we are being scammed big time.

    I just pray that we don’t lie down and show them our throats, as someone put it. Don’t give up.

    By the time the Koolade drinkers realize that they, too, have been screwed, they will be the very ones to help us rid this worst President yet, an obvious fact after only less than a month in office.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Too Angry, I am right there with you…I try to start a day out thinking that I will not listen to this crap or read anything about this abomination at least for one day, but I can’t turn away because I realize if we don’t do SOMETHING, we are lost, our children’s and grandchildren’s futures are in jeopardy so I have to do whatever I can. The most important thing I do first is pray for my country, pray for God to save my country from this evil that has descended upon us. I believe that Obama is a man without a conscience because of the way he was raised and due to the influences of the many radicals he has been associated with all his life. I believe that he feels that he is ‘anointed’ to take this country to a place we would never have conceived. We are in a battle for the soul of our nation and there are those who are helping him but do not even realize what they are doing…my prayer is that their eyes will be opened and we can come together as Americans, not Democrats or Republicans, but as citizens who want to preserve our heritage, not destroy it. Don’t give up and don’t be discouraged. Many of us have never been called on to sacrifice for our freedom, we have taken it for granted and so we find ourselves at this moment realizing that we can lose it. As you said, let’s not roll over..we find strength in each other. We will prevail.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Too angry…for me, it’s just like the 9/11 terrorists using our schools to learn to fly our planes into our buildings.

    BO learned our constitution by attending our schools and is now using that knowledge to destroy our country.

    For some reason, I keep wondering what his daughters will think of him when they are grown and understand what he is doing now. They will be brainwashed, of course, but isn’t how our children see us a lot of our character make-up?

    I don’t like what’s going on. When I speak about it, I offend people. It’s bizarre. I must be in the Twilight Zone. Someone, please wake me up and tell me it’s a bad dream!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Too angry…I’m right there with you, angry, fearful of what each day will bring, desperate to know how all of us will survive this nightmare.

    However, I also realize that that is what ‘they’ want, for us to be scared, demoralized, and feeling that there is no hope, so we won’t put up a fight. We MUST overcome that feeling, and do whatever we can to derail this train wreck.

    It is just unimaginable that we are not only fighting the threat of socialism/communism, but also Islamicism, at the same time. We can’t just give up, we have to do all that we can to make as many people as possible aware, and to fight all these threats without surrendering.

    Has anyone considered this:

    Yesterday – USSR stood for Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics

    Tomorrow – Will USSR stand for United States Socialist Republic? I say NO! No, just as in the American Revolution, we will fight for our country, and take it back.

    God bless us all, and God Bless America.


    P.S. The verification word is ‘robers’…

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