Career vs. Country

Sen. Judd Gregg should take a step back and contemplate the ramifications of his aspiration

This, from my older brother, in town for a visit and seated with me in my living room, as news of New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg’s likely nomination as Commerce Secretary crosses the television screen shortly after midnight:

“Well, if the Republicans didn’t give away the country to the Democrats in November, it looks like they certainly will do so now.”

As of an hour ago, shortly before midnight, The Washington Post is reporting that not only has the New Hampshire senator been considered by President Barack Obama for the Commerce Secretary spot, a position vacated by New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson amid a pay-to-play scandal, but according to the article still fresh from the proverbial press, Gregg appears to be the frontrunner, if not the actual pick. The Post’s headline, after all, is “GOP’s Gregg Appears to be Commerce Pick,” not something more innocuous such as “Gregg in Running for Commerce Secretary.”

While my first impression was that Gregg still had to actually accept the nomination and be confirmed, the Post’s statement that “Republican officials said they are resigned to Gregg’s departure from a critical Senate seat that Democrats had already intended to challenge” certainly isn’t comforting.

“I hope it’s not true,” my brother just said, before chuckling a bit. “After all, it’s The Washington Post, and we can’t always trust the media.”

I hope not, either, and I cannot decide whether or not I think it is at this early hour. Gregg, after all, MUST understand that his vacant seat would be filled with a Democrat appointed by the New Hampshire governor, also a Democrat, and he MUST realize that such an appointment would leave the Democrats only one single, solitary seat away from a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate — a seat which could, through the fruits of voter fraud, be filled by liberal jackass Al Franken from Minnesota should be prevail in his still-going contest against Republican Norm Coleman. On the other hand, however, Gregg was a big proponent of the $700 billion TARP bailout, and actually had a hand in devising the plan; whether or not that means he is conservative enough to care about a filibuster-proof majority for Senate Democrats is beyond me. I hope he thinks of more than just himself when considering the position.

Is it too much to ask that a politician put country before personal aspiration? Certainly, a position in Obama’s cabinet would be an excellent career move for Gregg–as his apparent selection was a brilliant political move by Obama–but the question remains as to just how self-serving the New Hampshire senator is.

I guess we’ll know on Monday.



  1. tm says:

    Fine example of communism in action. Take away the power of the opponents then, pass unchallenged, mega-spending bills to enlarge the government and make the people dependent on the “big government”. To see another clear example, just Google “Hugo Chavez” and you will see the same strategies.
    President for life… makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Laurie says:

    Jeff, I could not agree with you more. I am hoping this man shows 0 he is not as smart as he thinks he is. I hope he considers our country before his own aspirations and I am sure he will be rewarded in the years to come by staying where he is needed most.

  3. Gail B says:

    OLDER brother?! Is he anywhere as smart and conservative as you are? Is there a chance in Hades that he would run for POTUS and hold that office until you qualify age-wise? You and he could use the same yard signs and save money.

    You know how I am–While I breathe I hope! (The state flower is the yellow jasmine, which I painted on my tool box.) “What a wonderful world this could be!”

  4. Gail B says:

    Just one of the problems I have with Obama is that he has so much going on at one time, that if I go to my Congressional reps about everything I object to, it makes me feel like I am either “hounding” them or that I am deranged!

    If we simply write to the reps, it takes too long for letters to get through the D.C. mail system; and we can’t be sure our messages reach the reps through the district offices. No doubt they receive a abundance of emails daily on top of that. WIBIH because IGWT (While I breathe I hope because In God We Trust). We don’t fail unless we don’t try.

  5. sharon says:

    I am with you on this… I said to my husband this morning how in the world can he consider this at this time… I guess if he is considering his future he will go for it… Unfortunately it puts us in a very bad position here..
    Jeff, do you know what the coleman factor is in this? if he should win in court? is he already included in numbers or would we gain him?

    I am sorry if it posts twice, I am having difficulty.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah, I live in NH and after the announcement was made, it was very apparent as to the reasoning why. Unfortunately, along with the first “stimulus”, Gregg also voted yea to confirm Timothy Geithner in spite of public outcry from his supporters. It will be interesting to see how he votes on the current stimulus package. There are allegedly some “deals” in the making with Gov. Lynch in seating a republican Senator if Gregg does take it, but we know how that goes. Gregg would most likely be the toughest to beat. I would say put Sununu back in, but Shaheen already took his seat, so that may not be the best idea. Gotta just love all the fun political games being played! I, for one, hope Gregg refuses.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Have you read the article "Congress sued to remove prez from White House" at

    Personally, when I saw the shameful way the Supreme Court judges colluded to silence the different court actions at the Supreme Court in relation to Obama, I have completely lost any hope even though one should keep always hope.

    The problem is that the only way to have the issue verified is through the Supreme Court and the judges at the Supreme Court have done everything possible to prevent the issue of eligibility to be fully and for good verified.

  8. Gail B says:

    If the Senators and Reps would send the message to Obama that he has to produce his passport from the 1980s (that would show his citizenship when he traveled to Pakistan) and the vault form of his birth certificate in order to gain a Yea vote from any and all of them for his Socialism, that would pretty much stop this insanity in its tracks, wouldn’t it? Surely some of them wonder about his eligibility to be POTUS, in spite of their partisanship.

    I’m still thinking about ways to hit the eligibility target. It doesn’t look like SCOTUS is going to be of any help in upholding the Constitution! How can we do this? Anybody have any ideas? The only other option I’ve come up with is to write or call the state reps to ask that legislation be crafted to require documented proof of eligibility for public offices requiring the status of natural born citizen. That could block him from reelection.

  9. Celia says:

    I have sent this senator a fax urging him to decline this position and instead stay “right where his country needs him”.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is a great example of voo-doo politics. Obama the witch doctor is madly at work. Will his noxious spell work on the poor lad?

    We wait for Chapter 2.

  11. MUJERLATINA says:

    This whole political process of late is a sham. I have lost faith in our system and politicians. Country First? Since they are so “Me First”, my new mantra has become “Family First.” I no longer will give to the RNS, GOP of McCain’s latest pleas for money that arrived on Friday under the auspicer of “Country First.” For me it is Family First until further notice….

  12. Anonymous says:

    Gail B,
    I understand about hounding your reps but don’t give up. I attended a conservative grassroots activist meeting this past Friday night and the speaker was from DC w/ familiarity of how the intern/staff works. It is too much to share in a post but some top tips.

    1. Don’t do snail-mail for timely issues b/c they have to go thru Anthrax testing. Big delays.

    2. Emails are OK, but phone calls are even better b/c it requires more work on the staff (i.e., gets more notice). They sit with tally sheets and the senators and reps call in regularly for updates.

    3. Even if you don’t get a live voice, leave a message. They are still having to process it.

    4. Try to get the FAX numbers (someone said you may have to purchase them… they don’t give them out anymore) but FAXed letters get attention.

    5. If you’re having difficulty reaching your reps, call the local district offices. Even consider showing up in person at a local office. You’ll talk to a staffer but will make an impact b/c they figure if it mattered enough for you to drive to their office, there’s at least 10 more waiting at home. I’d save this tactic for the bigger issues. Also they said to always take a videocamera to the office visits. If it is unstaffed, call the media and complain that your rep is unavailable to his constituents. This will get big attention.

    So much more to share but it’s getting too long. Just wanted to encourage you to keep hounding! Never give up! And get in their faces!

  13. tm says:
  14. Anonymous says:

    Senator Judd Gregg is a disgrace. He simply proves he can be bribed. He and the many others like him must be asked to resign from politics altogether as he is unfit to represent America.

    Usa Patriots Shout

  15. Anonymous says:

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Have you read the article “Congress sued to remove prez from White House”

    Yet another go-nowhere frivolous lawsuit.

    The problem is that the only way to have the issue verified is through the Supreme Court and the judges at the Supreme Court have done everything possible to prevent the issue of eligibility to be fully and for good verified.

    The Supreme Court has done nothing of the sort. The U.S. Constitution requires that the plaintiffs have standing to sue, and have stated a cause of action. As none of these litigants have met these requirements, the U.S. Supreme upheld the rule of law and properly denied these suits.

  17. GUESSWHAT says:

    I hope Senator Gregg thinks hard about the Party instead of himself. IF he does take that position as Commerce Secretary, it
    will only be for a 4-year term as
    we are NOT going to let Obama win
    another term and Gregg will have lost his seat to a Democratic Senator in his place. Obama knows what he’s doing! Obama has always been a conniver and common Chicago thug.
    The way Senator Gregg has been supporting Obama’s agenda, looks like the Repubs have already lost another Repub, (McCain was the first). The Repubs need to put the bug in Gregg’s ear about Obama’s plan.

  18. Cromagnum says:

    Hotair has more on this, he might have grown balls (or a conscience)and said: ‘Only if the Gov Appoints a Republican to my seat’

    Otherwise all bets are off

    Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) won’t accept a position as President Obama’s secretary of Commerce unless he is guaranteed his Senate seat remains in GOP hands, said two Republicans who know Gregg well.

  19. GUESSWHAT says:

    We can’t let this amendment get approved!

    Heaven forbid!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I saw an article yesterday (will have to search for the link) which says that Gregg is not agreeing to take the appointment unless Gov. Leach agrees to appoint a Rep to replace him.

    I hope that is the case.

    - Aye Chihuahua

  21. Anonymous says:

    The Democrats are wolves now! Here in Virginia Terry McAuliffe is running for Governor! With Acorn getting a huge income boost and Obama at the helm to protect them from the investigation, the Democrats will run and win every seat they seek. (just about all) This Country is doomed by the Progressive’s and it all happened while many of us were sleeping.

  22. Gail B says:

    I wish we could get some GOOD news out of D.C.! Maybe in four years, unless somebody can succeed before then in prying documented evidence of eligibility out of Obama/Soetoro in his “transparent” government policy!

    It’s not impossible to wake people up to what’s happening. My conservative friends converted me. This time last year, we were on such opposite sides of the political fence that we couldn’t even discuss politics. Then one day we actually agreed on a subject, and the seed grew from there. I voted straight a straight Republican ticket for the first time in my life.

  23. Gail B says:

    ANONYMOUS AT 4:10 P.M., FEB. 1–


    To everybody: There is a petition to stop the stimulus bill at Sign the Petition .

    (Jeff, I’m not “deadly” on tags yet.)

  24. Pascal Fervor says:

    Playing with the likelihood of Governor Lynch actually appointing Gregg’s former chief of staff, Bonnie Newman, to Gregg’s seat, perhaps I should have placed Mitch McConnell in this cartoon instead of Judd Gregg.

  25. Michael Kreyssig says:

    The WSJ is reporting that Gregg has an agreement with the NH govener to appoint his Chief of Staff as his replacement, a republican named Bonnie Newman.

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