The Senate bill is nearing $900 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal, and the House of Representatives votes TODAY.

Call your representative. Take 45 seconds and do it NOW. Don’t rely on your neighbor to call, don’t rely on me to call. Call your congressman or congresswoman now and tell them, politely, that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, that they should vote NAY on the so-called “stimulus” package.

Remind them gently that, less than two years down the road, they’ll be asking for your vote — and tell them that you prefer to pull that lever for people who have your interests at heart.

Please call. Please do it now. It takes less time to call than it does to brush your teeth.

Click HERE for the congressional directory.

Incidentally, here at America’s Right, I’ve tried hard to not be the kind of guy to catch your attention through flashy graphics or loud colors or giant font size. The fact that I am doing so today should be enough to impress upon you just how important your action is to America.

Okay, I’m done preaching. Get on the phone already!

– Jeff

P.S. By no means was I insinuating that you should abstain from brushing your teeth!



  1. Malcolm says:

    Thank you for getting the word out!

    I wish I could call Congress too, but as a Canadian I can only watch in horror and hope they actually listen to the people who elected them this time.

  2. Arlen Williams says:

    Tammy Baldwin. Sheesh. That won’t keep me from leaving a message. Also contacting another Representative whom I know.

    Good catch and service, Jeff.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s 11:18 p.m. Pacific Time, but I just called my Congressman and left a message on BOTH his phones. We MUST continue to speak up, or our right to do so will be taken away faster than we know. Jeff, I find this picture of the devil Pelosi on your site very disturbing. She is astounding unqualified to hold any public office at all. To think she has control is horrifying.

  4. Donny Shaw says:

    At this point, there’s no stopping the bill. But there is a real opportunity to amend it. Here’s a list of the amendments to the stimulus that the House will vote on on Wednesday:

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, are you just now coming to appreciate Ron Paul???

    Those of us who voted for him in the Republican Primary have watched him ‘bucking the system’ in Washington for DECADES. His message never changes, he votes against every single bad bill that crosses his desk, and none but a couple dozen conservatives in Congress (getting fewer each election) will stand with him.

    If you watched the first Republican debate (the one in which he was allowed to participate), you saw McCain, Romney, Huckabee, and Giuliani roll their eyes condescendingly every single time Ron Paul spoke. The saddest part: though HE WAS ALWAYS CORRECT, Ron Paul was mocked, belittled, and/or ignored by every candidate on that stage…just as he is every time he takes the floor in Congress.

    When public opinion polls showed that he won the debate HANDS DOWN, the powers-to-be (Bilderbergers) instructed their puppets at MSM to stop reporting on him, and to make sure he wasn’t invited to any more debates. You see, the LAST THING the New World Order wants is a free thinking, patriotic, economically conservative, Constitutionalist American President who will **tell them where to go** and set back their agenda by 100 years…which is what Ron Paul would do were he our president.

    It’s a shame, but it’s predestined. God is passing judgement on our wicked country and letting Satan have free reign in bringing it down. First they’ll imprison everyone on the ‘troublemaker list’, then they’ll collapse the dollar so we’re bankrupt, declare martial law, cut the food supply, and get us into World War 3 so, in defeat, we’ll succumb to their tyrannical Global Government.

    And this will happen whether Obama stays in office or is forced to step down.

    God, please have mercy on us, a country of sinful, stupid fools.

  6. Ladalang says:

    Done, all written and I gave them Dr.Paul’s article as well. Thanks for that!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well the good news is the voice mail for my 2 senators and my district rep, are full at the DC offices.

    I was able to leave messages for 2 out of the 3 at the state offices. I am hoping that means their mail boxes are full of people telling them not to vote for this mess.

    I do not understand why Senator Bill Nelson of Fl did not have any way to receive messages left at his state offices, I tried 2 but no way to leave a message. I guess he can then say he received none.

    I to pray for God’s mercy as that is the only way will ever get back what we once had.

  8. Anonymous says:


    The idiots of this country spoke already, this is what they want. Our only hope is to let this phony president flush us down the toilet.

    Don’t waste your quarters calling these crooks. The Republican party needs to be purged top to bottom. Don’t cooperate with them. The Democrat party needs for their head to be taken into custody.

    Overall, you are a disgrace to your country if you participate with these charlatans in anything. These 2 political parties are the enemy of our country. People better start waking up to that fact of life real quick.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah, I called all mine last night. I’m already fuming that Judd Gregg (R-NH) voted yea on the confirmation of Geithner, so I don’t hold out much hope for him on this vote either. I had contacted Gregg about Geithner as well.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I called, not sure why it didn’t cross my mind before but you gave me the push to get it done.

    Thanks for the link too.


  11. gailbullock says:

    Thank Goodness I’m in Georgia! (We’re mostly Republicans.)

    I had already written my Congresseional representives on the matter. But, can you BELIEVE I received an email yesterday from Rep. Lynn Westmoreland asking how I wanted him to vote on the Stimulus Bill? Do I have to tell you that I voted No on the Dems’ version and Yes on the Reps’ version? And, I went to sleep last night praying that the others in Congress would have an epiphany moment today and do the RIGHT thing!

  12. Vivi Aviv says:

    You are right. There is no stopping the bill, but if the majority of Republican officials will vote against it as a block, it will send a strong message and shivers up the Democrats spine.

    btw, I’m through being nice to them when I contact them. It is obvious that “please” doesn’t work.
    Plus, it’s high time they know we’re disgusted with them.

  13. Todd Family Times says:

    Michael McCaul and Ted Poe, both congressmen from Texas, will be voting NO today on the Stimulus Bill. Proud to be from Texas!

  14. Lilly says:

    Being from IL I don’t hold much hope with Durbin or Burris, but did email them because both of their phone lines where busy or voice mails full. Manzullo on the other hand has already emailed me his newsletter showing his alternatives to it and will be voting no!
    Thanks for that link, I saw a lot of others commenting on their pages saying no to it as well. Great site!

  15. Kris says:

    Got through to actual people in Washington who “promised” to pass the request along. It’s the local offices where the lines are busy!

    Republicans should not have their names associated with this “stimulus”. Obama is only trying to co-opt them in order to also point to them when everything comes crashing down. What, are they stupid or something??!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am sure Culberson will vote NO also

  17. Lance in TX says:

    The people in congress don’t CARE what we say. That was shown during the last bailout. When the congress was flooded with emails, phone calls, and FAXs they just shut off the FAX machines, email servers, and phone lines.
    The ONLY thing that they will listen to is the voters voting them out. EVERY ONE of them needs to loose their jobs in 2 years.

  18. gailbullock says:

    Thank you, everybody, for calling! Loved the report of full message boxes and mail boxes! Good job! Now let’s pray that it’s enough!

  19. Anonymous says:

    NOW THIS from Drudge:


    With that, the contraceptive stuff and the over the top promotion of abortion as basically just another contraceptive, do you get the idea of just WHERE, for the Democrats, the STIMULUS really lies?? Sickening.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have emailed my congressmen. Unfortunately, I live in a very blue state and always get polite letters back with no substance. Regarding Tim Geithner, here’s what mine said:

    I will consider whether they are ethical, honest and qualified. Rest assured, I will also keep your views in mind when making my final decision on each nomination.

    Hmm, I don’t think evading taxes is ethical or honest, yet they both voted him in.

    It’s like talking to a brick wall. They probably have me on a list as that damn Republican.

    Nevertheless, I have contacted them.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I agree with ViVi,

    I sent emails to both Sens Lugar (R) and Bayh, (D) and 7th District Carson, (D) of Indiana asking them to vote NO against the stimulus package. Bayh voted yes for Geithner and Lugar voted No for treasury secretary.

    Obama and the other democrats are using this bailout to build poltical patronage fupport for next year’s congressional races. Only an illusion, pretending to fix the economy. Democrats scammed the American public in 2008and they will be scamming them again in 2009.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I made the calls. I’ve never done anything like that before but it is just too important not to saddle my children with this ridiculous debt. There are so many zeros after these numbers it doesn’t even look real. I left one message and spoke with two clerks. One didn’t even want to take my information, she seemed annoyed that I made her record my information.

    Thanks for the push to do this Jeff. I’ve been dismayed at watching all this craziness. My call may not have made a difference at all but at least they know I am watching.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the extra push. I have been emailing these guys for days, but today I picked up the phone and called them as well. Am proud to report that Rep. Kay Granger (R) from Texas will be voting NO on the stimulus. Can’t get through to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) (who voted no on the tax crook), nor could I get ahold of Sen. John Cornyn (R). I will keep trying. Cornyn did vote to affirm the tax crook and I emailed him yesterday about that….

    Thanks Jeff for helping to keep us motivated and informed.

    Lisa in Texas

  24. Dee says:

    I wrote to both of my representatives last week and received a reply from the Democrat, who loves Pelosi, and he informed me that it was imperative that this bill pass asap!

  25. Marie says:

    I sent an email to my house rep Dana Rohrabacher. I hope he votes nay. I didn’t even bother with my other two — Boxer and Feinstein–I figure that would be wasted effort.

    I CAN’T WAIT for that day in July of this year when I take my 2008 California tax refund IOU (which will be worthless, of course), load up my belongings, and move to North Carolina where sane senators are still alive and well!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it is time for us to adopt obambies tactics. GET IN THEIR FACE.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I contacted AL Senators Sessions and Richard Shelby…Shelby’s voice message was full so I e-mailed him…he probably had many messages blasting him for voting for the confirmation of Geithner. Also, called Congressman Bonner…they must understand that we are watching and will remember in 2010.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I let my representative know (Sensenbrenner- R – WI) although I believe it was a bit like preaching to the choir … I don’t expect him to vote for it anyway, but I also sent e-mails to my state senators, both liberal democrats (although I must say one did vote against Geithner – the cynic in me tells me he voted “no” on this, though, because he knew Geithner would go through anyway, and he wanted to appear bipartisan).

    This so-called stimulus bill is exactly the kind of thing that worried me from the start with having absolutely NO balance of power in government. It is never a good thing for democracy, IMO.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’ve written my reps and senators twice this week and today I called them. They’ve all had their kool-aid and are following their lib idol but at least I made my voice heard.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I called…all my representatives are DEMOCRATS!!! I live in the cesspool state of New York!

    But nonetheless I called.

  31. lonestar says:

    I emailed yesterday and called today. I asked if they’ve been getting many calls and at least at my representative’s office she said they’ve gotten hundreds of calls, all of them asking him NOT to sign it. She said they haven’t had one call in favor of it yet.

    I hope all the reps are getting similar calls and that they listen!

  32. CAL says:

    I have called my representatives. We need to let Congress know that they will be held accountable for this wasteful spending at the ballot box. Republicans need to stand firm and let democrats know that they want no part of this so called stimulus. Republicans cannot be cowed by false notions of bipartisanship and support for a President whose policies and principles are not in line with their own.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I sent my emails today and also sent some encouraging ones to DeMint and a few others who are making a stand. I’d like to see DeMint run for President.
    This is getting so depressing seeing my country go down the tube. BO’s beginning to use the scare tactics now – “it’s an emergency, we have to act now” typical of con men.

  34. Granny T says:

    Thank you for bringing this to America’s attention! I did a Google search to see what my Representative has been up to. IF a stimulus package has to be passed I agree with some of Rep. Don Manzullo’s suggestions. I’ll quote part of an article I found at

    “Illinois representatives Dan Lipinski, a Democrat, and Donald Manzullo, a Republican, sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Minority Leader John Boehner on Jan. 22 which asks that all spending in the stimulus package be used to buy American-made products.

    Whenever practical, says the letter, “road and bridge projects should use American steel and concrete; weatherization projects should use domestically produced windows and insulation; energy projects should use U.S. equipment; and healthcare technology programs should use American software.” Preferential treatment for domestic industry isn’t very NAFTA friendly.”

    This quote from a local TV station’s site sounds interesting, too: “Manzullo is proposing an amendment to the president’s stimulus plan, giving Americans a $5,000 tax credit for buying a new car. Manzullo says this would boost sales, which would then put millions of people back to work.”

  35. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr. Schreiber,

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your call to action today.

    There must be thousands, like myself, that want desperately to do something, anything, to try and fight this socialist push to take over America, but do not know what to do.

    Please do not hesitate to alert me when I can actually have a tiny impact. In fact, I think that it would be wonderful if there was a space on your site that would allow your readers to find readily, daily calls to action in Washington or in individual states.

    I would gladly write letters, make calls, picket, march or donate with, or for, conservative and common sense causes.

  36. Bryan says:

    Just called Rep Steve Hagen, actually talked to a person that was nice and said he’d relay the message.

    Enough is Enough !!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Gene Taylor (D-MS) is voting AGAINST the Stimulus Bill as are many other Blue Dogs. That is what one of his staff said today on the phone. I have perused the first few dozen (of 647) pages of HR1. Boy, when they say stimulus, maybe it should be “squeal like a pig” while we wait for deliverance…
    I hope there are some substantive changes made before serving this pig-in-a-poke to USAmericans. We still have a long way to go back to the polls in 2010. Don’t wait until 2010 to become involved, the “decline of ’09″ is here now!

  38. d says:

    Obama and Pelosi already celebrating their victory, according to Drudge. This is outrageous. Such corruption in the Capital. I guess we just have to wait and take names. 2010 election will be here soon, let’s clean house. We already have our first list of RINO in the Republican party from the Geithner nomination. Let see if the same names will show up on the stimulus list.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I think that we should contact our representatives weekly and let them know that we are watching them and the decisions that they make, and will be voting accordingly in 2010.

    If they heard from us more often, they might remember who it is that they work for.

    Pelosi should be contacted daily. She is a control freak and would be frightened at the loss of power.

  40. Marie says:

    Ok–I get it. The government uses a $900B stimulus to hire more government workers who, in turn, “stimulate” the porn industry!!


    I only wish I weren’t so terrified that I could laugh at all this… we are living in the theatre of the absurd.

  41. Lilly says:

    Granny T – D. Manzullo is my Congressman and a good guy. I think he learned his lesson with NAFTA! (I hope)
    I have been emailing all of my Congressmen on just about everything for months. From Durbin I get canned responses that mean nothing! Manzullo always response with what he is doing and alternatives to the proposals which just make common sense! Now we have Burris, so I don’t expect much there either but will let him know I’m watching!

  42. Anonymous says:

    This is all part of the bigger plan that the global elitest have for us. It's the New World Order at work. I urge you to visit to listen to today's (1/28) broadcast of Alex Jones going over the new House of Rep Bill HR645 concerning FEMA Camps and the impact on us. These camps are already in existence! Once we are brought down economically, the next step is turning to FEMA Camps for "security." We saw how miserable this turned out with Katrina and the residents of New Orleans. Once under Marshall Law FEMA & Homeland Security are in control and supercede local and state government. Congress is and will be impotent, as are the American people. This isn't a drill, this is serious.

    Under the Patrio Act 1 & 2 WE HAVE NO RIGHTS! WE are the terrorists. Our police are being trained to fear us, the very people they are hired to protect.It should be obvious by now what's going on.

    Take a stand! Get involved!

  43. JARNCO5 says:

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