Preparation O-balm-a

$600 million socialized healthcare preparation provision in new ‘stimulus’ plan could cause discomfort for all Americans

By Rick Saunders
America’s Right

In one of the aisles in your friendly neighborhood pharmacy, somewhere between the foot powder and the Kaopectate, there is a soothing balm formulated to treat and relieve the pain of–there is no polite euphemism for the condition–hemorrhoids. Someone unfortunate enough to experience the condition is left irritated, slightly itchy, and unable to sit right for at least a few days — not unlike Monica Lewinsky after a “strategy session” with her boss in the Oval Office.

That boss, of course, was former President Bill Clinton and, in much more recent history, one cannot help but recall the colorful description offered up by Democrat strategist and former Clinton adviser Paul Begala describing the style of now-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as being “… a cross between a hemorrhoid and a toothache.”

Well, one popular hemorrhoid balm is marketed under the name “Preparation H.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it, or even had occasion to . . . never mind. Nevertheless, next time you find yourself wandering between the foot powder and Kaopectate, take a look at what is contained in a tube of Preparation H; you’ll find that one of the main active ingredients comes from a slightly odd and unexpected place — shark liver oil.

That’s right, Virginia, that which soothes the discomfort of “those things” comes from sharks.

Speaking of sharks and of “preparations,” we now learn courtesy of Congressman David Obey, a Democrat [what else?] from Wisconsin, that one ingredient in the much-vaunted “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009″–the new Obama administration’s feckless attempt to treat and soothe the consequences of the failed policies of yesterday’s liberalism by slathering on the nation tomorrow’s policies of socialism-lite–is a provision intended to “. . . prepare our country for universal healthcare.”

This statement, while not appearing in the actual language of the bill, is contained in a press release issued last week by Obey, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. The press release–perhaps better described as a novella hyping the wonderful future awaiting our nation under the new administration–notes under the misleading heading “Lower Healthcare Costs” that $600 million is being allocated to “. . . prepare our country for universal healthcare by training primary healthcare providers including doctors, dentists and nurses as well as helping pay medical school expenses for students who agree to practice in underserved communities through the National Health Service Corps.”

Translation: Get ready to lay the groundwork for socialized medicine, America-style.

And for those wishing to review the truly absurd nature of other portions of this so-called “stimulus” bill, the Republicans on Obey’s committee issued their own eye-opening summary. Some highlights: $726 million for “after school snacks” and $650 million to extend the analog-to-digital TV conversion coupon program. Great. Nearly $1.4 billion to facilitate the provision of taxpayer-funded Cool Ranch Doritos to pasty, pimpled, obese after-schoolers as they plop down in front of their taxpayer-funded converter-box equipped analog televisions in a digital world. Poor babies. Oh well, I guess we can all take comfort in knowing, according to Obey, that “there are no earmarks in this package.”

[The entire package sounds like a giant earmark to me -- Jeff]

Rocket science, this is not: if $600,000,000.00 is needed to merely PREPARE the United States of America for “universal healthcare,” can there be any doubt that the actual cost of implementing healthcare for everyone here–presumably including illegal aliens, criminals in prison and the enemy combatants to be freed from detention in Guantanamo to live in Congressman Jack Murtha’s district–will be cataclysmically higher? A blind Martian could see that, but only in the goofy mind of a liberal Democrat like Obey could a trillion dollar universal healthcare program be described as a way to achieve “lower healthcare costs.”

If six-tenths of a billion dollars is just the preview of coming attractions before the main event–”universal healthcare” a.k.a. socialized medicine and all of its horror stories–Americans should think twice about the shark liver oil balm being peddled by Obey and the new administration as being the “cure” for what ails you. If ever there were a “cure” worse than the disease, “universal healthcare,” as defined by the liberal mind, would be at the top of the list.

Assuming the new president shares Obey’s views on the topic (duh…), perhaps this proposal can be called “Preparation O-balm-a.” However, regardless of the label used to describe this horror-show of a stimulus plan, any way you slice it, there will be pain.

Like a hemorrhoid, but without the charm.

Rick Saunders is a freelance writer who splits his time between endeavors in southern California and the American southwest. He began writing for America’s Right in December 2008.



  1. Anonymous says:

    My wife left the Health Care Industry (Radiology/Cardiology)because the Left began meddling with the system. They leveraged “greedy” Doctors from their craft and now we see unmitigated greed coupled with a system that alienates people. Only a DemocRAT would attempt to fix what wasn’t broke. I wish the Swimmer had to settle for standard care, he might have had a chance to regret his meddling.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just so that everyone is clear what socialized medicine is….it can be great when done properly. We live in the UK and have seen it work very well. We have also seen it fail. Recently my son had emergency surgery (Scotland) and it was fantastic. Competent and clean hospital and staff. Six years earlier (England) same son had a broken arm and a little later, a cut forehead. Awful both time. I even had to instruct the nurse at the hospital how to flush a cut/wound and search for foreign objects. Sure enough, if I hadn’t stopped her, she would have glued a thorn, which was imbedded into his head, into the wound. What a lovely infection that would have been! Or how about all the elderly people who are basically back logged in the system, well, because they aren’t as big of a priority as younger people–this includes elderly cancer patients as well. To top it all off, the UK is slowly implementing private health insurance! You get the same doctors (time is now split) and are basically queue jumping, but people are paying for it because things are that bad. Want a dentist? Forget it. Hardly any new graduates and those already in business won’t take any new national health service (NHS) patients. You must pay 15 GBP/month (or more) to receive 2 dental visits and 1 cleaning per year with 1 set of x-rays every 2 years. That is a whopping 180 GBP per person per year! Anything else is extra (root canal, tooth extraction, fillings, etc.), but at admittedly lower rates.

    Your choice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The party is over, time for the truth! All that glitters is not gold! Where is the vaulted copy of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, II’s birth certificate? Who altered his birth certificate, original passport and draft records? Why is his college records at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard sealed? Howard Dean, the Democrat National Committee, Mainstream Media and ACORN successfully scammed America.
    Three people with standing Biden, Clinton, and Richardson. Each lost to Obama in Democrat Primaries. However, Richardson was being investigated and had to fall by the wayside. Could it be that he refused to go along with the program?
    Joe Biden, vice president, Biden’s son, AG of Delaware arrested Larry Sinclair during his press conference in D.C., jailed him until after the National Convention and released him with no charges filed. Hillary Clinton at the State Department can complete the cover up since she raised Obama’s birth certificate issue first during the Primary, but later dropped it. Behind the scenes, did she bump off Caroline Kennedy for the senate seat since she supported Obama? Gov. Blago and Rezko of Chicago corrupt political circles will expose the real Obama. This scandal will be bigger than Watergate!

  4. Anonymous says:

    January 25, 2009
    Media averts eyes from subpoenas to Obama top staff
    Thomas Lifson
    “And on the fifth day, subpoenas were served to Obama senior staff.”

    That’s how Doug Ross of Director Blue puts it, describing the import of the story the media chose to ignore. In the deadest news hole of the week, Saturday, the list of subpoenas served by Patrick Fitzgerald was released. It contained:

    A veritable “who’s who” of Obama staffers, surrogates and affiliates were among those served with subpoenas. Put simply, within one week of President Barack Obama’s administration taking office, it is already under significant legal scrutiny that will — at a minimum — take precious time away from dealing with the country’s monumental economic and foreign policy challenges.

    If this had happened to Bush 43, do you suppose the media would have ignored it? The meme of Karl Rove being frog marched out of the White House would have been born immediately.

    Doug highlights the names of the Obama biggies:

    David Axelrod, Obama’s “Karl Rove” and the biggest surprise on the list. Obama’s team issued a report in December that said his staff had no “inappropriate contact” with Blago, so the inclusion of Axelrod is a bit of a shock.

    Valerie Jarrett, Blago’s “Senate Candidate 1″, a real estate management executive and political hack of the first order. Her ties to failed and fraudulent real estate deals in Chicago were the subject of numerous investigations and should have instantly disqualified her for any public office.

    Rahm Emanuel was already deeply involved in the case with some reports describing as many as 21 conversations with Blago’s office during the period in question.

    Tony Rezko, Obama’s first advocate, fundraiser and adviser, was convicted last year on numerous charges related to kickbacks, is awaiting sentencing. Rezko is “cooperating with authorities, FBI Agent Daniel Cain said in an affidavit.”

    Saturday, November 15, 2008
    Who is Valerie Jarrett, senior White House adviser to Barack Obama?

    This week President-Elect Obama named Valerie Jarrett his senior White House adviser. Who is Ms. Jarrett?

    Certainly she is a long-time friend of and fundraiser for Barack Obama. But her ties to failed and fraudulent real estate deals in Chicago are of the most concern.

    Earlier this year The Boston Globe reported on the stunning failures of Jarrett’s companies. “Jarrett is the chief executive of Habitat Co., which managed Grove Parc Plaza from 2001 until this [past] winter and co-managed an even larger subsidized complex in Chicago that was seized by the federal government in 2006, after city inspectors found widespread problems.”

    Problems including the fact that many of the approximately one thousand housing units were “uninhabitable” and were condemned by federal authorities. Grove Parc Plaza, one of the largest residential housing complexes in Barack Obama’s state senatorial district, has been at the center of a variety of scandals.

    This week a non-partisan watchdog group — Judicial Watch — announced that it had secured documents linking Jarrett to a variety of real estate scandals including failed housing developments operated by Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko.

    “Valerie Jarrett served as a board member for several organizations that provided funding and support for Chicago housing projects operated by real estate developers and Obama financial backers Rezko and Allison Davis. (Davis is also Obama’s former boss.)…

    … Jarrett was a member of the Board of Directors for the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corporation along with several Davis and Rezko associates, as well as the Fund for Community Redevelopment and Revitalization, an organization that worked with Rezko and Davis.

    …(According to press reports, housing projects operated by Davis and Rezko have been substandard and beset with code violations. The Chicago Sun Times reported that one Rezko-managed housing project was “riddled with problems — including squalid living conditions…lack of heat, squatters and drug dealers.”)

    …As Chief Executive Officer of the Habitat Company Jarrett also managed a controversial housing project located in Obama’s former state senate district called Grove Parc Plaza. According to the Boston Globe the housing complex was considered “uninhabitable by unfixed problems, such as collapsed roofs and fire damage…”

    All subsidized by the taxpayers, mind you, and aided and abetted by the likes of Jarrett and Obama. The Boston Globe explained the troubling quid pro quo between Jarrett, Rezko and Obama:

    “Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Obama’s presidential campaign and a member of his finance committee. Jarrett is the chief executive of Habitat Co., which managed Grove Parc Plaza from 2001 until this [past] winter and co-managed an even larger subsidized complex in Chicago that was seized by the federal government in 2006, after city inspectors found widespread problems…

    Allison Davis, a major fund-raiser for Obama’s US Senate campaign and a former lead partner at Obama’s former law firm. Davis, a developer, was involved in the creation of Grove Parc and has used government subsidies to rehabilitate more than 1,500 units in Chicago, including a North Side building cited by city inspectors last year after chronic plumbing failures resulted in raw sewage spilling into several apartments…

    Antoin “Tony” Rezko, perhaps the most important fund-raiser for Obama’s early political campaigns and a friend who helped the Obamas buy a home in 2005. Rezko’s company used subsidies to rehabilitate more than 1,000 apartments, mostly in and around Obama’s district, then refused to manage the units, leaving the buildings to decay to the point where many no longer were habitable…

    Campaign finance records show that six prominent developers – including Jarrett, Davis, and Rezko – collectively contributed more than $175,000 to Obama’s campaigns over the last decade and raised hundreds of thousands more from other donors. Rezko alone raised at least $200,000, by Obama’s own accounting. (This number now exceeds $500,000)…

    One of those contributors, Cecil Butler, controlled Lawndale Restoration, the largest subsidized complex in Chicago, which was seized by the government in 2006 after city inspectors found more than 1,800 code violations…

    …Obama [rewarded his backers with] legislative action as a state senator. In 2001, Obama sponsored a successful bill that increased state subsidies for private developers. The law let developers designated by the state raise up to $26 million a year by selling tax credits to Illinois residents. For each $1 in credits purchased, the buyer was allowed to decrease his taxable income by 50 cents…

    The developers gave Obama their financial support. Jarrett, Davis, and Rezko all served on Obama’s campaign finance committee when he won a seat in the US Senate in 2004…

    These are the kinds of heartwarming success stories that Obama and Jarrrett left in their wake in Chicago. I shudder to think what they could do to the entire country. And I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

    Source: Boston Globe: Grim proving ground for Obama’s housing policy and Ten degrees below zero.

    Hat tips: Gateway Pundit and Larwyn. Linked by: The invaluable American Thinker. Thanks!
    Labels: Crime, Democrats, Obama

  5. gailbullock says:

    Rick, the way you explained the socialist medicine proposal, it would be funny–if it weren’t so sad.

    Don’t have time for more comment right now. After I finish my morning coffee and take my dog out, I have to mail my letters to the RNC and my D.C. reps and start on more to them.

    It is easier to keep freedom (while we still have evidence of it) than it is to get it back. At the pace things are going, that field is being narrowed at alarming speeds. We can’t say the British didn’t try to warn us!

  6. BlueWater says:

    Well, Preparation H actually cures something (and it is a gift from God, might I add). Preparation O-bam-a is an odd analogy, and one that does a great disservice to the product mentioned above. Considering Obama’s preference for illegals, I think the salve being placed on our backside is laced with jalapeno juice. Let that one sink in.

  7. bigal says:

    The neo-socialists are doing everything possible to disincentivize our best and brightest to become medical professionals. Why would a talented young person want to go into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, and spend 10 years of intensive education and training to become a doctor, only to be told by an ignorant politician or bureaucrat how much he/she will be paid for medical treatment, who must be treated, and what services shall be provided (Freedom of Choice Act)?

    And after the enormous investment in time and money, he has an army of lawyers ready to sue for human error, not to recover economic loss for a honest error, but to obtain a windfall in so called punitative damages. I’ve seen figures where the typical doctor must pay between 30 and 50% of cashflow for malpractice insurance. And that doesn’t include the enormous waste of defensive medicine in ordering tests and treatments that are not medically necessary, but intended to avoid lawsuits.

    Why is it that the socialist government can dictate how much a doctor or hospital gets paid for services, but there is no limit on lawyer’s fees in malpractice cases, or on the amount of punitative damages? If a doctor or nurse accepts the offer of community service to get relief from education debt, presumeably at some minimal compensation, will he/she be immune from malpractice suits. Or will the provider still have to pay for insuraces, or face economic ruin?
    More than 50% of the malpractice settlements go to lawyers and insurance companies rather than to compensating patients.

    That’s the part of the system that’s broke. But don’t expect any democrat to ever do anything that might adversely effect the ability of a lawyer to suck money from the health care system that could otherwise be available to provide healthcare.

  8. MaryAlice says:

    The “stimulus package” will also result in tax increases of up to 30% if you review all 600 pages of this monster legislation.

    It is appalling that the Dems think we need a them to control every aspect of our lives. Nanny State – we are here!!

  9. gailbullock says:

    We need some input on a couple of items, Jeff. I'm asking that it be put into a comment so that the readers can get to work on them, too.

    (1) Where does the president obtain his authority for Presidential Orders (or Executive Orders)? It seems that he can single-handedly override Congress, the Constitution, and everybody else with only a flourish of his pen. And, what about "Signing Statements?" With reference to (1), read this:

    (2)And, this article on Chief Justice John Roberts explains why we are getting nowhere in the courts with the eligibility lawsuits:–keeper-of-americas-future&catid=53:jones-zach&Itemid=122

    Do you feel now that we are in a Twilight Zone? That we are "up the creek without a paddle?" (Can someone provide a rudder or a sail for this boat we're in BEFORE it sinks?)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for those who have health problems and are yet willing to let the Democrat party socialize health care. These people don’t realize that if their health care is socialized they will not be getting their present care when it is rationed in the future.

  11. suek says:


    Right on. And if the medicine is socialized, is it possible that no one will be _able_ to sue? I wonder.

    As I understand it, many of the doctors in GB these days are from foreign countries – their own people are no longer entering the profession. In fact, that attempted bombing in Scotland last year was perpetrated by several doctors who were muslim imports.

    Importing muslim doctors to give us health care. Boy…doesn’t _that_ sound like a great idea…!!

  12. seeks truth says:

    Favorite Mark Steyn quote

    “If you think healthcare is expensive now, just wait ’til it’s free!”

    Not to mention long lines and denial of services. Or in the UK where highway cameras are used to catch people eating while driving so they can fine British motorists. Why? Because they could have caused a serious accident which would be a detriment to healthcare budgets. No joke.

  13. Anonymous says:

    A commenter over on another board from Canada was singing praises of Canada’s health care system. Said she never had to wait more than a couple days for a doctor appt. and that her father had to have an operation, all went well.

    I also read an article by a guy in France, also sang praises about their system.

    I’ve heard the UK system is not so good.

    I suppose it can be done right. Too many uninsured here.

    And, yes, I realize that in most cases where socialized medicine is in place, education is free.

    I’m just saying, it’s worth a look.


  14. Dee says:

    I worked in the health care industry for many years. The doctors I worked with were some of the best and brightest. I always felt that they deserved every dime they earned. The hours they worked and the responsibility they had was tremendous. I watched as patients complained about health care costs and then came managed care. The patients then complained about managed care and the fact that the insurance companies were running the show. There are many programs available for those with no coverage. Our hospital never turned anyone away because of lack of insurance. They may have had to wait in the emergency room if it was not a critical matter, such as the man who came in because he “couldn’t sing above a C”, but they were seen. Information was provided as to how they could apply for assistance. Many were to lazy to complete the applications. My cousin lives in Germany. He pays over 50% of his income in taxes. Part of which funds their health care. He told us that recently they began taxing the “rain run off” on his roof by measuring the angle of his roof and formulating how much rain ran off it.
    I find it interesting that papers in other countries, Canada, Russia, and Australia, are willing to run articles regarding Obama’s possible ineligibility issue but few in the US will do so. I also wonder if he is aware that there is a problem and that is why there is a such a rush to get things done.
    Thank you all once again for an interesting discussion.

  15. Anonymous says:

    @Mary Alice,
    I thought this thread was about health care.

    But, since you brought up the stimulus package, The LA Times included an op-ed by a Republican Pollster. His results were surprising. It seems the majority want to see a stimulus plan that centers on infrastructure. All across the board. Take a look:,0,2761866.story


  16. Anonymous says:

    For any of you who are still on Orly’s bandwagon, I suggest you read her latest. If you still think this woman is sane, send her more money. I think she has totally lost her mind.
    (but, the entry is entertaining. If you can follow it. She’s demaning investigations into everything now… from the “secret” meeting with the Chief Justices, to why her wikipedia entry has been deleted.)

    She’s nuts.

    —Not wearing the hat.

  17. Anonymous says:

    We need some input on a couple of items, Jeff.

    Jeff has seen the error of his ways, and has gotten off the birfer crazy train.

  18. Anonymous says:

    When we lived in Germany our English friends used to try to get as much done medically there since they were still just pulling teeth back home. And most of the health care they thought was better in Germany was basically homeopathic. When I was hospitalized there the doctors were almost crying in apologies to me that they didn’t have more to offer and could not give out any U.S. approved drugs for remedies because they weren’t authorized there. And the regular hospital routine, no matter what was wrong in the ward was stiff early a.m. orders to get out of bed while it was straightened, then hard rolls and strong coffee. Maybe one worked against the other for long bed stays??? And you or your family has to furnish everything too. At least here everyone gets seen even without insurance – with basically the same treatments, but perhaps through the emergency rooms instead of reserved rooms.

    Times of chaos are NEVER times to make serious decisions that will be uneasy to change in the future. With the current leadership, the “health” solutions seem to be either kill them when they’re the most vulnerable in the beginning or kill them when they’re the most vulnerable in the end. No wonder all of the suicidal Western countries are now being filled up with Muslims and third world folks. Hope they can get along!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    To: bigal

    You describe a part of the healthcare problem that is most often hidden from view. It is surely never mentioned by the politicians.

    We badly need a way to deal with medical malpractice that compensates “victims” without making it into a lottery-like extravaganza.

    But I have no hope of a Democrat ever doing anything to hinder lucrative lawsuits–after all, the “victims” receive only part of the “proceeds;” the lawyers go on and on.

    And because most of the politicians aare lawyers, I don’t have much hope for either Democrat or Republican help. This will require vociferous persistent grass-roots action.

  20. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Anonymous said…

    We need some input on a couple of items, Jeff.

    Jeff has seen the error of his ways, and has gotten off the birfer crazy train.

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’ve “seen the error of [my] ways.”

    I think I did an okay job of covering the story as what I thought it was — an interesting, and vitally important constitutional question. When it became more about the conspiracy, when the focus went away from the Constitution, I started to back away. Now, I think that the continued efforts are so egregiously unfocused that they could do more harm than good.

    Barring anything unforeseen and extraordinary, you will see nothing further on this matter here at America’s Right. I’m not interested in rumor. I’m not interested in black helicopters. I don’t see the BC issue panning out AT ALL, and I think it could mushroom into much of the same eye-rolling rhetoric as we heard from the loony left about Bush and Cheney.

    I will fight Obama in a way which I think will be most effective — policy by policy. If we can get people informed instead of just emotional, perhaps we can actually defuse some of the crap he’s got lined up for America.

    – Jeff

  21. Yophat says:

    I will fight Obama in a way which I think will be most effective — policy by policy. If we can get people informed instead of just emotional, perhaps we can actually defuse some of the crap he’s got lined up for America.

    If it were only Obama I’d say we had half a chance. Unfortunately, there is a much deeper agenda at play here and he’s just a puppet – illegal puppet but just a puppet!

  22. Yophat says:

    If we can get people informed instead of just emotional, perhaps we can actually defuse some of the crap he’s got lined up for America.

    I hate to break it to you but in order for you to defuse some of the “crap” lined up for America you have to understand exactly what “crap” is lined up for America….and some of that just might involve black helicopters before its all said and done.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always felt the problem for the courts was “where’s the beef?”.

    You can’t assume that your neighbor is an illegal alien and go to the courts to ask them to provide the documentation for you to prove your case. Don’t think they work that way. I know it’s a catch 22, but a lot of money has been wasted without the real digging, investigating necessary first. When his policies make this country head due south and we also get hit again without the willing security to reply, people will react forcefully and then the race riots will follow. The local response to Katrina and later reaction is a small type of analogy.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I think I did an okay job of covering the story as what I thought it was — an interesting, and vitally important constitutional question. When it became more about the conspiracy, when the focus went away from the Constitution, I started to back away.

    Jeff, your coverage of Berg was always with kid gloves. You never tore into him or his case with the same tenacity that you otherwise can express.

    But the real problem was even acknowledging Berg at all. He and his case smelled like tin foil from the day one, and everyone else knew this.

    Perhaps you could post one last blog entry, saying that you will no longer discuss these cases, or respond to comments about them. But it is doubtful even that will stop the tide.

  25. Linda Starr says:

    This is irrelevant. All of Obama’s policies will be automatically moot when we prove he is an illegal alien. Don’t waste your time with this, spend all of your effort on the birth certificate issue and we will win the day!

  26. gailbullock says:

    Has anyone given the privacy of Obama’s second oath of office any thought? How do we know whether he was sworn in (behind closed doors) as Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro? (“Who IS that masked man?”)

  27. Jan says:

    Great write-up. Unfortunately we have already engaged in corporate welfare and the precedent is now set. Everyone seems to be waiting with their hand out. No personal responsibility at all. As long as we (the government)do nothing to discourage, and actually reward, this attitude this will continue. It’s insane.

  28. goddessdivine says:

    I have yet to meet one person who lived under the dictatorship of socialized medicine sing it praises. Between long waiting lists, denial of services, inefficiency, poor quality, etc… should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately we have a bunch of nimrods with a mental disorder known as liberalism running the show. Heaven help us all.

  29. Anonymous says:

    This is a BBC documentary that will probably be taken down soon. It’s about 30 minutes long. It’s about the US Healthcare system. If you’re interested, take a look because I don’t think it will stay on YouTube.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone given the privacy of Obama’s second oath of office any thought? How do we know whether he was sworn in (behind closed doors) as Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro? (“Who IS that masked man?”)

    There were four witnesses, four reporters, and a photographer present. If anything was amiss, we would have heard about it by now.

    But keep up with this black-helicopter thinking; delicious stuff.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I see the Birfer issue as this. We asked the Supreme Court to make the Decision as to whether Obama/Soetoro was a NBC and therefore Constitutionally Qualified to be the US President. Since there are several definitions elsewhere but NOT in the Constitution itself as to what a NBC is. The Supreme Court Made its decision and swore him in as our 44th President. As much as we hate that decision, we need to stand by it. I Pray that all these Excutive Orders he’s giving out can be Undone by Executive Orders by the Next President (I we have another Election). As far a I am concerned, the NBC, Birth Certificate is OVER. Since his MOM was a US Citizen, he is a US Citizen.

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