Islamic Fundamentalism, Coming to a City Near You

Here’s how it’s going to happen:

First, at some point this year, the home for enemy combatants currently in use at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba will be shuttered pursuant to the executive order signed today by President Obama, and the terrorists and sworn enemies of the United States held there will be transferred from the detention facility in Raul and Fidel Castro’s backyard to a detention facility in yours.

Then, with help of funding secured from various sources by groups like the Council for American Islamic Relations, the ACLU, and the Arab-American Action Network–the latter founded and operated by long-time Obama friend and associate Rashid Khalidi–many of these detainees will retain top-notch, left-leaning defense attorneys and, due to a technicality in the way the detainee was captured, or a problem with the change in legal status from enemy combatant to God-knows-what, or some obscure violation of the Federal Rules of Evidence, these sworn enemies to western civilization will walk. Perhaps onto American soil, as most of their home countries understandably don’t want them back.

Far-fetched? Hardly. In fact, this scenario took two steps–leaps, really–toward reality today, first when Barack Obama signed the executive order despite lacking a concrete plan on where the detainees were to go, and again when Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha told reporters that, sure, he’d be prepared to welcome the terrorists in his own district.

“They’re no more dangerous in my district than in Guantanamo,” said Murtha, a former Marine who just last summer blasted U.S. Marines currently serving in Iraq, calling them “murderers.”

So, as far as Murtha is concerned, our own Marines are dangerous and murderous — but actual Islamic terrorists caught in the act of attempting to kill Americans are somehow so innocuous that, sure thing, he’d welcome them to the very part of western Pennsylvania where hijacked Flight 93 crashed on September 11, 2001? While it’s doubtful that Murtha finds the detainees completely harmless, he did add when talking to reporters today that he sees “no reason not to put ‘em in prisons in the United States and handle them the way they would handle any other prisoners.”

Nobody on Capitol Hill or in the various newsrooms across the country seem to understand that these people are not innocent goatherders, they weren’t just nabbed by lazy American soldiers while delivering falafel sandwiches to caves and training facilities along the Afghani border. Nobody gets it. And, as a result, the clock is now ticking on Obama’s first executive order, and the only plan in place for the future of our sworn enemies is to distribute them among an American prison population filled with burglars, carjackers, and run-of-the-mill crack addicts. No reason to treat them any differently, Jack? Just thinking of that crisp, clear Tuesday morning in September, seven years ago, I can think of about three thousand.

Furthermore, if it wasn’t enough that Murtha showed he is willing to put the safety of his constituents and security of his nation at risk for no other reason than hoping he can secure taxpayer money for the construction of a new prison in his district, the most disgusting thing that happened in Washington, D.C. today was the signing of the executive order itself. Here we are, still only about 48 hours into Barack Obama’s presidency, and he is already disregarding perhaps his most important duty as president of the United States — to keep the American people safe.

America, today, is less safe than it was yesterday. Obama’s new executive order sends a clear message to Islamic fundamentalists everywhere that America doesn’t take its security seriously, a message which will undoubtedly foster much of the same reaction from Muslim terrorists worldwide that we saw from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in the courtroom last year — grinning out of disbelief that the very people whose throats he would still cut in an instant were actually stupid enough to allow him a trial.

Even worse, the closure of Gitmo wasn’t the only thing on Obama’s mind today. Showing complete naivete and displaying unfounded confidence that Hamas, fresh off what it insists was a victory, would of course do the right thing and not continue to smuggle Qassam rockets–if not something devastatingly worse–into the Gaza Strip, he asked Israel to open its borders in a show of faith in the possibility of lasting peace. Here in the States, he also issued orders that all agencies immediately stop use of any so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” and only use those authorized in the U.S. Army Field Manual (in other words, be nice and maybe these folks might be nice right back and tell us where the roadside bomb is), and that the CIA shutter, “as expeditiously as possible,” any secret overseas facilities used for interrogation and detention. Obama’s goal was that we comply, immediately and unequivocally, with Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention, which enjoins any “humiliating” or “degrading” treatment of prisoners.

In doing all of this, Obama cited the need for America to take the “high moral ground.” The new president, like so many on the left side of the political aisle, are obsessed with how America is perceived by those overseas, and this shows that they will stop at nothing, including putting American people at risk here at home, to burnish that perception as best possible.

It’s one thing to desire “high moral ground,” but it is another thing altogether to explain it as policy to the widowed wife and fatherless children of a businessman killed in the next terrorist attack on American soil. Similarly, it’s wonderful and nice to use the coffee-and-donuts approach to interrogation, an approach grounded in a tiptoe-through-tulips, feel-good effort to avoid anything which could be reasonably seen as humiliation or degradation, but what happens when only a little pressure could have garnered information needed to save innocent American lives?

How can President Barack Obama honestly argue that he is doing everything in his power to keep America secure and Americans safe? Will he still tout that “high moral ground” when we’re burying dead American children six feet beneath it after former Gitmo detainees, fresh off their release on a technicality from the shiny new prison in Murtha’s district, decide to repeat a Beslan-type attack on American soil?

“High moral ground” means absolutely nothing to a man willing to strap explosives to his chest and kill himself in a Manhattan coffee shop. “High moral ground” means absolutely nothing to those who sawed off the heads of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl, or those who burned captured American soldiers to death before dragging their charred, lifeless bodies through the streets and dangling them from a bridge.

We’re not fighting against uniformed soldiers of old here; these aren’t the kind of people who lay down their weapons and meet at the center of a snow- and blood-covered Belgian battlefield for a Christmas dinner celebration before returning to the rifles and the mortars and the trenches in time for sun-up. These people aren’t looking to push back our borders or plunder a town; they wake up every morning from dreams of our destruction — and slowly but surely, in the name of political correctness and “high moral ground,” we’re going to hand them our own severed, infidel heads on a silver platter.

Barack Obama’s ultimate job as the American president is to keep the American people safe from harm. It isn’t to curry favor of those abroad. It isn’t to appease hopeless idealists and champions of political correctness on the left. His duty is plain and simple — keep us safe. Today, he breached that duty, and smiled and shook hands in the process.



  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a total joke already. This bum of a president is giving away American money to fund abortions even in the third tri-mester. What happened to his stance on abortion? That was dropped in a hurry. So to sum it up Not my president Obama will allow killing of innocent babies, but is against waterboarding a freaking terrorist. What is going on in this world! I can’t believe how fast things are adding up on this clown. Real Americans must be sick to their stomachs watching this guy destroy America.

  2. suek says:

    >>What happened to his stance on abortion?>>

    You're joking, right?

    His stance on abortion is exactly what it has always been – he's _for_ it.

    If you didn't know that, then you weren't paying attention.

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