There’s Nothing Funny About Liberal Discontent! (Actually, yes, there is.)

The material from Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien — take it or leave it. Hastily written jokes delivered to an audience laughing out of obligation. The most surprising–and telling–commentary, however, came from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, which has built its profile over the past eight years by relentlessly bashing the Bush administration.

I’ve written about liberal discontent before, but I found it interesting to see how it manifested itself on Jon Stewart’s program. Watch the video — it’s worth it:

“It’s like, why is cheese delicious on Italian food,
but when you melt it on Chinese food, it’s disgusting?”



  1. Anonymous says:

    “Obama Pragmatism Worries Political Left” is the headline, yet the Daily Show clip is poking fun at Obama’s rhetoric; you are trying to read between the lines a little too much.

    Anyhoo, Berg’s application was, unsurprisingly, denied:

    Does anyone with PACER access know the status of Berg’s appeal in the 3d Circuit? And his interpleader (filed in the D.C. District Court, no?)?

    Also, Orly Taitz claims to have filed another suit against Obama (using Keyes as the plaintiff) in the Eastern Disctrict of California. Can someone check PACER for that as well?


  2. Jeff Schreiber says:

    “Obama Pragmatism Worries Political Left” is the headline, yet the Daily Show clip is poking fun at Obama’s rhetoric; you are trying to read between the lines a little too much.

    Yeah … one thing I was never good at while working for newspapers — headlines.

    I’ve since changed this one.

    I’m still not certain, though, that I’m reading between the lines. For a while now, essentially since Obama decided to let SecDef Gates stay on, many of those on the left have been grumbling. Obama’s pragmatism in many ways has left them feeling slighted.

    I don’t know about you, but when I get nervous about something, I joke about it. Jon Stewart here may simply be doing his job–which, despite his liberal slant, he does well–but I think that, in this case, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

    Great job by his folks, though, doing the dirty work and pointing out the obvious.

  3. C.M. Hatem says:

    At least they have their convictions. I would thin k much less of them if they cheered when Obama said those things while at the same time jeering Bush.

  4. Jeannette says:

    “Great job by his folks, though, doing the dirty work and pointing out the obvious.”

    Precisely, Jeff. As one reporter pointed out, Obama got a look at the 72 threat assessments and did a re-assessment himself.

    As for SCOTUS, they denied Berg’s disposition for injunctive relief.

    Orly Taitz’ case will be heard on Friday.

    The Right Side of Life has this link to the eligibility cases:

    Thank you

  5. Anonymous says:

    Look forward to the media trashing Obama one day.

    Sweet revenge.

  6. Katherine says:

    As you know I’m a liberal democrat, and I laughed out loud when I saw this. It was hilarious. Especially with the cheese analogy.

    There are so many liberal idealists out there who see Obama as god and Bush as the devil. Really, people, they do have some things in common. BSing in a speech is one of them (all politicians have this in common.)

    Again, I thought that Bush was a terrible president and I think that Obama will be a great one (we’ll see). But this was still incredibly hilarious. And those crazy ideologues are hilarious, too.

  7. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Glad you liked it, Katherine, and I hope all is well up there at the North Pole.

    If you can, though, please brew up some coffee, and tell your husband that Jeff told him to get back to work already.

  8. suek says:

    Here’s a surprising little tidbit. At least for me it was a surprise, but then I don’t follow Hollywood…

  9. Nellie says:

    haha–”when Obama says this stuff I don’t think he really means it”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Not to sidetrack anything mentioned above,but I heard ‘all’ the cases about Obama have been removed from the SCOTUS docket.

    Is this something the court can do? I mean without any sort of explaination…this seems more scary than their total refusal to confront this matter.

    So does this mean we don’t have standing or even the right to be heard in court?

  11. Anonymous says:

    The Media trashing Barak? There’s no way they will preside over the failure of America’s first black President. They’ll hide the truth.

  12. Libby says:

    Thanks for posting my video =)

    Libby the Libertarian Hottie

  13. Anonymous says:

    Obama is going to be a one man wrecking crew. A lot of republicans liked the fact that the political left like pelosi are having wavering thoughts about Obama, but folks this is very bad for the conservatives in 2012. The left did not raised obama to the presidency. It was obama that raised the left to the presidency. If anything, both parties can hate obama but when 2012 come along, the people who voted for him will be voting for him not because he is a democrat but because he is Barack Obama.

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