January 15, 2008 — Assigned Reading

Democrats Seek $650 Million More for DTV Transition
(FROM: Reuters) Remember when $650 million was a big number? Now that we’re going in terms of hundreds of billions, $650 million almost seems like something the Tooth Fairy would leave under our pillow. Now, at home, I have the cheapest DirecTV package they offer. Sure, I like my cable news, my wife likes HGTV and the Food Network, and my daughter likes Nickelodeon, but I haven’t instructed anybody else to pay for it. We could go without television if push comes to shove, but instead we choose to trim our budget elsewhere so we’re able to bring Brit Hume, Paula Deen and Spongebob Squarepants into our living room. My television, my responsibility. In the face of the upcoming government-mandated conversion to digital television, however, congressional Democrats are asking for an additional $650 million in taxpayer money because the previous amount wasn’t enough to pay for enough $40 coupons for the American public who still use the rabbit ears on their television sets. Why are we paying for anybody’s television in the first place? Where in the Constitution does it show anything close to such a federal government obligation?

GOP’s Cornyn Makes Final Plea to Free Border Agents
(FROM: Newsmax)

“Because of the excesses of the prosecution against them, they will continue to sit alone in those cells for another decade,” Cornyn wrote, according to a report in the WorldNetDaily. “That is unless President Bush commutes their unjust sentences. In his remaining days as president, I ask President Bush to show mercy and use his clemency power to give back Agents Ramos and Compean the next 10 years of their lives.”

Cornyn joins Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and many other lawmakers who have written letters to Bush urging him to commute the agents’ sentences.

“I have reached the conclusion as a senator, a former judge, and a citizen, that the loss of their jobs and the prison time they have already served has been more than enough punishment,” Cornyn wrote. “This is a case of prosecutorial overreaching.”

I couldn’t agree more, and I applaud Sen. Dianne Feinstein for stepping up. Perhaps, if President Bush remains unreasonably stubborn on this because of his buddy-buddy relationship with overzealous prosecutor extraordinaire Johnny Sutton, there may be some hope that Barack Obama could be pragmatic on this. If he does, I’ll praise him like you wouldn’t believe. In the meantime, I hope and pray that President Bush does the right thing before next Tuesday.

Attempted ‘Hit’ Put on Ramos Family
(FROM: WorldNetDaily) This is the first I’ve heard of this. Regardless, these families need their husbands and fathers HOME now. We need to pray that Bush, or even Obama, does the right thing on this. Cornyn makes an excellent point in saying that clemency would give these men back the next ten years of their lives.

Rick Santorum — The Elephant in the Room: McCain may be Obama’s Secret Weapon
(FROM: The Philadelphia Inquirer) I’ve been saying for a while now that Arizona Sen. John McCain, regardless of the outcome of his re-election bid in 2010, will once again cross party lines and support and endorse Barack Obama’s own re-election in 2012. McCain has always been more comfortable working with Democrats with his back to his own party and base, and as Santorum points out, he realizes that when he does so, he has the support of the media and the current majority on Capitol Hill. Furthermore, remember that he was apparently considering a spot on John Kerry’s ticket in 2004. I can almost hear him now: “My friends, my friend President Obama was handed the worst set of circumstances of any president in recent history when he took office in January 2009. I was impressed with the way he handled those challenges, just as I was impressed with how he handled his campaign against me. So, my friends, I proudly stand with my former rival, and ask that you give President Obama four more years in the White House.”

Holder: I Can’t Beat Obama on Basketball Court but I Can ‘Hang With Him’
(FROM: Huffington Post) Of course, Eric Holder was asked more difficult questions about terrorism and torture and his role in pardoning Marc Rich. Still, I’d rather spend the extra time in his confirmation hearings talking about his feelings on our Constitution, whether or not he plans to fire any U.S. Attorneys, or simply some further examination on his feelings toward waterboarding and other ways of gleaning life-saving information from people sworn to effect our destruction. I’ve got a decent sense of humor–why do I feel like Bruno Kirby’s character in Good Morning Vietnam when I say that?–but I still feel as though this was a little over the top. I didn’t hear any senators, during Hillary Clinton’s confirmation hearing, asking the new Secretary of State about the difference between her and Michelle Obama’s cooking.

Video: S.C. Sen. Jim DeMint Explains Why he Opposes Release of More TARP Funds
(FROM: YouTube) I’m a big fan of what I see in South Carolina. DeMint is a solid conservative, and has certainly been on the right side of this bailout issue from the beginning. Gov. Mark Sanford has come out and said that he doesn’t want federal bailout money, and he’d rather not pay for the fiscally irresponsible actions of so many other states like New York, California and more. If the freezing cold weather wasn’t enough to chase us down to Charleston as soon as I finish law school, the conservatives down there would be. Gosh, I can’t wait. Anyway, here’s the video from earlier this week:

Bailed-Out Citibank Top Donor to Obama Inauguration
(FROM: Newsmax) After receiving taxpayer funds during the first round of bailout madness, Citi refused to back out of a deal in which it was paying $400 million for naming rights to the New York Mets’ new ballpark (see No, Thank You — That’s Not on My Christmas List). Now, we’re learning that Citigroup employees donated $586,000 to Barack Obama during the campaign, and are forking over at least another $113,000 for his inauguration. And, to top it all off, Citi is asking for more bailout money from the next TARP go-round. I’ve had enough.

5,000 Port-a-potties Prepared for Barack Obama’s Historic Inauguration
(FROM: N.Y. Daily News) D.C. Police and the U.S. Secret Service estimates have ranged from one million to four million people expected to attend Barack Obama’s inauguration next week in our nation’s capital. Any way you look at it, 5,000 port-a-potties are just not enough. Between the cold, the crowds and the liberals, you couldn’t pay me to attend the inauguration — in fact, even if I were the one being inaugurated, considering the weather alone you’d have to convince me to go. Add to that mix a wicked shortage on bathrooms, and we’re looking at a nightmare. 5,000 toilets for at least one million people. Any way you look at it, by the end of the celebration, both the liberals and the port-a-potties will be full of crap.

(I couldn’t help but post the video. It just seemed appropriate. — Jeff)


  1. Seeks Truth says:

    I couldn’t agree more, and I applaud Sen. Dianne Feinstein for stepping up. Perhaps, if President Bush remains unreasonably stubborn on this because of his buddy-buddy relationship with overzealous prosecutor extraordinaire J. Sutton, there may be some hope that Barack Obama could be pragmatic on this. If he does, I’ll praise him like you wouldn’t believe. In the meantime, I hope and pray that President Bush does the right thing before next Tuesday.

    Hold out just a little longer. Perhaps this is a good cop / bad cop thing deliberately staged to give PEBO some brownie points.

    Oh the games people play.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will Obama have to use one of those Port-a-Potties? If so, I hope someone has the nerve to tip it over.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Since we’re paying for everything else on the planet…Why not pay so millions of lazy idiots can watch the “NOT” news propaganda TV.

    Where did they find 5,000 ‘handymen’ to stand behind those porta-potties and wipe butts for all the lazy loons too. This is getting totally out of hand.

    I can hardly wait to see what happens the 20th. Should be interesting….

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think I understand why we pay for the TV transition. First the airways belong to the people not the government. the gov rents the airways to companies and makes money. only a part of this money should go to paying for digital conversion units. Basically the people are giving up the old airwaves which are being sold for big money to the new digital tv people at hopefully a huge profit.

    Since the people own the airwaves they have a right to get converters.

    I do not know if everything is working honestly. But that is the nut of the argument for the gov paying the $40. Basically the people get them free. However, some people get lots of coupons and get lots of free converters and then sell them to the public. So it is not really working correctly.

    you can give away billions of things for free. haha. people will just keep taking them. so the program is not really working correctly. These people do not need the converters. They are grabbing them for free just in case they need them. opportunism for free handouts.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well I can wait. In fact I hope we do wait for him to prove the impossible. He is not a NBC because he does not fulfill the requirements.

    Both parents be citizens
    born on usa soil.

    His father was British and Obama was British at the time of birth.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 5:57,

    Of course Obama won’t use one of the Port-a-Potties, not directly anyway. Instead, he will have someone use it for him, then when someone else questions the stink coming out of the pot, Obama will be able to say that he can speak with absolute assurance, that he had no direct knowledge of the situation, that none of his staff had any contacts with the smell, and that he will be launching a complete internal investigation into the matter and will share his findings as they become available.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I ment… I couldn't wait to see 1&1/2 million people fighting over 5,000 toilets!!!

    Should be interesting!

  8. conservative in exile says:

    I want to take a moment and give praise to Senator DeMint and the rest of the Senators who are willing to make a stand to block release of any additional funds from the original bailout package. From the interview, one point stands out to me as the key statement. Senator DeMint is right on target when stating it is time to look at the cause of our problem instead of throwing more money at the problem. Bravo, finally an intelligent thought to find the source of our insanity instead of masking the source by putting band aids over hundreds of self inflicted wounds.

    I am going to jump up on my soap box for a moment and address one of the largest problems we face in identifying and fixing the root cause of our economic problems. The problem is the people who, we as a nation will rely on in an effort to fix this mess, the so called “experts” with their Ivy League educations, elitist attitudes, and supposed intellectual superiority. Men and women who spent far too much of their college education proving their intellect by developing complex and unproven theories to resolve what are essentially very simple problems requiring very simple solutions.

    The problem with these so called experts is that they are so driven to prove their intellect through complex theories that they have lost all perspective and common sense. These are the kind of people who would end up dying from dehydration if they were trapped in a wet paper bag because it would be below them to simply rip their way out of the bag. Instead, they would have to develop a new and ingenious theory on how to get out of the bag and during this process they would allow themselves to die. Much in the same way they have allowed our economy to die because they cannot recognize the simple cause and effect of misguided and unnecessary legislation.

    While I am fully capable of writing an entire book on this subject, I want to keep this simple and address two issues that are of vital importance to our economy and are at the very heart of our current crisis. The first is the current housing problem and the second is taxes.

    A very simple cure to the housing crisis exists and unfortunately will be very painful to a large number of people in this country. However, because in the end these people did not educate themselves on their loan and while I do empathize with them, it is a necessary evil that the people who buried themselves in a mortgage they cannot afford may have to lose their homes to foreclosure.

    The very simple fix to the housing crisis is to repeal the CRA and impose mandatory lending practices for mortgages that are going to be guaranteed by the government. I believe that the standard lending practice used by the majority of lenders prior to the sub-prime atrocity was to require 20% down payment or pay PMI and that the debt to income ratio for the borrower not exceed 30%. The debt to income ratio included all form of debt (student loans, consumer debt, car loans) this total including the mortgage payment could not exceed 30% of total household income. Using these simple guidelines would prevent another housing catastrophe.

    To further my point let us examine why the housing crisis has occurred. The CRA mandated that banks provide loans to people who could not afford the loan. That is the plan and simple goal of the law. The program was strengthened during the Clinton administration and became enforceable because of the deregulation of the banking industry. The deregulation of the banking industry should have been a beneficial move for our economy. However, then Attorney General Janet Reno used it as a platform to enforce the CRA. Essentially, the interstate merger of banks were blocked by the Attorney General or threatened to be blocked unless banks complied with the CRA and loans were provided to undeserving and unqualified applicants. Here is where the simplicity of the problem evades the so called experts. These people cannot regress to simple Economics 101 and use simple supply and demand to justify the crisis when this is exactly the root cause.

    From 1995 to 1998 the single largest growth in the mortgage industry was CRA compliant sub-prime mortgages that the government forced lenders to provide. These were loans that were tied to the bottom of the housing market because that is the only market these borrowers could enter. The increase in demand at the bottom of the market caused a rise in the cost of homes and thus creating the housing bubble. The banks, being in a position of forced lending that anyone with half a brain could recognize the borrowers would not be able to maintain their payments or the house found a way to profit from this government caused housing bubble. Instead of maintaining the sub-prime lending at the bottom level the banks lenders began providing sub-prime loans to anyone who wanted one. This allowed the housing bubble to continue to grow at what should have been alarming rates to anyone with a smidgeon of common sense. Yet, people with visions of quick turnover profits kept purchasing homes they could not realistically afford. Eventually, the number of buyers was depleted and demand decreased and the inevitable crash occurred. Consider that the median family home in San Diego in 1998 was a little over 200k and by 2005 that same home cost over 560k, who in the heck could afford this kind of an increase in home prices.

    The CRA and sub-prime lending must be abolished. No reasonable excuse exists to keep either the CRA or the concept of sub-prime lending in place. If private lenders want to make available sub-prime mortgages than those loans must be kept on the books of the lender and in no way be subject to the backing or burden of the American tax payer.

    I have probably become to long winded already, but the subject of taxes in this country is a very important one and I want to hit on it briefly. Not only is our tax policy unfair, anyone who claims to be able to understand the tax code is simply full of crap.

    The structure of the tax code places an unfair burden on a very small percentage of our population while allowing far too many individual to escape making any contribution. Additionally, the whole process sends the wrong message to society. The tax code does not promote thrift, saving, and investment but rewards excess debt. Let me explain.

    Those of us who are hard working and self reliant people get up and go to work. We make our own way by developing ourselves into marketable people and increasing our education or skill levels in an effort to increase our earnings potential. We work, we get paid, and good old Uncle Sam takes a huge bite out of our earnings. For those who save and are willing to take a risk by investing in the companies that employ many of our fellow citizens we are then subject to a capital gains tax on our investment. For those of us who want not only to build a nest egg for our won retirement but have the goal of passing the fruit of our labor down to our children after we depart this wonderful life Uncle Sam taxes us a third and final time when we die. Yet, for Lonnie the liberal who spends like crazy and racks up a mountain of consumer debt we reward him by making available tax deductible second mortgage that can exceed the value of his home up to 125%. What message does this convey, responsibility is bad shame on you, irresponsibility is good let give you a tax break.

    Plan and simple, if we want to see this country turn things around quickly, drop the corporate tax rate down to 10%, implement a fair tax that requires everyone to pay their fare share, eliminate both the capital gains and death taxes and our economy will flourish so long as corporate America is responsible and utilizes the breaks not to be greedy and gouge society for a greater profit margin, but to create jobs and sustainability and the ability to compete globally with domestic produced products.

    I could go on for hours, but it is time to pick up the kids from school and do what I really enjoy which is being a father. God willing, somehow the conservatives in this country can rise together and ensure that our children and future generations will be afforded the same opportunity to enjoy freedom and prosperity that we have enjoyed.

  9. bdaman says:

    Jeff, Rightside of Life Has Federal Election Commitee complaint Posted
    Axelrod gave more than he was suppose to.

  10. AZdogs says:

    Anon @ 6:23,

    My guess, as to who Obama will get to do his “dirty work” for him, Eric HOLDER or Carol BROWNER

  11. Anonymous says:

    We must all contact Sen. Jim DeMint and let him know that we like what he is doing! Positive reenforcement usually gets repeated behavior. Perhaps, if he gets enough attention for standing up for conservative beliefs, other Republican senators will sit up and take notice of their forgotten constituency.

  12. Seeks Truth says:

    Go for a little Deen and Hume if you have to but careful on the Spongebob. :-)

    Seriously, grab that little girl, plop her on your lap, and read, read, read. Don’t forget the time of America’s highest literacy rate was at a time before TV.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Port-a-potties won’t be able to handle the ‘stench’ coming out of Washington on 1/20. I will not be watching any of the network coverage of this debacle or reading any newspaper articles about who was there and what they said….I have tried to think of a way we can all show our disdain and disgust at what will be happening on that day. Other than prayer and boycotting the media, I feel as though I want to do SOMETHING to express myself. I wish we could gather in groups all over this country and read aloud The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence at the same time as the oath is being administered. I would be interested in your thoughts as to what we should do on this day.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I work in DC and drive pass those port-a-potties everyday. They are lined up as far as the eye can see on the Lincoln Memorial grounds. Ugly site!!


    Can you tell me whether or not Obama and Biden’s meeting yesterday behind closed doors with Chief Justice Roberts is a conflict of interest since there are cases still pending in the Supreme Court? Here is a link:

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 8:04,

    Perhaps in protest, we should fly our flags upside down.

    Our country is in distress.

  16. Sharon says:

    Why Martin Luther King was a Republican:


    Jeff, it would be great to read something by Frances Rice. : ) Maybe you would consider an interview with her at some point.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Pray for sleet or rain…on the 20th. with freezing temperatures and strong winds…

    I lived in Maryland for 20+ years..don’t ever remember porta-potties being a part of the program… Third world nation status in one fell swope…disgusting display in the Capitol of this country….I hope those attending are pleased with themselves!!!

  18. Been there, seen that says:

    After having lived in Washington, DC for three years, I just can’t understand why they are bothering to set up ANY port-a-potties in Washington, DC. Everyone in Washington DC just urinates on the sidewalk. We saw it almost every day out our kitchen window. I had to distract my little kids each time.

    Our nation’s capital is a failed welfare state, a total wreck, a complete and total disaster. A friend of mine who’s been all over the world calls it “Absurdistan.” You just cannot begin to imagine. the schools are by FAR the worst in the nation, despite being the second-highest funded (after Connecticut). There is litter and graffiti everywhere. I kept looking for Starsky and Hutch to show up, talking to HuggyBear.

    BTW, if you want to do something, please come to the Right-to-Life March on Thursday, Jan. 22.

  19. Lilly says:

    Has anyone seen this yet?
    Sponsored by Jan 6, 2009 by Rep. José Serrano [D, NY-16]
    H.J. Res. 5
    Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

    I already sent emails to my Congressmen.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I recall when you could go to one of the numerous parks in DC at lunch time and enjoy your lunch. Not anymore. Most of the park benches are covered with possessions of the homeless and/or acoholics/drug addicts. I feel for these people and think that our government should do more to help them. I’ve heard that a lot of these homeless people are veterans.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Anon…with respect to flying the flag upside down, I considered that but couldn’t bring myself to do it…I want to show disrespect for Obama and the ‘looters’ in WDC but not my flag….maybe we could get flags with his emblem on it (you know the “O” one on his plane) and burn them…I’m sure the media would cover that…maybe we can get some more ideas…I just feel helpless and need to make a statement.

  22. suek says:

    >>I've heard that a lot of these homeless people are veterans.>>

    Hogwash. That's another one of the MSM's fairy tales.

    Read "Stolen Valour".

  23. Anonymous says:

    It is not my understanding that flying the flag upside down is a sign of disrespect, rather a sign of distress.

    Stepping on, burning (not properly), writing on, these are signs of disrespect.

    I like the idea, our country is in great distress.

  24. Nick says:

    Everyone should call the DOJ Pardon Attorney's office, select to leave a voice mail for Ron Rodgers (the pardon attorney himself), and urge him to recommend to President Bush a pardon or commutation for Ramos & Compean.

    The contact number is at http://www.usdoj.gov/pardon/contact_info.htm

  25. Anonymous says:

    Have you seen the flags the Obama nuts are waving?….his picture on our flag with his emblem also…that is the ultimate desecration

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