January 13, 2009 — Assigned Reading

Pentagon: 61 Ex-Guantanamo Inmates Return to Terrorism
(FROM: Reuters) Just yesterday, we learned that Barack Obama intends to use and executive order as soon as next week to close down the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Today, we learn from the Pentagon that recidivism rates among released detainees have jumped, and are higher than expected. The idea that these detainees should have any business in American prisons on American soil, the thought that they should receive rights reserved for American citizens alone just boggles my mind. These were people captured in the act of planning or attempting to kill American soldiers, mothers and fathers to your children’s classmates, sons and daughters to those in the pew in front of you in church. These people are laughing at us from their dark, dirty caves; Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was astounded that he was given even a single day in court, a solitary bite at the American apple considering that he has devoted his life to chopping down the tree. If given the chance, any one of these people would gut us and our children before we could say “Geneva Convention,” and the mere fact that we’re even considering the prospect of releasing some of these detainees on U.S. soil or out into the rest of the world makes me want to vomit.

Illegal Immigration Battles Loom with Obama
(FROM: Human Events) In 2007, Congress attempted to sneak a comprehensive immigration bill authored by John McCain and Ted Kennedy past the American public over a sunny spring weekend. A month or two later, thanks to the unbelievable motivation and organization of conservatives from coast to coast by the alternative media, We The People jammed the phone system at Capitol Hill, and the bill was pulled back to fight another day. Well, that day has come. Now, we’re looking at the return of the shamnesty bill, undoubtedly spearheaded once again by McCain (who, mark my words, will endorse Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012), the same man who just recently established a Political Action Committee charged with remaking the GOP’s message by his own design. This debate will no doubt bring to light Obama’s picks for Homeland Security director and Labor Secretary, Janet Napolitano and Hilda Solis. Napolitano, of course, has done everything in her power as governor of Arizona to countermand efforts to enforce immigration laws and seal the border, from fighting law enforcement efforts to strengthening illegal immigration magnets by supporting in-state tuition availability to illegal immigrants, to rebuking officials who wanted to make English the official language of that state. Solis, of course, is famous in California for her staunchly pro-union efforts, for opposing workplace immigration raids, and for defending day labor sites. As the debate develops, we need to ensure that our elected officials answer a number of questions — With so many unemployed American citizens and with that number sure to rise before it falls, how will Americans find work considering the influx of illegal immigrants sure to happen should a new bill pass? How can states like California restore fiscal sanity while continuing to foot the bill for healthcare and education for those who are breaking the law by being here in the first place?

Newt Gingrich: What Do You Do When the Guy Across the Negotiating Table Wants to Destroy You?
(FROM: Human Events) This detente-at-all-costs, laissez-faire approach to foreign policy, this refusal to call a spade a spade and see good and evil for what they really are, can be seen in Jimmy “Dhimmi” Carter’s yearly embrace of Hamas leaders, can be seen in Obama’s consideration of meeting with terrorists, his promise to entertain the idea of sitting down with Iran without preconditions. This approach countermands common sense and is only augmented by the media’s disgusting coverage of the current conflict in the Gaza Strip. Israel is vilified, Hamas glorified. The U.N. wants to investigate Israeli air strikes and collateral damage, but remains silent on the thousands of rockets launched intentionally at civilians by Hamas terrorists hiding behind civilians of their own. How can we gain the proper perspective, how can the average citizen understand the stupidity of sitting down and negotiating with terrorists, if the media never portrays them as what they truly are?



  1. TM says:

    Very good reading jeff ! I am wondering though – did you notice for the past month or so – there has been “No Terror alert” ticker ?? I have actually went to all the cable news outlets and noticed – ever since december – they are missing !

  2. foytik says:

    Regarding the Guantanamo piece from Reuters, the author has his facts wrong. “These were people captured in the act of planning or attempting to kill American soldiers” – Wrong. The Guantanamo detainees were not properly screened, and many of them are not enemy combatants.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice “trilogy” of little articles here, Jeff. You are running strong!

  4. bdaman says:

    PEBO will have to rethink the without preconditions notion to I will set down with them as long as they don’t burn my effigie. We know he doesn’t care about the American Flag, his best buddy has a picture of himself standing on it.

  5. BlueWater says:

    ok, I’ll bite, name them one by one and set us straight. How many were enemy combatants, how many were peaceful citizens, how many were improperly screened, etc. Please share your sources since you obviously have some high-end informants working for you. If you cannot supply this information, simply let us know that you accidentally misspoke and all will be forgiven. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Have you seen the cases of Walker v. the U.S.{sct 2000) and Walker v. Members of Congress {filed Sept 2004}?
    The plaintiffs wanted to call a Constitional Convention under the language of the Constitution. It went to to Supremes and they conseded that Congress could ignore or veto the express language of the Constitution.
    I think that is what we are seeing here! What do you think?

  7. Marie says:

    Oh great–the house just introduced a bill to repeal the 22nd amendment (Presidential term limit). Introduced by a Democrat from NY. I guess when he wrote “King Obama” on the sidewalk when he was a little kid he really meant it. He and Michelle better have a boy child pretty soon or there won’t be any male child to pass the throne on to. All Hail King Obama!


  8. TM says:

    Very good question – unfortunately,
    fate gave me the first post – normally Paid bloggers of PEBO are supposed to get there first – He’s probably fired. If he does show up again, (which i highly doubt) – I would very much like to know his response to Bluewater’s post

  9. John C says:

    Foytik, they are enemy combatants. You don’t “screen” a detainee. You have to gather evidence on the scene of where you found the detainee in addition to human intelligence and various other collection methods. I was in the military and personally detained low and mid level terrorists. The guys in Gitmo are very high level and have extremely fat files with tons of evidence against them. So please don’t say things you know nothing about.

  10. Jose Alvarez says:

    I came from Cuba to Miami in 1960. Castro took my father’s businesses away and my grandmother’s private schools, some of the best on the Caribbean island. Her family were renowned educators in Cuba.
    One thing that I learned immigrating from a communist country is that the communists will sit with you at a bargaining table, sign anything that you want them to, and then break the agreement.
    When Castro came from the Sierra Maestra Mountains in 1959 at the ousting of Fulgencio Batista, the then dictator of Cuba, he had a rosary and Bible in his hands. Castro’s slogan was “Armas para que?” “Weapons for what?”
    The next 50 years taught us the immensity of this lie.
    I cannot imagine ever sitting with an enemy at a bargaining table. I think that it is a huge mistake. I pray that I am wrong for the sake of our country.

  11. miracle2k says:

    The fact that you keep coming back to how these people supposedly feel about the rights they are given can only lead to the conclusion that you don’t understand how this human rights thing works. Those rights are not conditional upon proper appreciation.

    Further, to argue that a basic set of human rights, which are even in the US considered as such, should only be granted to US citizens implies in fact that those citizens of somehow inherently better than people. I’m sure that’s not what you intended to say.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The media is our enemy along with many unpatriotic Americans who have formed an alliance with the media….I’m speaking of certain politicitans as well as celebrities. They have done more damage to this country than any act of WAR!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well, then I guess Foytik wouldn’t have a problem inviting these “noncriminals” into his home, without “precondition” of course.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It is interesting to me that there is more concern about the constitutional rights of the detainees at Gitmo, who are suspected to enemies of the U.S. than there is for the constitutional rights of the 350+ million people of the United States.

  15. Crying Babe says:

    When you get a person who is half Arab, raised with the help of a Black Communist (who might even be his real father) and was schooled as an Indonesian Muslim, what do you expect?
    The record should read:
    1. Born in Kenya (records sealed)
    2. Birth registered in Hawaii (Can be done)
    3. Adopted by Indonesian (Probable)
    4. Muslim schooling (Proven)
    5. Used Indonesian passport to travel in 1981 (Not confirmed but very probable)
    6. Never completed any schools including college (no proof or records are hidden)
    7. Never registered for draft (Indonesian citizen doesn’t have to)
    8. Associated with Communists
    9. Was a ‘Community Organizer’
    10. Was elected in State election by getting opponents names removed
    11. Was elected to Senate by having opponents personal records opened to public
    12. Ran for President by promising many things he will not or cannot do

  16. goddessdivine says:

    I agree with anon at 7:39. It’s mind-boggling the kind of compassion shown towards known terrorists; I’m sorry, but what rights do they have? Those rights are forfeited when you plan to blow up American cities and people. Closing GITMO is giving in to the dark side of terrorism.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Cryingbaby: You name suits you well. If I were you, I’d put my tail betweeen my legs, go back to church and wait until 2012 for you to be embarrased yet again.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Illegal is detrimental on so many levels!

    1. Valuable resources are being consumed on the backs of tax payers — Schools and Healthcare.
    In my area, schools are allocated a bit over $8,000 per year per student. Simply math — # of illegal children in schools x $8,000/yr.
    Conservatively say 20,000 — number out of the air, since no on seems to collect this data or really cares to collect this info), you are looking at $160 million per year based on rough numbers!

    2. Crooked employers are much more likely to employ an illegal, because wages are much lower than what they’d have to pay a legal work.
    3. Taxes that should have been collected and put back into the states and U.S. coffers are pocketed by the employer.
    4. To add insult to injury, unemployement taxes are not paid for the American that has been displaced by the illegal worker!
    5. By hiring an illegal, there is a good chance money will be sent out of the country, reducing the amount of money that can be spent within the U.S. to help employ others that provide products and services.

    I would love for an economist to explain why illegal immigration is GOOD for the economy?

    Am I racist? NO! If you’ll illegal you should not be here. PERIOD! I feel the people screaming racism are in fact racist, since they favor Hispanics. I sure don’t seem to recall hearing them chanting for non-Hispanics which make up 30% of the illegals! Curious, isn’t it.

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