Obama ‘Climate Change Czar’ has Vigorous Socialist Roots

While the mainstream media was busy yesterday filling the airwaves with cutesy soundbites from what will likely be the final press conference for the 43rd president of the United States and with intense discussion of the four-legged, furry opportunities facing the new first family, news about the background of the woman selected by President-elect Barack Obama as his “global warming czar” quietly rested, largely unnoticed, on the pages of The Washington Times.

According to the piece, Carol Browner was until last week listed as one of the 14 leaders of Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society, a group which overtly supports socialism, criticizes U.S. policies, and calls and strives for “global governance.” The commission, known as the environmental department of Socialist International, maintains that the developed nations of the world must be forced to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions, and enter into binding, enforceable and punitive covenants promising and facilitating each.

Though her name has since for the most part been removed from the rolls, Browner has served on the board of directors for the League of Conservation Voters, the National Audubon Society and the Center for American Progress, and on the committee in former vice president Al Gore’s Alliance For Climate Protection.

See, the amorphous concepts of global warming and climate change are not so much about climate as they are about politics, about government, about wealth redistribution. The polar bears don’t matter, the sea level estimates are overblown and nevertheless inconsequential, and the fear-mongering designed to equally thin and fatten wallets according to status and size rather than spare the planet from some farcical scourge. The global warming movement is more about tearing down industrial and economic powers in favor of superficially and artificially supporting the Third World at the expense of the rest than ensuring the long term condition of planet Earth.

This movement, championed by many who are more socialist than environmentalist and shout down dissent from any that suggest otherwise, uses manufactured–or in some cases, genuinely blissfully ignorant–concern for the welfare of Mother Earth in order to push an agenda of global governance in the name of regulation, in the name of greenhouse gas abatement, in the name of limitations on carbon discharge. Its goals are not so much the preservation of our environment as leveling the playing field between the planet’s haves and have-nots. You’ve seen the television commercials, heard the dramatic music and seen the choppy shots of filth-spewing smokestacks. Industry is evil. Capitalism fosters industrial growth. Therefore, capitalism is evil. Why not eliminate it and, in the process, apply hefty global taxes to the industrial powerhouses which have the money to spend — at least until that industry dries up under the heavy hand of collectivist thought on a truly global scale?

If this were truly about climate and science, those who advocate for change in the name of saving the Earth from man-made global warming would be concerned that many of the changes they hope to implement actually cause more harm and more problems than they are designed to eliminate. They would be worried about the adverse effects on the global food supply caused by corn-based ethanol. They would be concerned about acres upon acres of Brazilian rainforest clear-cut to make room for soybeans and other crops used to produce biofuel. They would be concerned about the increased production energy required by, as well as the toxic mercury contained in, purportedly environment-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs.

If climate change and global warming were really about the environment rather than merely about the redistribution of wealth, this think locally-act globally crowd–the same crowd which encourages the purchase of foodstuffs from no further away than a farmer could drive in a single day–certainly wouldn’t fly a whole bunch of people in private jets from across the world to Arizona to dine on such local desert delicasies as miso-cured Alaskan butterfish, guinea hen, seared tune with curried eggplant, Kobe strip loin and butter-poached lobster medallions after stealing the Nobel Prize for Peace from 97-year-old Irena Sendler, a Polish woman who singlehandledly saved more than 2,500 Jewish children in the Warsaw ghetto from a terrible fate and certain death during World War II. Sendler passed away without such recognition last year; former Vice President Al Gore undoubtedly has his Nobel Prize on display at his Nashville, Tennessee home — you know, the same house which uses as much energy in a month as the average American family uses in one year. Or perhaps it’s on display in his 100-foot, fuel-guzzling houseboat. Or maybe one of his carbon-vomiting private jets. Regardless, you get my point.

Over and over again, I’ve said that until these people find private jets and convoy-destined SUVs which run on hypocrisy alone, we shouldn’t pay any attention. Unfortunately, it’s far too late. The so-called “green” movement has permeated every aspect of our lives, aided and abetted by a mainstream press so brazenly hypnotised by the not-so-veiled socialism that they’d gladly perpetuate rumors that the polar bears are endangered when, in reality, numbers are up three-fold since the 1980s.

As a result, People without thinking spend tens of thousands of dollars more on hybrid cars, on homes built with sustainable materials, on organic food which spoils in half the time and costs twice as much. Green is everywhere, green is universal. Even Nickelodeon, the venerable children’s television station, is running a promotion and advertising video games in which kids can, with their parents’ permission of course, sit in front of the computer and destroy carbon-emitting monsters and subsequently swear up and down to change their own habits.

It’s everywhere, and it has little to do with carbon dioxide, with energy, with the ice caps or with the global temperature. It’s all about global socialism, about the redistribution of wealth, and anyone who dares to suggest otherwise–such as European Union President Vaclav Klaus or countless scientists from across the globe–is shouted down and held in similar esteem as Holocaust deniers.

“The debate is over,” Gore famously said, but hundreds of scientists suggest otherwise. Nevertheless, fighting the tide of short-sighted environmentalism is like trying to swim in a lead apron. Global socialism is nothing short of religion now, and it has a new deacon in Carol Browner, ready to reach into our pockets, steal our wallets, and drop them in the collection basket, never to be seen again.

Watch as it happens. Industry is bad, and Mother Earth is hurting. No matter what the Chinese do, no matter what steps are or are not taken in India, the United States must act to curb emissions in order to reverse a trend which may not actually be occurring. Economic consequences be damned. We’ll see global oversight, fierce penalties, and double standards. All in the name of junk science, all at the expense of our sovereignty, our prosperity, and our freedom. All while most Americans are looking the other way, listening to glib soundbites and reading articles on the White House pets — if they have their eyes open at all.



  1. Anonymous says:

    God, I pray, give each of us the lungs to shout louder than liberals, and the will to do so.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe that our Conservative “leaders” in congress need to be shown direction and leadership from within the constituency that elected them at this time.

    Conservatives, by nature, are self-reliant, “pull ourselves up by our boot straps” individuals that do not easily complain, but instead believe that we have enough grit to get the job done through hard work and fair play.

    We are not loud and demanding by nature, but we are now confronted by a power that will gladly manipulate our demeanor to grab spoils from the legacy of our country’s promise, to promote their distorted agenda and fill their pockets.

    While not caving to our conservative beliefs, we must go against our natural reactions and let our collective voices rise above the liberal propaganda that infiltrates all areas of our society today.

    We must let our representatives and the whole of America hear us, lest they forget that we are the majority.

    We must give our representatives a strong foundation to stand upon, and if they will not rise and take their place as our voice in the government, then we must release them and bring forward those men and women strong enough to stand for the true will of the people.

    I, too, support the ban against the MSM and the liberal agenda being created in our government and society by those that care little for America or it’s Constitution, and instead have self interest, profit and power in mind.

    America’s Right, please join the ban against the MSM and it’s profiting agents.

    It is time to stand and shout!

    Mike C.

  3. Ladalang says:

    The American people have welcomed this insidious traitor into our house and now we will say good buy to our beloved Republic and hello to Socialism. The forefathers are weeping. Next stop Dictatorship, with a Kenyan president no less.

  4. lonestar says:

    There is increasing evidence that we are actually in a period of global cooling rather than warming, which I think is why they have been moving toward the term “climate change” so that when they can no longer talk about global warming with any credibility they can still tell us that “climate change,” no matter what direction it’s going, is bad. And you’re right about what they’re doing to kids – we live in a conservative area and our kids are still exposed to green mania. I recently found one of my 7-yr-olds sitting in a bathtub of about 2 inches of water, he was afraid to fill it up b/c he might “hurt the earth.” I’m sorry, but that’s just gone too far. I told him when he’s done the water will go back to the earth and filled up his bath.

  5. Garacka says:

    1. I am an Engineer and agree 100%.

    2. CO2 increases have a very minor contribution to theoretical warming. The Catastrophic Anthropogenic CO2 induced Global Warming Team magnified that minor nugget of truth and:

    a) concocted erroneous projections (ie. Mann’s hockey stick and Global Circulation Models that ignore negative cloud/water vapor cooling feedbacks),

    b) hid and adjusted data and methods (ie. Hanson’s NASA-GISS Global temperature curves),

    c) ignored all other natural factors which, most certainly, overwhelm any effect of CO2 increases (anyone seen the delay in the start of sunspot cycle 24 which might suggest a Maunder or Dalton Minimum period when it got quite(!) cold)

    d) built a massive advertising campaign….to finish this massive con job which may still succeed.

    2. What’s insane about the story they’ve made up is that instead of reducing CO2, there is a very strong case that (if we could) we should try to increase CO2 from the current 380 Parts per Million (PPM) (yes that is 0.038%) to perhaps 1000PPM since it has such positive benefits on plant growth.

    3. What’s also insane is the fact that the long term cycle of CO2 is that it has been dropping over the last million years as it is getting locked up in carbonate rocks and ocean sediments. The long term trend suggests continued CO2 loss. And what happens if it gets down too low (180-200PPM)? Yes. Plant growth becomes stunted to the point where it may stop.

    4. Now, many understand that that would not be very good, but I fear that the state of scientific knowledge in today’s society is so low, that many others need to have the consequence of stunted or stopped plant growth explained to them.

    5. I always like to understand root causes since if you don’t you can’t be certain that what ever action your take may not be optimum and may actually do more harm than good. My initial cursory assessment is that the MSM is the root cause, because even though the liberal professors infiltration and influence on a generation of current power brokers might be a root cause, a curious and dogged MSM would reveal and stop it. However, I actually think that the rapid promulgation of new technologies that outpace adjustments in social/cultural/legal “standards” may be the real root cause.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Like the first person said…we need to keep our voices loud. I have friends that are professed conservatives and have no idea what’s going on, and who is getting appointed. It’s frightening. I thank everyone on here who is dedicated to being vigilant. Seriously. As Americans who want to preserve what this country is founded on, and who wish to fight to keep the “change” from being detrimental to our very existance as a country and as a people, I feel better knowing that others are feeling the same. It’s hard to read your blog, Jeff, but I’m glad I can come somewhere to get the information to know what’s happening. Thanks…

  7. Anonymous says:

    See, the amorphous concepts of global warming and climate change are not so much about climate”

    THIS IS WHY OBAMA WAS VOTED IN AS PRESIDENT!!!!! Enough with politicizing science. The DEBATE IS OVER. None of you here who commented and not even Jeff knows anything about raw science. Are you trying to say that all of world’s most famous scientists, many who I have studied under for decades is wrong? Finally by saying global warming is debatable, your trying to say that their is evidence otherwise. People, there is no evidence that counters global warming, all the evidence is speculative. And personally I fine it heart wrenching that all that hard work put into decades of research is still falling on to ignorant unintelligent ears. However, whether conservatives like it or not, the debate IS over, even in highly conservative universities with no accreditation, climate change is real. You can politicize it as much as you want, you can’t deny the mathematical equations or distribution histograms. Global warming has been reported by every major governmental and private industry that have monitored tempuratures. As for China and India, they will not curb emissions if we don’t. America was always the leader in everything, no one went ahead unless we led.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “The Commission for a Sustainable World Society includes world leaders from a variety of political parties, including British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who succeeded Tony Blair, in serving as vice president of the convening organization,”

    Wow, quite the Red Diaper Connection, there.

  9. Claudia says:

    par for the couse as Obama sets up camp at the White House…… he will soon close GITMO and change the National Seal and start designing a new flag and new National Anthem. This is the AGE OF OBAMA…. don't you know it yet?

    W still have a few days left, get busy if you want to stop it, do everything in your power to get those words, letters, anything out that you can personally do to make your voice heard and tell people how much you don't want our Republic to die a horrible death. Obama and the people behind him are continually creating new smoke and mirrors and diversions in the acts of the Fed, the Banking, the Media (or lack of), the Bailouts, the people he picks for his Appointments, Roger Clemmons investigations, and oh, the woes of this beautiful country that we the Peopel are destroying by using Oil and Coal, to keep us worrid about the smalll things so that they can place all their little cards in order to build their paper house. There is no other place in the world like America (or the America of even three months ago), can we stand to lose it?

    FIGHT FOR HER, She stands there with her arm held high just waiting for those that love her to stand up. STAND UP!!!! START PUTTING PRESSURE ON EVERYONE YOU KNOW FROM YOUR CITY MAYORS TO THE STATE LEVELS< TO THE FEDERAL LEVELS, JUST DO IT and JUST GET BUSY, we can still make our voices heard.

    Reno, NV.

  10. Emily says:

    Just want to take the opportunity, along with the MSM, to invite you all to meet the Obama family’s new hypo-allergenic lap dog. Please welcome him to the White House.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, it’s too late to stop the green machine. Martha Stewart is fully on board and is worried about the polar bears. Wonder how much money she’s got invested in this crap.

  12. Anonymous says:

    In case you were wondering why your tin foil hat was beeping:


    Obama MUST be stopped before inaguration!

  13. Anonymous says:
  14. Garacka says:

    Anonymous, January 13, 2009 10:41 AM:

    I agree with you that “Global warming has been reported by every major governmental and private industry that have monitored tempuratures.”

    Beyond that I disagree with every other statement you made. I have a pretty good brain on my shoulders and I assume you do to, so when that many statements are made and I essentially disagree with all of them, suggests that your statements are not yours.

  15. Garacka says:

    Anonymous January 13, 2009 2:17 PM:

    "Martha Stewart is fully on board and is worried about the polar bears. Wonder how much money she's got invested in this crap."

    I've seen numbers that Polar bear population may have tripled in the last 50 years, but even if that's an exaggeration, the Population has at least increased and is quite healthy. By stifling that info in the MSM, the carbon controllers will have a bottled up success that they can reveal once they get their Cap & Trade fraud program in place.

    I was a NRDC member for 15 years and a true environmentalist my whole life, but when BIG environmental went corporate they dropped the truth check off their checklist and they lost me.

    Environmental Protection is a greater trust and it cannot survive if it does not stay affiliated with truth and rational, pragmatic thinking and action.

  16. suek says:

    >>Are you trying to say that all of world's most famous scientists, many who I have studied under for decades is wrong? >>


    What's more, your grammar is so atrocious that in one paragraph you have totally discredited any teacher you may have had in your decades of study.

    >>the debate IS over, even in highly conservative universities>>

    Such as?

    >> with no accreditation…>>

    But even with no accreditation, we should accept them as authorities?


    What do you know about sunspots?

  17. Anonymous says:

    The members of Al Gore’s Church of Global Warming need a new High Priest:

    “Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age”


  18. Janet says:

    File under “So ridiculous you have to laugh while you’re crying”.

    Obama wants to use part of that $350 billion dollars he’s asking Bush to request Congress to release to buy all new lightbulbs etc to change schools etc to be more green.

    Stupid stupid stupid. Here at home I wait until a light bulb blows out before I replace it with the new longer-lasting, energy-saving bulb.
    Waste of money to just throw out the old bulbs that still light the world and by the way, not a very green thing to do.

  19. goddessdivine says:

    Amen Jeff. I’ve never gotten on board the man-made global warming train. I just finished The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming, which totally confirmed my beliefs. The whole thing is a scam, and too many people have bought it.

    Al Gore is a disgrace…..and a hypocrite.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Socialist International IS the global labor movement. They have penetrated our unions and those unions have penetrated our government and universities. If I remember correctly, they STARTED the SEIU, and are responsible for the Democratic Socialists of America, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and were the progenitors of the The New Party which first sponsored Barack Obama as a candidate to the State Senate of Illinois.

    You need to read up on who these people are. They are the non-Russian non-Stalinist wing of the global collectivist movement operating under the banner of “Socialism.” The SI has been on a parallel track with Russian-sponsored Communists since the Second International in 1889.

    The global socialist movement has morphed between several institutional forms, but it’s the same doctrine of elite control of property in the name “social justice” and the subordination of the individual to the “interests” of the masses, which of course are determined by the elites in power.

    Nothing new. Tyranny has many faces. Here’s a well organized group of them.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Obama but your green plan for the schools is unconstitutional. Education and funding for schools is a State issue. The feds have no lawful authority over either.

    The following is from “The Story of the Constitution (1937) by Sol Bloom. Published by the federal government on the 150th annivesery of the signing of the Constitution.

    Q. Where, in the Constitution, is there mention of education?

    A. There is none; education is a matter reserved for the States.

  22. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of A**Holes! Selling your, my, and even their own kid’s futures for their own profit.

  23. Garacka says:

    I’ve yet to hear the Controllers explain the cost benefit analysis for the Green bulbs that they did (you think?) showing that the energy saving benefit exceeded the:

    a) increased production cost,
    b) increased hazardous waste (mercury) disposal, and
    c) increased household breakage exposure risk

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