The New Supra-American Fascism

For twenty years, Ronald Glenn has worked in real estate and law throughout the northeast. Now working in Philadelphia, our paths cross from time to time and I am always blown away by his keen political insight, by his knowledge and interpretation of American history, and by his ability to elevate my own thought process. On occasion, a particular point he makes looks as though it will fly right over my head, but Ron always has a way of making it work. He makes me think, and for that reason among others, I am delighted to have him on board as one of the new staff writers here at America’s Right.

– Jeff

By Ronald Glenn
merica’s Right

When a presidential term ends, it is customary to give the send-off by analyzing the failures and successes of the departing leader. In this case, that honor belongs to George W. Bush. He faced the same single, overwhelming difficulty that every president has faced since the end of World War II, but Mr. Bush ended up with an outcome even worse than his predecessors may have imagined.

Since World War II, the democratic republics of the West have tried to run their countries by balancing two opposing political entities: once fascism had been defeated in Germany and Japan, and Communism became the West’s greatest enemy, the West chose to rule out of benevolence, based on a fear of Lenin’s “revolutionary moment.”

In simple terms, the revolutionary moment occurs when a society reaches such a pathetic state that the population will revolt against the government in power. Therefore, if the population is happy, the rulers stay in power.

This is where the two opposing entities came into play. The government had lots of wonderful things it wanted to do for everyone. It wanted to build schools, build roads, build hospitals, provide legal services, pick up the bill for education, take care of the elderly, and so on. This is the benevolent entity. In order to do all of those wonderfully idyllic things, the government needs lots of cash, so as simultaneous facilitator and result, the non-benevolent side–rampant capitalism–is required to raise the money.

Capitalists at the end of the 20th century actually portrayed themselves as Ninjas or Samurai, a type of elite warrior class who rose above the ordinary to in turn preserve the lives of the ordinary. The business world convinced us it should live by no one else’s rules but its own, and, if the government interfered or intervened, it was biting the hand that fed it.

I can remember as a child watching Lyndon Johnson’s State of the Union address in 1966 and hearing Johnson announce how much money he wanted for the Vietnam War. This was the “butter and guns” economy, we were told. That phrase should be rewritten; it is actually the capitalist/welfare and defense economy. Consider, for example, the following analogy: The American business community is a store owner. One morning the owner finds the front window of his store has been broken. He calls a window repairer to fix it. Assuming the owner pays out of his own pocket, this represents spending money on defense. Yes, the owner is giving a boost to the economy by paying for a window and the labor to install it, but the money should have been spent elsewhere. The government spends trillions fixing broken windows. Sometimes those windows need to be fixed, but from an economic point of view, constantly doing so can become a destructive burden.

Defense, as a result, is now portrayed as part of the American government’s benevolent policies toward its citizens and the rest of the world. The welfare part of the analogy is the government agent who visits the store to collect a “fair” portion of the owner’s profits to pay for the nation’s welfare. Some for schools, some for roads, some for food stamps, some to keep the store owner’s mother in a nursing home.

Is there anything wrong with this? It appears to be standard politics, until a new element enters into the analogy — the Federal Reserve.

The store owner wants to expand? “No need to wait,” the federal government says. “Borrow the money at a reasonable cost (interest), and you can expand right away. If you ever need any more money, don’t hesitate to stop back.” The government is all for it, after all, considering that they gave the Federal Reserve–a private bank owned by private shareholders–the right to print American legal tender without limit since it is only paper and ink anyway.

This happened because the American federal government does not have a fiscal policy. They cannot contract the economy in a way that is meaningful because they always spend more. Instead, the government chooses to run the economy by monetary policy, which simply means they want to control the economy through the money supply, which means they’re forced to run it through debt. Borrowing, in this environment, is the means to wealth.

George W. Bush was the leader of the Republican Party which, for years, preached that the benevolent side of the government would destroy the capitalist side of the country. It was allowed, through public policy, to eliminate the power of unions, suppress wages through cheap labor, and dismantle massive sectors of the industrial base. But when the time came for the business community to face the errors of its ways, Bush put the capitalists on the government dole.

Instead of dismantling the welfare state, Bush merged the capitalist entity with the welfare state. Soon, an American citizen like you and me might have a government house insurance card, car insurance card, medical insurance card, and a government bank account.

Such a merger reeks of fascism or corporatism. As the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama will be asked to mediate this mess while the conservatives try to figure out what to do to recapture the American vote. On this, the arguments I have heard miss the point. They revolve around the attempt to re-establish “old values.” In the face of a possible hyperinflation catastrophe looming for 2009 and 2010, the debate should be whether or not this merger was done on purpose.

Bush abandoned the Evangelical side of the Republican Party because they were too nationalistic. Stock brokers and bankers are people without a country. They are tired of a separate national currency, tired of national labor laws, tired of separate American constitutional law, tired of nations as a whole.

Merging the world banks and insurance companies with the governments of the world would allow for a merger of unprecedented proportion, as well as allowing the government to use foreign troops all over the globe to enforce the new rule of world law. This new “conservatism” has no old American values. It is based on old-world, European elite takeover. It was the bankers who ran the world during the Renaissance. What better way to take over the world than tell to everyone it is being done to save them?

It is no coincidence that so much old-time Evangelical preaching is now centered on the end of the world. Metaphorically, their world may have ended the day the Federal Reserve asked for the right to start paying foreign debt. Whatever was sacred about the sovereignty of the United States had been sold for thirty pieces of silver. Inflation cannot happen with gold and silver money, as our Founding Fathers certainly knew.

Paper currency is worth nothing intrinsically; it exists because the bankers say it should, but inflation of the currency increasingly takes away even its fiat value. So the Federal Reserve prints more, and soon the value will be next to nothing.

A free people does not need private banks to tell it what to do. What they tell us is for their benefit, not ours. Down with the Federal Reserve! To keep the freedom of the people is to own real money and have the real national interest at heart: the people. Our forefathers knew what they wanted this country to be, they knew it because they saw and left countries which were not. So they penned our founding documents, incorporating ideas and policies and guidelines intended to perpetuate America as they intended. Power, as the Constitution affirms and reinforces, should rest with the people.

Ronald Glenn has worked in real estate and law for more than twenty years. He now works in Philadelphia, and lives outside the city with his wife. Ron has been writing for America’s Right since January 2009.



  1. Ted says:

    The nation owes more than thanks to three unlikely modern day patriots: professional poker player, musician, and retired attorney, Leo Donofrio; life long Democrat and former Pennsylvania assistant attorney general, Phil Berg; and Soviet emigree and attorney, Dr. Orly Taitz (she’s also a dentist).

    While Mr. Donofrio painstakingly established the airtight case that BHO could not be an Article II “natural born citizen” (at BHO’s birth, dad was British/Kenyan, not American, citizen) Leo’s Stay of the 12/15/08 electoral college vote was denied by SCOTUS as procedurally unripe.

    Nevertheless, since no congressman and senator objected on 1/8/09 to Congress’ count and certification of the electoral vote which would have turned resolution of Obama’s eligibility issue over to Congress — rendering moot the Berg and Taitz (Lightfoot) cases — Berg finally does achieve standing on the issue of actual harm, to be addressed at the Friday 1/9/09 SCOTUS Conference on Writ of Certiorari. Obama’s failure to submit evidence of his constitutional qualification for the 1/9/09 conference will mean he cannot thereafter challenge Berg’s request to enjoin the 1/8/09 Congressional electoral count and certification, albeit retroactive, scheduled for SCOTUS conference Friday 1/16/09. Moreover, Chief Justice Roberts has scheduled a full Court conference on the Lightfoot case Friday 1/23/09 in the event there needs to be a Constitutionally mandated action, the Inauguration itself, to enjoin retroactively.

    Now that BHO is in checkmate and cannot be POTUS, he can be a patriot as well. He need not subject the nation to the expense and trauma of requiring SCOTUS to overrule his ‘Presidency’. BHO can and should voluntarily step down with Biden becoming Acting POTUS under the 20th Amendment, and under the agreement all potential claims by the Government for itself and on behalf of others against BHO are released.

  2. gailbullock says:

    Mr. Glenn, math doesn’t work in my head. If God had intended my brain to handle numbers, He wouldn’t have invented the calculator for us!

    What you’re saying is bigger than numbers. You’re talking about stuff they never mentioned (or explained) in school, and I attended one of the best high schools in the country. That doesn’t prevent me from reading, however, and striving to learn.

    I think that America’s Right is the best civics/politics site on the Internet, and I think others will agree without hesitation. Jeff’s beliefs, values, and writing skills, coupled with his ability to enlist other talented writers for their explanations and viewpoints, make a wonderful Internet classroom.

    Thank you for your article, Ronald Glenn, which I’m going to have to read a couple of times more for all the pieces to fit together in my head. I look forward to more from you. Maybe, just maybe, before I die, I’ll be able to figure out HOW badly the government has wrecked the American dream! –and if there is still a way to regain our freedom. The more control we allow our government to have over our lives, the less freedom we have. And, that’s a crying shame.

    Thank you again, and thank you, too, Jeff.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Filed under “It’s All the Gnomes of Zurich’s fault!” department.

  4. Mark Herpel says:

    Fed up? Print your own local currency, it’s legal. and others.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I will believe till my dying day that our economy has been manipulated hedge funds,short sales,fannie freddie By none other than George Soros look up 2007 miami bookfair c-span audio/video. He knew the only way Obama could win if our economy FAILS. I knew in 2007 we were in trouble

    Mesa, Az

  6. seeks truth says:

    Right on the money, er… paper, Ronald! Welcome to AR.

    “When the people fear the government, we have slavery. When the government fears the people, we have liberty.”

    Where are we?

  7. Jean Kulig-Tucker says:


    There is a long battle ahead of us and there are too many issues for just one Group to address. Many of us who are hopping from group to group and blog to blog are feeling frustrated because there seems to be no direction. If we are to return the power back into the hands of We The People and take back our Country, we need UNIFICATION! A Coalition is the fastest way to build up the resistance so people start paying attention. There is great strength in numbers!

    Today, too many of us are spread out across the internet and the sites that we visit DO NOT have the technology in place to allow their members to work in a collaborative fashion. How can we engage in a peaceful resistance when we are pulled in various directions and just end up spinning our wheels?

    I believe a Coalition is the answer! A Coalition, which is a Group of Groups, will allow existing Groups to retain their own identites, members and “causes” while allowing us to organize, plan and implement strategies across a larger scale. This way, the Actions that we take can be Coordinated and Purposeful. It will also allow us to share resources and exchange ideas across Groups so we can avoid duplicating our efforts.

    Please read more about the United Coalition of We The People USA on and read the Welcome letter in the Group Discussion section which details this effort and discusses why a Coalition is neccessary.

    Thank you in advance for your patriotism and participation.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t sure where the best place was to post this.

    Copied from American Thinker site:

    Can’t the conservative websites, like American Thinker, America’s Right, Atlas Shrugs, Gateway Pundit, Ace of Spades, etc…, join together and ask their readers to unite in a ban against the MSM. Even PUMA websites have shown disgust at is what is passing for news these days. I disagree with the argument that I have heard explaining that a ban would “do no good” because it would be impossible to bankrupt these liberal machines, and that they would only be “bailed out” by liberal money. I believe that this is a very powerful time for a large scale ban of the MSM and it’s advertisers. Not only would it hurt them and their supporters financially, it would send a message to those in charge that we will no longer allow ourselves to be spoon fed the propaganda that they are feeding us. We will instead find and support journalism that is unbiased and fair in it’s fact gathering and reporting.

    I really believe that this is the time to send this message, before it is too late. The power of the left is becoming increasingly alarming, and Americans that value liberty and independence should stand up now before all that they value is destroyed!

    Readers of this post, please ask all hosts of websites that you frequent to form and join a ban today of America’s MSM. It is too important that we show that we expect a voice in our country. We are, after all, the majority, even though the MSM and corrupt left would have you believing otherwise.

  9. Lera says:

    I’m not eloquent in my writing, nor do I have a higher education however; I enjoy reading and expanding my mind. That Mr. Glenn and Mr. Schreiber you have given me.

    A wonderful classy blog. I visit daily.

    I hope to contribute soon, as I can gather some pennies together.


  10. Ladalang says:

    Finally you have a writer who “gets” it! End the Fed! Nice piece. If more people understood fiat money and fractional reserve banking they may realize why we are in the mess we are in. Our national sovereignty hangs in the balance if we allow a global currency. You might as well light a match to our Constitution.

    Jeff you can learn a lot from this guy!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Its easy for “we the people” to blame our shortcommings on the our politicians, our government the parties etc.

    The fact is in our desire to have social security benefits, free schooling, medicaid, cheap drugs, medicare, unfettered access to cheap oil or cheap credit to buy homes, cars, boats and all kinds of toys, we have maintained a negative savings rate since 1986.

    This means our debt as a people and a country exceeds our income.

    As a country we have debt obligations almost equal to our GDP now. Obama will help us tip this number past GDP.

    Wake up people, we are broke. We are broke not becuase of BUSH, the federal reserve, hedge funds George Soros blah blah blah. We are broke becuase “we the people” think its our inaligneable right to live beyond our means.

    Our politicians never say no to our demands. Its how they stay elected. Shame on us for expecting them to act like the audlts we choose not to be.

    We have no one to blame but our ownselfs. And our children and grandchilren will be paying for our recklessness

  12. Anonymous says:
  13. Ian Thorpe says:

    As you say Jeff an excellent and insightful article and one that corrects a few misconceptions about economics and political ideologies that have taken hold. This made it hard for me (a clasical liberal) to present certain ideas to you, an American conservative.
    When Karl Marx wrote of Capitalists he was not referring to the international money traders we think of today but to people who raised money and built factories to make good and to the people who bought stock in these companies and took a share of the profits. Such capitalism had morality and the capitalists were aware of their responsibiity to the communities and nations in which they operated.
    Similarly the low – level socialism your guest writer describes, state funded education etc. should not be considered part of a package of “handouts” to people seeking a free ride as I have sen it described elsewhere on the web. Universal Education can only benefit a nation as when it is done well (and thanks to politically correct thinking it is not done well in Britain now, I can’t speak for the USA)it elevates many very talented people whose family circumstances would not have permitted a good standard of education.
    That kind of capitalism and socialism, if not dead are critically ill.
    The things liberal socialism and compassionate conservatism provide do cost, as does a welfare safety net for those who become unemployed or fall sick. But we are civilised societies, we do not like the idea of people starving especially as it is the most vulnerable who starve and not the most deserving of that fate.

    Where state spending gets out of control is when vast bureaucracies grow around the collection and disbursement of public funds, the administration of public services and the regulation of business. The people who work in such activities were dubbed by the English social reformer William Cobbett “tax eaters” and their main talents lay in creating work for themselves and building little empires by expanding their function.

    I have been of the opinion all along that Barak Obama was working for the global hegemony, the people who have redefined capitalism so it is an activity that takes place not in mills, mines, factories and warehouses but in the ether where multi billion dollar corporations can have their headquarters for legal and tax purposes in one of the hundreds of pigeon holes in a Cayman Islands mailing address. Profits are then laundered by the “parent” company from its pigeon hole in a tax and corporate law free regime sending a big invoice for “management services” at regular intervals. That is just one of the techniques.

    The global hegemons and their puppets are very happy to wotk with the tax eaters, their interests overlap. The tax eaters are authoritarian, their world is supported by a ramework of rules and regulations, draconian penalties are imposed for minor offences against “the system” while crimes against the person are given lower priorities than they deserve. The globalisers are authoritarian, what they fear most is an enlightened society of individuals, independent thinkers, who perceive their interests to lie outside the world of international capitalists. If we all stop consuming all but the necessities who is in trouble?

    I hope I have shown here how the philosophies of a classical liberal and a modernist conservative can overlap. Not all liberals are hand – wringing, guilt – tripping, self – haters.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “As the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama will be asked to mediate this mess while the conservatives try to figure out what to do to recapture the American vote.”

    I note the total absence of what conservatives can do to actually ASSIST in the “mediation” of “this mess.” It’s all about the votes, huh? That really does say it all.

  15. Nick says:

    Every American should see the documentary "America: Freedom to Fascism" at

    End the Fed, indeed!

  16. Blad_Rnr says:

    It’s humorous I suppose that Evangelical preachers are starting to preach the end times messages. In fact, our pastor started an 8-week message just yesterday on end times prophecy. It is frightening how things are starting to come together: global recession/depression, Islamic terrorism spreading, Israel being told to stop their military campaign in Gaza by nations who should know better, messianic President taking office without any questions being asked, etc.

    The average US citizen has no idea what is going on. We just killed the Constitution today. It is now a meaningless piece of paper. If the Left has the government, the press and the Federal Reserve in their pocket, we are done for. 2009 will be the end of America as we know it. I have no doubt. Get ready for fiat currency-induced hyperinflation. China knows where we are headed. They stopped buying our currency this past summer.

    As a born-again Christian, I thank God I am not chained to this lunacy forever.

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