John McCain Starts His Own PAC, Hopes to Define GOP Message

According to a number of sources, including the “Caucus” Blog at The New York Times, Arizona Sen. John McCain has established his own Political Action Committee. The organization, named “Country First,” is according to McCain designed to define “our Republican ideals and message.”

Save it.

Sen. McCain is absolutely, positively an American hero. His service to our country, both before the Vietnam War, during his captivity and since then, is nearly unparalleled. That, however, doesn’t mean that his political ideas and ideals are right. Correct or not, his ideology could hardly be described as that of a conservative.

The ideals and message of the Republican Party, with concern for viability in 2010 and beyond, should not be trusted with a man who, time and time again, crosses the aisle at the expense of conservatives and basic conservative values. His lack of understanding of–or utter contempt for–the First Amendment was put on display with his Bi-Partisan Campaign Reform Act. His failure to comprehend the impact of illegal immigration on our economy, our health care system, our criminal justice system, our culture and more was instrumental in his development, with Ted Kennedy, of his [thankfully] failed Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. His obsession with the farce and facade for global socialism that is man-made global warming was at the root of his failed Climate Change bill authored with Joe Lieberman, and his stubbornness on cap-and-trade and Alaskan drilling turned off more conservatives in this election than visions of a naked Rosie O’Donnell. He doesn’t understand the value of tax cuts. He cannot comprehend the need for Guantanamo Bay. He refused to drop the gloves and hit hard the most undervetted, underqualified and unknown presidential candidate in our nation’s history.

John McCain’s disdain for his conservative base, as manifested in a lackluster and scatterbrained presidential campaign, may alone have been enough to propel Barack Obama into the White House. And this is the man who now wants to shape the party he let down?

Listen, I have no problem with the man. When I met him and his wife in South Carolina during the 2000 primaries, both were extremely nice and gracious, despite me having certainly come off as the know-nothing liberal democrat small-town newspaper reporter I was. What I have a problem with is that he dares call himself a conservative. What I have a problem with is how he has handled himself in the wake of his loss in November.

If McCain wants to start a PAC to raise money and raise awareness for his brand of politics, that’s fine. More power to him. The Republican Party, however, needs to completely remake itself before 2010 and certainly before 2012. It must return to conservative values, and must shed the encumbrances of the same tired, old-time politics which doomed McCain’s candidacy. The GOP must embrace conservatism and elevate those capable of articulating its merits in a smoother, sleeker, more efficient way. Railing on pork-barrel spending while simultaneously rationalizing industry-killing cap-and-trade legislation simply isn’t enough.

In the days following the election, I wrote extensively about what the Republican Party must do and how it must adapt in order to secure victory in 2010 and beyond. Some of those pieces are linked up on the right-hand side of this page, all of them are rooted in the same ideals, providing the same recipe for success in the future. Nowhere in that recipe do I see John McCain’s brand of politics.



  1. Mundina says:

    Speaking of PACs,
    Mike Huckabee started a PAC,
    called HuckPAC, many weeks ago.
    He called for nationwide volunteers.
    Wanted 500 by January 15.
    But they’ve got 1800 already.
    Sounds like a group that may have something going.
    The catch phrase there is:
    Vertical Politics.

  2. Lee Strong says:

    I also have high hopes foe Mike Huckabee getting the Republican Party back on course.

    Did anyone see how he handled Coulter on his show and confronted the lies she had told about him? Firm, clear, yet still respectful. He could pull the party together.

    He started a PAC last spring and has been out helping GOP candidates – building contacts and a base.

    His show is the top-rated cable weekend eveming news/talk show. Now he is doing daily radio commentary.

    Next time around, people will know who he is, and that he is a true conservative in the classic mold.

  3. gordon says:

    This guy is an American Hero…..But, that said, he has also committed egregious fraud and even a treasonous act against the American People and the U.S. Constitution.

    He had to know he was constitutionally ineligible to serve as POTUS,… therefore he fraudulently took $83 million dollars in public funds to run his campaign.

    He had to know, or certainly should have known that PEBO was committing fraud in that he is not constitutionally eligible to serve as POTUS…..

    I personally sent that info on PEBO to McCain, several times and in several different ways. McCain did NOT reveal that info to us before the popular vote was cast and even voted to certify the Electoral Vote for PEBO,….. that is treasonous.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Conservatives (and anyone else who wants common sense answers from a man who has a PROVEN record of making good on his promises) is looking to Governor Huckabee for our Republican leader and the next president. I urge you to read his new book “Do The Right Thing” and watch HUCKABEE on FOX Sat. and Sunday evening 8pm eastern. Huckabee is a strong conservative but he is not abrasive and he is liked across the board. Has massive appeal to independents and the best choice for taking our country into better economic times. FAIR TAX and HUCKABEE in 2012! Join today!

  5. Lera says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself! You hit the nail on the head!

  6. Lera says:

    When I first got the email from McCain about his Political Action Committee the first thing I thought of was; A way to raise money to pay for his campaign debt.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As for the canadafreepress article-

    Americans have many wonderful qualities. Ours is a young country and there is no doubt that we have much to learn, especially about money. But really, the only advantage Canadians have over Americans (and I lived in Ontario for 5 years) is that their dollar is being better protected. Hopefully, this is because Canadians are a fine and upright people. But if it turns out that the Canadian dollar has been targeted as the base for a new currency, I will not point any fingers at my defrauded neighbors.

    People of all nations do not understand that “He who controls the money controls the people.” The presidents, whether they are dems or republicans or hail from the US or France, are all under the power of the money makers.

    French President Sarkozy recently stated that “financial capitalism based on speculation is an immoral system where the wealth goes to the wealthy, work is devalued, production is devalued, entrepreneurial spirit is devalued.” Nice speech.

    As long as the goose lays golden eggs, the West happily goes along with the fiat money system- a speculative money system that creates rapid wealth BUT depends entirely on the freedom of the money makers to move wealth out of bloated populations into financially leaner populations where the creative power is kept alive.

    John Law, a notorious gambler and convicted criminal from Scotland, is recognized as the father of modern finance, he is the creator of the fiat money system. The French adopted his system, their economy soon collapsed and the French Revolution followed. President Sarkozy knows all that, his “Oh woe is me, the goose is gone and you know guys, this is immoral” speech is thus pure theatrics. Still, it’s better than what we get from Obama- ‘duh it might not come back,’ and some really inspiring football talk, ‘everyone is going to have to put some skin in the game.’

    The goose is gone because the West is bloated. Lean manufacturing accomplished amazing things for the production industry, but it will require lean government to keep our country going. Be thankful we don’t have the UK’s lean population program – they call it the NHS (National Health System) but it is becoming the No Human Survives disaster.

  8. Roses,WA says:

    You’re kidding. Who would donate besides turncoats like Colin Powell or George Soros and his slithery brethren?

  9. Jeff Schreiber says:

    I really like Huckabee. I saw him speak in early 2007 at a meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council, back when he was just an unknown (nobody recognized him in the lobby!) and he stole the show.

    I like both him and Mitt Romney. Both, because of the environment in the states they governed, have problems in terms of conservatism–Mitt has his healthcare, Mike has his tax record and educational scholarships for the children of illegal immigrants–but BOTH have developed into solid, trustworthy, camera-friendly conservatives … and I’d trust either of them to run a solid campaign and be good for the White House.

  10. Howie Isaacks says:

    John McCain is a sell out and a fraud. He railed against pork barrel spending during the debates and then voted for it in the bailout bill. His service to his country while in the military has been totally obliterated by the damage he has done since then. He deserved to lose. The Republican Party needs to locate their balls before 2010 and tell the liberal elements in the party to go someplace else. I hate the fact that we have to rely on a party to help save this country but, if all I’m going to have to vote for is a Republican or Democrat then, I want the Republican to be conservative. I’m not concerned about things like the social aspects of conservatism because no one has the right to dictate to me how to live or what to believe in. However, I want my personal liberty to be protected from government. The Constitution was written to ensure limited government and to protect the liberties of the people. Right now, BOTH parties have pissed all over the Constitution and stolen our liberty from us. This huge increase in spending that both McCain and Obama are responsible for has made us less free. For that, I will NEVER forgive McCain or the idiot voters who helped him get the nomination. What this country needs is term limits on members of Congress written into the Constitution. The founders never meant for walking fossils like Ted Kennedy to stay in the Senate for their whole lives. These life long career politicians need to go. If the voters are too stupid and shortsighted to get rid of them then, term limits are the only way to go.

  11. Anonymous says:

    For the good of the republican party, and more importantly, our country, John McCain needs to take a back seat and let conservative leadership of the republican party begin to emerge. If Obama destroys this economy and our military, I think that John McCain will be largely to blame as he led a pathetic campaign. If he was not willing to hit the issues hard, he should have stepped aside during the primaries and let someone man enough to do so be nominated. This was a winable election and he let republicans and the country down.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey folks,

    Maybe it’s time to leave the Republican Party behind and start building up the Constitution Party or other such one that gets us back to basics.

    Time to fall back and regroup–anew.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I too am a Huckabee fan but I would love for him to get Sarah Palin on the ticket with him. I think they would be great reformers for our government. Both of them always talk with pride about serving the people and not a party. They are both authentic and ethical. They would be a fantastic ticket!!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I disagree about Huckabee. I do not think he is authentic. He was incredibly mean spirited towards Romney as was McCain. Romney is our best bet going forward. McCain and Huckabee did not stand a chance winnng a national election. If the two of them did not team up against Romney, republicans could have had Romney on the ticket, won the election and have had someone in office who knows how to deal with this economy. Unfortunately, McCain and Huckabee’s selfish desire to beat Romney at all costs opened the way for the democrats to win in November.

  15. Joshua says:

    I have to disagree with your assesment of Romney. He raised taxes in his home state, he allowed Gay Marriage to progress, and he didn’t take a stand against abortion until he started running for President.

    Huckabee, on the other hand, is an authentic conservative. He is for major tax reform, securing the border, pro-life, pro traditional marriagem, and 2nd amendment.

  16. Lynn Lewis says:

    Re: Mike Huckabee’s tax record — please do some more research. I believe you will like what you find. Huckabee was the first Republican governor in decades, and he was able to push through the first broad-based tax CUTS in Arkansas history. The only two tax increases were (1) a MUCH-needed road improvements bill that was approved by a state-wide referendum, and (2) a 1 cent sales tax to better fund the schools, which was mandated by a state Supreme Court order.

    And Huckabee was not “mean spirited” towards Romeny — in fact, the opposite was true. Romney spent millions to take out caustic ads against both Huckabee and McCain. If Romney hadn’t done so much damage to McCain and Huckabee’s image, perhaps we would have had Huckabee instead of Mccain… and I believe with all my heart that Huckabee could have stood up far better against Obama, perhaps even won. Huckabee is a highly gifted campaigner and debater, and always civil and respectful.

    Romney has more problems in his record than just his health care, which is bankrupting Massachusetts. Romney has completely changed his positions on MANY issues that Republicans care about — such as pro-life, gay rights and gay “marriage,” Second Amendment issues. (Has everyone already forgotten that he claimed to be a “life-long hunter,” then it turned out he only shot BBs at varmints as a child?) Romney can’t be trusted because he isn’t a man with core principles that guide him — he is a plastic politician who changes his public stand depending on which audience he’s addressing and which elected office he’s seeking.

    In fall 2008, the GOP contenders were asked about the state of the economy. Mitt Romney and John McCain both said it was fine, thanks. Mike Huckabee was the ONLY one who said that our economy was teetering. He knew it was because he talks to regular Americans all the time, not just party apparatchiks at cocktail parties and fundraisers.

    Please get one of Mike Huckabee’s books — I suggest “Do the Right Thing” (his most recent) or “Character Makes a Difference.” I promise you will be glad you did. Thanks for listening.

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