Why no U.N.-demanded ‘Independent Inquiry’ into Hamas’ Terrorist Acts?

In an unfortunate example of the human cost of warfare, approximately 40 Palestinians–many of which were women and children–were killed yesterday when Israeli mortar shells fell on a United Nations school in the Gaza Strip. The tragedy of innocent civilian death, as always, transcends distinctions of race, religion, gender and national origin.

As a result of the attack, some U.N. officials are calling for an ‘independent inquiry,’ dismissing claims from the Israeli Defense Force that the mortars were fired at the area in response to mortar fire coming from the school compound. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is quoted in an article in today’s New York Times as saying that “[t]hese attacks by Israeli military forces which endanger U.N. facilities acting as places of refuge are totally unacceptable and must not be repeated” and that “any actions by militants which endanger the Palestinian civilian population” are just as unacceptable.

Where are the same sort of cries and appeals from the United Nations for independent investigations when it comes to the deliberate target of Israeli schools and civilian target-rich shopping districts by Hamas? Where is the United Nations’ outcry with regard to, as reported by the Associateed Press, Iran’s overt recruitment of more than 70,000 radicals ready to blow themselves up in Israeli buses, coffee shops, and residential areas in the name of Allah and in response to the Israeli forces’ military response to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip?

The worthless sack of red tape and anti-Americanism which is the United Nations has certainly failed to break apart those stereotypes on this issue. Worse yet is the mainstream media’s response to the conflict.

The press, in this country and overseas, feel it absolutely necessary to lament each and every civilian killed in Gaza, yet neglect to mention the Israeli innocents murdered. Yes, it’s awful that 40 innocent Palestinians were killed in the Israeli strike on that U.N. school, but the press refuses to give the benefit of the doubt to the IDF’s repeated assertion that there were Hamas fighters cowering behind civilians on those school grounds, despite being shown time and time again that this is what Hamas does, that hiding behind innocent civilians while simultaneously launching rocket attacks purposely targeting innocents in Israel is their time-tested modus operandi. Instead, the press echoes the complaints of Palestinian supporters in our own country and overseas, condemning the Israeli response as “disproportionate,” if not “criminal.”

On matters of proportion and warfare as it relates to the conflict du jour in the Middle East, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an excellent comparison in an op-ed piece written in today’s Wall Street Journal:

The international community may occasionally condemn Hamas for putting Palestinian civilians in harm’s way, but if it ultimately holds Israel responsible for the casualties that ensue, then Hamas and other terror organizations will employ this abominable tactic again and again.

The charge that Israel is using disproportionate force is equally baseless. Does proportionality demand that Israel fire 6,000 rockets indiscriminately back at Gaza? Does it demand an equal number of casualties on both sides? Using that logic, one would conclude that the United States employed disproportionate force against the Germans because 20 times as many Germans as Americans died in World War II.

In that same war, Britain responded to the firing of thousands of rockets on its population with the wholesale bombing of German cities. Israel’s measured response to rocket fire on its cities has come in the form of surgical strikes. To further root out Hamas terrorists in a way that minimizes Palestinian civilian casualties, Israel’s army is now engaged in a ground operation that places its soldiers in great peril. Carpet-bombing of Palestinian cities is not an option that any Israeli leader will entertain.

That being said, even more discouraging than the parroting of supporters of jihad by the mainstream press are the media reports that Israel is close to negotiating a cease-fire. If this is true, than Israel will once again fall short. There will be no lasting peace through superficial U.N. resolutions or Camp David handshakes, regardless of who the president of the United States is, regardless of what other nations get involved. Israel must finish the job. As I’ve mentioned before, if Israel cannot depose Hamas and lend control of Gaza to another nation or government with a little more at stake internationally–such as Egypt,perhaps–then they must at the very least show Hamas, and the people who elected them, that there are deadly and devastating consequences to firing rockets and sending bombers into Israel.

If Israel cannot accomplish that, or if the international community does not allow them to do so, we should all shudder at the consequences. Hamas was able to smuggle thousands of rockets and rocket-building materials into Gaza — with support from Iran, and with the unfettered existence of Iran’s fledgling nuclear program (again under the watchful eye, of course, of the United Nations), it is only a matter of time before Hamas smuggles in a far more devastating weapon.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Everyone needs to read this article IMMEDIATELY!!!


    Thanks for your article too Jeff!

  2. C says:

    Here’s an EXCELLENT explanation for Obama’s failure to respond to all court demands so far (he’s basically ‘taking the 5th’ against self-incrimination:

    Statements have been made in the public domain that if Obama was not born in Hawaii but rather in Kenya, that he actually committed a crime involving fraud. That leads me to think that if that were true, then Obama has a Constitutional and state common law right to avoid further self-incrimination and to remain silent. That could explain why he has neither talked publicly nor wants to talk in any court of law about where he was born. But his right to remain silent would not extend to withholding his original Certificate of Live Birth. Disclosure of documents is not testimonial (coming from a person’s mouth) and his 5th Amendment and state common law right to remain silent and to not incriminate himself would not prevent such disclosure. This leads me to the main point.

    Obama at present finds himself in a trilemma: (1) Does he state publicly that he was born in Hawaii if he knows he was not and thereby “perjure” himself in the court of public opinion should the truth be eventually discovered? If he so swore under oath before Congress or any court of law, it would be actual perjury. (2) Will he produce his original birth certificate which may show and will he tell the public the truth that he was not born in Hawaii but rather Kenya and thereby betray his natural instinct of self-preservation and his life-long ambition to be President of the United States? or (3) Does he remain silent as to where he was born and continue to refuse to release his original birth certificate and thereby earn the contempt of those in the public who believe that he has not convincingly proven that he is a “natural born Citizen” and eligible to be President? I submit that Obama has made the third choice.

    The consequences for Obama are the least drastic and he gains the most benefits under the choice involving remaining silent and not producing his original birth certificate which is exactly what he has done to date. There are at least two reasons for this:

    (1) To date, no court of law has been willing to accept any case challenging his “natural born Citizen” status. The courts have dismissed law suits against him for reasons of jurisdiction, standing, political question, justiciability, and for reasons unknown. These procedural obstacles have allowed him to escape having to defend the underlying merits of the claims against him which would necessarily involve his having to make declarations under oath as part of legal discovery and before the court itself in case of a trial. He will simply continue to pursue this procedural strategy, for being so successful will allow him to maintain his silence and not produce his original birth certificate with the cost to him personally of only having to pay his team of lawyers. This strategy explains why he is willing to spend enormous amounts of his own money and resources for his legal defense (maybe not even his own money if he can make a case that he can use his campaign contributions to meet the costs involved) and cause private individual plaintiffs and public institutions (courts and public entity defendants) to spend theirs with no end in sight. This strategy also provides great impetus to the sales of his past and future books, thereby further filling up his coffers. This strategy also explains why he is not willing to simply spend less than $100.00 and produce his original birth certificate for the benefit of those Americans who want to see it. Lastly, this strategy provides an answer to the question of, assuming that Obama in the end simply produces his original birth certificate which shows he was born in Hawaii, why would Obama risk the public then perceiving him as one who played a dirty little game for the sake of aggrandizing his own image and increasing his profits.

    (2) Obama wants (i) people who simply voted for him, (ii) people who are apathetic to the eligibility issue or because of ignorance, fear, or self-ambition refuse to address it; and (iii) people who in good faith believe he is eligible to be President (these categories may overlap), to believe that all the lawsuits and internet chatter questioning his eligibility to be President is political sour grapes, racism, or “tinfoil hat” conspiracy nonsense. These “explanations” for this outcry against him provide great camouflage for his silence and refusal to release his original birth certificate. This strategy limits any contempt backlash to only those who oppose him on the eligibility issue and to no one else, thereby greatly reducing the price associated with the public contempt component.

    The benefits Obama gains from stonewalling compared to the price he has to pay for complete disclosure makes the choice to refuse to speak about where he was born and to produce his original birth certificate most attractive for Obama. The stakes are high in this game for the Office of President. Obama has shown that he has the arrogance and audacity to play the game any which way he wants simply to win that Office and greatly profit thereby. The question for many concerned Americans who doubt whether he is eligible to be President is what they can do to get the nation’s political, legal, and social institutions to adequately and honestly investigate and decide whether he is indeed qualified to be President. Obama’s strategy is now preventing these Americans from learning the truth about whether he is eligible to be President. The ball is in the court of those who challenge Him.

    © Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
    Jamesburg, New Jersey

  3. gailbullock says:

    Funny how the naysayers never mentioned that Israel stopped firing for three hours in order for civilians to get out of harm’s way, or that there were two rocket launchers found in the school afterwards.

    Has John Cardillo accepted your offer of appointment as Secretary of Homeland Security? We NEED y’all! The number of pledged votes for you is mounting, Jeff.

  4. MaryAlice says:

    Application for Stay by Orly Taitz

    USSC #08A524 referred by Chief Justice Roberts to the Court distributed for Review at regular Friday Conference 1/23/09.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I believe one thing Americans fail to realize, and for the matter the rest of the world, is that Israel has been fighting the war on terror everyday since its inception. What we fail to come to terms with is that there is pure evil in the world that does not desire peace. They will fight to the death to rid the world of Jews and for that matter anyone who does not bow to the teachings of a lunatic. People need to understand that while peace is the ultimate goal, it will never be realized until Muslims live peacefully with Jews.

    Don’t hold your breath… and prepare to be next.

  6. allison says:

    Between the U.N. and Panetta (now being backed to head the CIA), this country is screwed. I’m thinking it’s time to move. Not sure where to, but out of the U.S. for a few years.

  7. Kris says:

    Let’s face it. The world has been terrorized by the thugs who will do abominable things to other humans. Everyone is afraid – especially the spineless media and the cult of PC like those in the UN.

    This bombing could be considered as another suicide bombing against their own – killed by their own bombs set up. How many other such crimes against the innocent have gone unreported since it involves the protected enemy of peace by the so called “protectors” of peace in the global institutions that really advocate the culture of death.

  8. Claudia says:

    Have any of you ever noticed that it is always the BULLY who goes home whining that everybody mistreated them while they were doing horrible things to their classmates in school? Same theory here, but this time, the UN and the teachers (PC bunch) are all lining up on the side of the thugish Bully and crying foul, while the persons who are trying valiantly to protect themselves and their families are the ones who are getting beaten up.

    Shame on the UN and the MSM in this country. Everyone should see it for what it really is…. terrorism by BULLIES.

  9. Jose Alvarez says:

    Sometimes I think that the UN and the mainstream media have been bought by even higher, more sinister, and more secretive global powers that have a hidden coordinated agenda for this world.I have grown accustomed to see the mainstream media follow what seems an identical clone script of the outlay of news reporting. The UN and the mainstream media call evil good, and good, evil. I really believe that there is a greater more secretive agenda at play that can consistently condemn Israel and absolve Hamas. Always look behind the scenes! Jesus calls it the intents and motivations of the heart

  10. Mary Ann says:

    Jeff, funny you should mention this. I was screaming at my TV just this evening when ABC’s reporter gave the death toll on Palestinian civilians, but not on Israeli civilians. It just makes me so flaming mad I could bite a ten-penny nail in two!

    I think it was Allison who posted about moving some place else…my husband and I have been mulling over that idea since way before Nov. 4. Trouble is, Islam and sharia law have infiltrated so many different countries it is hard to find a place to go. The UK and Australia are farther along with their socialism than we are here (although it looks as though we’ll be catching up fast).

    We need someone to discover an island someplace (warm) so that we can move in, set up, and restore our republic (or create another). :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mary Ann wrote:
    …I think it was Allison who posted about moving some place else…my husband and I have been mulling over that idea since way before Nov. 4…

    You need to be aware that if you are American citizens, if you do leave the U.S, you are still required to pay taxes to the IRS, even though you are living some place else. As far as I know, America is the only country with this requirement.

    One website that may have some info:


    Good luck.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Keep in mind that the five rockets shot from Lebanese territory into Israel were fired near a UNIFIL base.

    UNIFIL Patrol Takes Nights Off, UN Admits Hizbullah Arming from 2006

    Feckless UN should be targeted along with Hamas and Hezbo terrorists.

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