Stop the Bailout Madness NOW!

Five governors petition U.S. government for $1 trillion

According to Reuters, the governors of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin–all Democrats, of course–are encouraging Barack Obama and the federal government to sign over $1 trillion in federal aid to all 50 states in order to help defer infrastructure, education and welfare costs.

That’s one trillion dollars. Trillion, as in a thousand billion. For a trillion seconds to tick off on your wristwatch, for example, it would take 1,688 years.

I have six dollars in my wallet. They want a trillion. I don’t know about you, but I say “no.”

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick actually said that the federal government NEEDS to step in, NEEDS to jump-start the economy. Needs, needs, needs. Now, I can understand the value of strengthened infrastructure when it comes to the national economy in the long term, but reinforcing and further funding infrastructure with funds which will end up coming from raised taxes or devalued currency will only lengthen the downturn we’re seeing right now. Furthermore, augmenting welfare benefits only counteracts the need to bolster the economy with the creation of new jobs, and more federal funding for education will inevitably come with strings attached, and the last time the federal government expanded its role in education we got the federalist nightmare which is the No Child Left Behind Act.

In the Reuters piece, Gov. Patterson of New York was cited as mentioning that 43 states now have budget deficits totaling about $100 billion, with the deficit misery accompanied by plunging tax revenues. I know that the city of Philadelphia alone is facing a $100 million shortfall, which has been responded to by Mayor Michael Nutter by shuttering libraries and draining city pools rather than re-evaluating city-paid vehicles for councilmembers, city-paid art commissioning projects and more.

When my wife and I know that, because of an unexpected expense–the sliding door to my wife’s minivan now isn’t opening at all, automatically or otherwise, a mere month after we put $1200 into spark plugs and ignition coils–we won’t be breaking into the black for a certain month, we know that we have to curtail expenses elsewhere. Maybe we won’t have that dinner out once a month. Maybe we’ll turn the thermostat down a little extra. Maybe my wife will take on an extra day or two, if possible, with the special needs kids she cares for. These states, and indeed the federal government, needs to take the same sort of attitude.

How much does Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Cah-lee-fohr-nee-yah spend on healthcare and education for illegal immigrants? How much does Jennifer Granholm’s Michigan spend on welfare programs with no accompanying work incentive? How much business and income does John Corzine’s New Jersey chase away with insanely high taxes, with policies so counterproductive that tourists are forced to pay for beach tags, just to access the dirty, needle-ridden beaches? How much is Patterson’s New York contributing to that Woodstock museum, to the New York Mets’ and New York Yankees’ new stadiums? South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has come out and told the folks on Capitol Hill that he’s not interested in their money; how does he manage to make it work? As an aside, why should he and his Palmetto State citizens have to pay for fiscal irresponsibility in other states? Why should I?

States from Maine to Washington need to examine each and every line of their budget, and look to other states to see what works and what does not. That’s the beauty of federalism — as Ronald Reagan said in his last State of the Union address,”there are a thousand sparks of genius in 50 states and a thousand communities around the nation — it is time to nurture them and see which ones can catch fire and become guiding lights.” When I see other people who make less than my wife and I and manage to make things work better, I ask what they do to save money, how they pinch pennies different than we do. We’ve learned tricks from other people, and others have learned from us.

In 18 days, this nation is going to be subject to nearly unchecked control by people who, contrary to common sense, believe that higher taxes somehow do not stifle growth and actually bring in more revenue, believe in the merits of a bigger government, of the nanny state, of totalitarianism. At the expense of our currency, at the expense of our economic viability, at the expense of our ability to compete with other industrial markets across the globe, these people are prepared to write a blank check to people that want to throw it away in the name of “social justice,” in the name of “societal engineering,” in the name of the farce that is Global Warming.

It’s got to stop. This bailout madness has got to stop.

Call your representatives. Call your senators. Ask them “where’s MY bailout?” Explain to them that, if they’re not going to spend it responsibly, tell them that you want it back.



  1. Laurie says:


    You once again put into words EXACTLY how I feel!! Wish I could put my feelings down as eloquently as you. This bailout mentality MUST stop!! Continuing down this road is obsurd!!

  2. StuckInMI says:

    If the Dem’s need an example of what higher taxes can do for the citizenry, all they have to do is look at Michigan. We’re hemorrhaging jobs left and right and not just from the Auto industry. We have a lot of high tech jobs that are leaving. Even though Granholm is saying no new taxes, the House is saying 2010 is going to be another 2007 (1.5 billion tax increase)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Reasonable people all know that bailouts are NOT the answer.

    BUT, the current crop of politicians, including most of the Republicans in Washington, are not reasonable people.

    In fact, they are the most unreasonable group money can buy.

  4. seeks truth says:

    You’re right. Even though it seems that our cries fall on deaf ears, we must not stop hounding our elected officials. Let the droning reverberate to 2010 and lets vote ‘em out if they refuse to serve us.

    I will not stop, but I do have to say that I am disheartened that more and more they seem to do whatever they darn well please no matter what the constituency thinks. Think of the mess in Chicago, the vacant Hillary seat, BO’s thumbing his nose at us while bragging to be transparent. Yea, right.

  5. gailbullock says:

    Pick out your campaign colors, Jeff! I just hope you can get in while we still have a two-party system!

    At the rate we’re going, we’re going to be the United States of Mexico and China. And, when Solis sees to it that there is a Latino Union (to include illegal immigrants), you can bet that there will be a shortage of bicycles and tents. No one will be able to afford anything else. Are the Democrats INSANE?

    I started to ask “Don’t they realize that the more government control there is over the people, the less freedom the people have,” but yes, they DO realize that in Washington, D.C.!

    President Bush said at the beginning of his first term, “What I like most about the Presidency is the POWER.” And now we could possibly have an ultra-liberal with questionable background, associates, and alliances at the wheel. God, help us! Well, actually, He did. He gave us Jeff Schreiber!

  6. cpabooks says:

    OB is in trouble. Ed Hale said tonight that a PI has seen his birth certificate gleaned from a port of entry ( place not revealed). ‘Seems that discovering Stanley Ann’s name included the initial “D” before the last name “Obama” lead the PI to the certificate…That name came from the divorce decree between the Obama’s in 1964.

  7. Janet says:

    Jeff, this is a little off topic (OK, very off topic), but an amazing discovery as written on the newly found and delivered divorce agreement between Stanley Ann Dunham Obama and Barack Hussein Obama I. Her attorney’s name and guess what? He is still alive and practicing!

    Jeff, are you interested in calling this man and asking him if little Barack was born in Hawaii or Kenya or elsewhere? He would know!!!

    Stanley Ann Dunham Obama divorced Barack Hussein Obama in 1964. Her attorney was:

    George L. T. Kerr

    Here’s his contact information.

    Now here’s a man who could give us the facts if approached properly.

  8. sharon says:

    Stuck in MI, I am stuck here too!! Our state is still in the original recession of 2001,,, Jenny has been a real prize hasn’t she? I was surprise her name was not on the handout list… Stuck, how in God’s name did she get reelected? and by so much when no one can stand the socialist? ACORN?

  9. Claudia says:

    In Nevada here,, we are about 1 Billion in debt and hemmorrhaging jobs, house foreclosures and Illegal Immigrants that are bleeding the State to death. If we would stop supporting the Illegals in all facets that they are using, shooling, health care, housing, school lunches and breakfasts for the children (free, of course) and all sorts of other things that regular citizens don’t get even if they are dirt poor, and the illegals get handed to htem without a question asked, Welfare payments called SSI and Medicaid that even I as a Senior retiree on Disability who has worked all my life can’t get, because I make $10 over the basic maximum amount to qualify, yet they are driving Cadillac Escalades and I drive a Subaru, and now they are wanting to take money from all departments of help for Seniors and Disabled to keep kids in College, for what??? Those kids only want to be in college to smoke another bowl of crack and be with thier friends — chillin, and the Chancelor of Education here won’t let his budget be cut, because he says it isn’t fair that the kids might have to pay higher tuition, but my services are severly cut already and will be cut more so that kids can get help to go to college — right on, keep in draining the system and pretty soon there will be nothing left of the system to drain. And today, now there was an item on the TV about since the gas prices have gone so low, now tey want to raise the taxes on the gas prices so that more money can be put to jobs for road construction and school repair and, and who knows what…. and we already pay just about the highest tax rate for gas here in Nevada and especially in Washoe County at $.51/per gallon, and what will happen to those taxes that we will all be paying when the gas price per gallon goes back up to $4.00/per gallon, you can bet that the gas taxes won’t be lowered or rescinded, NO WAY, NO MORE, NO BAILOUTS….

    Amd Obama will be the President who won’t asy NO to any tax increase and will say YES to total welfare, but the welfare in Nevada doesn’t even keep a person alive, so where are we going to get the money to stay warm and drive to town or buy groceries??? I don’t know anymore, and if the prices start going into double digit and tripple digit inflation, then where will every person who is on a fixed income be??? And companies get huge bailouts so that their CEO’s won’t loose their golden parachute worth billions….. seems pretty sick to me. Obama wants to take from th rich and give to the poor, ya, you bet he does, in a pigs eye. He didn’t enjoy that vacation he had in Hawaii too much did he? And now he will be staying (at taxpayers-doners expense) at that nice pricey hotel for a few weeks costing about $3,000 per nite, but he really wants to help the poor in thsi country…

  10. Anonymous says:

    My take on this is that the bailouts and subsequent catastrophic meltdown of America as we know it are directly from the middle of the left/obama playbook.

    Remember this: the libs are hungry for power and the sooner they destroy the American way of life, the sooner they can rebuild it to their liking. They will sell any bailout as “we must do this or martial law will be declared.” Consent by fear.

    Then when it all goes bad, they say “give it time, it will work out.” Finally, it’s too late, and either you do it their way or….. Thus, we have martial law and the end of the United States of America as we know it.

    All because of a few power-hungry policitians who choose to win at all costs. So now, the question is How Far Will You Allow Yourselves to be Pushed? When will you say ENOUGH? And what is your commitment to throwing these thieves and thugs out of office by whatever means necessary?

    When injustice becomes law, Revolution is the response.

  11. gailbullock says:

    Jeff, after I finish designing my yard sign, I’ll photograph it and email it to you. Just tell me what year to put on it!

    You think I’m kidding?

  12. RC says:

    Quick summary: It has been reported that trillions of collective dollars not shown in government Budget reports are shown through Government CAFR reports and they are virtually never openly-discussed by the syndicated NEWS media, both the Democratic and Republican Party members, the House, Senate, and organized public education. With, and being that the CAFR is “the” accounting document for every local government, and with it being effectively “BLACKED OUT” for open mention over the last 60 years, that this fact of intentional omission of coverage is the biggest conspiracy that has ever taken effect in the United States.
    “GROSS” INCOME of government is now 1/3rd “TAX” income and 2/3rds NON-TAX income derived from: return on INVESTMENTS and money generated from government Enterprise projects.

    What is CAFR?

  13. Jim says:

    Jeff –
    Thank you for everything you do here. You’re a lone voice of measured reasonableness and eloquent common sense.

    Run and you’ve got my vote.

    Do you know of anything about Cerberus Capital Management? Their political envolvement with Chrysler, GMAC, GM, subprime mortgages and the Fed are disturbing. These guys seem to be begging for and getting loads of our money to bail out their investments and they’re filthy rich.

    The news today is that GMAC (51% Cerberus) is relaxing their lending standards on auto loans now that they are lending our billions in bail out money.

    Isn’t this exactly how we got into this mess to begin with?

  14. StuckInMI says:


    It was a combination of the way Amway (Dick DeVos Company) was perceived and the entitlement base we have here. Granholm is on the handout list, she’s putting a lot of hope into this ‘bailout’ Obama’s proposing to help fill the budget gap. I can’t see our Government making the necessary cuts to balance the budget. They didn’t do it in 2007. I wonder how that new unwanted MSP building is coming along.

  15. Sherry says:

    I’m going to throw up – Bill Ayers is writing for Huffington Post now. This is just sickening.

  16. Anonymous says:

    troubleshooter here…
    Once upon a time a good fellow exposed the hidden $$$$$$$ in his home states budget/accounting document: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
    As it goes the man’s life turned into a living hell…ouch cried the greedy
    a nerve had been hit! While the entrusted continually bleated fiscal shortfall the CAFR showed billions to maybe even trillions of
    funny money accounts? Non the less as more light was shed on CAFR’s and the knowlege of the fiction became evidenced…few ‘talk w/ the govenor’ type call in radio formats had the elected overjoyed to speak about ‘the-books’: bbb rrrroookkkee
    they bleat. God bless you thinkers out there…seek the CAFR for your state you Shepard’s of liberty. Your rod and staff will assist in keeping the tyrannical wolves at bay…all enemies both foreign (DC) and domestic (the several states)
    Eph 5:11

  17. Fernley Girl says:

    Assume Obama is installed. The spending bill the House wants to have ready for him to sign on “day one” is ready, passed, the signed by Obama. Would members of the public then have standing to sue to challenge the legality of the bill due to Obama’s dual citizenship?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Janet— I think you will find that George Kerr died in 1998? of cancer.

  19. Anonymous says:


    Another column that really hits the mark.

    The only part that needs to be changed is the cartoon of Uncle Hussein shaking down that guy. Instead of Uncle H’s little finger being extended, it should be his more usual gesture, with his middle finger extended — to us, the citizen taxpayers.

  20. goddessdivine says:


    Who’s going to bailout America when we’ve reached economic meltdown from all the bailouts? Ridiculous.

    If the average American has to learn to live within its means, why can’t our govt? You would think that after 200+ years of existence we would learn how to budget more effectively. I’m so tired of our politicians carelessly spending tax-payer funds.

  21. Anonymous says:

    There is an old idea I have applied to my life: “Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.” That has made my life work.

    Bail outs and “stimulus plans” don’t work. The last stimulus effort by Bush failed miserabley as I predicted it would. Now the financially ignorant Democrats want to repeat “what doesn’t work”. Isn’t this coming close to one of the definitions of insanity? As a realtor, my profession was among the first to see the financial crisis coming three years ago. I came up with a solution and wrote an article about it, then. I published it any where and every where I could. Some people felt that I wasn’t protecting myself because others would steal my ideas. I said, I am putting this out there so they can steal my ideas if it makes this economy work and saves us from major economic problems. The plan isn’t perfect. It was simply a suggestion for other creative people to take and improve upon. It is still better than the current “bailout programs at the high cost to the tax payers. The article is titled:

    My Suggestions to Solve the Economic Problems.

    The sky is falling and dooms day is near according to the news media. What has fallen are American home prices, the value of the dollar and the rest of you know what rolled down hill with the declining real estate market. With all the news media is reporting about a soon upon us recession, a yo yo stock market, and the millions of unsold homes in the nation, it creates nothing but public panic and hysteria. It reminds me of the old song, “Where have all the flowers gone?” This one should go “where has all the money gone?” Or should we sing “where have all the qualified buyers gone?” What has increased are foreclosures, builder inventory, and resale houses.

    The only dooms day that hit the planet was the crashing of the sub prime market which was inevitable. Now the public is blaming the lenders for the great big economic pit we are in. When I say we, it includes the whole planet. (When America gets into trouble, so does the rest of the world.) Now the lenders are striking back with stricter parameters for buyers to qualify for home loans. This reduces the number of potential buyers while the housing inventory on the market continues to increase. Lenders are eating lots of unwanted vacant standing inventory and collecting no revenue. That puts them in the real estate business. No, No! No!

    Is it really dooms day? Are there no creative solutions beyond Bush’s exceptionally stupid plan of giving every American earning under $80,000 a year $600? When American economy found itself in quick sand beginning in the early ’90′s, real estate sales came to a near halt. Interest rates were around 13% in those bad old days. Property values dropped below the dollar amount of the loans on the properties. The news media was reporting then was the sky is falling and dooms day was upon us. Ha! Ha! Something magical happened. The lenders became original thinkers for a change and created short pay mortgage. It was a very simple idea that helped prevent some foreclosures and got the market moving a little. Lenders simply made their choice based upon which was more economically beneficial for them. Would they lose less money in a short pay deal or a foreclosure was their criteria.

    Then, the lenders lowered their qualification standards for home loans. They got real creative and came up with all kinds of tricky, clever interest only or choose your payment plan loans. The sub prime market became a feeding frenzy. Good old Greenspan began boldly moving the interest rate digits downward. The first time in almost forty years the interest rates were are low as 5%. Once again real estate was booming. Builders were building and selling first phase homes at very affordable prices. America was, once again saved by real estate. Happy days were here again!

    In the shadows of those happy days were the soothsayers and goats chanting; “The bubble is going to burst, the bubble is going to burst, the bubble is going to burst.” The optimists just kept on claiming there is no bubble and this is the standard for real estate hence forward. Happy days are here to stay. What happened? The bubble burst! Now, American people are facing one of the toughest economic times since the great depression. (I know, I shouldn’t say the “D” word.)

    The worst part of the problem today is, the bubble burst with the interest rates already at an historical low. The bubble burst at a time loan qualifying was so easy even a homeless could qualify for a loan. Now housing prices have dropped in some areas by as much as 40%. Housing prices are lower than they have been in the last five years. This means the solutions that used to work to motivate buyers and get the market moving again don’t seem to be working in today’s current situation. In spite of the recent drops in the interest rates by the Feds, the market continues to remain stagnant.

    What now? Why are the buyers not rushing to take advantage of the amazing buyers market with the lowest possible interest rates? Literally, this is the greatest market the buyers are ever going to see. When the market returns with a vengeance, buyers will never again see buying opportunities like there are now!

    There are plenty of qualified buyers hiding under the rocks likes eels. The only reason they are not buying now is because they believe if they wait long enough the prices will go down substantially more. Being the clever buyers they consider themselves to be, they are determined to wait it out. It reminds me of the old Mexican stand off. “You go first. No you go first.”

    This has got to stop! Housing prices are very low, the interest rates are at their lowest, and sellers will negotiate. Good loans are still available. The challenge is to get the qualified buyers off their reclining chairs and into the real estate offices making offers. Since the already low interest rates and housing prices haven’t moved them, the lenders will have to go to the next level. What can be done now to get the market moving again? First of all let’s first understand, this is a fantastic buyer’s market.

    The way to get the economy moving again is to stop buyers from waiting for prices to go lower and start buying. Once the real estate market becomes active again, the rest of the economy will follow. The answer to do this can be given in one word; incentives. INCENTIVES! Though the amount, and details will be debated in the lenders’ board rooms, here are my suggestions to move the buyers to move the market. Lenders can set up an emergency program offering anywhere from a 5% to 8% rebate on the purchase price of the home to all qualified buyers who buy a home between March 2008 and April 2009. The buyers will receive their rebate two years after the close of escrow providing they have made their monthly payments on time for two years in a row. The lenders could stipulate 5% rebate on all homes $500,000 or more. The lender could vary the rebate on lesser priced homes. For example a $150,000 purchase price might get an 8% rebate and a $300,000 price might get a 6% rebate. While this suggestion is no more than a thumbnail sketch, it is a plan that lenders can use and refine. This plan will motivate buyers to buy now.

    This will get the market moving now. This would begin to diminish the excessive amount of vacant standing inventory. Resale houses will begin to sell after the foreclosure inventory is sold. It would begin revenue flow to the lenders again. It would get cash flowing into the American economy again. In two years all the buyers who purchased in 2008 would get a sizable chunk of money to reinvest in a vacation home or some other challenge. The two years the buyers have been paying their mortgages on time would give lenders enough money to pay for the rebate. During these two years, people who are border line qualifiers for home loans would have time to clean up their credit and qualify for a home loan. The beginning of the third year would enjoy the first signs of the return of happy days are here again! People might be singing; “Where have all the houses gone?”

    usa patriots-shout

  22. BUD NC says:


    Welcome to the club of “The burden of elderly people of American Society”

    Do your remember which generation, we went from the”Land of the Free”
    When all people coming to America, had the right to work and earn the “American Dream ” To change their way of life not our’s, When school classes started with the Pledge and a Prayer.The Supreme Court used the “Bill of Rights” and the Constitution, regulated by or ruling according to the Constitution.. From the “Land Of Free” to the “Land of Entitlement”

    Was it our fault for wanting a better life for our children.Our parents fault for wanting us to have a better life.
    Or the generations of “White Guilt???

  23. Anonymous says:

    I live in California and the deep doo-doo this state is in can be attributed, in part, to the high proportion of illegal aliens living here who have filed and been given welfare benefits and whose many children are enrolled in the public schools.

    Any bailout money would go towards replenishing this fund and as long as illegal aliens can be approved for these benefits, I say no, even though at some point this year I may have to apply for welfare.

  24. Anonymous says:

    So – why don’t we really bailout America? Restructure all student loan debt so that it is reduced as to interest rates and amortized over 50 years. That would really loosen up funds for folks who are in the highest buying mode – people with families who are strapped with mortgages and student loans. Reduce the student loans and the voters are really advantaged.

    I am 62 and well beyond this need, but I would rather see young people keep their homes than keep paying Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

  25. Janet says:

    Yes, Ann’s (BO’s mom)lawyer died, but his client info would have been given to his partners. We can call them Monday morning and ask if the baby Obama mentioned in the divorce papers was born in Kenya? Couldn’t hurt to ask!

    George L. T. Kerr

    Here’s his contact information.
    Just call the firm.

  26. Paraphrasing Thatcher: says:

    Socialists always run out of other people’s money to spend.

  27. sharon says:

    Stuckin MI, thank you for the response… It is wonderful to know there are like minded people here like us. I get so frustrated with situation here. I will never understand how the state can continue electing the same individuals year after year… I am afraid you are correct about the entitlement state here. I am not sure if you have noticed, but the people I come in contact with (work) are so pro government insurance it is crazy.

  28. Claudia says:

    Bud, NC,
    I think that the problems got started with our generation when we started having children and we just wanted to love them sooooo much and give them everything because they were so precious to us, and I don’t know how old you are Bud, but I had already watched the assissinations of Jack Kennedy and Oswald and felt that the world was coming apart at that time, because our country wasn’t supposed to be that vulnerable and no one was supposed to assissinate our President….. so we cherished oour children OVERMUCH — and caved in and gave them everything their little hearts wanted and never learned to say NO to that pretty little smile, let alone teach them the hard way, (although some of us did and we made pretty good kids that have grown up to be pretty responsible from what we taught them, I know mine did) and then the generation of flower power came on the scene and all of our best energies were put to stopping those darling little ones we cherished from going into that abyss called the druggie with pot, free love and acid rock. And then the next generation who were those kids didn’t even think twice cause socialism was the name of the game then and free love and communes and the Marxist ways were being integrated into life at that time, just look at Obama and you can see exactly where it started, he is 47 years old and that means the downhill slide started just about 1964-65 in earnest. We just thought we were doing good for our kids, but our parents knew better and they tried to warn us, but we didn’t listen, because we were “smart”……. at least smarter than they were at that time. Or so we thought. Yes, most of it started directly from those of us who are at that door, knocking on retirement age right now, and we didn’t know what we were creating, did we?

  29. Jeff Schreiber says:

    With regard to the grammatical comment, I don’t mind at all — but I think I’m right on this one.

    If I go someplace with my daughter, it’s “my daughter and I.”


  30. yig yag says:

    We’re all screwed. It’s time to get get together and eliminate the scum .Or, are u going to keep talking smack and do nothing while you’re country is taking n converted into garbage in front of u. Stand up. R u ready?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the grammar question, it all depends on whether your pronoun (I or Me in this case) is the subject of the verb or the object of the verb. Consider these two sentences, both of which are correct, with “went” being the main verb:

    “My daughter and I went to the mall.”

    “Our neighbor went with my daughter and me to the mall.”

    A simple way to check your usage is to reduce the sentences down to pronouns only:

    “I went to the mall.”

    “Our neighbor went with me to the mall.”

    That digression aside, Jeff, I have to say on behalf of the Silent Majority who come to this site every day but rarely post, Thank you! I’m awed that you can produce so much thoughtful material while also pursuing a full personal life.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I, like everyone here, am sick and disgusted with the bailouts…it is ridiculous to think we have elected these buffoons who have no financial restraint or knowledge. Our country is being sold down the river to countries like China and Saudia Arabia and these idiots are totally oblivious. They add to the outrage by voting themselves a pay raise…for what???? None of them deserve one more penny and we should DEMAND that this be retracted. Our New Year’s resolution should be to write letters every day, make phone calls, send e-mails, do everything we can to EDUCATE our citizens to what is being done to our country. We are dooming our children and grandchildren to disaster…we must find new leaders of honesty and integrity who will be good examples for the next generation…we need to vote out of office the incumbents who have contributed to this debacle. May God help us to make this a year in which we get back to the basics on which our nation was founded…some of us (myself included) have sat idly by while our country has been plundered…NO MORE!! I am thankful that we have sites like this which provide information and an avenue of expression for our ideals. Let’s UNITE and take our country back! This is no time to wring our hands and worry about what is going to happen…let’s get up, share our ideas and go to work! God Bless America!

  33. Old Codger says:

    Jeff, the person who corrected you (was it Nancy?) was right.

    Don’t be afraid of “me.”

    Poor “me” gets shunted aside in favor of “I” way too often. Misuse of that personal pronoun is probably the most common grammatical error. It probably stems from kids being admonished to not say “me and Billy went to ….”

    Here’s a sure-fire way to determine whether to use “I” (the subjective case) or “me” (the objective case): Just mentally remove the other subject or object.

    In other words, think to yourself, “sent an invitation to [my wife and] me.” You’d never say “sent an invitation to “I” and it doesn’t change just because you have two recipients — the pronoun is the object of the action, thus “objective case,” regardless how many others are included. You wouldn’t predict that we’d “see I” on HGTV even if you were seen with your wife; we’d still “see me.”

    Here’s some impetus to start correcting yourself. Both Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are guilty of misusing personal pronouns. Barack told Meredith Viera that “this was somebody who had married Michelle and I, who had baptized our children.” Shoulda said “married Michelle and me.” Then Michelle, defending against the elitism charge, said “let me give you a better sense of who me and Barack are and why we’re doing this.” A “better sense of who me are”?

    Both wrong. Not right. (Definitely not Right.)

    Remember, just mentally subtract everyone except yourself and you’ll get it right. (teeheehee)

  34. Carlyle says:

    in re Grammar

    The correct form of “XXX and me” or “XXX and I” depends on were and how it is used in the sentence. This rule will ALWAYS work and will tell you instantly which is right.

    Replace “XXX and me” or “XXX and I” with just “me” or “I”. See which one sounds right. That will tell you which form to use.

    For example:

    My daughter and I went to the store. John went with my daughter and me.

    Carlyle (Mr. Smartypants)

  35. Anonymous says:


    What we need to do is FIRE everybody in Washington. Then hire people at about half the present salary. They could use the same health plans (VA) that the Armed Forces have and have the same retirement(Social Security) that the middle class has. We could let them pay for their own lobster and steak lunches just like we do(IF we have any). They could pay for their own transportation costs. Unlike now, they WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE THEMSELVES RAISES. To top it off, they could be LIMITED to a maximum of SIX years. THIS is what our founding fathers had in mind.

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