Is Remission Possible for those with Bush Derangement Syndrome?

Is Barack Obama’s victory alone a cure for Bush Derangement Syndrome?

According to Andie Coller at Politico, the lovely, cheery folks at seem to think so. Apparently, at a recent meeting of the minds (or lack thereof), the higher-ups at the radical left-wing organization decided to cull many of the driving forces and motivations behind their–hold for sarcasm–uplifting and optimistic activist ways. From the article:

Last week, the group’s members chose their top four priorities for the organization, winnowed down from a top-10 list culled from 50,000 suggestions. The decisions they weighed would determine in large part whether the group would become a friend or foe of the Obama administration, a player or a gadfly in progressive politics, a piece of the Democratic machine or a thorn in the party’s side.

What they chose: universal health care; economic recovery and job creation; building a green economy; stopping climate change; and end the war in Iraq.

What they didn’t: holding the Bush administration accountable; fighting for gay rights and LGBT equality; and reforming campaigns and elections.

Methinks the people at MoveOn have grossly underestimated the bitterness found just beneath the gritty, rarely-showered surface of so many of those on the American political left. It can be seen in the occasional weather- and time-washed “Kerry/Edwards” and “Gore/Lieberman” stickers found still clinging to the rear bumpers of Volvo and Subaru wagons in the American northeast and northwest and selected pockets inbetween. It can be heard in line at the local Starbucks or Trader Joe’s (which I love, by the way) or health food store. It can be found in any given classroom on any given educational level on any given school day. Find a liberal, ask them about any topic, and watch as it gets traced back, somehow, to the Bush administration and its “lies,” “failed policies” and “endless war.”

Of course, not all left-leaning folks are so afflicted by Bush Derangement Syndrome, just like certainly not all are anything but often-showered. Still, even I found myself amazed this past summer when I exchanged e-mails with a very nice, very reasonable, longtime liberal friend who had just rented a Ford Escape hybrid while on vacation with his wife and children in northern California — in the course of one short paragraph, his description of the vehicle’s versatility and its excellent gas mileage descended into “Dick Cheney is pure, unadulterated evil.”

This sort of hatred certainly sank one presidential candidate this year, and it may very well have elected another. It took people who couldn’t name a single politician’s stance on a single political issue, yet cast their vote nonetheless against an administration not even on the ballot. This sort of hatred became a political platform in itself in 2008, and this sort of hatred doesn’t go away easily.

Even if does indeed restrict itself to the few priorities decided upon in that recent meeting, even if the group does limit its venom and vitriol to universal health care, to employment, to the farce that is global warming and to waving the white flag in the Global War on Terror, I fail to see how they’ll possibly be able to avoid tying each and every issue to the perceived indiscretions of President George W. Bush.

A little less than four years from now, when we’re preparing to fight President Barack Obama and his reelection hopes, we’ll see just how much of his own failure to properly address the problems facing this country will be blamed upon the current state of affairs handed over to him by the 43rd president of the United States during the days, weeks and months we’re living now.



  1. Ladalang says:

    Obama’s entire first term will be to blame Bush, that’s a forgone conclusion. And since he’s a puppet for the same masters as Bush, nothing will change other than us moving closer to socialism and ultimately dictatorship. When the Republic is just a distant memory, the hatred will never look for solutions but always the blame game. We need to shake off the stink and start getting down to business. It is easier to take the money and power and just blame. My hope is Obama will do what the people think he will and not what I know he will.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Another excellent piece!! Outstanding job as usual.

    Hope your Holiday was truly Blessed and that the New Year brings you and yours much happiness and peace!

  3. Author says:

    Obama may be handed the current state of affairs by George W., but one must keep in mind what controls the congress. If the bunch of do nothings would have not played stupid games and had listened to those that were trying to warn them that the country was headed for a recession, but no the

  4. Bobby K. says:

    Jeff, as you say, we will just have to wait and see. But as before they will find a way to spin this back on Pres., they can't help themselves. We will see have popular O is about Aug, Sept, when the checks aren't in the mail. All those people waiting for him to pay for their mortgage, gas bill, & light bills will be really ticked off.
    An article in the NYT has already started blaming Bush for the housing crisis, where there is ink there is a way…..

    Happy New Year to you and your family ..

  5. gailbullock says:

    Interesting blog, Jeff. Haven’t dug into it yet, but it got me to thinking. Will toss it to you for others to ponder. Our government has grown to mind-boggling size. The US Dept of Ed needs to go (first), and agencies such as Homeland Security should have to prove itself worthy of “staying in business” to keep from being abolished. The feds have NO BUSINESS in local school systems! The sad fiasco in New Orleans on the feds part during Katrina should have opened some eyes, too. And, watch out for anything embodying the term “global” because the United States isn’t global, although there seems to be a movement to “remedy” that. Government sees the answer to everything in the terms of billions of dollars, but people can’t eat money (global poverty); they eat food! We didn’t NEED the visitor’s center at the Capitol Building, especially when it is slanting history with its exhibits. That money could have been put to better use. It is insulting to us for pork barrel legislation to be slipped into bills at the last minute under the guise of being something else. Those bills should be considered for their own subject matter under separate titles. Our message to our congressional representatives should be that, either they represent the American people and uphold our Constitution, or they go home! Pure and simple.

    I am as serious as a heart attack about your running for POTUS as soon as you’re eligible, Jeff. You’re genuine, clean, honest, and family oriented. I’m already spreading the word that you would be the best candidate for America’s return to its dream of a country with secure borders, lowered taxes, smaller government, and a bright future under God, Whom we trust.

  6. Bodenzee says:

    Slightly off topic, but I have to ask. Why is it that whenever I see an automobile festooned with stickers I find a liberal at the wheel? Do liberals all feel compelled to tell others what to think?

  7. Libs and Cons says:


    Libs = emotional, in-your-face ranters. Loose cannons.

    Conservatives = rational thinkers who prefer to look for solutions while remaining in the background.

    Goes hand-in-hand that many of us petitioned Jeff to retain a poster’s anonymity.

  8. BDS says:


    You are correct. Let’s not be like them and develop ODS.

    Let us not blame, but look with humility at the real problem: people who will not hold their elected officials accountable, and a country who has put their hope in materialism and economics rather than a hope in God.

  9. Bobby says:

    It is because all liberals are ‘non-conformist”, but they conform to all driving subarus with bush hating stickers on the back. Irony at it’s best.

  10. kris says:

    Well, it is beginning now to appear to the libs/progressives that Obama’s “new/change” policies, so far, are really more Bush … of all things! When it hits them the disillusion may just morph into Bush/Obama or BO derangement syndrome.

  11. PattyW says:

    I would like to add something to your list of things caused by global warming…. the current economic crisis! And it could get worse if more people REALLY decide to live “green” and unplug, disconnect, turn off, stop buying and grow their own, etc. The adds on children’s tv just make me sick. They encourage kids to live “green” by going to their website and playing computer games! No one wants us to REALLY be green! There’s no money in it. Just ask the Amish!

  12. says:

    “Slightly off topic, but I have to ask. Why is it that whenever I see an automobile festooned with stickers I find a liberal at the wheel? Do liberals all feel compelled to tell others what to think?”

    I dunno. Have to ask the person at my daughters school who has the back of her minivan covered from top to bottom with conservative and far-right stickers.

    Bumper-sticker overdose seems to affect people on the far-right AND the far-left. :-)

  13. carder says:

    Gail Bullock,
    I second your cardiac arrest. Got that, Jeff?

  14. claudia says:

    hey, all you out there who think that ONLY Libs drive Subarus, I live in the west, in Nevada, and drive a Subaru because it handles so well in all the weather conditions we face out here, ie, snow storms, mud and high winds, and has very good drivability in all, being a Subaru. I am a Bush person almost all the way, have never had a LIBERAL sticker of any type on my window or bumper…… NOR would I ever in a million years consider it any kind of positive thing to be compared, even slightly, to a Liberal or a Democrat, in any way.
    So, please, in the interest of fairness and not categorizing people because of something they drive for its safety in all conditions, lighten up on us SUbaru owners……

    You know waht Subaru spells backwards…… URABUS

  15. BUD NC says:

    Gail bullock

    I was wondering what agencies under the Dept of Homeland Security needs to prove itself worthy “of staying in business”to keep from being abolished.

    All Federal law enforcement agencies and Coast Guard, Army CID and Navy NCIS are in DHS. After Katrina FEMA was placed in DHS.. And the Patriot Act brought all State and Local law enforcement under DHS.

    It would be interesting to see what people think about the FBI Secret Service, Border Patrol ect

  16. BUD NC says:

    psalm 2008-2012

    Obama is my shepherd,

    I shall not want.

    He leadet me beside still factory

    He restorth my faith in the Republican Party.

    He guideth me in the paths of unemployment.

    Yea though I walk through the valley of the bread lines.

    I shall not go hungry.

    Obamahas anointed my income with taxes.

    My expenses runneth over my income.

    Surely poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of my life.

    The Democrats and I will live in a rented room.

    But Im glad Im an American

    Im glad that Im free.

    But I wish I was a dog.

    And Obama a tree

  17. Claudia says:

    Heye BUD NC, that Pbama leadeth me psalm was very good. still laughing. Thanks, you made my night

  18. I Beam says:

    Has any one else noticed the subtle shift in wording from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” that has taken place in the last few weeks?

    Any ideas who the brain-child was for this momentous shift or at which gab-fest this occured or even why they felt the need to change?

  19. goddessdivine says:

    Libs just have to feel justified in their thinking….as well as the need to share it with the world. I love how they think they are ‘independent’ thinkers; but they all just conform to the same garbage of big govt and socialist ideas.

    Personally, I’m tired of the anti-Bush mantra. Funny how a liberal Congress gets away with murder!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Since we have been having record cold and global warming is met with increasing skepticism, climate change is much better. Climate change means any bad weather, hot or cold.

    As for Obama I think his glitter will wear off quickly. In 2010 republicans can argue that dems have had control for four years – are you better off now than you were four years ago?

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