Merry Christmas!

From the Schreiber family to yours,
Merry Christmas.


  1. Malcolm says:

    Merry Christmas Jeff!
    Thanks for all your hard work to keep us up to date about what’s happening. I hope you have a nice and relaxing holiday.
    Oh and I like the Christmas picture.

  2. Lee Strong says:

    A Christmas Poem

    Oh, to have been a shepherd or a king
    and to have heard those angels sing
    or to have seen that star so bright
    upon that holy Christmas night.

    But Christmas transcends both time and place
    and we can share in that night’s grace
    when like those humble ones back then
    we heed God’s call and proclaim, “Amen.”

  3. Summer_Breeze says:

    And a Merry Christmas to you and your family Jeff.

  4. hokiedokie24 says:

    Jeff, thanks for all you do. God Bless you and your family. Merry Christmas!!


  5. gailbullock says:

    Thank you, Jeff, and a Merry Christmas to you and your family, too! And, a Merry Christmas to Chris Hatem and Rick Saunders as well. Beautiful photo, by the way.

    Jeff, you are “on top of things” and do a wonderful job of writing. Your messages bring a sense of peace to us in a time when there is not much peace of mind over the issues facing us. Chris and Rick have extended this peace by shedding light on the truth. I have thanked you before for every word you write; and I thank you for adding them to your stable of writers on America’s Right.

    I just pray that the honorable US Supreme Court justices feel the same way about shedding light on the issues in conflict with our nation’s Constitution and get this whole mess resolved.

    Merry Christmas, everybody!

  6. American Genie says:

    Thank you, Jeff, for all you do to keep us informed. Merry Christmas to you & your's.

    Let's pray for some miracles in the new year starting with no coronation on January 20.

    God bless America.

  7. cltvcoyote says:

    And a very Merry Christmas to you and your wife and chid. You have done much for our group of readers here and I am sure that we all want the best to come to you. Have a WONDERFUL DAY…….

  8. Jule says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. A big “thank you” for all that you do!

  9. SeeksTruth says:

    Merry Christmas!

    Hoping you had a blessed time with family celebrating Christ’s birth!

  10. Jan says:

    Merry Christmas, Jeff!
    May you and your family experience an abundance of blessings from God now and in the new year.
    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

  11. webpet says:


    Thank you for your never ending efforts to keep us intelligently informed on the Obama lawsuits and the many other matters of concern.

    You are a blessing for your sensitive conscience to both God and man and your impeccable integrity. A light in a darken media world.

    Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family who have been so kind to share you with all of us over the past months. God bless you all in the coming new year with prosperity, health and happiness.

    Tom C

  12. Redhawk says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. My family and I just got back from Christmas dinner at my sister’s family home. It is truly one day in the year that we have always reserved just for family and the joy of Christmas. To us that means forget about the world and enjoy church,watching kids open their presents,food and thankfulness we live in America!!!!!!!1

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