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Vladimir Putin is known for his propaganda shots. We’ve seen shirtless photos of him hiking, shirtless photos of him fishing, shirtless photos of him wrasslin’ gators (I made that one up), other photos of him shooting tigers, petting his pet tiger, practicing his Judo skills. It’s all propaganda, meant to endear, meant to intimidate. This is our president. This is The Man in charge. He’s powerful, he’s good-looking, he’s virile, he’s leadership personified.

With our next president–unless Philip Berg’s legal long-shot comes through in a pinch–vacationing in Hawaii with his family, it appears that we’re seeing the same sort of thing. The folks at Bauer-Griffin captured the photo featured above (hence the credit in the corner), and another paparazzo managed to capture all sorts of photos of Obama bodysurfing shirtless while on a beach no doubt crowded with United States Secret Service security.

So, I’m not saying that we’re seeing a whole bunch of manufactured propaganda shots, but it sure seems super convenient. Or, perhaps I’m just jealous, as the president-elect looks pretty trim while I look like I’m in my late second trimester.



  1. Therese Daniels says:

    2009 Challenge
    Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Joyous Holidays to whatever your personal celebrations are! I wish all who read this your highest and best good. May 2009 bring to you and your families all they need to grow, love, and find peace and happiness.

    No doubt every one is glad to see the end of 2008 which may well go down in our personal history as one of the single most difficult year’s of most of our lives. It seems if things were bad, they not only didn’t get better, they got worse. The housing market dropped to an all time low and many people lost their homes, their jobs, their families. If the economic crisis didn’t take their homes a few nasty hurricanes and floods washed away many homes. Americans have been facing many obstacles, challenges, and losses.

    We are yet to face possibly our greatest loss since the American Revolution. We may be facing the loss of our Constitution and Republic with the take over of a Presidential Usurpation. These are dangerous times for Americans. 2009 will be another extremely challenging year. The demands upon all of us will not just be holding ourselves and our families together economically, politically, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. They will be working towards holding America together in her greatest crisis since the Declaration of Independence. This is a time when we will have to work diligently to keep communication flowing as abundantly and factually as possible among ourselves because we are no longer able to obtain necessary information from MSM. This is a time we will have to unite for a single purpose of taking back America and restoring the practice of acting within the criteria of the US Constitution. This is a time when we must take advantage of every means of communications available to us before the “Fair Doctrine Act” and other forms of censorship controls are passed and enforced. They may find a way to interfere with our inter net blogs. This is a time when many people across America will meet and bond based upon love of America as it was created by our Constitution.

    I look forward to doing whatever I can in my limited power for America. I will write letters to elected officials and powers that exist on behalf of the American people, voters and myself. I will write articles and essays and publish them anywhere and everywhere possible to get the message. I will blast on our blogtalkradio. program on behalf of America each and every wrong doing, political misconduct, criminal acts, and violations of our constitution I discover committed by each and every person holding an office of public trust. If you agree, I will ask each and every one, to support me in this effort. I also ask you to do the same. I will also support you in your efforts.

    One letter, one article, one voice at a time until millions of voices of protest will be heard so loud, the thugs who have conspired to steal America by the manipulation of placing a usurper as president will withdraw, retreat, and give up. We will all learn to forever be on guard so as to never again allow the likes of an Obama and his thugs to take over America. Then we will be able sleep with peace of mind knowing that Sarah Palin, and others who will run America with integrity and ability.


  2. Author says:


    That 2nd trimester look is actually referred to as the done laps.

    As in My Belly Done Lapped over my belt.

    Best advice I can give ya’s — get rig of it while your young.

  3. Jule says:

    I’ve been reading your page for quite some time, and felt this an opportune time to leave a comment. I think if Obama wanted to be a “Cover Boy”, then he missed his calling. I’m looking for a leader, not a GQer. I’m baffled by the fact that he can show his bod to the world, but he can’t show the people that elected him his vault birth certificate? Strange behavior.
    Oh yeah, and don’t you worry, you’re a cutie pie!

  4. cltvcoyote says:

    YOu have nothing to be jealours about, per Obama. We like and are loyal to you because of your intelict, integrity, honesty and honor, and patriotism, not because you might fit into an Idol category. Obama fits into none of those above meanings. Merry Christmas…..

  5. sharon says:

    Author, I laughed out loud at the done laps comment… never heard that one before. In regard to the photo op for the next commander in chief, while nothing this man does should surprise me, I find myself surprised none the less….I fear more surprises ahead for all of us in the future… Fight on comrades!!!

  6. sharon says:

    Author, laughed out loud at the done laps comment.. Never heard that one before… In regard to the new commander in chief’s latest photo op, While I should not be surprised at anything this man does, I find my self quite surprised anyway…. Fight on comrades, I believe quite a few surprises ahead of us!

  7. Pole & 18th-21st Street Block Watch says:

    I think he looks very feminine in the chest shots; kind of doughy around the middle and are those man boobs? What has he been lifting marshmallows? Well the only progress I see is a gay drug addict with a beard in office.

  8. winni says:

    What’s next…Calendar President of the Month?
    Has anyone seen Gov Arnold in trunks lately?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I had the opportunity to work out every day for 18 years at the same time and same gym as Arnold Scharwzeneggger. Many body building champions and movie stars as well as Arnold’s best buddies who also worked out there. As much as either Putin or Obama may think they are God’s gift to women, having had the pleasure of working out with some of the most well built and handsome men in the world, I can assure you, for my taste neither of those two ego maniacs are sexy.

    However between Putin and Obama, Putin is the tougher and more skilled in one on one combat. Obama is simply long and skinny. Arnold is right about Obama needing to develop his quads and his arms.

    Truely, the most handsome well built men on the planet are the ones who come home every night to their wives or mates and greet them with hugs and kisses. Those are the most manly men in the world. These are the real kings and leaders.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Obama may look “trim” now, but I have a feeling in a few years he may have to “girdle his loins.”

  11. had-it-up-to-here says:

    Gimme a break, you want to get a few pounds off go ahead, but pleeze don’t be jealous of arugola-munching Obambi..he sashays around like a little girlie man..I find it a little on the repulsive side that the president-elect of the USA has reduced himself to a common hollywood/GQ type bimbo-boy pin-up. I have absolutely NO faith that this man can do the job that he has been “selected” to do..but then add to that the plethora of smatterings of his 1/2 naked pictures all over the place..and I want to head for the hills..talk about over exposure…sometimes I think that if I hear his name one more time I will scream…
    Where have all the men gone? yes the ones who don’t spend inordinate amounts of time feeding their narcissistic needs with their body image..those who work 2 jobs or study at night to get that law degree so that they can provide for their families..it has always been the hard working men and women that have been the backbone of this wonderful country..not the whiny,snot-nosed, prevaricating usurpers who try to pass themselves off as men and cheat their way to the top of the heap..Jeff, realistically, there should be a lot more of you running around…and we all could do with a lot less of THEM…

  12. MUJERLATINA says:

    The way I was brought up, it was considered low class for a man to walk areound without a shirt. I’ve taught my 6 and 9 year-old daughters the same. BHO’s shirtless public meanderings are boorish and the epitomy of the “ugly American” I would wish more class from our President-elect… What’s the old sign in the restaurant window? “No shirt, No shoes, no service.” BHO needs to read etiqutette 101…

  13. Katherine says:

    This is a stupid thread and the comments are even worse. Obama is wearing a bathing suit in this picture. He’s clearly about to swim. It’s no big deal that he is going shirtless on his vacation in hot Hawaii.

    The reason we keep seeing shots of him like this is that the media think it’s what we want to see (and they might be right for a lot of people). Think of how they portrayed Palin! Every photo of her was for sex appeal. Jeff, you yourself even posted some of the legs-only photos of her. Whenever there is a young, attractive politician/candidate, the media will capitalize on his/her sex appeal. Just as I would NEVER blame Palin for the sexy photos, I’m not going to blame Obama for them, either.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Bravo Katherine

    And to the rest of you: pathetic

  15. sharon says:

    Katherine, the POTUS keeps his shirt on period…. end of discussion…I am sure the island is just swarming with security detail..Paparazzi follow movie stars, not Presidents. I am sure the security could prevent the skin shots if they were instructed to…

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