December 23, 2008 — Assigned Reading

Ann Coulter: Sarah Palin — Conservative of the Year
(FROM: Human Events) Great column by Coulter. An even better interview with Palin done by Human Events’ John Gizzi. Both pieces, but especially the interview, reminds me of how blessed we really are to have this remarkable woman, such a natural communicator and rock-solid conservative, as a bright spot in what could otherwise be deemed a dark year. I do believe that Coulter is right in suggesting that she season herself a little bit before going at the big-time again, but I hope she doesn’t take too long.

Conservative Snobs Are Wrong About Palin
(FROM: The Wall Street Journal) Great commentary comparing her with Maggie Thatcher, by someone who knows the former prime minister. For some reason, I’ve been subject to a lot of Palin-bashing over the past few days. People still don’t get it, it seems. It’s not about that Ivy League degree. It’s not about polished, cosmopolitan inflection. It’s about people, and it’s about instincts. Sarah Palin understands people, and she has good political instincts. Would I have liked her to be more prepared? Of course. Does she absolutely need to run in 2012? Not at all. Would she be ready to do so? You betcha.

Top Ten Media Blunders of 2008
(FROM: Politico) Even aside from the Obama eligibility issue, which was not included in Politico’s list, I think it’s absolutely insane that the American public knows more about Joe The Plumber than Barack Obama. Just like with Sarah Palin, the entire mainstream media descended on that man’s life within 24 hours of his emergence into the public eye, yet that same media refused to connect the dots with regard to Obama and any of his wonderful friends. It only highlights how this election cycle proved the power of the biased mainstream press in America. Keep this list handy — there’s life in it yet here at America’s Right. Most of the blunders were covered here, I think, and I’d love to go in one-by-one and talk more about them.


Bush, Cheney Comforted Troops Privately
(FROM: The Washington Times) On a number of issues, the president and I do not see eye-to-eye. Far from it. On this bailout mess, he couldn’t be more wrong. On illegal immigration, he was sorely out-of-touch. Without attentive conservatives, John Roberts and Samuel Alito could have easily been Harriet Miers and Alberto Gonzales. And, of course, U.S. Border Patrol Agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos are still sitting in prison for doing their job while their families face another Christmas without their husbands and fathers. Still, when it comes to the fight against terrorism and the consequences of that fight, Bush never ceases to amaze me. Even though the latter half of his “compassionate conservative” slogan could be called into question nowadays, the first part is right on.

The Rise of Newt-World
(FROM: Politico) An interesting read on the former speaker’s continued presence, and where he should go from here with regard to leadership in the Republican party. As I wrote especially in the days following the election (a few of the links can be found on the right side of the page), I happen to believe that the GOP needs to become younger, faster, sleeker, more efficient; I’m not saying that Newt cannot be a part of that–he should be–but allowing him to be the guy behind the scenes whispering in the ears of those on the front lines allows for his sphere of influence and scope of ideological and intellectual effect to be much greater than if he himself were one of those on the front lines in elected office.

Ramos-Compean Treatment Has Border Agents Quivering
(FROM: WorldNetDaily)


Look at what is happening on our border. Look at the dozens of Americans missing from Laredo, Texas. Look at the incursions into America by the Mexican army. Look at the hit jobs in Phoeni. Above and beyond the injustice brought forth by Johnny Sutton, above and beyond the fact that these men are rotting in solitary confinement for doing their job and trying to keep drugs out of the United States, what kind of message does this send to other Border Patrol agents? From the WorldNetDaily piece:

In an incident similar to the Ramos and Compean case, one border patrol agent said he feared for his life after a group of illegal aliens began throwing rocks and concrete chunks at him in August at the San Ysidro border crossing. He fired his weapon and wounded one of the men in the buttocks.

Officials at the Mexican consulate in San Diego criticized the 10-year Border Patrol veteran and demanded the U.S. conduct a full investigation, the San Diego Union Tribune reported. Local police and the FBI investigated the agent.

“Any kind of shooting toward Mexican territory is rejected by the Mexican government,” Consul General Remedios Gómez Arnau warned Border Patrol agents. “They should have waited for response of the Mexican authorities.”

After this month’s incident, an anonymous officer close to the investigation told the Laguna Journal that agents often fear defending themselves because shooting back could mean prison time – just as it did for Ramos and Compean.

The spanish-language “Have your rights been violated today?” signs need to come down, and people need to get their heads out of their posteriors and realize that these people, regardless of their worth or the purity of their motivation for coming here, are here illegally. Illegally. Unlawfully. I’m tired of it. In the meantime, I really hope and pray that President Bush frees Compean and Ramos before his term is up.

Al Franken Predicts Senate Win in Minnesota
(FROM: Newsmax) Of course he does. If I had George Soros’ checkbook and ACORN’s criminal conduct behind me, I would too. Heck, with that kind of help, my dog could make the U.S. Senate. Actually, McClatchy Newspapers is reporting that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, increasingly unpopular in Iran, is favored to win re-election — perhaps Soros and ACORN are there, too?

AP: Where’s the Bailout Money? Banks: Buzz Off!
(FROM: Newsmax) So, this lack of oversight is somehow surprising? Seriously? These are the same people whose forced relaxed lending standards in the name of political correctness, combined with lack of regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the name of greed and campaign finance, created our housing and credit crisis, and we’re acting surprised now that $350 billion simply vanished like substance in a Barack Obama speech? Please.


Santa Claus and Air Force Announce Christmas Alliance
(FROM: CNS News) Good. My daughter will be pleased. As an aside, I think the Israelis are hoping that Santa drops a few more interesting “presents” at certain facilities in Iran. And, perhaps the campaign geniuses in the GOP can ask Saint Nick just how he visits so many homes in one solitary night — that sort of exposure could be invaluable in 2012.



  1. Pole & 18th-21st Street Block Watch says:

    Conservative of the year hands down should go to Ron Paul. Palin would qualify for wackiest bible thumper. Her church and related ideology are pretty scary stuff. Palin as Neo conservative of the year, yes. True Conservative, old school Republican Ron Paul.

  2. sherryande says:

    They’re not even worried about doing their “pay to play” under the table. The unions are just putting it right out there. Obama owes them.

    The payback would be Employee Free Choice Act

  3. sherryande says:

    Ayers was a rapist too? I’m a fairly avid news watcher and sure I’ve never seen this reported.

  4. David Geren Brown says:

    Huffington Post Slammed for Content Theft (copyright infringement)

    Jeff, I see that you sometimes do the same thing as Ariana’s minions. Is it really against the law to post an article from the internet?

  5. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Ayers was a rapist too?

    I’ve never seen it, either. And, frankly, I’ll need more evidence than the link provided…

  6. albertstein says:

    I would like you to allow Anonymous to post. I think many good people post who do not have accounts.

    Great blog Jeff. I always come here.

    I am a great supporter of Sarah Palin. She is exactly what America needs a good honest person who has not been corrupted by Washington politics. She really speaks to me. She is a regular person. Real and genuine. I do not agree with her religion but who cares. that is minor to the important issues. I know she will work hard and make good honest decisions in the best interests of America.

    Although it may not sound Republican to many. I support giving people the freedom to run their own life. Thus if they sincerely believe in abortion then I must allow them the freedom of choice to do what they believe. I see it almost like a religion. The Constitution gives them freedom of religion therefore they must get freedom of choice on abortion.

    I do not believe it is correct to impose my belief on other people. It is this freedom to be who we want to be that has made this a great country. I do not want to see that destroyed.

    I also strongly oppose anyone who trys to be President when they are not a Natural Born Citizen. We do need to have an official definition and an official vetting process for every candidate for President and VP, Let us make the Constitution a real important document by supporting it in our life.

    I believe the purpose of the Constitution is to protect the public from the power of the government. I fear any Continental Congress will strip away our protections under the false reasoning that it is better for us.

    Right now Phil Berg, Leo Donofrio, and Cort Wrotnowski and Orly Taitz are my heros. And this is why I come to America’s Right.

  7. albertstein says:

    restored a balance between the demands of our security and our Constitution?

    The above is a dangerous Obama quote posted on THE OBAMA FILE.

    To me Obama is saying that the Constitution is out of wack with security and we must weaken the Constitution and increase power over people. Read it carefully remember the constitution is 200 years old and the security issue from the war is new. He is saying the Constitution is out of date. He is 2 states away from a Constitutional Convention which can immediately change the constitution without ratification by the states. Look out we are in trouble.

  8. GATOR-1 says:

    Just getting signed back in dude.
    I really do hope Mr Bush pardons those agents, I cant even believe they went to jail…..How sad.

    I have always thought the history books would be kind to him, but he will lose a lot of my grace if they stay in prison

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