Mexican Government-Sponsored Call Center for Illegals Raises Questions about Napolitano

By Rick Saunders
America’s Right

For those taking note of the naming of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as Mr. Obama’s nominee to become the nation’s next Secretary of Homeland Security, listen up.

To begin with, we now learn that after first floating the idea earlier this year, Mexico has now actually opened a “call center” in Tucson, Arizona to assist that country’s “migrants to Arizona.” Translation: illegal aliens, call here for assistance.

This idea apparently initially surfaced back in October following a series of meetings earlier in the year between and among personnel in the five Mexican consulate offices in Arizona — in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, Nogales and Douglas. According to those reports, the Tucson call center was designed to “… operate a 1-800 number providing service 24 hours a day and … be staffed by nine people who have received special training to receive and process reports from Mexican citizens, particularly those here illegally.” From an article in the Arizona Daily Star:

The call center, expected to open next week, will be in Tucson. It is the first of several that will eventually be set up in cities near the U.S.-Mexico border.

“It is in response to the demands of Mexicans living here in the U.S.,” said Juan Manuel Calderón Jaimes, the Mexican consul here. “The call center for Arizona will serve our most vulnerable population, the undocumented.”

Ah, yes… the “undocumented.”

Coincidentally, last May, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano signed Executive Order 2008-22. That order, among other things, redirected state monies previously allocated to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s efforts to identify, arrest and turn over to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities illegal aliens caught committing crimes in Arizona, specifically in Maricopa County.

At a press conference Napolitano called to bray over the order, she was recorded on tape as stating that, among other reasons for signing the order, she opposed Arpaio’s efforts because of her concern that his actions were “causing trepidation in the illegal immigration community,” in other words agitating people who should not legally be in Arizona in the first place. But when her words were reduced to print in the sycophantic Arizona Republic the following day, however, the word “illegal” had been sanitized from the quote through omission. Inadvertently… no doubt.

If Napolitano’s past track record of feckless attention to the problem of illegal immigration in Arizona–first as U.S. Attorney under President Bill Clinton, then as elected Arizona Attorney General and finally as Governor–is a preview of coming attractions, telephones at that new call center in Tucson, along with many others inevitably coming to a neighborhood near you, will likely be answered: “Por español, marque el uno; por inglés, marque el dos.”

So, America, get set for more PC-speak and a much kinder, gentler approach to dealing with the tsunami of illegal immigrants now flooding across the border and over the nation. Welcome to (likely soon-to-be) Secretary Napolitano’s steering of the Department of Homeland Security in a post-Obama America.

Rick Saunders is a freelance writer who splits his time between endeavors in southern California and the American southwest. He began writing for America’s Right in December 2008.



  1. ~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ says:

    The problem also lies with the lack of prosecution of the employers that hire illegals. If no one hired them, there’d be a lot less here, I reckon. I could be wrong.

  2. Roses,WA says:

    If the sheriff is busting people for crimes and then separating out the illegals, those would definitely be the first ones to get shipped back. But better to build a prison in Mexico to hold them than a fence for them to climb back over.

    The only good thing about the flood of humanity coming from the south would be their Christian culture, the EU is not so lucky.

  3. hokiedokie24 says:

    At least he could do is appoint The South Dakota Cowgirl in charge of the borders, she is much prettier. LOL Sorry trying to bring some humor to this otherwise not very funny thing called Obama.

  4. Pat in NC says:

    This is a difficult problem. I understand the illegals hope for a better life. There are many good people who break our immigration laws in a desperate attempt to find this better life. That said, it is hard for me to understand our leaders who do not realize the negative impact on our economy when orderly immigraton is not done. We have always assimilated the immigrants who entered legally and found the majority became loyal citizens and gave birth to us. Leaders who fail to follow current immigration law weakens all law. Napolitano is favoring one group (illegals) over the citizens and the problems we currently face are only going to get worse until someone has the courage to say our laws will be enforced. We need not be cruel but we must enforce our laws and we must close our borders.

  5. Southerngirl says:

    First–as it states “Mexico has set up a call center” –I’m hoping that Mexican tax dollars are going to pay for this…

    Second–I understand whole heartedly that it is difficult to follow “the correct means to become a citizen” here in the US–but we CAN NOT cater to those that don’t even attempt to follow the correct means and those that try to enforce THEIR culture upon us and cry and whine when we do not recognize it. Pat in NC stated it best, that we all come, at least indirectly, from immigrant families. Though my family has embraced America–and all that she represents.

    Third–I agree with South Dakota CG. Stop hiring people that are here illegally. Maybe then and only then they’ll start to go through the proper channels of living in the US. (like PAYING taxes!!)

  6. says:

    I’d actually go further – Stop hiring people that are here illegally, AND fine the companies and people hiring them an amount up to 3x what they paid the illegal worker in the first place.

    Not to mention taking full IDs, including DNA and retinal scans of the illegals, chipping them, and warning them that the first time they’re caught back in the US is automatic 10 years in prison, the second time is 25 years, and removal of the chip is an automatic 35 years.

    I lived for almost 20 years in San Diego, California. One of the most constant irritants of my life was the border patrol checkpoints 75 miles NORTH of the border that one had to go though. There is NO excuse for making US citizens have to go though an additional border checkpoint simply because we can’t control the border we should be.

  7. Jeffrey Shallit says:

    Joe Arpaio is the closest thing to a fascist Arizona has.
    Misconduct in his office has led to Maricopa County having to pay more than $40 million in lawsuits for improper conduct. I wouldn’t give that creep a dollar to catch a stray dog.

  8. PattyW says:

    I love Joe Arpaio and his ways of dealing with illegals and criminals. We need more like him and more prisons like his and then maybe there wouldn’t be so many repeat offenders.

  9. Puddleglum says:

    Welcome Rick! We look forward to your continuing contributions to America’s Right.

  10. gailbullock says:

    Rick, you’ve “got it goin’ on!” Enjoyed your article about Napolitano and our southern border’s welcome mat. It’s really a shame that all the “efforts” to secure our borders are UNFUNDED! The Department of Homeland Security should be renamed, otherwise, we’re going to be the United States of Mexico and Islamic terrorists. We are just begging for trouble!

    When I wrote for the newspaper in NC, the schools up there told me that they were having to build more schools and hire more teachers, including Spanish-speaking ones, for the illegal aliens enrolled. But, if a citizen child wanted to attend a school outside of his/her own district, tuition was charged. Why are the illegals not having to pay for their education in the US?

    I don’t worry about being PC–this is America, and I have the right to call a spade a spade! I just wish the MSM had as much guts!

    Jeff, “you done good” with Rick Saunders! He is “Right” on!

  11. Jan says:

    When millions of tax payer money is going to support of illegals while leaving our own citizens at a loss, something has to give. When our own citizens are struggling to make ends meet or cannot even qualify to receive the assistance they need these illegals get it for free. We accomodate their needs and desires. When Obama talks of creating more jobs with transportation infrastructure where do you think a lot of those jobs will go to? When corporations and individuals who place a priority on greed there will always be a loophole to wiggle through to make more for them. Paying the illegals less will ultimately make them more. This does not seeem like a viable solution to “helping” our economy. It is also not “helping” our economy to dole out millions in free assistance to those commiting a crime. If I commit a crime, I go to jail. If an illegal (it’s illegal because it’s against the law) commits this particular crime they are rewarded for it in many cases.

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