Remember. Learn. Pray.



  1. CAPT-DAX says:

    The Imperial Japanese Navy’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii, destroyed 188 aircraft and several American naval vessels, killed more than 2,300 American military personnel, and wounded more than 1,000.

    The following day, the US declared war on Japan.

    America United..Emagine That..

  2. Jeff Schreiber says:

    If that were to happen again today, the American political left would absolutely, positively blame American foreign policy for bringing on the attack.

  3. citizenwells says:

    Pearl Harbor, wakeup call.
    9/11, wakeup call.
    2008 Election US Constitution attack, wakeup call.

  4. John Galt says:

    December 7, 1941, When men were men and America knew who she was

    Some more pictures here and some commentary

  5. Anonymous says:

    This day actually saddens me…..we were attacked and fought back with a vengeance….September 11, 2001 we were attacked again on our homeland…and what did we do?

    For 10 minutes we were American’s again….and that was all…..

    December 7th, 1941 will always be a sad day for me.


    PS: BO or BS (whichever initials he uses he still stinks) will never be my President! Bush I, Clinton, Bush II I may not have liked…but I supported them — BO or BS (whichever initials he uses he still stinks) I WILL NEVER!!!!!!!! HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT NOR IS WILL HE BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Michael, I concur.

  7. Anonymous says:

    i did not see ANY stories on the news this morning about pearl harbor day. cbs “sunday morning” headlined their broadcast with an expose’ on an anti-war mom and her protest of “stop-loss”, the practice of keeping soldiers deployed even after their enlistments are up. hey, it’s in the contracts they sign upon enlisting that, during wartime, a soldier can be kept with his unit even though his commitment has been fulfilled. honoring the memory of those who died in the attack on pearl harbor versus a story about guys who didn’t read the contracts they signed; yeah, i guess that was a hard choice!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Jeff, this is a good day to reflect on the changes in America over the last half century. The control over public education exerted by the elitist left has made it possible to mush up the meaning of many parts of the constitution. The control over the mainstream media has made it possible for the left to unjustly disrespect a president who has shown great restraint in international matters, even after 9-11. The control over the family makeup and duties leaves our children with doubts, so many doubts about themselves, their country, their parents, and the power vacuum leaves them with news and teachers to fill in.
    Yeah, things have changed, and it is good to reflect… where did we go wrong…

  9. ZCG says:

    I was 9 years old when the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred. The Nation was in shock. The Nation wept because everyone knew our boys would give their lives in the coming carnage. Patriotism, Family and Faith bound us together. The battle against EVIL was a just cause then.
    What a difference 60 plus years make. Patriotism is almost gone. Completely gone is the Family and Faith is being extinguished in the courts. These Three Principles are the strength of this country. What else binds us together? Certainly not Multi-culturalism which separates us more. When these Three Principles are ignored, our county is finished. Pray God to heal this Nation.

  10. says:

    In the 70′s I was growing up on base at Hickam AFB. I remember looking at base HQ – and the building my dad’s office was in – and seeing the holes left by the bullets on 7 Dec.. 1941.

    I’ve been to the USS Arizona memorial, stood over her hull, and with a child’s odd formality realized there were still people – people the age of my uncles or my father – still inside.

    I’ve stood on the shore of Ford Island, and seen the hulk of the USS Utah, it’s sailors joining the Arizona’s in eternal patrol.

    I remember the bunkers by the baseball field, and the battery mounts built to hold the Arizona’s main guns. The bunker at Ft. DeRussy’s beach so thick and squat it resisted all efforts to tear it down.

    Growing up on Oahu is interesting for an American child. You grow up in one of the most beautiful parts of the world – and you grow up among the remains of one of the worst attacks on American soil. It’s no wonder those born in the Islands – or even us “Mainlanders” who got to spend time growing up there, ended up with a deep regard for country – and a deep desire to protect it and see it right.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Remember. Learn. Pray. by Jeff”
    Now I just need to pray that I can remember what I learned during these years. At the pace we are going, this country will be unrecognizable. Soon we will have the military policing our streets.

    The link below is from a Washington Post dated Dec 1, 2008.
    Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security

  12. Anonymous says:
  13. suek says:

    >>Soon we will have the military policing our streets. >>

    Well you know, we can't have them off invading other countries now, can we? And you just have to give them _something_ to do…

  14. Bill says:

    All gave some, some gave all.

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