Is Napolitano the Answer for Homeland Security?

I don’t care that Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said that Napolitano would do well because she lacked a family and “has no life.” While many of Barack Obama’s cabinet selections have been pragmatic, the choice of Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano for Homeland Security director–rationalized in part by Obama by what he said was her focus on border security–just doesn’t seem pragmatic at all.

As comedian and radio talk show host Dennis Miller said on Bill O’Reilly’s television show last night, if you travel on an Arizona highway, the illegal immigrants practically have their own reserved car-pool lane.

Heck, are we forgetting that there have been several raids and executions in Phoenix–some 175 miles from the Mexico border–done by Mexican paramilitary units? Are we forgetting that the doggone Mexican army has been spotted on U.S. soil, at one point holding a U.S. Border Patrol Agent at gunpoint?

This woman is all wrong for the Department of Homeland Security. If we’re fighting across the world to keep terrorists and radical Islam away from our front door, it makes no sense to leave the back door swinging wide open in the breeze — given Napolitano’s record on the border and illegal immigration, from a terrorism aspect alone (not to mention from the effects that illegal immigrants have on crime, healthcare and the economy), I’m not sure Obama’s pick could have been worse.

A great little Web blog, Liberty’s Apothecary, looks to be headquartered in Arizona and had some choice words on the matter on Tuesday. Please read the piece and, as always, pass it along. Furthermore, a friend of mine (an immigrant himself) wrote a three-part series on John McCain’s Comprehensive Immigration Bill — those pieces can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE. This bill WILL once again rear its ugly head, mark my words.

– Jeff

Change-Flavored Kool-Aid
FROM: Liberty’s Apothecary

Once again, the Arizona Ministry of Truth gushes forth an editorial today extolling the virtues of Janet Napolitano, this time hailing her nomination by BH Obama to become the head of the Department of Homeland Security. Yikes.

The bittersweet yet frightening thing is that Arizona’s gain from her departure will likely be to the distinct detriment of the Nation. If anyone with an ounce of intelligence – and access to a computer to review Napolitano’s abject historical failures on the illegal immigration front – believes the United States will be safer with her there, they should seek professional help.

This is the person who, in her last stint as a federal official with power to actually do something about illegal immigration – serving as U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona under Bill Clinton – did exactly zero. Zip. Zed. Zilch. Her feckless and ineffective response to the illegal immigration problem years ago, when it was a trickle, has now directly contributed to the flood of illegal immigrants we now try to cope with in Arizona.

This is the person who, as Arizona Attorney General, couldn’t find the time to work on securing the state’s southern border, but found plenty of time to rip into Ford Motor Company for “dangerous” fuel tank design in police cruisers.

Her newfound interest arose following crashes where officers in Ford Crown Victoria cruisers were killed or severely burned, the latter instance including Phoenix Police Officer Jason Schecterle. Schecterle’s parked cruiser was rear-ended by an illegal alien cab driver traveling at over 100 MPH. The illegal alien, previously deported – yet, shockingly, back in this country in violation of the law – had lied to get an Arizona driver’s license. On Napolitano’s watch as AG.

This is the person who, as governor, did everything in her power to hamstring Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his efforts to arrest and turn over to ICE illegal aliens who had committed crimes. She even cut off state funds originally allocated to Arpaio for these purposes, citing among the reasons her concern that his actions were “…causing trepidation in the illegal immigration community.“ See Liberty’s Apothecary ”Off With Their Heads: Part 2″ 5/16/08.

Now, with renewed calls for “immigration reform,” look for the Ministry to abandon all pretense and join in Napolitano’s call for amnesty for all illegal aliens already here and, in conjunction with potential Secretary of Interior Raul (”MEChA Boy”) Grijalva, a much relaxed border enforcement policy. Yes, Virginia, we now will have a recipe for a real disaster.

And yet, a majority of the voters have apparently sipped the “change” flavored Kool-Aid offered up by Obama…. and likes it.

Let’s see how long before the sweet taste is replaced with the bitter reality of how bad things are going to get in the next four years as the ominous warning sounded by Joe Biden comes true. Stay tuned.



  1. ~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ says:

    I guess these same people that want to give amnesty to these illegals are ok with letting them bring in all of the diseases that come from third world countries as well? If they don’t come here legally, then there is no health test, so we have tapeworms in the brain on the rise, as well as nasty strains of TB- among other things. Personally I’d like to see every single one of the illegals shipped back – that would be a better use of funds than a damn bail-out, and then all of the business that hire these people prosecuted. Then we could take the folks that are on welfare, and give them the jobs the illegals were doing. Yay! Oh, and then I woke up from that dream because as much as that is the right thing to do, it’s never going to happen.

  2. Bill says:

    Oh how absolutely true! Ask any rancher on the border what it’s been like under Nappy’s (mis)direction.

  3. John Galt says:

    I think Obama made for him a logical choice here as he himself is an illegal alien.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So the question begs-why did he pick her?

  5. Michelle in Texas says:

    Newsflash on BBC NEWS:

    Kenya PM calls for Mugabe removal

    Power-sharing in Zimbabwe is dead and it is time for African governments to oust President Robert Mugabe, Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Obama promised “change.” Appointing Napolitano to be Secretary od Homeland Security is just that…Change. Unfortunately the change he’s delivered is from Bad to Worse.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m from Arizona and Napolitano as Homeland Security head makes me really nervous. I don’t think she is qualified and did poorly with the border issues in AZ.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Uhhh–don’t these appointments have to go thru congressional approval? I hope someone in congress is watching our backs and will “out” the truth and block her nomination. Good grief, I feel another petition-signing frenzy about to erupt soon.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I also am from AZ, and feel that she utilized every opportunity she could to hamper catching illegals. While I will be happy to see her leave AZ, I am saddened for the country. It appears we are going to have to fight for the true immigration policy this country needs, with is not amnesty.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s said that he’s being “pragmatic” with his choices, so what’s with this one? Kinda makes ya go “hmmm” doesn’t it? Very curious indeed…open borders, no security, the “back door swinging wide open…” Yeah, someone with such a bad record and with such low respect is going to manage our this nation’s security? No small wonder this man has the support of radical terrorists. Someone above said that he/she feels another petition coming on. Hear hear…AND we also feel our 2nd amend. rights are being threatened?
    So, let’s get this straight…it’s a fearful scenario, but it’s possible…due to his policy statements in the campaign as well as what he’s already managed to do in his small legislative history…he’s going to cut our military and defense, he’s going to put this woman in charge of Homeland Security, and we will be possibly facing our 2nd amend. rights being taken (or drastically taken) away? We better get those petitions rollin’ now.

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