FEC Responds to Berg’s Motion for Emergency Injunction to Stay Electoral College Vote (actually, they did not)

The document can be found HERE.

I’m in class until a little after 10:00pm tonight, but will try to get a comment from Berg later. Check back here for more.

– Jeff

UPDATE, 10:30pm:

This IS an old document. This is the response to Berg’s filing in the Third Circuit — right there in black and white at the top of the page. Good golly, how embarrassing. I feel like Joe Biden!

“Stand up, Chuck! Oh, God love ya … what am I talking about?”

Thanks for pointing it out, folks. I just got back from school a little while ago, and found your comments. Look at it this way — at least I was paying attention in class. The funny thing … it was a review for my Election Law exam.

I’ll leave this up for a while so y’all can get a good laugh at my expense! This time around, I certainly deserve it.

I’m so sorry!

– Jeff :D



  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know why but when I asked the Senator who serves my district to look into this matter he responded with an email stating that this was not a concern and that Obama was born in Hawaii and there was no more to be done.
    I reminded him that if he did not look into this matter he had better find a new job as he would not be elected if he ran again for reelection. This is from one of the Republican Senators in his first term that was up for reelection and won. If this is how the Republican Senator from Georgia thinks he probably should have lost Tuesday.

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