Deputy White House Press Secretary Avoids Question About Obama Birth Certificate

In a press briefing this morning, Deputy White House Press Secretary Tony Fratto ended the briefing by overtly avoiding a question regarding President-elect Barack Obama’s birth certificate and demands made by the CEO of WorldNetDaily that a long-form document be released.

From the transcript (video also available at the link HERE):

And Lester, and then we’re done.

Q: Thank you, Tony. Two questions. There’s been extensive media coverage of where the two Obama daughters will attend school. And my question: The White House believes that they should be able to attend the school their parents select without criticism because it’s private rather than public, don’t you?

MR. FRATTO: I think we support all parents making that decision.

Q: Good. The CEO of WorldNetDaily has called on the President-elect to release a birth certificate listing the hospital and names of parents. The White House believes that this would fully satisfy the constitutional requirement, don’t you?

MR. FRATTO: I don’t think I have anything to say on that, Lester, and I think we’re going to end it right there.

Thank you.

The question, it seems, came from Lester Kinsolving, a journalist known over the past few decades for his off-the-wall questions while working as a member of the White House press corps. Still, with the recent news that the Kenyan Ambassador “confirmed” to a radio host that Obama was born in Kenya (personally, their questioning left much to be desired, and reminded me of the classic deposition question, “So, when did you stop beating your wife,” in that it was designed to catch the guy off-guard), it seems that the story is gaining some traction.



  1. Anonymous says:

    from Mainemom:

    Brad’s blog may represent a wild shot. but even if it didn’t hit dead center, it may have hit the outer rings of the target….

    consider this. There are ripples on the internet of a plot against Leo Donofrio. It’s not totally confirmed – healthy skepticism is advised – but on the other hand this situation bears watching. See

    NOW is the time to continue to sign the petitions that are out there; here is access to one of them

    Now is the time to write your secretary of states and electoral college members and demand that they follow thru on their duty to only ballot and actually vote for, on Dec 5, an eligible candidate. Please consider supporting the citizen initiative on

    Now is NOT to remain silent. A mass of people is needed to hound their elected representatives, SOs, the press…WE CANNOT JUST BLOG. Bits and pieces of this story are finally coming out in various avenues and it must continue to do so.

    Communicate…to people in office, to friends, to family, to anyone you can think of.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of ass-up, slack-jawed mooncalves these people are. Claim your racism and hate like men, for chirssakes…don’t snivle and twist and turn and hide it behind foolishness like a settled issue such as a birth cert…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…
    Just read this.. then go do something of value and stop wasting your time!

    November 25, 2008 6:25 PM

    Your thought processes parrot only lemming talking points. For more clarity for that thought, if you’d be interested and open-minded that is, would be the following:

    Could be Plainly Stating Obama’s Biggest Citizenship Problem?

    and …. Polarik’s final report:

    Obama’s ‘Born’ Conspiracy
    Forged images, phony photos, and felony fraud:,_phony_photos,_and_felony_fraud.thtml

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…
    I posted on several sites that Polariks Final report on the Obama COLB controversy has several inconsistencies. Included as part of his ‘proof’ are several other COLB’s that have also been photo-shopped. I was banned from the sites after posting my findings. I mistakenly thought those sites were in search of the truth.

    At this stage, I wouldn’t trust anything in Polarik’s report. As Polarik said himself, if you find anything that is inconsistent, then the whole thing is suspect.

    I suspect he has having all dissenters quashed to protect his book deal or some other unknown agenda.

    November 25, 2008 3:41 PM

    Unfortunately, above Anonymous, your own reading of these proofs is woefully inaccurate. Better return to article and read the material surrounding any mention of “photo shopping”. It would appear that the findings are far more nuanced than your analysis could follow.

  5. Anonymous says:
  6. Anonymous says:

    I love America.

    Because, unlike Stalin’s USSR, the burden of proof is on the accuser.

    Where is the “PROOF” that President-Elect Obama was born in Kenya?

    If you hate the idea of a man of color, then just say so. It is cool if you are honest.

    Please do not hide behind USSR Stalinist mentality that you must prove you are not guilty.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anon above me, racism or not…it doesn’t change the fact that he’s not legit to be Pres.

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