Madame Secretary, is that you?

Across the pond, The Guardian is reporting that Sen. Hillary Clinton will in fact accept the position of U.S. Secretary of State, offered to her in recent days by President-elect Barack Obama.

My first thought was that her and her husband’s acceptance of millions of dollars from foreign entities and governments would preclude her from serving as Secretary of State, but then I remembered that having $63 million in campaign funds coming from undisclosed and possibly foreign sources will not preclude Obama from serving as president.

In all honestly, I believe this is a staggeringly good political move for both Obama and Clinton. While I may not see eye-to-eye with the president-elect on pretty much anything, should Clinton accept the job, he will immediately garner the outward perception of credibility and legitimacy when it comes to bringing his message of hugs-for-terrorists and detente-at-all-costs to foreign soil and meetings overseas. And, while I certainly do not agree with Sen. Clinton’s ideology, either, should she accept the position she will obtain a publicity-heavy, high-profile, high-level position where she can bolster her own foreign policy bona fides in preparation for her own White House run redux, rather than simply languishing in a Senate seat without a chairmanship of any kind.

Two questions, however, are paramount. First, will Bill Clinton’s post-presidency financial take be perceived as a conflict of interest? Second, what should be done with the former president should his wife take the position offered?

Regardless, Clinton is by far not the worst choice for Secretary of State. She’s a bit hawkish at times, and seems to act a little less on emotion when it comes to foreign policy than many of her colleagues.

Former Clinton Official at Top of List for Attorney General

As an aside, The Guardian is also reporting that Obama has all but selected former Clinton official Eric Holder as Attorney General.

What will be interesting to follow is whether Holder gives walking papers to any U.S. Attorneys. Former President Clinton and his Attorney General, Web Hubbell, fired ALL 93 U.S. Attorneys in March of 1993, a fact conveniently and not-so-curiously overlooked by the mainstream press during the Alberto Gonzales scandal in 2007.

Gonzales, of course, famously fired a whopping eight U.S. Attorneys, and along with President Bush was subsequently chided by Sen. Hillary Clinton for “the politicization of our prosecutorial system.”



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    Hi Jeff,
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    Jeff: Get some much needed rest. most of all, please get some sleep. 3 hours of sleep is just not enough.

    You deserve to take a break and get as much rest/sleep as you can, because you run an excellent, popular blog.

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