No Lack of Constitution Here

I don’t know if the allegations found in Philip Berg’s civil action are true. I did not sever Barack Obama’s umbilical cord, I do not know anyone who did, and therefore I cannot know for sure absent more than circumstantial evidence whether or not Stanley Ann Dunham opened wide and gave birth to the Illinois liberal in Kenya, in Hawaii, or elsewhere.

Perhaps we can look into the destination for mass shipments of gold, frankincense and myrrh in early August of 1961. Or perhaps we could just ask Keith Olbermann — I’m sure he has a framed photograph of the blessed event.

What I do know is that, when the United States Constitution was penned mere steps from where Berg’s lawsuit was filed yesterday afternoon, those imperfect but brilliant gentlemen who wrote the fifth clause of Article II, Section 1 established the trio of specific eligibility requirements–citizenship, age and residency–in hopes of increasing the probability that the elected officials who were to assume the presidency in years to come would be of sound mind, of good judgment, and in possession of a soul rooted in an undying love for America.

It was important to those courageous men that the future leaders of their fledgling nation understand what it means to be an American. Every clause in that document is there for a reason, each a lesson learned from fresh wounds of tyranny gone but not forgotten, and the framers made a point to require that, at the very least, a potential president must have been a citizen of the United States “at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution.” Unfettered, undivided devotion and loyalty to America was of the utmost concern; simply put, only those who fought and bled for Her independence, or at the very least understood the meaning behind, need for and potential of this great experiment could be trusted with its charge.

Regardless of whether Barack Obama was born in a hospital in Honolulu or a hut in Kenya, the real question brought forth by Philip Berg’s civil action, to me, is not one of constitutional eligibility but rather of moral and intellectual and even ideological qualification.

Barack Obama’s actions show a penchant for blaming America first and placing Her needs second. His associations show that no unimaginably awful deed goes unrewarded, that the want for friendship, appeasement and superficial detente overshadows the need for a firm grasp on reality and unapologetic employment of common sense. His aspirations make us believe that we can live our lives blameless for societal and economic ills, and that centuries-old blood feuds can be solved with a handshake and conversation over coffee and a chilled plate of arugula.

John McCain, wrong on so many issues, was 100 percent right on Wednesday when he stated that he never questioned Obama’s patriotism, only his judgment. At a time when the United States faces unprecedented threats from every angle, within and without, at a time when Congressional malfeasance–or, in the case of Pelosi’s House and the energy crisis, nonfeasance–could have disastrous effects for decades to come, sound judgment is of the utmost importance.

For our founding fathers, unflinching patriotism, unassailable public virtue and unflappable judgment were inherent among those who helped to establish the United States of America, whether on the battlefield in Trenton or in Congress in Philadelphia, as those who were citizens “at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution” knew why they were there, what America was about, and why She was so desperately needed.

Regardless of whether he was born in Kenya or in Hawaii, regardless of whether his birth certificate is his half-sister’s or his own, or whether he went by the name of Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro, this self-proclaimed “Citizen of the World” has much to learn about what it truly means to be an American.

I wrote those words a little after midnight on Friday, August 22, 2008, only a few hours after breaking the story on Philip Berg’s lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president of the United States. While I still cannot attest to the veracity of Phil Berg’s claims, or anyone else’s for that matter, I am steadfast in my belief that Obama does indeed have much to learn about what it means to be an American.

As an American, I am appalled at the trend we’re seeing, of the inevitable candidate–now one month away from being the official president-elect and two months away from being the 44th president of the United States–and his penchant for remaining above the law and beyond reproach. The likely reality that Obama will escape the Federal Election Commission audit despite well-documented campaign contribution errors and the mere fact that nearly ten percent of his record take came from undisclosed sources makes me sick to my stomach; the almost certain chance that he will assume office in January after failing to release even the most basic of information as to his constitutional qualifications–an independently verified, vault copy of his birth certificate–keeps me up at night.

It strikes me that our nation is for sale to the highest bidder, regardless of where the money for the bid is coming from, or that bidder’s intentions for America. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

I have done more anonymous work behind the scenes on this issue than you can imagine, and the very idea that many of you mistake my unfettered optimism regarding the strength of America and Americans to mean that I have somehow given up on ensuring that our Constitution is upheld is a slap to the face considering the time I have given up with my family, the schoolwork I have neglected, and more.

Since the election and its unfortunate result, I have been bombarded with e-mails from people who just don’t know what to do, where else to turn, and I find that many of these people are relying upon the legal actions filed by Philip Berg and Leo Donofrio and others as a last resort. I don’t like that much, either. I don’t like it because that mentality neglects the hardships Americans have faced in the past, the threats we have stared down, the stumbling blocks we have overcome. For that reason, I have encouraged everyone since the election to remember that America is bigger than one man, that a return to our most basic of ideals may help us emerge from the coming dark hour stronger for having been there. Some of you have taken this as the waving of a white flag.

It is not. I stay optimistic because we must. I apply pressure on people like Philip Berg and Leo Donofrio because they will likely be stronger for it. When Berg’s action was in its infancy, for example, I knew he would run into difficulty in overcoming the standing argument, and I pressed him on it every time we spoke. “What will you do to show standing?” I asked, over and over and over again. He wasn’t happy with me, but he took his licks at the district court level and came back with an infinitely stronger argument. I’m hoping that pressing Donofrio on some loose ends will do the same.

Either way, I do think that it is important to remember that the courts may not adjudicate these matters as we would like. There have been unfortunate decisions in the past which seem to have spat in the face of the Constitution, and we have survived. We have survived because America is more than just a document — America is the manifestation of ideas and ideals put forth by men who knew exactly what they didn’t want Her to be, men who built this nation out of lessons learned. America will fail when we no longer learn lessons from our defeats, and it is only through defeat that there is truly a lesson to be learned.



  1. Tony says:

    God Bless you sir. This is well written and well received. God Bless you and God Bless this Land we call the United States of America.

  2. TypewriterStreaming says:

    Thank you Jeff. Especially for that last paragraph.

  3. Anonymous says:


    So well said and may all who read this take it to heart. Keep up the good work and God Bless the USA.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Based on a previous story, I contacted the Kentucky Secretary of States office with an inquiry concerning a candidates qualifications before they are placed on states ballots. I was informed that the SOS is an administrative function/office and they do nothing to verify the candidates biographical information before they are placed on the election ballets. I was referred to the Kentucky Revised Statute, Section 118.176 for guidance, which was in essence, non existent. Is every Secretary of State’s function in the U.S. that limited to verify a candidacy? If so, what would keep Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin or Raul Castro from coming here and running for political office?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is it not possible to SO flood the legal system with suits so as to force the SCOTUS to take this seriously…or atleast bleed the defendant dry? I am certainly no lawyer, but it seems that if enough people acted, eventually someone would eventually win, even if by default only. Sorry if my idea is naive, but like so many have already said, I am sick to my stomach that the Constitution means so little to the Supreme Court, and the public as a whole.

    Thanks for listening,

  6. Anonymous says:

    You sound a little like you are coming back on board. Glad to see that Jeff. Please do not make excuses for Obama. Pressure him to prove his eligibility.

    You sometimes confuse one idea. You seem to want to judge Berg’s proof of Obama not being eligible. That is wrong. Berg is trying to force Obama to show the proof. We the people need NO PROOF. Obama has the requirement to prove his eligibility. We are all trying to force him to prove his eligibility.

    My belief and Berg’s belief is not important. It is simply a belief that might come from gut feelings. The proof has not been presented yet. Even for those who might believe he is eligible. They too should force him to prove it.

    Certainly if I were an Obama supporter ( which of course I am not ) I would want him to prove his eligibility because I would think it so easy to prove. I too as an American would want only a proper person to have the position of president of USA.

    I will never back off on my pressure to have Obama prove his eligibility fully and completely until I am satisfied with the proof Obama presents. Nothing less should be acceptable from all 300 million plus Americans.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone read this article? Please reply with your thoughts if you have. Jeff, I would really like to get your take on this.

  8. Jan says:

    Jeff –
    I have been a regular reader of your site for months and have, on occassion, left comments. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all the work and heart that you are putting into this.

    I prefer to look at my glass as half full regardless of the circumstances around me. I think that is also the stance that you are taking and I appreciate such a positive attitude.

    I have remarked over the last year that there are so many within the 40 and below age category that truely do not know what sacrifice is. They have had things taken care of them by someone or something else most of their lives. So to expect these same people to provide for themselves is foreign to them. I am 40 and I know that during my lifetime I have made adjustments and struggled financially but I have never really suffered. I think much of what I have seen over the past year is that the majority think giving up cable tv, video games, steak dinners, cell phones, etc. is suffering. Even in my career I run across so many with an entitlement mentality. They truly do not know the concept of working for what you have and not everything is due to you. This is our failure as a nation that we have raised a generation this way (mind you, not everyone falls into this category – but the majority do.) Technology has hindered hard work. Sure technology is great but now we want everything quick and easy. We get frustrated if we have to wait two minutes for the microwave instead of 30 seconds.

    I have not taken as active a role in our government and our elected officials as I am now committed to. From now on I plan on watching and involving myself in every aspect that I can. I think this is what all of us need to do in order to ensure our elected officials manage to our expectations and desires.

    I thank you for your unwavering concern for our country and its people, but I know I have my part to do and cannot lean on others to do it for me any longer.

  9. AL Bernard says:

    One would think that, at this point in time, Berg or the gent from New Jersey, would try to get one of the electors, who were actually elected on Nov 4, to join the case. Who could argue that one of the electors did not have standing, as they must vote themselves on Ded 6.

    Or perhaps a Bob Barr or Ralph Nader could be persuaded to join in the case. There is no doubt that the democrat controlled House will accept or ratify the the Electoral College results without question, so acting before 6 Dec seems to be the only real opportunity for this to play out.

    Has this possibility been broached by Berg, or any of the other individuals with pending lawsuits?

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is an open letter to everyone.

    I have never met Jeff, but I find each and every one of his updates to be fair and objective, even though he personally leans a little to the right, but isn’t that we are all here? I check AmeriasRight at least once a day, because I know it is constantly updated! Considering he has a wife and young child, a full time job AND goes to lawschool, I really don’t know where he finds the time! He is a human dynamo, which I think some or maybe a lot of us would pale in comparison to his energy level!

    Give Jeff a break, because if anyone deserves one, it is he!

    Jeff – Keep up the fantastic work. I know it would be futile to tell you to slow down a little with the site. It would also be selfishly hoping you’d ignore my request You are doing a HUGE community service by providing all of this incredible FRESH information from the SOURCE, instead of regurgitated from some other web-site. GOD BLESS YOU, GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY (and the incredibly tolerant wife you have -hang on to her!) AND GOD BLESS AMERICA

  11. Sharolyn says:

    Jeff, I think you are amazing…thanks for the updates. I also check at least once a day to see what is going on in Americas Right…anyway, I still think you should consider a run for the Presidency. Keep up the good work, and thanks so much.

  12. Anonymous says:

    As history of the 44th president is written it must certainly include more than what the individual himself has provided. Sooner or later someone will want the answers to the following questions that have been raised:
    1. Why did he expend so much effort on lawyers to fight disclosure of the vault copy of the birth certificate instead of releasing it?
    2. Why is he secretive about his college applications? It fuels speculation that he listed himseld as a foreign student to get admission preference and as a Muslim to get Muslim roommates. Get this speculation behind us!
    3. Why is he secretive about his college loans? It fuels speculation that someone paid for him with some agenda to move him forward.
    4. Why is he secretive about the sources of his campaign contributions instead of seeking out the inappropriate ones and appearing squeeky clean?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t doubt that our constitution will be put to a serious test, and that in fact, it may well “hang by a thread.” The only thing that will save us is the people. The people that believe in the founding principles of our country. The people who have shown through action, not just words, that they know and remember what it means to be an American. The people will save us, even if it takes another civil war. Right now we are in a civil war of words. Will it eventually change to one with weapons and casualties? I don’t know, but if it does come to that I am prepared to defend my country, my life, my rights, and those of every other American, even those who don’t realize what is at stake.

  14. Anonymous says:

    So what would happen IF evidence was proven that said he was ineligible?
    Option One: Riots to preserve the will of the people.
    Option Two: Removed from ticket, DNC punished for not vetting their candidate (Dean I guess), and Biden becomes the president elect with either Pelosi or some appointed peron as VP elect.
    Option Three: Move to develop a constitutional ammendment to remove natural born requirement and re-instatement as POTUS.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps a class-action lawsuit vs. the FEC to try to force them to audit Obama’s campaign financing might get action? This might have to come from the RNC as the injured party representing the class of all registered republicans? Not sure how it would work as I’m no lawyer (duh … bet you figured that out), but it seems that – without threat of litigation – very little will actually be done to ensure the lawfulness of Obama’s campaign financing.

  16. John Washburn says:


    Not to add to your already crushing load, but have you looked into the Andy Martin suit in Hawaii?

    Martin’s suit seems to be base on much more simple open records law and thus is free from issues of standing. Martin’s particularized harm is having been denied access to inspect the 1961 original, type written COLB.

    The question now seems to be a balancing of the statutory privacy provisions concerning COLB’s and whether those privacy protections are overcome because either:
    1) Obama waived privacy by publishing an image of the original COLB.
    2) The public interest in the release of the original COLB out weighs the privacy interests protected by the statute which weighs against release.

    Here is a link to an update on the case by Mr. Martin. As usual is it highly self promotional, but does lay out the facts eventually. As does this link about the form and structure of a Hawaiian COLB.

  17. Bill Groves says:

    I also would like to express my thanks to you Jeff, for I know the demands of juggling family life, work and school. Your rhetoric is refreshing, honest and although I don’t agree completely with your views I do appreciate your timely reporting of the facts.

    It is befuddling that this man Obama could seemingly mesmorize so many voters and polititians. I have never been a politico in any way but I feel the need now and I am ready to hold town meetings in my community to educate others on the reasons why our beloved Constitution must never be trampled on in the manner it is at this moment. We must continue to fight for all the same values as our forefathers.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone advise on how to approach electors of a blue state? I obtained the contact information for all 9 of mine, but since Colorado voted Obama, I’m sure the electors won’t be thrilled at pressing the BC issue before Dec. 15. Any advice?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I enjoy your insight on the situation and though I pray that the Supreme Court will force Obama’s hand I am sceptical. I just know that we have to keep our country from turning to Socialism or Communism. I want to see our Constitution upheld and if Obama is a natural born citizen that he start acting like one.

  20. Jeff Schreiber says:

    And YES, I am aware that Philip Berg has filed an action under the False Claims Act in DC Federal Court. However, as the action SHOULD be filed under seal (but for some reason has not been), I am NOT touching it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Will We Soon Be Facing the Death of America

    Under the United States Constitution a candidate must meet three basic requirements to be eligible to be POTUS. Barack Hussein Obama failed to prove his eligibility on one of the tree requirements. This failure on BO places America in the gravest danger since 1776. The idea Obama has been elected to POTUS without first establishing his eligibility to be so is an affront to the American people.

    Obama glibly participates in the procedural process to assume the role of the POTUS with all the confidence of a man who has no doubt he will take the oath of office with out challenge. President Bush and all involved with the process casually mirror Obama’s attitude. Every one involved with this farce acts as if there are ‘no millions of people’ intensely questioning Obama’s citizenship. They totally ignore the probability of Barry’s most ruthless violation of America’s sacred document is being perpetrated as they so casually welcome the Obama’s to the White House. Is it possible BO is the supreme imposter?

    A large cloud of contradictions, rumors and theories have been swarming about Obama’s place of birth, his actual citizenship be it dual or American. The theories are running wild as to who truly sired Obama. Through it all the only response the public ever got from Obama is a proven forged document claiming he was born in Hawaii and the GREAT SILENCE. THE GREAT SILENCE didn’t end with Obama. MSM and hundreds of others who conspired in keeping this vital information out of MSM.

    What about the two law suits sitting in USSC right now challenging Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS? What about the one law suit in Hawaii by Andy Martin? To this date Obama has not produced one acceptable document to prove where he was born. He has also failed to produce any other vital document about himself. Obama has never been held accountable for his refusal to produce required documents. Does he know something we don’t? Is he certain nothing will come of the many law suits against him? Since when does popularity excuse accountability?

    Is it possible he greatest conspiracy ever enacted against America has happened before America’s blind eyes. The conspirators are Obama, the Democratic Party, MSM, 64,000,000 million voters and potentially the USSC. Had this controversial cloud been loudly proclaimed to the voter’s months ago—as it should have been—would Obama really have gotten 64,000,000 votes?

    In between fact and fiction about Obama’s actual place of birth, his father, and his dual citizenship, is compelling evidence that he was not born in Hawaii and he is not an American citizen, and therefore is not eligible to be POTUS. API has written about a man covertly brought in to the UK from Kenya, November 9, 2008. This man has risked his life obtaining documents that allegedly prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Obama was born in Kenya. This issue and only this issue is why it is the duty of the Supreme Court and possibly the USDOJ to have the courage to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt the reality and facts regarding Barack Hussein Mohamed Obama Barry Sotoero. This means under no circumstances must the judges be allowed to distort, convolute, manipulate, contort or in any other manner ignore facts prove Obama is not eligible to be POTUS either because of place of birth, dual citizenship, or other vital facts. Under no circumstances must they find a way to legitimize, or validate Obama’s right to be President if he fails to prove his citizenship.

    The argument that 64,000,000 Americans voted for him is moot because if it is so proven Obama is not eligible, then he ran fraudulently and all who voted for him voted fraudulently. I am sorry for those voters who were so cruelly deceived by Obama.

    This is the single most important issue America and the world is facing. This issue is greater than the economic crisis, world wars, or energy crisis. Now America is facing its last showdown between the American public and the USSC. If Obama is not eligible and the day the Supreme Court fails to acknowledge that fact, is the day the world discovers the Supreme Court became a coconspirator in the same guilty conspiracy. (This is perhaps, what Obama knows, America is not yet ready to believe or accept.) This day will end of all hope for justice in the world. By so failing to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, America’s death will have been declared. Hence forward the American people will be at the mercy of lawless politicians. This is the final betrayal of America by the people we trusted. America, no matter how unpopular at times and in some countries, will no longer be the hope and inspiration of the world. Oh shame, shame. Pisper shame!

    API is organizing a protest march to be held on November 29, 2008. If it were possible for me to be there to join the march, I would. Maybe we could have a sympathy march here in California. It is my hope this march will compel MSM to give this issue the exposure necessary so the public may be aware there may a usurper in office. For more information go to
    THE MARCH WILL START AT CAPITAL HILL AND WILL END OUTSIDE THE SUPREME COURT! We will come back with more information on THE ROUTE OF THE MARCH. This is a very important march. Do not fail to join or help inform others if you are PATRIOTIC AND LOVE YOUR COUNTRY AND ABLE TO PUT THE COUNTRY FIRST.

  22. angeljoymom says:

    Anyone criticizing Jeff and his work should consider how much they’re doing for America and if their work would accomplish more.

    I doubt it.

    Jeff, your work is nothing less than outstanding. With every obstacle that presents itself, you hang on and seek for truth.

    With all your heart, try to ignore (and for your own sake, continue to forgive) those who can’t see that. The criticism they offer you is not something you need to “own” and you owe no apology.

    I’ve been following your website because of the balance you include when you present the facts.
    You’ve been honest and transparent about your hopes and doubts regarding Berg v Obama. And when I tried to educate those I know, it is your website I came to use as reference/back-up. So, I personally thank you.

    Martin’s active stand against Berg…something which is akin to a soldier shooting his comrade…and that makes me sick.

    I keep this all in prayer, wish you and your family all the best, and pray that God will continue to strengthen each of you as you continue this apparently unthankful job.

    God bless you in Jesus’ name,

  23. Anonymous says:

    My how quick everyone is to slander Jeff when they don’t agree.

    Get a spine, folks.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jeff — thank you for another eloquent. I fully admit that i was one of those “anonymous” posters who questioned your intent, and I am happy to submit my apology. You do spend an inordinate amount of time on this, when you have your own schooling, job, and family to deal with. So, I am sorry, and we thank you for all you do. I also said that I appreciate your objectiveness.

    I think you sense, though, the frustration in all of us. We have a crisis on our hands here, a fraud is about to ascend to the highest office in the world, and we feel helpless. As Americans, this is an odd feeling, that our laws have let us down. I personally, feel that we have let our country down, for electing a fraudulent criminal. That is our frustration. WE are impatient. Time is running out. Obama is getting just a little too comfortable in the oval office. His wife is measuring drapes. They want a dog. they want to replace the bowling alley with a basket ball court. The more comfortable they get, they more America is comfortable with that, the moer people get lazy to just ignore things.

    that is why we are frustrated, and we take it out on you, and we are sorry. AFter last Tuesday, there is so little to hope for these days, and we grasp onto any glimmer of hope. Berg gives me hope. Donofrio gives me hope. Martin gives me hope. They may be small glimmers, but with hopelessness all aroudn us because Obama is about to ascend to his “throne”, we have to hold onto anything.

    I fear for my country, for my family, and for myself. So, I have to hope. Thank you Jeff, and God bless you for helping our country reveal this fraud.

  25. Ben Tover says:

    I would appreciate your comment on the individual electors of the Electoral College. Do they not have standing and can they not launch an eligibility challenge on every single candidate who is to be voted on?

    It seems that the Electoral College would be the last barrier Obama must penetrate to be a legitimate President. And they should not be required/allowed to vote for a person who does not meet the eligibility requirements. I have read of as many as 24 electors who already plan to launch a challenge. How might they insure that their challenge be effective.

    We already suffered through the challenge of Bush’s legitimacy in 2002 thanks to the voters at West Palm Beach and their hanging chads. This country is in no condition to endure another illegitimate president Barry Soetoro, illegal Indonesian alien and natural born Kenyan, along with his ilk who flip off our Constitution.

  26. nana3 says:


    I,too, am grateful for this site and for all you are doing to protect our nation and to give others who share your ideals and concerns a voice. We have very few options where we can find the TRUTH and because of you we continue to have HOPE. We all know that we must become more educated and involved because we sense our freedoms slipping away before our eyes. I feel as though I am being engulfed by a quicksand of lies and deceit…I wish I could believe that Mr. Obama is a patriot but he is NOT…his history screams out at us of danger and we on this site and a few others recognize what is at stake. My children and grandchildren face enormous perils in the future and how I wish I had become more involved before now. We need to support Paul Broun, the rep. from GA who has spoken out about Obama and Chambliss Saxby who will be in a run-off election… has given $ to the Democrat opponent because if Saxby loses, Congress will be fillibuster proof. There are other sites like Michael Savage, (Rev. Manning) and the PatriotBrigadeRadioNetwork(Lan Lamphere) where we can get information. We are all working for the same cause..AMERICA…and we must not criticize each other in this quest. Thank you, Jeff, and I pray you will continue to be our link to sanity because there is madness all around us. God Help Us to Expose the TRUTH!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Thank you and God Bless you, Jeff. I am truly grateful for you and Mr. Berg and others who are willing to fight for the American Right.
    I do know how everyone feels about this election. I have felt sick about all the corruption, and fraud and laws that have been broken.
    I would like to suggest that EVERYONE can take some action that will make them feel better.
    1. Take action against the media and let them know you will not watch their shows, buy their newspapers or magazines that promote BO. E-mail and call them till they are sick of hearing from us. Complain often and loudly to their advertisers.
    2. Join sites that are fighting for the American right such as:
    3. Contact your representatives in congress,and State representatives, and let your voice be heard.

    There is strength in numbers and as we unite we become powerful.

  28. Mairi says:

    I will personally apologize for ANYONE who has criticized you or the work you have done, and are still doing. Personally. I cannot thank you enough. I am working on the letters to the EC delegates through “We The People”. I believe we must approach each step of the election process with the hope that those involved in each process value, more than life itself, the Constitution. I have to believe that someone, either the EC delegates, or the House and Senate members will finally listen to the millions of American’s who are asking simply that Barack abide by eligibility requirements set forth by the Founding Fathers. He should do this with great pride. Reasonable people cannot understand why anyone would be unwilling to offer the proof by such a simple gesture.
    The help, and voice of sanity, you provide at this site is inspirational to so many of us who look forward to each new entry you post.
    GOD Bless you and your family, and most importantly. the work you are doing on behalf of America’s Constitution,

  29. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, two things…

    First, don’t apologize for taking a position. You’ve done a great job at keeping us all updated and if someone doesn’t like your position, then they can begin to frequent another site. Keep up the good work!

    We Republicans have a really bad habit of in-fighting amongst ourselves…WE are not the opposition. So, let focus and not argue so much… you don’t see the Democrats arguing about anything amongst themselves do you? No, they focus their attention on combating us…we need to learn a thing or two from them.

    Secondly, since you’ve mentioned it a couple of time, are you ever going to share with us details about what you’re going that’s so secret? Or will we somehow know about it one day?

  30. Ted Park says:

    I agree with everybody. This is one of the best informational sites on the web. Jeff has been very professional, timely, elegant, pithy, level-headed, well-reasoned, etc. I would never slander him or impune his integrity in any way.

    However, I am of the opinion that we have a crisis of unprecedented and unimaginable proportions. Jeff seems to be a bit more optimistic and I respect his opinion. But for me, I don’t see how any sort of “move on” is possible. If the Supreme Court or some other means does not correct this atrocity very soon, something else needs to be done. I don’t know what that means. Maybe it is massive civil disobedience, maybe it is sucesion of one or more states? But in any case, I don’t believe the country will survive 4 years of this.

    And, it’s not just ideology. If Obama really is an undisclosed imposter there will be hell to pay on many fronts. If nothing else, he and the country will be open to massive extortion. And in regards his finances – it is IMPERATIVE that the American people know where his foreign contributions came from.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Thank you for all your hard work and the incredible amount of time spent on keeping us informed. I only do ‘comments’, but have been obsessed in the last 2 months with this election chaos and can only imagine what amount of time you have spent with your well written and though out articles.

    This is the most divisive race I’ve ever seen in this country. I personally have fallen out with many friends and family members. I try to keep the issues about laws, the Constitution, and liberty, but some people will not hear it. Well, then I get emotional and it all goes to heck in a handbasket after that. It is alarming to see how easily reason and justice get thrown out. I think half the country is completely on edge and the media is just beginning to get clued in on why.

    Please keep up the awesome work and don’t let others’ frustration steer you off your course towards truth.


  32. Christopher Wiseman says:


    “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” — Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777

    I sincerely thank you for your time and sacrifice and dedication, not to your cause, but America’s cause. I am the eternal optimist of America that its best days are yet to come that we will be the shining city on a hill. I thank you for your willingness to speak out and stand by the courage of your convictions. I believe that we may be at the beginning of a Constitutional movement and it is our mission to serve as the minutemen and sound the call to arms for the cause of liberty. I believe we must demand change from the grassroots and sew the seeds of liberty and reform ourselves and be willing to unite each other and mutually defend and support each other in our cause. To the government I say do not tread on me!

    Christopher Wiseman

  33. Anonymous says:

    In order for the presidential and vice presidential candidates of a qualified political party to appear on the Hawaii ballot, the party must have filed, 60 days prior to the general election, a sworn application with the chief election officer in the Office of Elections. The application shall include:

    “A statement that each candidate is legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution;…”

    What did the Obama team put on this document? Someone in Hawaii needs to get a copy of this statement.

  34. Nick says:

    Now Andy Martin is trying to get Berg investigated?

  35. Anonymous says:

    New Lawsuit being launched against Obama by Patriot Brigade talk radio show host Lan Lamphere

  36. Your Friend John In Alabama says:

    You are a true American Patriot Jeff, and I applaud your exhaustive efforts while the rest of us were sitting on our asses waiting for someone to “Save Us” from Obama.

    This is a lesson speaking for myself and I hope it will be to others to GET INVOLVED! Locally, Statewide and Nationally.

    Join the PTA, Go to church, Call or write your Senators and Congress people. Talk to your Mayors and Govenor. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!

    Thanks for all you do Jeff!

    Your friend John In Alabama

  37. angeljoymom says:

    Regarding Andy Martin:

    Didn’t Andy Martin’s trip to Hawaii come after the time he said Berg contacted him for advice?
    Perhaps there are other reasons, but considering Andy’s claim to have been following Obama for a few years, and with the heart conviction for America that he expressed, why didn’t he go do Hawaii before? I.e., when O became a state and then US senator? or when Hillary brought out citizenship as an issue during the primaries? or when O was first nominated? or even in 2004 when O spoke at the DNC convention and had his eyes on 2008?

    It is Berg who approached Martin; considering the consequences this nation faces, why can’t they work together?

    I’m not a judge, but these observations lend themselves to my comment about Andy’s current actions against Berg as being immature, possibly selfish, and most definitely undermining the cause.

    Andy didn’t hurt Berg as much as he hurt himself and the cause.

    What court will now take any of this seriously?



    (NEW YORK)(November 12, 2008) Andy Martin has asked the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board to investigate the conduct of anti-Obama attorney Philip J. Berg of Lafayette Hill, PA. “There have been a lot of questions, and criticism, swirling around Mr. Berg’s behavior,” Martin stated. “I thought his behavior merited a look by the Disciplinary Board. That way there can be a fair and impartial examination of his claims and actions.”

  38. Christopher Wiseman says:

    Ted Park – Perhaps you are on to something with the civil disobedience angle. If we were to commit an act of civil disobedience in regard to a federal statute, regulation or law that was passed by President Obama, could we not subpoena his long form birth certificate from the State of Hawaii as a defense to disobeying that statute?

    I’m not a lawyer but my understanding of criminal law in general is that because it’s a higher burden of proof and because the potential punishments include loss of life or liberty, defending against a loss of those rights would be more persuasive and outweigh the possible loss of privacy of Obama by providing a copy of his long form.

    Moreover, hasn’t he essentially waived a right to privacy over a birth certificate he supposed obtained and published on the web? I’ll be watching the federal register to find a non-felonious law to break after January 21st.

    Maybe I won’t report my income tax for the year (I’m sure they can’t fine me to harshly for not filing a return that I’m likely to get a refund on anyway).

  39. Anonymous says:

    Forgive me if this sounds stupid, but, by chance osamabama was proven to be not eligible( which we know he isn’t an American ),as many have said joe biden would assume the office( probably with wing nut pelosie)… question is… if osamabama was not eligible, how would that make biden eligible? They ran together so there would be a conflict of interest… neither one should be eligible.And if neither one was eligible that means they ran an illegal campaign to get elected, soooooooo there for the president elect should fall to the true winner McCain and Palin.Does this sound crazy? This is what i think anyway.
    Jeff keep up the good work and don’t get frustrated with all the morons bad mouthing you, they are just jealous because they are not able to put 2 + 2 together and come up with 4…. thank you for all your insight

  40. Anonymous says:

    The November election was an election to elect the state electors—not the candidates. Obama and Biden were not elected to office on the 4th of November. The electors were elected to vote for their individual state. The fact that Obama and Biden were on a ticket is not an issue for the electors when they vote on December 15th because the electors cast 2 separate votes…one for a president and one for a vice president. They do not vote for a ticket.

  41. C says:

    Jeff, your doing great work and your sacrifice is much appreciated. Never think otherwise.

  42. john mirse says:

    Obama needs to provide an affidavit from his Hawaii birth hospital that states that Obama was born there.

    1. Obama needs to provide his long form Hawaii birth certificate—the one with the names of the delivery doctor and the birth hospital—to the courts, Electoral College, and to Congress, if they demand proof of Obama’s eligibility to be the next President of the United States.

    2. But I also say that the courts, the Electoral College, and Congress should demand that Obama provide an affidavit from Obama’s birth hospital that Obama was born there.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Check this website- another potential forgery. It’s just the begining.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I would like to suggest that everyone unite and work together to bring Obama down.

    This site is planning to buy a full page ad in the USA daily newspaper. They are trying to raise the money for the ad which is around $90,000. So far they have raised around $14,000. The ad is to be an open letter to BO asking him to show his orginal birth certifcate and possibly his Harvard papers.
    Anyone that can donate even a little bit If we can pull this off someone is going to have to start to pay attention.

  45. lgstarr says:

    FYI: As of today, (API) African Press International’s wordpress site is suspended. And you know that Chief Editor Korir was reporting that an Imama from Kenya had photocopied records of Obama’s birth in Kenya and had sought asylum in the UK and was going to be bringing the document to the U.S. (along with API’s Michell Obama tape)…

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