And so it begins…

In the days and weeks leading up to the election, I warned that blame for a McCain loss on Tuesday would be thrown at the feet of Sarah Palin, of conservatives, and of the conservative movement as a whole. I warned that Palin’s churchgoing, her Second Amendment advocacy, her distance–geographically and otherwise–from the halls of Capitol Hill would be used to discredit her, would be used to explain the failure of independents to turn out in this election.

I expected this. It didn’t take a genius to expect this, either. Still … this seemed a little over-the-top:

If this is true–and I don’t think it is–and if they had prior knowledge, the media had a responsibility to include this in their campaign reports, just like the Los Angeles Times had a responsibility to release the video of Obama lavishing praise on former PLO operative and close personal friend Rashid Khalidi. After all, just as the Rashid Khalidi video goes to Obama’s judgment and ideology as a possible president, these so-called revelations go directly to Palin’s capacity as a possible vice president and potential president.

However, it smells more to me like the desperate act of embarassed, befuddled and defiant McCain staffers to somehow disperse their responsibility in their candidate’s loss, their role in the perpetration of a completely lackluster campaign. Palin, remember, added anywhere from two to 12 points to McCain’s numbers, depending upon where you look. The staffers know it, know that responsibility for the electoral vote blowout falls into their lap, and they’d rather shift blame than allow their candidate and their operation to take the blame for losing the election.

While, at first glance, the video and revelations within are shocking, after consideration this seems more and more to me like a manifestation of the internal conflict of the McCain campaign — which, in fact, is a microcosm of the internal conflict within the Republican Party. This is right versus center, plain and simple, and it reeks of dirty politics being played by people who lack the testicular fortitude to accept responsibility for Tuesday’s defeat.

A reader wrote to me, in fact, and said that Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume appeared on Laura Ingraham’s talk radio program this morning, where he maintained that, while he doesn’t doubt that these things were indeed said to Carl Cameron, he felt it was more indicative of “a fear among those in the McCain camp that they will be blamed for his defeat … and blamed for the failure of the McCain campaign.”

“They’re not going to sit still for it,” Hume told Ingraham, and the McCain staffers “will say whatever they need to say about her” in order to effectively pass the blame elsewhere.

I tend to agree with him. It’s not that I don’t believe Cameron, it’s not that I don’t believe that he was told these anecdotes, I just don’t buy that these things aren’t being relayed by McCain flunkies who simply just don’t want to be blamed for running an ineffective, disjointed and stagnant campaign. McCain has always been more comfortable criticizing conservatives–that’s his “Maverick” nature, after all–so why should we expect his staffers to act differently?

Palin, regardless of the attacks against her, has managed to prove herself to be a force in the Republican party. She single-handedly drew tens of thousands of people to John McCain’s events, a feat that could not have been done by a Tim Pawlenty or a Mitt Romney, despite their individual merits. She has a way with the people, has a way with articulating the conservative message. She’s a force for the right-hand side of the GOP, and the folks in the middle, the people who want to continue running candidates who appeal to the center and center-left, don’t seem to like it at all.

I wouldn’t be surprised, by the way, if Palin were to step down from her position as Alaskan governor and allow her Lieutenant Governor to appoint her to Ted Stevens’ senatorial position, should he prevail after all votes are counted. She is, after all, the highest-ranking and highest-profile republican in the state, and could argue that it is the natural progression in her political career.

The way things work in Alaska, apparently, she could serve until the next election cycle, where should would essentially have to run for re-election in order to serve out the remaining four years of Stevens’ term. While I don’t know if such a scenario is likely, Palin could frame it as an attempt to obtain more Capitol Hill experience–she already has executive experience–before considering a run in 2012 or 2016.

Regardless, she absolutely must address these charges, and must do so while she still has a national audience. If, after all, she had the will to “go rogue” during the last month or so of the campaign, she should do the same now and throw the McCain operation under the bus where it belongs. They, after all, don’t seem to be doing her any favors.



  1. Bill says:

    I’m with you on this one too Jeff. Very unfair treatment and totally ridiculous.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It just appears to me that she was too much of a go getter and might have looked to the staffers like she really could field dress some of them too! The info around the Couric interview was simply that Paline simply did not have the same kind of time available to her as was available with the ABC interview where she did pretty well. There it was the interviewER found to be the one in error. With the Couric time line Paline was at the time involved in meeting and greeting at the UN. These were really stupid interviews lined up for her in the first place. And that in itself shows who were the ones with street sense and who were just naive and without a clue.

    Palin had to be the one to speak out to the crowds those most important facts re: Obama that McCain seemed to be clueless about in their real importance to the public. In that she showed more foresight and savvy than apparently did McCain who most of the time seemed just too lethargic for such a race. A lot fell then upon her shoulders and she took it on. And…Bill Clinton’s constant fits of anger never seemed to really be of too much concern to the critics. Sheesh.

    Unfortunately all this coming out now will only be used against her in the future if she decides to run.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It may also be Fox trying to suck up to Obama to spare his wrath with the fairness doctrine. They have toned down their rhetoric in the weeks preceeding the election and had to be first to announce Obama the winner as soon as the polls closed on the west coast.

  4. Elder says:

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on Mrs. P. moving to the Senate. I don’t think she would be comfortable as 1 among 100.

    She likes being the boss, getting to fire, and hire, who she wants. Also, she would have to spend more time away from Alaska. She would not feel comfortable surrounded by people who are intellectually and academically way out of her league.

    She like the simple folk. People who believe what Rush tells them to believe. Not thinkers.

  5. d says:

    I for one would not have voted for McCain if Gov Palin was not on the ticket. It is ironic how they are waging war with Palin and can not seem to have waged the war with Obama. I thought it was kinda fishy that leaks were comming out of the McCain’s campaign, especially the $150K in wardrobe. Palin addressed said that she did not even asked nor shopped for the clothes given to her.
    My thoughts are that McCain did not want to win. Ann Coulter written an excellent article on this issue today and I concur with her. It is very petty of the McCain camp to come out and do this now. The RNC should stop this before it goes any further. I am a register Republican, but very conservative at heart. I will be changing my affiliation. Maybe all conservatives need to form a third party since the Republican party wants to go more moderate like McCain. Republican lost the election because McCain wanted to be everyone friends and too chicken to confront Obama on every issues.

  6. GUESSWHAT says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Attcking Palin is childish and petty. I shows anti women attitude also.

    I believe Sarah is the best candidate of the 4 that ran. She brought in the people much more than McCain.
    she is dynamic speaker and politician. very top notch. Biden is an almost full blown alcoholic who needs about 5 years of detox. Obama is a crook and fraud. Palin shines like a bright star. I would vote for her as Presdent in a second.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jeff….agreed. She needs to throw them all under the bus!! Sarah is a force to be dealt with and I hope this is not the last we will see of her. She has an energy and stamina the R’s have needed for a long time. But she MUST address these issues now. If she doesn’t I am sure that they will come back to haunt her in a 2012 campaign with more of a vengence than if she took the bull by the horns now…We love you Sarah….

  9. Anonymous says:

    The McCain Camp people obviously are trying to save themselves. In contrast to putting Country First, they are putting themselves first. No one will argue they did a horrible job, leaking info to the press, announcing they were giving up on Michigan among many others. McCain deserved better. Now they refuse to take any responsibility and throw Palin under the bus. If they had any loyalty to McCain and the GOP, they would not disparage a woman that the country embraced. Personally I do not believe them. She is a popular Governor, she can neither be stupid or ignorant.
    Now more than ever it is obvious to me that the McCain Camp is solely responsible for his loss.
    Regarding the Africa comment, you do not need to know geography to be President. Just ask Obama how many states there are. 57???

  10. Kristin says:

    I actually think it would be better for her to stay in Alaska and run for re-election as governor. First, I don’t want her to get any taint from Washington D.C. on her. I want her to remain in Alaska where they feel physically and ideologically separate from the ‘lower 48.’ I want her to maintain that Alaska toughness and ‘outside’ feel.

    Second, I want her to stay on target with making a comeback in 2012. Make sure she is vocal and out there in the national political community. Rally some news dudes every once in awhile to have her say about Obama and what they are doing to our country. Keep her finger on the pulse, so to speak.

    Then, when 2012 comes around, she’ll have 6 years of gubernatorial experience…and if they want to say she has no experience, it won’t stick any longer. The cries about her abandoning her special needs baby won’t apply anymore as Trig will be 4+ and her other children will be adults or teens.

    Palin will NOT go away, because American conservatives got a taste of her, and they won’t forget it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The irony here is that the McCain whimps refused to go after Obama and yet now seem to be relishing in trashing one of their own

    The scary fact of today is the now highly classified briefings that are beginning with this possible fraud with all the anti-America pals.

  12. Anonymous says:

    "et tu, Brute?"

    Politics is truly a nasty business, isn't it? TRAITOR(S) on McCain's staff want to make sure THEY don't get blamed for his defeat, so they reduce themselves to the level of 3-yr-olds who go tattling to Mommy after bickering with a sister. PITIFUL. I guess Sarah will know WHO SHE CAN'T TRUST ANYMORE, won't she??? And this Carl Cameron kid acts like a cub reporter with his VERY FIRST assignment, so excited to get to actually DO something, he's about to pee all over himself. Thankfully, O'Reilly has just about seen it all, and has the calm maturity not to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    But don't give up on having a McCain/Palin Presidency yet!

    God willing, one of the lawsuits filed by Vice Presidential candidates or the 24+ Electors, or by Andy Martin in Hawaii, will be acknowledged by a judge and we will finally know if Obama was born in Hawaii (making him a "natural born citizen"–unless he gave up that citizenship), or if he was NOT born in the USA–which nullifies the election outcome.

    God willing, conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court will learn of Berg's appeal, 4 will vote to hear his case, and 5 will order Obama to submit his Birth Certificate to the Court to prove his eligibility for the Presidency. Souter (the liberal who tricked President Bush #1 into thinking he's conservative) refused to stay the election, but Obama has to respond to the Court by December 1st, at which time Berg can respond. If the Court TAKES THE CASE, the media can't ignore this issue any longer and will HAVE to report it. Public pressure will force Obama to show his Birth Certificate and reveal what he's been HIDING from the American people.

    It's for this reason that I have to disagree with you to a degree, Jeff. Sarah should GRACIOUSLY respond to the charges, REFRAIN from passing blame or naming names, APOLOGIZE if she had offended any of McCain's staff in the course of the campaign, PRAISE McCain & his staff, THANK the American people who voted for her, and display PRIDE in McCain & her country, and HUMILITY and GRATITUDE for being given the HONOR of running for the Vice Presidency. There's still the possibility, however remote, that she could be our next Vice President, and THE PUBLIC doesn't want to see INFIGHTING. She can always get behind the wheel of that bus to run the TRAITORS over LATER, and QUIETLY, behind-the-scenes. McCain is the only friend she needs to keep from the campaign.

    So PRAY for justice, PRAY for the truth to come out, PRAY for Sarah to have wisdom in front of the camera, and PRAY for God's mercy on this country!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I love Palin and will not listen to all of their petty BS.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would be willing to bet that this is simply staffers trying to make an excuse for running an absolutely horrible campaign. Remember these staffers are Washington insiders, also known as “Hill Rats”. These are people whose job is being part of the DC circuit and one’s that still want future jobs running and working campaigns. Remember…they aren’t volunteers…it is their job and they very well may be protecting their turf…and what easier way than to throw the outsider under the bus.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Scanning a variety of blogs discussing this topic, there appears to be a very revealing pattern emerging. McCain was not a Conservative Republican. He is liberal to the core yet is willing to reach across the aisle for political expediency.



    Get rid of those contemptible “open” primaries that allowed Democrats to cross-over and deliver McCain as our candidate.


    McCain has always felt “dishonorable” when taking the side of Republicans. This is, I [Ace] think, why he would not call Obama and the Democrats out on Fannie Mae/CRA: Because to do so would have put him firmly on the side of his fellow Republicans, and incidentally helped them while helping himself.

    And he just could not bring himself to do that. He defined himself as the anti-Republican.


    A poster at Hot Air just raised a good point about the McCain staff smear: McCain is a guy who instantly went on the attack against his own party when they brought up Jeremiah Wright as an issue his absense during the veep smear by people who worked for him is revealing.


    Palin brought to his campaign interest, visibility, money, volunteers, fight, passion, and the only freakin’ chance to get within reach of the Presidency. Who drew crowds? Palin.
    Who connected with regular voters? Palin.
    Who reinforced the platform of reform and real change? Palin.

    McCain OWES it to her to defend her not now but yesterday. The report (as I understand it but that could be yet another smear) that he would not let her speak at the concession speech because his staff didn’t want her to is a sad reflection of his leadership. The campaign was over and he still listened to his handlers advice?


    Must be some sort of combination of the hatred and terror careerist Rhinos feel in her presence. After all, back in her home state they were the exact sort that she brought low once she rose to prominence. They don’t want to risk seeing that level of housecleaning on the national stage; therefore they must do all within their feeble, flailing power to ensure that she does not return.

    When McCain picked Palin he was reaching across the aisle…non-conservative careerists with pretentious sneering at the flyover girl who — GASP! — actually believed in God and… Winning. Public service. Could you believe her naivete!


    The pattern is clear – Palin’s success is a threatening presence to the old Rhino pegging order.

  16. John says:

    I had not voted in the last 3 elections and I would not have voted this time if it had not been for the VP choice of Sarah Palin.

    Surely I am not the only one. I plan to write my congressmen and Sarah and McCain and several in the media and I hope others will do the same.

    Sarah has awakened the long dead activist in me and I want my voice heard. I am sick and tired of liberal special interests and corruption.

    I believe that already there are people who voted for Obama that are thinking, O crap! What have we done?

    … and many more to come…

  17. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny, doesn’t journalism deal with facts and proof anymore? They (the liberal media) are still trying to bash Sarah Palin with hear-say! How desperate!

    What about the “hear-say” that Joe Biden is a drunk! Not hearing that now are we?

    Nope, they’re still trying to get their last digs into Sarah Palin. Who, by the way, was a great choice, and we all should be lucky if she ran in 2012.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Palin has already stated on the media that she would not lower herself to respond to any of the comments. She is taking the high road, which is much more admirable.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mccain made a big mistake hiring Romney staff. They are the ones who caused the trouble according to reports.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Keep in mind, these are the same staffers who leaked the cost of clothes provided for public appearances to the media.

    Word is they are leftover Romney staffers.

    Sounds like a bad case of sour grapes.

  21. Anonymous says:

    And people wonder why Republicans are on the ropes all across America…

    Sarah Palin was the ONLY ray of light in the entire campagn and I have no doubt that the rats that are leaking these obvious lies are doing whatever they can to save their sorry inept a***s

    Sarah, WILL, be back – and I can’t wait. She is EXACTLY what the Repulican party needs – and she WILL clean house.

  22. Kristi says:

    I’m compelled to put in my 2 cents, and if you think I owe you more for reading this, let me know.

    1. From the get-go, there was no overwhelming evidence that McCain wanted to win. Palin? Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt. She wanted to play hardball and was restrained by someone(s). McCain? I’m sorry to say he had my vote but he left me frusterated beyond words because he seemed to be sitting on the bench quietly reciting the past batting average of the opponent. Was it his choice, or his campaign manager’s? Who knows.
    2. Declaring “bipartisanship” in a campaign brings the possiblility of a candidate disqualifying themself from a true conservative’s vote. My conservative values and worldview are non-negotiable. Left-wingers play “winner takes all”, and no right-winger is going to talk them out of that. “Reaching across the aisle” will force one to take a step…towards the left. Did you hear left-wingers repeatedly touting “reaching across the aisle”? Do you see liberals becoming more “center”?! As I’ve heard said, the republicans of today are the democrats of yesterday.
    3. Someone lost the McCain campaign, but it wasn’t Sarah Palin. Therefore, all allegations and critisisms I take with a huge grain of salt. (I find it virtually impossible to believe the geography allegations! She comes from a teacher’s family, and she’s been to college, and I’m sure she’s watched the Olympics! Gimme a break!)
    4. I pray that Sarah Palin spawned a passion for more conservatives to stop pandering to immoral, “let’s negotiate away our nation” liberals. I pray she DID learn from her mistakes, and comes back stronger.
    5. I’ll bet Sarah isn’t at home licking her wounds; I’ll bet she’s praying for our nation and leaders every day, as she saw up close and personal the agenda of B. Hussein Obama.

    Okay…I’ll quit. How much do I owe you?

  23. naturalborn says:

    I noticed extreme sexism in this election. The men were treated professionally, while the one woman running was mocked by liberals that pretend to be for individual rights. Hypocrites! I will never vote democrat again.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, you are incorrect in your understanding of Alaska law.

    If a vacancy occurs in the U.S. Senate, a temporary appointment can be made by the Alaska governor, but within 90 days of the vacancy, a special election is held to pick a new senator.

    This new law was enacted after the previous governor (who Palin replaced) appointed his daughter, Lisa Murkowski, to the vacant Senate seat which occurred when he was elected governor.

    I think Sarah should remain in Alaska, doing the great work she does here, and consider a run in 2012 down the line.

    We love you, Sarah!! You made an excellent run for the ticket, and we are very proud of you!!


  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Christopher Wiseman says:

    Well apparently, everyone has forgotten about the 57 states that Mr. Obama had visited to campaign in. Lets see I guess Kenya, Germany and France are now states…I’m missing the other four he visited, I guess I need a new map. Enough with the Palin Rino whipping boy already. McCain lost because he lost the faith of the Conservatives FIRST. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat, there are conservative Democrats, Reagan reached out to them but he didn’t sell out the party. McCain was for things before he was against them, does that sound familiar? It does not play. Conservatives win when they run as Conservatives. Republicans win when they run center right. Even liberal Republicans can run and win as long as they don’t try to play both sides and alienate conservatives in the meantime. Fact is, McCain there is a remote chance that he could have won if he had been consitent and unapologetic in his beliefs, he did not. He tried to play to all sides of the crowd without any solid pledges to Conservatives and he paid the price.

    McCain is to 2008 as Dole was to 96. There was no way he was going to win and quite frankly I’m not sure the GOP leadership wanted to eek out a Republican win with the state of the economy and facing Democrat majorities in Congress.

    Fine we can sit back and stare at game film and beat ourselves, McCain, Palin, Bush, etc. up and in two years, we’ll be nowhere. Get your heads out of the sand and move forward.

    Go back to proven strategies. Fight pork. Fight special Interests. Fight Tax Hikes. Fight for 1st Amendment Rights (agaisnt the Fairness Doctrine). Fight government bloating and regulation. Fight for America First, parties second. And you know what? America wins and Conservatives win. Fight amongst ourselves and you know what? We can all go watch 1992, 2006 and 2008 election coverage reruns and pat ourselves on the back.

  27. Anonymous says:

    the lady is not too bright! that’s not partisan or attacking, it’s the freaking TRUTH! we, who live in Alaska have known this for ages. the family is known as “freeloaders”. She spent 40,000 dollars of taxpayer money on todds clothes and doesn’t know if africa is a continent? The dems are SO hoping she runs..what little is left will be destroyed. just wait. like mccains staff said “they’re the hillbillies from wasilla!!”

  28. Anonymous says:

    McCain lost because he was a whimp; not a fighter. He refused to tell the real truth about obama and just come right out and inform the people, of what the Media refused to tell.
    McCain needed to be more like Pres. Reagan, and speak up about the socialist agenda of obama and the democrats.
    And ”damned the torpedoes; full steam ahead”.
    As Ive always believed, nice guys finish last. A campaign is not for niceties, kindness, and politeness and cute little inuendoes. It a time for telling it like it is. It should be more of a knock em out, drag em out fight.
    Now, they still cant face the truth, so they pick on a woman. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.
    And if her ”churchgoing” is so distasteful to people, then all the more reason why God is no longer blessing this nation.
    What they call ”too conservative” really means they didnt want her to clean up corruption in D.C.
    Well then, let em all sink into the abyss that they will now get.

  29. Ted Park says:

    Since you are bringing up the 57 states thing – this is not just a Dan Quayle moment. It is something far more sinister:

    Remember when Obama referred to the “57 states”. Seemed a bizarre curiosity at the time. But consider this. Nobody would say that ever. There is no known physical or psychological mechanism that could produce a blunder like that. If you were old enough you might say 48 or 49 – but never 57. Where did that come from?

    Well, if you had been thoroughly and repeatedly been exposed to the phrase “57 states”, some sort of Freudian Slip might produce this mistake. But only if that phrase were firmly and deeply planted in your soul and innermost being. So, where did THAT come from?

    Answer found:

  30. Anonymous says:

    This is soooooo catty! It really is the symptom of the whole problem. Palin would have been a lot more successful if people would have just let her go and be herself.

    Yes, I want her to run in 2012. I didn’t hear anything in this video that seemed bad. In fact, the reporter seemed more excited than I felt hearing this news. So, in a camp full of people in a LOSING campaign, there was bickering? There was disloyalty? There was cattiness? What else is new? And who really knows if this was the fault of the campaign or the reaction of the campaign to failure?

    I think that McCain tried his best, however, I don’t know, maybe it was just one of those things that had to happen (for Dem Ob black man to win). Sometimes things just happen because it was time, I think that if Ob said that he would kill the firstborn of every family he would have still been elected (he almost did say that with the abortion thing!) because everyone is so enamored with the idea of a black man as president. So maybe NO ONE else would have won, no matter what. But the McCain staff fell apart mentally.

    It said that Palin was having a “breakdown.” I have lived long enough to know that many times when someone stressed says something about someone else, it is because they themselves are feeling that way. It could be with all this cattiness and backlashing that someone defined her as “breaking down” when, in reality, it was everyone around her.

    Whatever it was, I wouldn’t have wanted to work in that campaign. And for both Palin and McCain to have smiles on their faces when they stepped into public I think THAT is an accomplishment of itself.

    Petty, catty, silliness. Give me some real news newsman!


  31. Anonymous says:

    I knew the McCain campaign was in trouble when I had better ideas than they did! (and I have no experience in politics!)
    They should have parked JM right in the middle of the southside of Chicago to see what “progress” Obama has made there, with scrolling statistics like the murder rate etc. Now that would be powerful!
    As far as Sarah, those three men can’t shine her high heeled shoes!
    Go Palin/Jindal 2012!

  32. Anonymous says:

    To the anonymous poster who said Sarah should do this, & do that, and do the other thing: Hello!! She has done so much already, and dealt with an unthinkable amount all at once from multiple quarters. And not a peep of complaint from her. She's not the one pretending to be the Messiah, okay? :) I wouldn't demand more of her. Way to go, Sarah!! Be yourself, and stay comfortable in your own skin. I look forward to Sarah's future.

  33. William Shipley says:

    I don’t think Governor Palin should spend a lot of time addressing ‘anonymous’ statements. I think she has the right line on that. She should accept some of the invitations and speak to national issues, the election, energy etc. You don’t build the reputation of being presidential by saying you didn’t go on spending sprees. You can’t win that argument, that’s why the phrase beneath contempt exists.

    As to the Senate, she should stay away. Generally Senators don’t become president. This time we had two running against each other, so the curse was suspended. What you get out of being a senator is national name recognition, a problem for governors. Not, of course, Governor Palin.

    Spend some time fundraising and campaigning for Republicans in 2010 to build the party and take back some of congress and she can build allies for a 2012 try.

    She’s a bit young for it, but she’s in the national scene and has to play that way. In the political world, you are either a shark or you are chum.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Today’s Herald-Sun newspaper in Durham, NC has a letter to the editor regarding Sara Palin’s visit to Raleigh. NC Gov. Easley refused to give her the larger requested venue. Capacity was 5500 with a roped off area for 2000 more, thousands were turned away. Some good news is that she is the 2009 speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). REagan was their speaker in 1975.

  35. Ian Thorpe says:

    So she thought Africa was a country? I wonder id she got that idea from Barry’s fake birth certificate that gives his father’s nationality as “African”.

  36. TNelson says:

    “Ted Park said…
    Since you are bringing up the 57 states thing – this is not just a Dan Quayle moment. It is something far more sinister:

    Remember when Obama referred to the “57 states”. Seemed a bizarre curiosity at the time. But consider this. Nobody would say that ever. There is no known physical or psychological mechanism that could produce a blunder like that. If you were old enough you might say 48 or 49 – but never 57. Where did that come from?

    Well, if you had been thoroughly and repeatedly been exposed to the phrase “57 states”, some sort of Freudian Slip might produce this mistake. But only if that phrase were firmly and deeply planted in your soul and innermost being. So, where did THAT come from?

    Answer found:

    Or maybe he really likes John Kerry and ‘Heinz 57′ steak sauce. He was just thinking about what a great deal he could get if he made Kerry Secretary of State.

    Would that make Kerry the SOS? How ironic would that be, in more ways than one!

  37. Loved1 says:

    Here is a SUPERB interview that Governor Palin did yesterday (Thursday November 6, 2008). :) It’s in 5 parts. Listen in. Enjoy:

  38. patrick says:

    If Palin runs for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her… but, at this point, that may not work in her favor


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