The 44th President [Elect] of the United States

For two hours now, I have been trying to put words on paper. It hasn’t been easy.

As a man who believes in the virtue of fundamental fairness, I am delighted that the United States of America will, come January, see its first African-American president. I was oddly moved by seeing Jesse Jackson’s tears in the Grant Park audience tonight. As much as I may dislike the man, as awful as he may be on so many levels, it must have been an incredible experience for him and seeing him overcome by emotion without a camera directly in his face weighed heavily on me. It was not so long ago, after all, that black men were denied the right to vote and, tonight, one was elected president of the United States. That alone is a testament to the freedoms and opportunity afforded by the United States of America and everything for which She stands.

As an American, however, I wish that president could have been someone else. My God, we elected a socialist tonight. My God, we elected a man who has done nothing to show that he actually likes this country, nonetheless has its best interests at heart.

Still strugging for words, looking to connect my head with my fingers, I find myself disheartened because, if tonight is an indication of the near future, my daughter will not grow up in the same America I did. I find myself disappointed that my fellow Americans were not able to see past the rhetoric, past the spin, past the cloud of Bush Derangement Syndrome enough to do the right thing yesterday. I find myself angry knowing that more could have been done to prevail, that it was a better-run campaign and not a better candidate which won this race. I’m embarrassed that the electorate freely elected a man who, even in his victory speech, said that American “cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers” and somehow managed to speak of humility while delivering a speech before more than a million people. Humility, as Charles Krauthammer later said, is not one of Obama’s strong points.

Yet, oddly, I find myself optimistic. Sure, I know full well that this loss will be blamed on Sarah Palin and the conservative movement as a whole, that news cycles for the next few days will focus on how the GOP needs to transmogrify itself into more of a big-tent party, that it was the religious right which lost this election for John McCain, ever concerned about their petty values and driven by their mindless faith in God. I also know, however, that this past evening’s loss in reality falls squarely on the shoulders of a party and campaign mechanism that was, just like we saw party-wide in 2006, somehow hesitant and afraid to fight hard from its own traditional principled foundation.

We can Monday-morning quarterback as much as we want. We can talk about the inevitable, below-the-fold piece in the New York Times commending John McCain for his “respectful” campaign, and how the very presence of that piece will run to the heart of what is wrong with the Republican party and what needs to be done to retake the Senate, the House, and the residence and offices at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Strangely enough, it is that inevitable battle within the party which has be so optimisic. The GOP has some ‘splainin to do, a real knock-down, drag out fight. The debate will be between (1) those who believe that moving the party to the center, that expanding the pie and building a bigger tent is the answer to the question posed tonight when America willingly elected a radical socialist to the presidency, and (2) those who believe firmly that America is a right-of-center nation and pandering to the center and left through La Raza events and cap-and-trade programs and the socialization of economic losses does nothing to benefit the GOP or the country as a whole.

I’m confident that the latter faction will prevail, that actual conservatives like Bobby Jindal and Mike Pence and Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin and Eric Cantor and Jim DeMint will be able to guide the conservative movement to, once again, the forefront of American politics by aggresively stressing and eloquently articulating the merits of fiscal conservatism, of smaller government, of free market principles, of a strong national defense and solid family values. Aided by the disastrous effects Obama’s policies are sure to have on the economy, on our security and more, the process may not take as long as originally thought.

Six years, a good friend of mine said tonight, until we retake Congress. I think it will be less.

As corny as it may sound, it IS always darkest before the dawn. From Johnson came Nixon, from Jimmy Carter came Ronald Reagan. Tomorrow and the next day, the news cycles will surely not be easy and the pundits will be nothing short of ruthless — but rest assured that news of the death of conservatism has been greatly exaggerated.

What these pundits, critics and know-it-all types fail to understand is that conservatism is bigger than John McCain, bigger than Grant Park, bigger than 2008. Conservatism wasn’t invented by Reagan, by Barry Goldwater, Theodore Roosevelt or anyone else. Conservatism is not a trend, not a fashion or a theory designed for fleeting consideration before fading into fodder for books forever doomed to collect dust on the shelves of the elites. Yes, it will be written off tomorrow as out-of-touch, as antiquated, as too rooted in religion and the free market, but conservatism has been written off before — it was written off in 1976 after the disappointment of Gerald Ford and Bob Dole; it was written off in 1992 after Democrats obtained control of the House, Senate and the White House; it was written off again in 1996 after Bob Dole’s anticlimactic presidential run.

Barack Obama’s victory a few hours ago was a turning point, a sea change pending for the Republican party as a direct result of the so-called “Big Tent” approach to party politics, a widely-inclusive but short-sighted approach which blurred the lines of the basic tenets of conservatism — strong national defense and foreign policy, responsible and pro-growth fiscal policy, rich and grounded family and moral values. The more people, the more factions and more groups the GOP tried to cram into the left side of the Big Tent, the more those on the right side, the ones that had been there from the start and the ones who can deliver America to prosperity and keep Her there, were pushed out into a deluge of apathy and spite.

In these upcoming news cycles, the debate among those on the political left and right will surely include analysis of the relevance of conservatives and conservatism. If conservatives are so plentiful and so powerful, they’ll ask, why wasn’t it Barack Obama who was delivering the concession speech, why isn’t it Cindy McCain measuring the drapes and preparing for her White House Christmas Special? Over the next few months, the pundits and pinheads will put forth the proposition that the country as a whole is moving to the left at a rapid pace. Look at the turnout numbers in the primaries, they’ll say, pointing to the popular vote count discrepancy between democrats and republicans. Look at the general election, they’ll maintain, pointing to numbers which show that Obama won by a larger margin than any democrat since Lyndon Johnson.

Don’t believe what you hear. Don’t let the same bitterness seen in so many liberals, that nasty venom and vitriol so artfully concealed behind empty smiles and yoga pants and gritty spirulina smoothies, don’t let it seep into your daily lives. Don’t allow it to happen. The core principles of conservatism–starting with a limited central government–are the very principles on which America was founded and, so long as we survive the next four years, those principles will be the reason that the party, and America as a whole, emerge stronger than ever.

Remember that the movement transcends the candidate. Remember that the principles transcend the election.

Keep your chin up, America — Bobby Jindal is headed to Iowa next month.



  1. Ted Park says:

    To recent anonymos comment:

    1. You are right that they will have a hard time taking Jesus away, at least anytime soon. But they will be definitely adding Allah to the mix.

    2. You are wrong. They WILL take our guns away. And very soon.

  2. Darla says:

    To Mr. Anonymous who said, “no one will take away your guns or Jesus…..” You shortsighted, stupid person! Google Massachussets and see what happened to the parents who opposed the public school educating their KINDERGARTEN child about same sex marriage without their permission! They lost in court (the dad spent some time in jail!) because their RIGHTS AS PARENTS were taken away by the STUPID LEFT-WING GOVERNMENT! Who in the world is the GOVERNMENT to tell a PARENT how to raise their child?

    You wonder why people are concerned about Obama? Use your brain for a change. The most liberal senator of 2007 is now the president of America. He is PRO-GOVERNMENT!

    Shut your stupid mouth and engage your brain for a change.

    From: An Inflamed citizen of Canada, your closest ally, very concerned about the events in your great country.

  3. Ted Park says:

    What about security clearance? I used to think that there was no such process for President. But a couple of weeks ago I read that there was and that McCain, Biden, and Palin’s had been completed, and Obama’s was still in-progress. Do any of you know anything about this? According to another news item today Obama is supposed to start receiving extremely sensitive information as early as this week.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think Jesse Jackson’s tears were more about: “It should have been me”, but I could be wrong.
    I voted for McCain here in California, and they started calling the election before voting here was over. I also feel like the fix was in.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hamas to send congrats letter to Obama. Meanwhile Obama to begin intelligence briefings…Obama will have access to vastly more intelligence, including ongoing covert operations, than he was privy to as a senator, said Hayden’s message.

    “Through expanded access, greater than what he had in his briefings as a candidate or as a Senator, he will see the full range of capabilities we deploy for the United States,” Hayden wrote.

    We don’t even know if he is a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. God save us…………

  6. Anonymous says:

    You speak like a woman who runs a tight ship! I have noted the websites and homework assignments. I am on it!


  7. let's move forward says:

    Thank you Jeff and Mr. Berg for all that you have done. I have found Jeff’s writing to be clear and very helpful.

    John McCain has asked us to pull together and support Mr. Obama as President. If he takes office, we must pull together for the United States as we know to survive. We must also be prepared challenge any actions that would restrict our freedoms.

    United We Stand Divided We Fall.

    Mr. Obama is a unique President Elect in that he has held previous foreign citizenships. If he has done everything that he should to maintain his US citizenship, he should display the relevant documents with the same pride that he felt accepting the position of President Elect last night.

    If Mr. Obama or our government does not prove that the President Elect is at least a citizen and (for the Constitution) natural born, the door is opened by precedent for anyone in the world to be President. If documents proving foreign citizenship exist in other countries, he could be open to blackmail and ridicule. For Mr. Obama to ignore this problem and claim “lack of standing” not only shows contempt for the “we the little people”, the Constitution and the Country, it shows arrogance and gross irresponsibility, qualities unacceptable in the President. If he is found to be ineligible, he must admit it to the public himself and face their disappointment and anger.

    Mr. Obama, please earn our trust by showing the People of the United States within the next week that you are a citizen of the United States and would not be subject to foreign allegiances and possible future blackmail. If an arm of the US government can provide proof, please allow same to present it to the public. We the People would appreciate this Act of Transparency.

    If he does not produce the necessary documents, perhaps Berg or the Electors can prevail.

    Support Mr Obama, but keep your eyes open:

    He mentioned in a debate that he would quickly accomplish his objectives by executive order. What does he plan to do by executive order?

    The citizen security force idea is frightening. I wonder what they are supposed to secure. We already have police, sheriff, FBI, etc. I read that the Obamas cannot stand to see the secret service people and the uniformed policeman that are there to protect them, and require them to hide. A military mother informed me that Mr. Obama would not shake hands with her uniformed sons serving in Iraq. Mr. Obama may be paranoid and that in itself is frightening.

    I visited the Soviet Union, where it was not safe for tourists to talk in the hotel rooms. I saw individuals removed from public places by men in suits (KGB). I recommend reading Solzhenitsyn to those who have not known the cold war and what life could be like under a dictator like Stalin.

    We need to repeal the Patriot Act before Mr. Obama takes office. 911 could have been stopped if only people in Washington would have listened to what the field people where saying. The possibility of secret surveillance, arrest on secret warrants, and trial in secret courts would be legal under the Patriot act if the individual can be “labeled” a terrorist. Remember how many innocent people’s lives were needlessly destroyed by McCarthyism.

    The fairness doctrine is not a good idea. If forced upon us, ALL media should comply.

  8. STOPBHO says:

    Ad to be pubished for the USA Today on Hussein birth cert. read it and pass it on. . .

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pull together? Now is not the time to pull together. It is US against THEM! We don’t need to agree with anything this Obama wants to do. We shouldn’t give him our support. We oughta fight him to the end. Even after he’s sworn in, FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

  10. litespeed says:

    What do you think about Alan Keyes for president in 2012? He is as “traditional conservative” as they come.

  11. Phelbin says:

    Yes. Barak is a communist and so am I. I can’t believe how stupid everyone is! Soon our plan for world domination will come to fruition. It doesn’t matter what any of you here say or do. We have America by the balls, and soon we’ll all be wearing drab brown, standing in lines, just grateful his greatness has allowed you to have soup and bread. Yes! It will be beautiful agony for all! The Great Communist Revolution of the 21st Century has begun!

    Here's the first step: As soon as he's in power, Obama will implement an entirely new concept that has never existed in the history of the world before called “progressive taxation.” That's where the government takes part of your hard earned money and spends it on stuff for the good of society. And the more you earn, the higher percentage you pay, thus making sure you won't work hard to achieve or be creative. He will then "create" ex-nihilo all sorts of government programs through which your money will be spent. These will have names like "Dept. of Education" or "Dept. of Defense." But really that's just commie talk for taking your money. We all know that taxes and government programs barely exist under Bush and his non-socialist leadership. But soon this paradise will come to an end, and the teeny-tiny practically non-existent Bush government with hardly any taxes at all will be expanded to monstrous proportions, the likes of which the world has never ever seen. The rational, logical and restrained fiscal discipline of the the Republicans (AKA The Party that God Loves) will be mutated into a grotesque tax and spend basilisk of doom. Yes, your nearly tax free paradise has come to an end. Welcome to the entirely new era of Big Government!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    As a left-winger, I’m reassured by the contents of this blog.

    Tom G showed occasional bouts of sanity at 3.00am about learning from the methods of community organisers.

    Dave at 5 november 8.33am had it nailed, about why what happened happened (nb check rural Indiana on a county-by-county level for exactly how bad it was. You guys lost votes in numbers that should have been unbelievable).

    Anonymous at 8.58am had good suggestions.

    Apart from that, its a sea of whining about results, complaining about voters and irrelevant conspiracy theories about Indonesian birth certificates and crypto-Marxists … and energy put into court challenges will prevent what you need to do, which is rebuild the precint-level political machines across all 50 states. A regional party based around the Plains States, Appalachia and the Old Confederacy just doesnt have a lot of future, especially as the Plains States aint looking too solid for the GOP, and Appalachia will vote for economic populist Democrats on a local level.

    Ask yourself ‘how do we win back Michigan, how do we get the support of Vietnamese-Americans and other ethnic communities that believe in education and hard work, how do we win back rural New England and upstate New York’.

    Because whining about stolen elections just doesnt work, and all I see so far is a conspiracy theory laden pity party.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Our elections will never be fair unless we truly have a open and free media. Without that, liberty and freedom is lost.

    The dawn will never rise again, if truth is kept in the dark.


  14. vrajavala says:

    why is the March report
    Supreme Court Associate Justice David Hackett Souter (who usually votes with the liberal wing of the court) has ordered that the defendants in Philip J. Berg v. Barack Obama, et al. “are required to respond to Berg’s Writ of Certiorari” by Dec. 1. In simple English, that means Barack Obama may (or may not, depending on how Souter rules after receiving Obama’s response and Berg’s response to that) be required by the Supreme Court to provide valid documents that prove he is a “natural born” citizen of the United States and thus legally eligible to serve as President as required by Article II of the Constitution.”
    Isn’t this significant?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, thanks for your post. I really appreciate having a place to read an intelligent, conservative view point. God Bless America.

  16. TuxLady says:

    This is so easy. Here’s how the Republicans win: If the MSM praises you, you are doing something wrong. Quit it.

    If the MSM hates you, you are on the right track. Do it some more, and find something else that annoys them. It makes them insane.

    Point out the weaknesses and flaws of the Dem’s policies, etc. If the MSM calls it hate speech, you are onto something.

    Oh, and pick someone who has actually served, not just someone who can campaign.

    Any questions?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I heard that only two days after the general election (even before all the votes are counted), BHO is going to begin National security briefings. Doesn’t that seem a little soon, considering all the unanswered questions? We are imediately granting unlimited security clearance to someone who isn’t even officially elected to the office yet. Something sounds fishy about this. If anyone else picks up on it, please post it here.

  18. Tired of being called racist says:

    You guys don’t get it, do you?

    The Republicans are competing against the Democrats.

    Whereas, the Radical Democrats are waging an all out war against the Republicans.

    And they’re using anything and everything in the book, and even somethings out of the book, to get their way.

    Unfortunately, the Radical Democrats have hood-winked the middle to go along with them by demonizing the Republicans.

    For the Radical Democrats, the end justifies the means. They’re waging political jihad against the Republicans, and they’re willing to destroy anyone, and everyone who stands in their way. Including centrist Democrats.

    As long as the Republicans refuse to fight back at that level, there is no chance for a fair fight.

    Alas, the best way to fight back is to actually let them do most of what they want to do.

    Taxation for re-distribution – Let them.
    Un-restricted Abortion – Let them.
    Card-Check uniionization – Let them.

    The only thing that the Republicans should stop is the media censorship.

    Let them have their way on every else for 4 years.

    Don’t even bother to oppose them in 2010. Except the Senate races. We must keep at least 41+ seats.

    Everything else, let go.

    In 4 years, the public will realize just exactly the Radical Democrats have done to America.

    Then, and only then, they will vote Republican.

    When the public sees and lives through the following,
    1-electric cost triples from current level
    2-Inflation above 10%
    3-Unemployment above 15%
    4-Elimination of 401k
    5-Stock market crashing down below 3,000
    6-Lack of social services due to shrinking of tax receipt
    7-Russian expansion
    8-Chinese aggression
    9-terrorist attack within American borders

    Only them, will the public wake up.

    The only way we can get our country back is if the following happens.
    1-Moderate Democrats join our cause
    2-Independents join our cause
    3-Marginalize the Radical Republicans.

    Anything else won’t do the job.

  19. Anonymous says:

    There seems to be a glaring omission in your list of “actual conservatives” able to guide the conservative movement to, once again, the forefront of American politics by aggresively stressing and eloquently articulating the merits of fiscal conservatism, of smaller government, of free market principles, of a strong national defense and solid family values. I would add Mike Huckabee to that list (and probably have him at the top of it.)

  20. thelink says:

    The first Marxist President is about to enter the White House!

  21. Anonymous says:

    “El Oso said…

    A reminder to all of you.

    You have a new president. He WILL be sworn in because Berg will fail as he has up to this point. He is not the comeback kid and the SCOTUS will not bring down an elected President.

    Get used to saying it. PRESIDENT Barack HUSSEIN Obama. He is YOUR president and your country ELECTED him.

    I don’t think so. For years we heard how GWB “stole” the elction.
    Obama-type bigots and hatemongers, like you, El Oso,

    As far as I am concerned, Obama stole this election by illegal means. Barry Hussein Obama is not my president.

    How does it feel when people play the same game you play, El Oso?
    How does it feel when I spit right back in your face, as people like you have been doing for the last 8 years?

    Get used to it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Because whining about stolen elections just doesnt work, and all I see so far is a conspiracy theory laden pity party.”

    you’re projecting, left winger, as people like you always do. Obama stole the election, and he is not my president. It’s the sane way of looking at things.

  23. Anonymous says:

    When the history books are printed 20 years from now, and documentaries are produced telling our history. Many of you people will be like the the faces in the crowd standing around and watching a lynching.

    You didn’t string anybody up, but you participated.

    And like we today look at those pics and wonder what was going through the minds of those who gathered to gawk at the scene for amusement. They will wonder how so many so-called Americans had so little respect for DEMOCRACY, that they rejected the will of American people and sought to tear down the President before he was even sworn into office.

    Have respect for Democracy, the office of the President and the President himself. As our elected leader, he deserves to be given a chance.

    If he fails, let him have it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous at November 6, 2008 10:16 PM wants us to have respect for Democracy and respect for the President-elect. How can we respect him when it was an unfair media covered election and there were Black Panthers stoping white voters from voting! I don’t think this was a fair election by a long shot IMO the biggest set up and when an insider finally decides to blow the whistle the world will know.

  25. Anonymous says:

    6 months later and you’re all still scared, no smarter and continue to run around like the sky is falling.
    You’re not exactly the most gracious of losers, either.

    For those that want to blame something and have children, blame yourselves.
    Simple economics suggest that supply and demand coupled with longer lifespans means your kids will have it worse than you.
    That’s your fault, not Obama’s or the government’s.
    While trying to get essentials cheaply, you’ve made Walmart rich and sent all of the US’ money to China.
    Your fear started several wars and countless innocents dead all for a cost greater than many country’s GNP.

    Yep, blame yourselves.
    You’re the cause.
    You’re the losers here.
    Now STFU and let someone smarter clean up the mess you’ve made.

  26. thelink says:

    Yes 6 months later we are scared. You will be to when Obama implements his mandatory civilian security service under homeland security. When sharia law is implemented in the US, you will be scared. Yes, his latest justice department official thinks we should implement sharia law in the US. Excuse me, Obama is not smarter than me, maybe he is smarter than you. You are the idiot and are to blame because idiots like you who believe in this moron that wants nothing more than to destroy America.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Whatever you say.
    Just as long as you can handle being wrong.
    Because when you look back 8 years from now, no Sharia law will have been in place.
    The US will still be here and stronger than it is today.
    Our constitution was written in a way that no single man, not even the president, can change its laws.
    That means in 8 years, the constitution and US will still be here as right as they've ever been and you will still be wrong.
    Likely as wrong as you've been throughout your life.

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