Addressing the Rumors Surrounding Surrick’s Decision

The newest thing, I see, is that the Hon. R. Barclay Surrick somehow was implored to decide as he did in the Berg v. Obama suit, that the memorandum and order was somehow thrust upon him by a former law clerk who now works closely with Michelle Obama. Fax transmissions shown on the readily-available document have been called into question, as though the judge was sent the decision he was supposed to render.

People, come on.

The standing doctrine is crystal clear. The law, in this case, was on the side of Barack Obama and the DNC when it came down to the procedural details. To prevail, Berg needed Judge Surrick to play the role of judicial activist and expand the law as it stands today. I’ve noted before that the standing doctrine had changed over time, but just because the judge [unfortunately] declined to change it again, we cannot simply assume that he was somehow coerced to uphold the law.

Don’t get me wrong — I was hoping that Surrick would indeed change the standing doctrine. I think that, in this case, the law as it stands could not be more wrong. I find it sad, and somewhat contrary to what I feel our founders would have liked, that individuals cannot ask that a presidential candidate who has failed to be forthcoming in so many different ways to come clean about his questionable past. Still, as disappointing as Surrick’s decision was, it was far from unexpected.

It would not take a conspiracy to force a judge to come down on the right side of the law as it currently stands. He did what was expected of him. I understand the will to look for answers, but if there is an answer that we should all be looing for, it should be to the question of standing and, more specifically, injury. Hopefully, as Berg proceeds through the court system, he will frame his questions in a way which will nudge the courts into providing a true, specific, definitive test for injury-in-fact, the first of three elements in the standing doctrine. Right now, while a judge may apply the plaintiff’s allegations to a sliding scale of remoteness and speculation in order to decide whether a plaintiff has been injured in a specific and particularized manner, it would be nice to see a definitive test for the injury requirement come of all of this.

In the meantime, we are nine short days away from the most important election of this generation, a contest between two men with stark differences in policies, ideology and aspirations. We may not be able to affect the thinking of a political candidate or a district court judge — so let’s take responsibility for our own actions and do the right thing in the voting booth.

UPDATE — Sun., Oct. 26 @ 10:15pm

Obama’s Birth Certificate Sealed by Hawaii Governor
(FROM: WorldNetDaily) Now, contrary to what some of you may believe, I am not a tin-foil hat kind of guy. Still, I find this to be strange, especially considering that the Illinois senator was just there a few days ago. At any rate, why not just produce the valid, vault copy and not only put an end to all of this, but come out looking better for having done so? If anything, Obama could turn it over and say something along the lines of “do you see how far people will go?” and come out smelling sweetly on the whole thing, but he doesn’t. Odd.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jeff:

    I know you are a very busy man, but how can a lawsuit work, in your opinion, to have Obama removed from the ballots?


  2. vrajavala says:

    well if the fake fax story is a conspriacy then how do you explain the two different time stamps?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I need to warn people about that petition for avoiding a “Constitutional crisis”!

    I signed it, and so did others I know, and ALL of us got emails back from our legislators and in the title it said, “re: trade”!

    Its a scam! Someone is using our names to support another issue!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are we still a nation of laws?

  5. Anonymous says:

    “…Election officials and Electors in all 50 states and DC will be held accountable to uphold the US Constitution.

    Citizen Wells will be contacting the secretary of state or commonwealth in all states and will email the following article that reveals the duties to uphold the Constitution:

    “US Constitution, Federal Election Laws, State Election Laws”

    Each state will be notified of the article and the fact that they will be held accountable. Taking their cue from the Democratic party or other excuses will not be accepted. Each person sworn to uphold the Constitution will be personally held accountable. Citizen Wells also urges the citizens of each state to make known their desire to uphold the Constitution.

    Below is a list of the 50 states and DC. As each state is contacted, this article will be updated. Please comment with your information and concerns about your state election officials and electors.

    Alabama Emailed 10/27/08

    Alaska Email 10/27/08


    Arkansas Email 10/27/08

    California Email 10/27/08

    Colorado Email 10/27/08

    Connecticut Email 10/27/08


    Florida Telephone/email 10/27/08, Florida response – see comment below


    Hawaii Email 10/27/08

    Idaho Email 10/27/08











    Minnesota Email 10/27/08


    Missouri Email 10/27/08




    New Hampshire

    New Jersey

    New Mexico Email 10/27/08

    New York

    North Carolina Telephone/email 10/27/08

    North Dakota




    Pennsylvania Telephone/email 10/27/08

    Rhode Island

    South Carolina

    South Dakota







    West Virginia

    Wisconsin Email 10/27/08


    Dictrict of Columbia “
    FLORIDA Response:

    “citizenwells // October 27, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    Below is a response I got from the state of Florida. The states appear to be ignoring the issue of upholding the Constitution. I will write about that tomorrow.

    Thank you for inquiring about the determination of a candidate’s eligibility to run for President of United States. The Florida Department of State does not have investigative or enforcement authority to ensure that major parties’ candidates are properly qualified to be President of the United States. The U.S. Constitution establishes the qualifying requirements for President. Under Florida law, the way in which a major party’s candidate is placed on the ballot is that the state executive committee of each political party submits its slate of presidential electors for its candidate before September 1st of each presidential election year; then, by law, the names of candidates are printed on the ballot. Those candidates are not required to provide any documents to the State that they meet the qualifications for office.

    The Florida Secretary of State performs only a ministerial function. So, the Secretary has no authority or responsibility to look beyond the filing documents to determine if a candidate is eligible. If a candidate (or the party in the case of a major political party nominating someone as a Presidential candidate) files the necessary paperwork, which papers are complete on their face, the Secretary must qualify the candidate.

    Any challenge to the qualifications of a U.S. Presidential candidate should be made in a court of competent jurisdiction. The Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., may also be a resource for information or inquiry on this matter. Contact information for the Department of Justice is:; phone: 202-514-2000; and U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue , NW. Washington, DC 20530-0001.

    I hope you find this information helpful.”

  6. toto says:

    On the birth certificate thing, I was just reading something on this issue, that makes all the sense in the world.

    The birth certificate in question, the one thats all over the web, states his mother is “Caucasian”, no problem there, but now to the father, the father was listed as “African”; thats strange as in 1961 there were only 3 accepted races, Mongoloid, Caucasoid, and Negroid. African race wasn’t even used until at least 1963. Now the question is, who made this fraudelnt instrument? Just an FYO.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t Linda Lingle (Hawaii’s governor) one of Palin’s buddies? She spoke at the convention supporting her. Palin needs to be on top of this. Something is very fishy here.

  8. beachsand says:

    BTW…. John McCain was born of a military father outside of US. That qualifies him as a Natural Born Citizen.

  9. Frank says:

    Would you think so?

  10. Silva says:

    what is birth certificate for some one who havd dedicate his life to serve you?

  11. Polarik says:

    BlueWater 1949 asked, “Who FORGED Obama’s cert of live birth?

    I have an answer for him/her: it’s not anywhere in the link you gave. I know who forged his COLB. I know how the forgery was made. I made a clone of the forged image to prove how it was done.

    My name is Polarik and I am the only person on the planet who knows what I’ve stated above.

    Maybe you’ve never heard of me, but I am one of the Phil Berg’s experts who proved, conclusively, unquestionably, and honestly, that the Obama COLB images posted on the Daily Kos blog, Obama’s “Fight The Smears” website,, and the Politifact website, all came from a single image that began its life as a scan of someone’s real COLB (not Obama).

    Using that scan as its basis, the forger covered over the existing birth record information with pieces of the background pattern, and then typed over these with bogus birth info to make it look like Obama’s COLB, if it really had this information (which it does not)

    Obama’s COLB image was a manufactured mess put together with pieces from two other COLBs.

    Did anyone see the Factcheck photos allegedly taken of OBama’s “real” cOLB?

    Well, they are also bogus. The photos of the front side of the COLB were made from a color printout of the forged COLB image.

    The reverse side was made from a second COLB, where the location of the Registrar’s signature stamp is not where it would be if this were real.

    Read all about it on Phil Berg’s website, Look for my final report, titled “Obama’s ‘Born’ Conspiracy.”

    Also, read about it on the Free Republic forum,

    And, on my blog, The Greater Evil.


    PLEASE, do not use the “tinfoil” peforative when talking about what is, indeed, a conspiracy to defraud the American voter by presenting a forged image (and then photos) as proof of Obama’s citizenship).

    It is a bit insulting to hear it when I have spent four months doing the research on this.

    If you believe what Obama is capable of doing, along with all of his Obamatons, the MSM, his billionaire associates, and the rest of OBama’s rogue gallery, then you can take this to the bank, that Obama, his Campaign, and Annenberg, by way of their FactCheck group, have conspired to dupe fellow Americans, and then to cover it up with more subterfuge.

    It’s real.

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