My Note to the Editor at African Press International

In the interest of full disclosure, it should be known that I am still skeptical of the story put forth a few days ago by African Press International which cited an interview supposedly had with Michelle Obama, wife of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and very possibly the next First Lady of the United States. I was skeptical for a number of reasons and still am, even in the wake of continued assertions by those at African Press International that they are in possession of an audiotape supporting their questioned material and will release the evidence in due time.

This afternoon, I sent an e-mail to Chief Editor Korir over at API. I wanted to ensure him that the questions I had about his credibility had little to do with API itself or his work there, but rather the nature of the Internet and Internet blogs as a whole.

When I first broke the story about Philip Berg’s lawsuit against Barack Obama back in August, nobody believed it. They wanted a docket number, they wanted a PDF copy, all just to know that a case was actually indeed filed. They wanted to know that it was for real. I understood that, because if even the American mainstream media outlets have such credibility problems, what kind of credibility could some legal writer and part-time law student have to fairly present this issue?

That, in part, is why I have tried to be as objective and fair as possible with regard to the Berg case. That, in part, is why I felt compelled to disassemble Berg’s perjury claim and to do my best to report, to you, both sides of the procedural aspects of the suit. I expected the credibility problems, because I know the nature of the beast which is the American media.

Chief Editor Korir did not.

Now, I still maintain that I cannot, in this case, follow Ronald Reagan’s “trust, but verify” mantra absent the same kind of evidence which would be expected of me, or any other part-time quasi-journalist across the vast expanse of the Internet. However, I wanted Mr. Korir to know that any questions I had about his credibility on this issue were based upon the nature of the beast and not him, personally.

In the interest of full disclosure, therefore, here is the e-mail I sent this afternoon:

FROM: Jeff Schreiber
TO: African Press International
DATE: Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 1:58 PM
SUBJECT: Clearing the Air

Chief Editor Korir,

I fear we may have gotten off on the wrong foot and, while I cannot say whether it will matter to you, I’d like to explain for a moment where I was coming from.

First, it was absolutely wrong of me to question your command of the English language. I have known more than a few Kenyans in my time–one of which was actually the son of a former dignitary (a good one)–and each and every one has proven to be honest, gracious, intelligent and well-meaning. I should not have assumed you otherwise, and for that I apologize.

Second, while I am still skeptical of the veracity of the statements purportedly provided to you by Michelle Obama, that skepticism is rooted more in the credibility problems in the American media than any credibility issues on your end. Mr. Korir, like my own Web site, your African Press International is a largely unknown entity, and I expect that people would be equally as shocked if I had suddenly received a telephone call from Mrs. Obama and reported on the conversation. The difference, I guess, is that I would have expected the outcry, the hurtful statements, the legal ramifications because I am somewhat familiar with how things work on this side of the Atlantic. You did not, and I expect you are reeling.

Furthermore, for making any overtly personal statements questioning your credibility, I am sorry. While in this case I cannot follow the words of former President Ronald Reagan, whose mantra was “trust, then verify,” please rest assured that my lack of trust has more to do with the wide-ranging availability of unverifiable information on the entire Internet than the information specifically available at African Press International. We ALL have a credibility gap to overcome.

Finally, I’ve read, over the past few days, various accounts about your political status in Norway. To the extent that those accounts are true, I hope that this recent media outcry–to which I have admittedly contributed–has not put undue pressure, political and otherwise, on yourself and your family. I, too, have received some unsavory correspondence because of the stories and issues I’ve pursued on my Web site, and know that it is never easy — especially when family is concerned.

So, Mr. Korir, I hope you know where I’m coming from, and understand that I wish you well in your continued endeavors at African Press International and beyond.

Take care,

Jeff Schreiber
America’s Right

Jeff Schreiber

Listen, I’d like to think that I’m a fairly decent guy. Certainly not out to hurt anybody. Certainly not out to be a “hatchet man.” When I started America’s Right at the beginning of this year, I did so because I had an interest in the fair and full disclosure of the truth, and how that disclosure as it stood today affected the treatment and spread of the conservative message and conservative values.

I’ve tried to keep that underlying idea and those underlying ideals in mind with the way I present the news and the facts as I perceive them. In reporting on the Berg v. Obama lawsuit, I am not out to hurt Barack Obama but rather am purely and unequivocally interested in the truth. Of course, as a conservative–with increasingly libertarian leanings it seems–I do not want him elected to the White House, something I feel as though I articulated fairly well in Eligibility Goes Beyond Citizenship, but that doesn’t mean that I am prepared to depart from fact in order to advance my own principles.

And that, my friends, runs to the heart of this African Press International matter. Just as I, despite my intentions and ideals, have a credibility gap to overcome, so does Chief Editor Korir. It isn’t his fault. In the piece in question, I saw what looked to me like a character assassination, and jumped all over it — and I would expect the same thing if I had made similar statements here.

I do think that Mr. Korir should release an audiotape should he have one, and I do think that his credibility depends upon it. That, however, has less to do with Mr. Korir as it does with the nature of the media, the Internet and the times as a whole.

The truth, as always, is paramount. People, however, are human. Regardless of whether he has presented facts truthfully or not, Mr. Korir is under a tremendous amount of pressure. I personally put much of that pressure on him, and while I feel as though the paramount need for truth demanded that level of scrutiny, I wanted him to know that it was by no means personal.

As an aside, I plan on writing something tonight about the status of Phil Berg’s lawsuit against Barack Obama. Yes, it is taking a while and, yes, the judge is well within his discretion, but people want answers.

Now, while I am not qualified to give such answers, I can leave myself open to embarrassment by posting some 100 percent pure conjecture. And, unless I come to my senses between now and whenever I’m able to sit down and write, that’s what you’ll get — a few not-so-educated guesses.

In the meantime, Berg’s suit has received a little press coverage from The Bulletin, right here in Philadelphia:

Pennsylvania Attorney Questions the Citizenship of Barack Obama

So, check it out, and please don’t expect anything ground-breaking tonight. I’m only a little more than half-way through attending law school at night and have yet to take a course which deals with getting inside the head of a District Court judge.

– Jeff

UPDATE: I passed out in front of one of my casebooks for school. 2:30am now — the earliest I’ve been to bed all week. I’ll get to the conjecture at some point tomorrow, with any luck. Sorry!



  1. Anonymous says:

    API . . .put up or go away.

    Corsi releases statement blocked by Kenya
    Posted: October 17, 2008
    12:50 am Eastern
    WND is publishing for the first time the prepared opening statement by Jerome Corsi for the scheduled Oct. 7 press conference in Nairobi that was shut down when he was detained by Kenyan military and immigration authorities.

    As Corsi developed the text the previous day, he shared it with key government officials and accepted suggestions for changes.

    The only governmental factions Corsi was unable to interview in Kenya were Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Orange Democratic Movement party members still remaining loyal to him.

    Corsi said the office of Kenyan President Kibaki and Vice President Kolonzo were fully informed of his intention to hold the press conference at the Grand Regency Hotel, and neither expressed any objections.

    (Story continues at link above)

  2. Anonymous says:


    Can you PLEASE get us an update on the law suit. Why is it taking so long? Is the judge just running out the clock?

  3. Papa Ray says:

    Well Jeff, that was a good letter and I’m sure that you chose your words with care.

    But you will admit I’m sure, that these (this) website and people have no credibility.

    I could send you the same stuff and claim to be whoever I thought at the time might have enough credibility fo you to believe (half way) what I wrote.

    So, I’m glad to read that you still have a lot of doubts.

    Personally, I would or could wish nothing good for Obama or his cause. So I am hoping that you do recieve some hard evideence such as a video tape or audio recording.

    But…I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  4. Anonymous says:

    In their latest post, the API is sticking up for a guy named "Sam" who calls Michelle Obama's alleged phone call "innocent" and that the alleged audio would be used by "racists" to undermine an Obama presidency.

    I said to them:

    >First you call Michelle Obama’s alleged words “shocking”, now you’re posting this poor “sam’s” email, validating his assessment of her comments as “innocent”. Which is it? Were her comments “shocking” or “innocent”?

    Given your original assessment that they are “shocking”, I trust you understand what is meant by that, and will fully release her comments…<

    Seems they are being intimidated by this "sam" guy, and possibly Obama's team. Maybe even bought off.

    Till I hear the tapes, this story holds no credibility with me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the API should release the audio if they have it ASAP or admit that they don’t have an audio to back up their claims ASAP. This way we can forget the issue, take it with a HUGE grain of salt and move on. It is about time they prove they have the guts to stand behind what they say or admit they are wrong. They published the article, time to take responsibility for it either way.


    Frustrated individual

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Jeff. Thank you for your openness, your stewardship and your decency.

    We can only wait for Mr. Korir to do what he will. It is my sense he is a decent man who is telling the truth.

    In this world, we must depend upon the honorable and decent nature of those we do not know. Only they can balance out the many dishonorable and indecent who live as predators among us.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A great note Jeff.

    Hopefully the issue of the existence of the tape will be behind us today. I’m still scratching my head over API concerns about being sued in Norway, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

  8. Goldie says:

    I think this will smooth his feathers if he was left wondering.

    I really think the simple issue of a recorded phone call could be resolved sooner than this. The legalities can’t possibly be that complicated.

    I hope as much as I doubt.

  9. citizenwells says:

    I commend you Jeff for taking this action.

  10. TypewriterStreaming says:

    I continue to think the story is bogus. If they had a recording it would have been released. Their doing Obama’s dishes by dragging this out.
    Jeff, my goodness Berg’s suit is taking a long time. This doesn’t seem fair since the clock is ticking away.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is becoming nothing more than a wild goose chase…..

  12. Anonymous says:

    How can a judge justify NOT asking for simple documents to prove a candidate for President meets the qualifications? This is crazy!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Everyone should stop going to and posting on API. It is likely that this whole thing was planned by the Obama campaign as a way to discredit the ineligibility theory and Bergs lawsuit. API is publishing IP addresses and emails of people who post there. What a great way for the Obama cyberthugs to create a better list of their enemies. If they turn out to be legitimate later, then fine, but for now, treat them as a discredited source and stay away.

  14. bernardbaruchsghost says:

    A goose chase?

    Is it a coincidence that the “O” team has acquired a 30 minute chunk of ad time on the anniversary of Black Tuesday 1929?

    Coincidence that the transcript of the API phone call establishes BHO’s birthplace . . .timed for release to oppose potential outcome of Philip Berg’s lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility?

    No longer competing within the rubric of tangible evidence, experience, facts or truth, we are challenged by a formidable marxist opponent fluent within the Cloward-Piven matrix.

    Political polls in concert with media complicity are conducting a modern day Asch experiment.

    Goose chase, duck-duck-goose or a good game of political chess?

    Shall we play a game?

  15. Anonymous says:

    The clock is ticking. There is a sense to repeat (a little updated) comment from
    made on Oct 16, 2008 at 2:31AM
    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    CNN knows about Berg's lawsuit and simply "dismissed" it. Judge probably will wait until after elections. It leaves only one possibility to "win" this case – let know American people about its existence (they don't know because MSM don't inform about it), and they will decide this case during elections knowing this information and according their hearts.

    VIDEO "October Surprise" has at this moment more than 1,300,000 views. It has to be more than 130,000,000 to be effective. Please email a message (like below) to as many addresses as you can. And let's see.

    Subject: "October Surprise"

    Not eligible to be President of the US? Why???


    Watch VIDEO:
    Obama's Citizenship: I Invented The Internet (Ep. 6: October Surprise) 11min

    The same VIDEO can be seen here:
    October 11, 2008
    "This could be the game changer"

    or here
    Saturday, October 11, 2008
    "Philip Berg Interview Hits YouTube"

    It seems this matter is of interest for everybody.

    Please e-mail it to everyone you can think about.


  16. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to know if at some point Berg can go ahead and appeal to a higher court on grounds this judge is just running the clock to deny the plaintiff a remedy.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The truth is that you are very likely to never see the audio files posted!! That is the truth of this matter, as they might have been threatened by Michelle Obama!!

    Same for the judge in the Berg vs. Obama case. You will never hear of him before the elections! Only after the elections are fully completed will you hear of him telling you that he dismissed the case because he felt he was not the jurisdiction that deals with such a case!!

    And Obama, the closet Muslim veiled with a Christian bogus cloak will not even have to answer to his deception, lie concerning his location of birth in Kenya if he is elected PotUSA!!

  18. A Believer says:

    All this discussion is meaningless unless proof is presented. Obama gets away with another thing. He gets away with everything so far because people are afraid of the truth. Well god is the truth and you can never go wrong choosing god and the truth. The truth shall set you free.

    Fear is always a block to god. to be afraid of Obama is to allow Obama to block your oneness with god. Chose god and you can never go wrong. The way to over come fear is to trust that god will protect you as you walk through the fear. Therefore fear not Obama. Release the proof of the truth and trust god and your fear will go away forever. You will move closer to god. You will learn to trust god and not fear obama.

  19. Goldie says:

    I saw this posted on Berg’s site about “MO’s” little phone call.

    I still say ?????

    “The API news is waiting to release the tapes to give MO a chance to “come clean” as they are saying.”

  20. Anonymous says:

    very nice letter Jeff, thanks for writing it. I hope they are okay over there, not a peep from them today so far.

    I hope they are not being harassed or worse.

  21. Mary says:

    The API story and the Berg “lawsuit” both stink from Axelrod.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Very commendable, Mr. Schreiber!

    I think that while we would like a speedy resolution, one way or another, we should not underestimate for one second, the possibility that API has a wider community of 'family' including the team of journalists and their relatives to consider, in juggling & balancing the scales of fairness, truth, facts, rights and responsibility, impact and cultural norms.

    Cannot be easy!!

    Ask Joe!

    As they say, if your hand is in the lion's mouth, you gotta ease it out!

  23. John Q. Public says:

    SCOTUS, in ruling against Ohio voters – signaled all lower courts on how they should rule re Obama.

    Easy out, too, essentially declaring that anyone other than Mr. Obama is without standing.

  24. Koyaan says:

    goldie wrote:

    “The API news is waiting to release the tapes to give MO a chance to “come clean” as they are saying.”


    That’s exactly what Techdude did back when he claimed he was able to discern the original name on Obama’s birth certificate.

    Just like in this instance, people were begging him to divulge the name now so Hillary would be able to get the nomination.

    However he said he was going to wait a while before revealing the name in order to give the guilty party a chance to “come clean.”

    Of course Techdude’s eventual claim that the name was Maya Soetoro was pure fabricated fantasy.

    And I think that’s all we have here. Pure fabricated fantasy.


  25. vrajavala says:

    Breaking news from andy Martin in Honolulu




    (HONOLULU, HI)(October 17, 2008) Obama nemesis and author Andy Martin filed suit in the First Circuit Court in Honolulu today seeking a court order to open Barack Obama’s secret birth records.

    “One of Obama’s most controversial and contentious issues that he has allowed to fester for years is the question of his birth certificate,” says Martin. “Obama has posted at least two versions, maybe more, of a ‘certificate’ on the Internet.

    “I want to see a certified copy issued by the State of Hawaii, not one issued by the State of Obama. Why Obama won’t allow direct access to his birth records is beyond me. But the closer we get to discovering the truth about Obama the more we understand why he is terrified of that truth.

    “What is Obama hiding? Frankly, after being in Hawaii and conducting our first round of interviews, we think we have a clearer picture of what Obama is concealing, and why. We have more research and interviews to conduct before we can announce our opinions.

    “In the meantime, I filed a lawsuit against the State of Hawaii to require the state to open Obama’s birth records. The Governor and Director of the Department of Health are named as defendants.

    “The case has been docketed as number 08-1-2147-10 and assigned to Circuit Judge Bert Ayabe.

    “We will distribute copies of the lawsuit at a Saturday morning news conference, as well as making them available on a limited basis Friday evening upon written request. We will hold the Saturday morning news conference in front of the courthouse to provide additional information.

    “Friday evening I will be available by cell phone from AlaMoanaBeachPark.

    “We will issue a news release later Friday with details of Saturday’s news conference.

    “The basic question remains: why is Obama trying to hide his life from birth to adulthood from the American people? Interestingly, we think we also know now why he has virtually imprisoned his white grandmother and refuses to allow her to appear in public. Who is the man behind Obama’s mask? I think my book ‘Obama: The Man Behind The Mask’ is aptly titled.

    “Next week, we believe we will be in a position to remove Obama’s mask and confront him with the truth about who he is and what he is.

    “One TV news network has already tentatively scheduled a conference in New York on our return.”

  26. Goldie says:

    Someone on Berg’s Blog said this!!

    "ANDY MARTN and his Investigation Team just filed Lawsuit #08-1-2147-10
    in District Court Judge Bert Ayabe press release Friday Night & Saturday Morning.
    Sign in and check it out. The Lawsuit is against the Hawaii Governor, and the Department
    of Health."’s-secret-birth-records/#comment-3167

  27. Anonymous says:

    Great Letter Jeff!
    I hate to change the subject, and you don't have to post this. (yet) lol
    but I just heard about

    ANDY MARTN and his Investigation Team just filed Lawsuit #08-1-2147-10
    in District Court Judge Bert Ayabe press release Friday Night & Saturday Morning.
    Sign in and check it out. The Lawsuit is against the Hawaii Governor, and the Department
    of Health. Dan

  28. Anonymous says:


    Did Mr. Korir respond to your email?


  29. Anonymous says:

    Axelrod is using the API story and the Berg suit in the same sentence? That was the purpose of the API story to begin with: create a fabricated story that is then debunked. Then mix the debunked story in with the true stories so the “debunkedness” will rub off, hopefully.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, have you heard anything about another lawsuit in Hawaii? I’ve done a bit of searching on it (see link below), but am unable to find anything official on a docket. I’ll keep looking.


  31. Anonymous says:

    An author and avowed opponent of Barack Obama has filed suit against the state seeking to require officials to provide a copy of the Democratic presidential nominee’s Hawai’i birth certificate.

  32. Danny says:
  33. Anonymous says:

    Link to downloadable audio of teleseminar with Jerome Corsi on his trip to Kenya, his findings, their implications and other matters such as his Islamic connections, and Berg vs. Obama. A must.

  34. Anonymous says:

    This states there will be an update, but doesn’t say whether it will reveal a tape. Suspicious.

  35. Anonymous says:
  36. Anonymous says:

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