Getting Policy-Specific in Harlem

You know, for all we talk about with regard to specific tax policies, foreign policy experience, constitutional quandaries and the like, many American voters are just going to close that voting booth curtain and pull the lever or push the button according to a gut feeling about one particular candidate.

That being said, radio personality Howard Stern recently ran an interview with voters in Harlem, New York, in which the predominantly Obama supporting interviewees were asked whether or not they supported specific policies — only the policies given as Obama’s were actually those advanced by John McCain.

If these people fail to understand that Sarah Palin is not Barack Obama’s running mate, if they refuse to follow politics enough to know that it is John McCain and not Obama who wants to leave our troops in Iraq long enough to finish the job, what hope is there for an understanding of the effects that a reduction in capital gains taxes would have on the American economy? Of the intricasies of our relationship with Iran? Of the environmentally-friendly methods of extracting shale oil? Without question, I’d be willing to bet that those interviewed know something about something, whether it be the starting lineup for the New Jersey Nets, or the name of the winner of last season’s “Survivor” — why can’t we pour the same amount of energy into learning about our political process?

The founders of our nation, I think, would be appalled. Those men fought and bled and died for the chance to secure the opportunity to lay the foundation for a nation and government diametrically opposed to the tyrannial rule from which they escaped. Such a phenomenal experiment, and it is largely taken for granted. An opportunity created for a people to enjoy freedom as a way to ensure their own security and prosperity, and the country is now filled with people who want everying secured for and given to them. An entire nation who sings in the key of “mee-mee-meeee.”

Anyway, before I put y’all to sleep, strap yourselves in and watch–or listen–to the video.

(WARNING: Occasional explicit lyrics within.)



  1. Goldie says:

    Exciting news! Berg’s case is on My Fox news Toledo!

  2. Tony in City Hall says:

    I was actually going to bring this up to you tomorrow Jeff. This just clearly states the obvious, the only thing the black community is voting for, is race. Yet, the media is reporting whites arent voting for Obama because of his race. You cant say one thing and not state the obvious for the side of it. He could have the worst plan for the country in United States history, yet, he will be voted in for the single principle of being black. I live in a mixed neighborhood, mostly black. And I fear, around election day, as you do Jeff, that it will be DANGEROUS to venture out that night. Regardless of the vote. I feel it will emboldent the black community among others. And we expect racial hate crimes towards whites in the coming weeks. Since it will be a “triumph” for the black community. The inner cities are going to burn next month.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately it is True that a Very Large number of
    People will be Voting without a Clue as to what the Issues are.
    Howard Stearn is a Wacko, but a “Nice” Wacko. I’ve known of him since he First aired on WFAN with Don Imus.
    Actually, I believe my Aunt
    babysat for him when he lived near Albertson,L.I.,NY.
    I think in Herrick’s or in Mineola.
    Anyway, You know Jeff, I’ve heard
    “A Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste”, but this is Ridiculous and truly take’s the preverbial Cake! I do have to give Howard an A+ for a Realistic Report. I’m not that Religious, but, God Help Us All! LOL
    Dan Smith

  4. Phil says:

    One thing I have respected about Howard Stern is his willingness to throw out an idea and see what happens, perhaps even getting people to question things, such as the following:

    What does this say about the electorate? Could this simply have been someone that they “lucked out” who happens to be very politically unastute?

    Or, taken more seriously, is there something we’re all missing in terms of miscommunication between the two candidates? How about: both candidates are so similar to those who don’t frequent blogs such as this one to the point that these people see them as indistinguishable?


  5. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Berg vs Obama made it to real TV, Fox in Toledo. The video is up! Leave wonderful comments. AND CALL YOUR LOCAL FOX NEWS STATION AND ASK ABOUT THIS TOLEDO PIECE!

  6. Goldie says:

    One thing I’ve noticed that’s different about them is when they’re doing a speech. McCain says, “If elected president” and Obama says, “When I’m president”. The power of words you don’t notice you’ve heard can be dangerous. Hitler knew this. His speeches were loaded with it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone surprised? Not me, it has been obvious since day one. This whole election is a joke on the American public! One that will haunt us for who knows how long. It all depends on the horrible legislation that is forced upon us, American citizens, by the politician/winner.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lest we should all forget Obamas mantra, “just words”…and it doesn’t mean any more than the hollow votes he will get from his constituients.

  9. TNelson says:

    Phil: I may have been able to agree with your second point, but in this example the issues should have been very clear. The questions regarding troop pullout in Iraq, abortion, and what gender each candidates running mate happens to be should not be very confusing. I will give the electorate some wiggle room for not understanding stem cell research etc. but abortion rights?!?! If you don’t know where you stand on at least that issue, please don’t vote.
    Obama only got the nomination of his party (over Clinton) because of his ‘old’ stance on Iraq. Now those who nominated him because of that position don’t even care or remember what he said during the primaries.

    This all makes me want to cry….

  10. Lil says:

    Wow! I’m not much of a fan of Howard Stern but I really appreciate him running this. Everyone knows these elections are “race” driven, and unfortunately Obama will win because of the color of his skin and his rhetoric..his uses a lot of words but doesn’t say anything, this is misleading to a lot of people that are easily manipulated by the power of speech. I just hope blogs like this and Berg’s case get out there in the media for everyone else to open their eyes once and for all. McCain has a tough road ahead but he’s a fighter and I know he won’t give up easily, but he needs a lot of help from those of you than can see clearly. I’m from Mexico so I can’t vote, but I really hope that those of you that can and will vote for the guy with experience.

    McCain 08

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lil, don’t let not being a citizen stop you from voting. Pop down to the locl ACORN office and they’ll get you registered. Of course you may have to swear to vote for Obama before they’ll do it.

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