Philip Berg Interview Hits YouTube

Yesterday, I spoke with Philip Berg about a number of issues, chief among them the progress in media attention, any possible ties with Obama Nation author Jerome Corsi, and his feelings on the lack of decision so far from the Hon. R. Barclay Surrick.

Berg mentioned that he had been on Independence Mall earlier shooting video and still photos, the former to advance his arguments via avenues such as YouTube, the latter to provide to television stations and the like who interview him via telephone and require some sort of visual.

In fact, just such a telephone interview will run on the local Fox News station in Toledo, Ohio on Monday at 4:00 and 10:00 p.m. newscasts. With any luck, Berg said, this will be among other local programming picked up by Fox News Channel in New York. While the local station in Toledo may not be doing a satellite interview now, he said, “if I win, it’s going to be just about every satellite truck in the nation parked outside my office.”

“And if I lose,” Berg said, “I’ll appeal and there will likely be satellite trucks out there anyway.”

Word is indeed getting out, Berg said. He has received phone calls from the Associated Press, the Washington Post and more, all conveying that they’ll likely do a story after Judge Surrick comes down with an order. Furthermore, Thursday brought five radio interviews, and yesterday six more. His Web site, Berg claims, has had more than 27.5 million hits — including 1.6 million on Wednesday alone.

“People know about this case, regardless of attention from the media or lack thereof,” Berg said. “30, 40 million people know about this, and more and more people know every day. Sooner or later, Obama is going to need to face reality.”

I asked him as well about Jerome Corsi, the author of The Obama Nation who was just this week detained in Kenya as he attempted to hold a press conference detailing the relationship between the Illinois senator and Raila Odinga, the Kenyan prime minister who assumed power under a cloud of voter oppression and fraud. In his most recent pleading, Berg mentioned for the first time with specificity his belief that Barack Obama was born in Coast Hospital in Kenya, something which sounded awfully familiar and I think had been mentioned before by Corsi.

However, Berg maintains that he has had no contact with the controversial author, while the two did appear on the same Colorado radio station on Thursday, though an hour apart.

“He’s got the information connecting Obama with Odinga, with the people who incited race riots and burned people alive. This whole thing is connected on some level with Obama,” Berg said. “No, I haven’t had personal contact with Corsi, but we do have something in common … we both know Obama is a bad guy.”

The Coast Hospital reference is in one of only six pending pleadings, not even counting the pair of motions filed by intervening parties. While my sources within the courthouse tell me that a decision could very well come down next week, many people feel that Judge Surrick is somehow stalling, or somehow kneeling to the altar of politics with regard to adjudicating this matter.

He is not.

These things take time, my friends. Judge Surrick is well within his discretion to take this amount of time — and more. By all accounts, he is extremely deliberative, endlessly fair, and likes to do his own research and write his own opinions. Personally, I expect that when an order does come down, it will likely address each of the half-dozen outstanding pleadings. Of course, with Election Day looming, we’d all like to see this case resolved on this level one way or another. Berg would too.

“While of course I wish he would come down quicker on this matter,” Berg said, “this is a very serious case and he is taking appropriate time to review it. He is a meticulous judge.”

“Listen, this is in many ways a case of first impression. Nobody has asserted these claims on these grounds before,” he said. “We’re trying to make it so he has a difficult time ruling against us. No judge likes to be overturned. So, we’re trying to give him as much as possible, countering generalities with specifics, crossing our fingers and hoping.”



  1. Goldie says:

    koyann, I see what you’re saying but my answer is, no I don’t. We’ve sold out for sure! You’re talking dollars but I’m voicing disgust for people who use the protection of this country’s constitution to take up allegiance with other governments that threaten us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    here is the rest of the interview done by Fox News Toledo, Ohio there is some good stuff here:

  3. Koyaan says:

    anonymous wrote:

    Online did infact begin before it became public, but as the Internet was initially funded by the government, it was originally limited to research, education, and government uses. Commercial uses were prohibited unless they directly served the goals of research and education. In 1986, the National Science Foundation funded NSFNet as a cross country 56 Kbps backbone for the Internet. They maintained their sponsorship for nearly a decade, setting rules for its non-commercial government and research uses. The policy or commercial use prohibition continued well into the 90′s. Companies and universities did set up mail serices in the early ’80s, but I doubt you were a part of this.

    Dude, you clearly don’t have even the FOGGIEST idea what “online” means.

    Again, you keep assuming that “online” is synonymous with the Internet. It’s not.

    Usenet was available to anyone with a UNIX system, a modem and a phone line. It had absolutely specifically to do NSFNet or ARPANet, or the Internet.

    Usenet was fundamentally no different than FidoNet that was popular on computer bulletin board systems at the time.

    The large national online services such as CompuServe, built their own networks to provide services to their customers.

    You’re utterly clueless. Here, do a little research and educate yourself:



    Bulleting Board System (BBS)


    I suspect that 25 years was a slip on your part relating to your age and therefore a great indicator of why you are an Obama supporter and have so much time on your hands to stalk the pro McCain blogs.

    I’ll forgive you that comment owing to your ignorance of the history of online telecommunications.

    Inter net info courtesy of

    As they say, a little knowledge is dangerous.

    The only online experience you’ve ever known or experienced has been the Internet so you erroneously assume that history of online telecommunications is only the history of the Internet. And then you go on to make a fool of yourself.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Dude”, you totally give your age away by using that word. No self respecting adult with a life in their 30′ o r 40′s uses the word “dude” and by the way, I’m no dude. I was using the programs you speak of in the work place in the late ’80s early ’90s so thanks for trying to “educate” me, but I don’t need the type of education you left wing commies want to impose upon the USofA.

  5. says:

    George – “There is something wrong with Koyaan!!! I mean that, PatGund is a close second! Anyone that could spend that much time, to such a fanatical extreme degree, whether or not it’s their job, even more so if it is not their job, as Koyaan claims, has something pyschologically wrong with them. THAT BEHAVIOR JUST ISN’T NORMAL!!! “

    This argument would have more credit – if it wasn’t for the fact that I see people on the other side of the issue spending as much or more time on such matters.

    Heck, I see people spending more time, effort, and money on “fantasy football” and “fantasy baseball”, which is an activity with absolutely zero real-life impact. At least politics has some real-life value to it.

  6. says:

    Anonymous -

    I’m in my early 40′s, an IT professional, and used BBS’s, FidoNet, OneNet, etc., from early on. Still have my Kaypro 10 somewhere. Also have a family and career. So I’m very much a self-respecting adult.


  7. Koyaan says:

    anonymous wrote:

    “Dude”, you totally give your age away by using that word. No self respecting adult with a life in their 30′ o r 40′s uses the word “dude” and by the way, I’m no dude.

    I only use “dude” when I’m addressing someone who doesn’t appear to be any brighter than Jeff Spicoli.

    I was using the programs you speak of in the work place in the late ’80s early ’90s…

    It’s rather obvious you weren’t or you wouldn’t have said what you did previously.

    Later, dude.


  8. Anonymous says:

    koyaan: I’m sure you’ll respond again because you just have to have the last word. Fine. Go for it big boy. I’m too tired and have too many other things going to sit and have an online argument with someone who fills their head with such brainless films as “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. I’m sure your left wing nut job hero Sean Penn would be honored at the mention of his work.

  9. Anonymous says:

    thank you for bringing light to uncertin for the place of birth of B.Obama.

    I’m starting to think he was not born here in US at all.

    i hope the judge will rule on it soon..

    “online BC” is full of holes

    where the vault one?

    if the vault one doesn’t exist that would be a BIG ONE

    Do you know what happens if Obama is elected on the 4th and before Jan 20th the court he is uneligiable to be the president?

  10. LAURA GRAHAM says:

    i’m 100% positive that most of these comments are fake and added daily by spammers of the GOP.

    don’t listen to this ridiculous video on Obama, democrats. it is fear mongering at its most silly.

  11. Steven says:

    Hey Guys,

    Fox News is reporting Obama will be in Hawaii on Thursday and Friday because his grandma is “ill” She was released from the hospital a over week ago. its very strange to me that suddenly he decided to go to Hawaii to be on her side.. hmmm maybe he will try to locate his “real” BC… I don’t know..

    what do u think?

  12. Anonymous says:

    “DO NOT CALL THE COURTHOUSE! … do NOT want to see these people pestered. Is that clear?”

    I appreciate your website, but do not appreciate you telling me what I can do, and whether it’s clear to me what you’re saying. Get over yourself!

    BTW, I have no intention of contacting the courthouse, but am completely turned off by your arrogant and condescending tone. I repeat, get over yourself!!

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