"Oh, God love ya … what am I talking about?"

When I saw today’s cartoon by Investor’s Business Daily’s Michael Ramirez, a Pulitzer Prize winner who may be the best political cartoonist out there, I practically laughed my way off of my chair (Click HERE to see the cartoon for yourself). Simple reason — it poked fun at Sen. Joe Biden’s tendency to speak first and fact-check later by drawing upon what, for me, was the single funniest moment of this entire, two-year-long election cycle.

Every single time I see the video of Biden, on the stump, asking a disabled, wheelchair-bound state senator to “stand up, Chuck,” I descend into fits of laughter. It’s not that Biden did not recover admirably–he did, and I feel awful for him that he had to do it–but just to look at the shock and horror in his face … oh, geez, I’m chuckling again.

For those who haven’t seen it, here it is. Now, this is the second time this video has appeared on the pages of America’s Right, but I just can’t get enough.


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