Berg v. Obama Update — Sunday, September 28

Berg on Obama’s Apparent Admission of Dual Citizenship with Kenya

Many of you have approached me about the recent entry on Barack Obama’s “Fight the Smears” Web site on which his former dual citizenship with Kenya–since expired–was acknowledged. While it has been popping up across the Web on other blogs, I have hesitated to bring it up because I’m not so sure how much bearing it has upon the case at hand, other than going to Obama’s overall penchant for holding back information on his background.

Actually, Annenberg’s has had this information up and available since August 29. It’s nothing new. Still, I figured that the renewed buzz warranted at least a question or two for Philip Berg. Surprisingly, his answer was quite short and to the point.

“We believe that it was put up there, on that site, to get our attention away from Indonesia,” Berg said. “His stepfather acknowledged him there, adopted him there, and at this time he might not even be a naturalized citizen of the United States, forget natural born. The Hawaiian birth certificate may have been something his grandparents here used to register him in school here, and he’s been using it since. Either way, he doesn’t meet the requirements to be president, and he should be taken off of the ballot immediately.”

For more updates about the Federal lawsuit questioning Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president of the United States, look at the right side of the page for articles and commentaries under the “BERG v. OBAMA @ AMERICA’S RIGHT” heading.



  1. Anonymous says:

    It would seem that Obama and the DNC are putting off dealing with this issue until it is too late to make any changes in the national election. In addition to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, it would appear necessary to include the Electoral College electors, and bar them from voting for any candidate not proving Constitutional eligibility.
    I realize this would be more difficult and may detract from appearances of credibility, but since Attorney Berg is the only one defending the Constitution here it would be prudent.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update Jeff. I’ve been on pins and needles this weekend in regard to this case.

    If Berg is focusing on proving Indonesian citizenship through adoption rather than Kenyan, why is requesting his Hawaiian birth certificate and why does he keep saying that it doesn’t exist?

  3. Pat in NC says:

    Thank you for the update. I keep praying God will not withdraw His blessings from our nation and will provide the leader we need. I do not believe Obama has the inherent love for our country that is required to sustain him in the job.

  4. willem says:

    Clever way to jam the dialogue that’s bound to come. O’Factcheck has now planted a 2nd Nationality Act (British) for the initially disinterested to distinguish from the US Nationality Act of 1940. More cleverly still, they set the trap for the latent issue of dual foreign fathers, one Kenyan, and one yet to be mentioned Indonesian with his own set of nationality laws tied to the same issue.

    How is this clever? They do not report the juxtaposition of the greater issues in question, thus exploiting an opportunity for sustained cognitive dissonance should the questions raised by Berg survive the process and fire-up a broader controversy.

    The new meme is now in place for all loyal haters of Bush-Hitler to stand firm for Social Justice and Progressives against Racists everywhere.

    The new meme is basically this:

    If Obama lost his US citizenship in Indonesia and failed to reclaim it as required, or, if he was born in Kenya do to a technicality, be assured that nothing is wrong because:

    1) Obama did not renounce his US Citizenship
    2) Obama did not swear an oath of allegiance to Kenya
    3) Obama’s Kenyan citizenship automatically expired a long time ago
    4) Indonesia has nothing to do with Kenya. It’s not even on the same continent.

    The above 4 points have now been proven to an absolute actual fact.

    I can hear it now:

    “Now that it has been proved Indonesia is not even on the same continent as Africa, Racists everywhere need to shut up and realize that his Kenyan citizenship expired long ago. They’re just against us because he’s Black.”

    It may turn out to be the best thing McCain has going for him is the increasingly spectacular illogic of the opposition.

    They are already scary. I think it gets a lot worse in the next few weeks.

  5. TonyU says:

    Thanks for the update Jeff.

    You’d think being a dual citizen at birth would constitute dual loyalties by some legal definition. I’m betting that even if this and the indonesia stuff doesn’t get a lot of traction in federal court that some 527′s are going to try this case in the court of public opinion.

  6. Kuanonymous says:

    Dear Pat,
    I found your response very moving.

    God Bless America

  7. TriciaNC says:

    I think the reason Mr. Berg is wanting Obama to come up with a Hawaii COLB (which Mr. Berg feels he cannot) is because he was actually born in Kenya but when his Mother returned to Hawaii she requested a birth certificate whch Hawaii allows but the long version would be needed as it lists much more info such as the hospital born in, etc.

    Then comes into play the possibility of beign adopted by Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia which would make him an Indonesian citizen. He used an Indonesia passport to get into Pakistan in 1981 when he was then 19 or 20 years old.

  8. suek says:

    >> He used an Indonesia passport to get into Pakistan in 1981 when he was then 19 or 20 years old.>>

    You state this as if it's a known fact. If it is, could you please source it??

  9. Anonymous says:

    Could he have used a Kenya passport since he had dual citizenship until he was age 21?

  10. Charlie says:

    Charlie from Florida, says Mr Berg is truly in line with the founding fathers They truely would be proud of him as I am. Keep the flame Bro Berg, and keep the faith!!! PS Does not the Bill of Rights give every person standing within the constitution? Respectfully Yours, I remain true to your Cause,Charlie

  11. Anonymous says:

    Someone, somewhere brought up the fact that in the 1960s, the term for race would have been negro, not African, as what is on Obama’s certificate of live birth. It was not until the 1980s that the term African American was used. Is there any way to verify this?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said: Someone, somewhere brought up the fact that in the 1960s, the term for race would have been negro, not African, as what is on Obama’s certificate of live birth. It was not until the 1980s that the term African American was used. Is there any way to verify this?

    Except if one is referring to an African, somebody from Africa.


  13. Anonymous says:

    There are other defendants in this case, including the Federal Elections Commission.

    Can someone please update me as to THE GOVERNMENT’s answer/response to this lawsuit, and whether one has been filed yet?

  14. Howard says:

    1. Obama challenges the 2nd Amendment … The Right To Bear Arms.

    2. Obama challenges the 1st Amendment … The right of Free Speech.
    Obama pressures all media who accepts NRA advertising.

    3. Obama wants a Civil National Security Force … with the same budget as the Pentagon.

    So, Obama does not want any opposition, so he stops Freedom of Speech.
    Then, to make any opposition defenseless, he wants to take away our right to bear arms.
    Next, he wants a Civil National Security force to put down any insurrection.

    Sounds like the stepping stones to a leftist dictator taking over this country.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I did not know that “African” was a “Race”.
    There are Black and White and any other races in Africa. Dan

  16. Arturus Canus says:

    Arturus Canus

    Obama related in a speech on April 6th 2008 in San Francisco that he traveled to Pakistan when he was a college student in 1981. See report posted at

    obama delenda est

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