September 15, 2008 — Assigned Reading

If you’re going to read only one news article today, make it this first one. –Jeff

(FROM: New York Post) This is absolutely disgusting, and more than borderline treasonous. Barack Obama has put political games and gains before the lives of the men and women fighting for this country, many times worse even than when Nancy Pelosi did so last year. While it is nothing new for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party to put party before country, Obama could very well become Commander in Chief. E-mail this one around to your friends and acquaintances, folks — we cannot let this man get off easily this time.

Obama’s ‘Plumbers’
(FROM: Human Events) An interesting look into what may or may not be going on behind the scenes to address, cover up and defuse controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s associations with Bill Ayers and other radicals. There’s more to Obama, Ayers and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge than we think, people. Take this part of the article, for instance:

It seems more than coincidence that Obama, as a 33 year-old junior lawyer at a modest Chicago law firm, was then brought onto the CAC board as chairman, despite the prominence of other members that included two university presidents. In a September 10 New York Times article on Obama and education that mentions Ayers and depends upon Rolling as an informant, one of the presidents, Stanley O. Ikenberry of the University of Illinois, remembered about the choice of Obama as chair, “It was unusual: here you had a person trained in the law chairing a board on school reform.”

Rasmussen: ‘Electoral College: McCain 200 Obama 193′
(FROM: Rasmussen Reports) National polls, you should know by now, can be considered persuasive but nowhere near binding. That’s why I really like the state-by-state data compiled by sites such as Rasmussen and RealClearPolitics, the latter of which has McCain winning over Obama by 20 votes. A lot can happen between now and the fourth of November, and I encourage everyone to get involved on the local level.

Palin ‘Governed from the Center,’ Went After Big Oil
(FROM: USA Today) Amidst a mainstream press just begging for dirt and for an all-too-damaging “October Surprise,” leave it to USA Today of all rags to put forth a fairly decent, fundamentally fair article on Sarah Palin and her accomplishments in Alaska. I’m still not convinced that, had she been a democrat and taken the same stand against “big oil,” us conservatives wouldn’t be going after her for implementing a windfall profits tax of sorts, but you’ve got to take the bad with the good. If she and John McCain get elected, I just hope she might be able to bring her boss up to ANWR and knock some sense into him.

Revealed: UK’s First Official Sharia Courts

(FROM: Sunday Times–UK) The United States already has similar judicial outlets available for some Native American tribes; how long until a First Amendment case asking for Islamic Law courts here works its way up the federal judiciary to the Supreme Court? Seeing how we are already apt to appease these people in every way possible, what with the footbaths in high schools and women’s-only days at collegiate gym facilities and prayer rooms in airports, and taking into account the ACLU crowd’s penchant for using political correctness and cries of racial intolerance to advance a hyper-left agenda, I can’t say that it will be very long, especially if the wrong person gets elected in November. With our aging Supreme Court, the long-term effects of either John McCain’s or Barack Obama’s administration could be felt in our society for more than a generation. If the Supreme Court in its current form has no problem granting habeus corpus rights to Muslim detainees at Gitmo, what’s to stop a decidedly more activist court, fresh with three nominees from President Obama, from advancing “social justice” by accommodating the first petitioners to come along hoping for an outlet for Sharia law in their community? I wonder if, 15 or 20 years ago, the kind folks in England, France and the Netherlands knew they’d be facilitators of Jihad From Within?

Charlie Gibson’s Gaffe
(FROM: Washington Post) Journalism in America is dying a slow death. The unequivocal hatred for the Bush Administration on the left has transcended the current inhabitant of the White House and has firmly projected itself onto the Republicans running for the office, particularly the one that took the mainstream media by surprise, the one that stands the best chance of all candidates to connect with the American public. Charlie Gibson was about as condescending as it gets, and I find it glorifyingly wonderful that his best “gotcha” moment made him, the interviewer, the worse for it. Thankfully, I believe that every media attack of Sarah Palin gains firm support from women and from the conservative base of the Republican Party.

More Errors for Rep. Rangel; Hires New Accountant
(FROM: Let’s say, just for laughs, that a House Republican was chair of the Ways & Means Committee, responsible in many ways for the contents of the U.S. Tax Code, and was caught red-handed failing to report income from a rental house and for maintaining not one but four subsidized housing units in New York City. Let’s say, for a moment, that the manatee in the lounge chair is not Charlie Rangel but rather a ranking member of the GOP. Would this hypothetical Republican resign, or stay on? Would the Speaker of the House insist that he keep his position as chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee? You be the judge. (Photo from the New York Post)

Wondering No More
(FROM: National Review) By now, everyone here has already seen Barack Obama’s latest advertisement mocking John McCain for being computer illiterate. If not, check it out. As it turns out, however, McCain’s doesn’t so much lack computer experience as he does typing prowess — his injuries left over from his days in the Hanoi Hilton prevent him from using the computer, perhaps aggravating an awkward posture, but he does surf the Internet with help of others. Surely, this will not be reported in the mainstream press, even though the mainstream press are responsible for providing the proof which shows the cause of McCain’s lack of computer exposure. Furthermore, should Obama be mocking McCain’s tenure in Washington when his own vice president pre-dates McCain by a decade? Also noted in the article: Bill Clinton sent only two e-mail messages throughout the entire eight years he was in office — this during the Internet boom, too. No word, of course, as to the possible recipient of those e-mails.

Jackie Mason on Sarah Palin
(FROM: YouTube) I love Jackie Mason, Caddyshack II notwithstanding.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jeff,
    you gotta just love Jackie Mason!!!
    Thanks for sharing a voice of reality. I have been thinking I am living in a surreal nightmare along with many other democrats.

    I appreciate your blog site too. Helps me stay in a real world with some integrity.
    This democrat is voting for McCain/Palin in November. They are a team that strike me as having integrity, grit, courage and a truthful heart. I’ll put aside my strong feelings for polar bears, wolves, and pro choice to use my voice and vote for truth and defense of my constitutional privilege.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Jackie Mason! Right on!

    Tanya, I second what you said, too.


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