September 10, 2008 — Assigned Reading

Broken windows and shattered dreams:
Another young life taken by a killer who should not have been here in the first place.

Feds Were Alerted to Driver’s Possible Illegal Status
(FROM: Rocky Mountain News) For those of you who hadn’t heard, two women and a child were killed a few days ago when an illegal immigrant ran a red light, smashed his Chevy Suburban into a pickup truck and then crashed into a Baskin-Robbins store. It was in that store where three-year-old Marten Kudlis was seated, eating ice cream, just before his life was taken. In the past few days, immigration and law enforcement officials have confirmed that the hit-and-run driver, Francis Hernandez, was in the United States illegally and HAD BEEN ARRESTED 16 TIMES yet was on the streets of Denver, a sanctuary city, free to go about his life and rob others of theirs.

Has the world turned completely upside-down? How many of these stories do we need to hear, how many children must be taken from their parents and parents taken from their children before we stand up and say that enough is enough? Forget, even for a moment, that we absolutely must build a fence and close our borders to those who want to enter the United States illegally. Forget, even for a moment, that we must be more vigilant in searching out those who overstay their visas. This man was arrested 16 times, yet he was still here and still driving and still able to kill that three-year-old boy. How about we start enforcing the laws already on the books? Being in this country illegally is a crime in and of itself, but we must be more aggressive in deporting those illegal immigrants who continue to overtly break the law after they come here.

The Rand Corporation just released a study showing that 75 percent of previously deported illegal immigrants will commit another crime within one year of returning to the United States, and that 32 percent of illegal aliens who had never been deported were arrested during that same time period. Combined with the stresses that illegal immigration puts on our healthcare, educational and correctional systems, the effect on crime is staggering, and should be enough to wake up those in Washington. Marten Kudlis did not have to die. The man who killed him should not have even been here in the first place. Shut the borders, eliminate the magnets, deport the criminals … save lives.

Obama’s Days with Daley
(FROM: National Review) You know the old saying — when you lie down with pigs, you come up with a ticket to the White House. This article, by NRO’s David Freddoso, does a nice job of shedding light upon the pay-to-play and family-friendly corrupt atmosphere within the innerworkings of the Chicago political machine. Barack Obama, of course, wanted to effect change in Chicago yet still endorsed Mayor Richard M. Daley for re-election in 2007, shortly after many of the powers that be in Daley’s City Hall were investigated, indicted and convicted in a pair of major corruption probes.

The Islamic World Looks at Obama
(FROM: Human Events) No, Barack Obama is not a Muslim, regardless of what your creepy, xenophobic neighbor tells you while watering his orchids in his underpants. It is, however, beneficial to adopt an enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend mentality for a moment and look at the energetic support that the Illinois senator is getting from moderate and radical Muslim communities and leaders across the globe. And it’s not just Barack Obama — terrorists DO support democrats and the liberal, socialist ideology in general. Radical Muslim terrorists, I wrote a few months ago, “they detest our freedoms, they detest our equality, they detest our wealth, they detest our military superiority, they detest our position as the number one superpower in the world. To them, America as it exists now is their enemy.” The more and more we hear from Barack Obama and his contempt for corporate and economic growth and his plan to disarm and weaken our military, the more I see the connection.

Criminalizing Criticism of Islam
(FROM: The Wall Street Journal) Why is Christianity and Judaism fair game for critical analysis, yet a mere cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad is enough to inspire riots and death threats? Have we become so spineless, so predisposed toward appeasement, so willing to bow before the altar of political correctness that we can no longer identify evil for what it is? As I’ve written before, if we continue to be blindfolded by political correctness, if we continue to hand our severed, infidel heads over on a silver platter, if we continue to be driven to distraction while being subjected to Jihad From Within, we will certainly march ourselves to our own destruction, wondering the whole way why the people fastening the hoods over our heads just didn’t want to “talk.”

Fred Thompson: The John McCain I Got to Know
(FROM: TownHall) I don’t always agree with John McCain. A few minutes on this Web site should show you why. Still, he has shown himself to be an excellent judge of character. In picking Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, he secured the future of the Republican Party in the hands of true conservatives. In soliciting help from former Sen. Fred Thompson on matters regarding the federal judiciary–a subject on which McCain has questionable judgment at best–he has shown that he’s willing to ask questions which, to borrow a phrase, might be “beyond his pay grade.” From the very first post on America’s Right, Thompson was my choice for the 44th president of the United States — to hear him continue to slather praise upon McCain makes it easier for me to have faith that a representation of my values will be on the ballot in November.

Could Clinton have Palin-Proofed Dems?
(FROM: Politico) A very, very interesting question, considering that just today Joe Biden questioned whether Hillary Clinton would have, in fact, been a better choice for the number two spot on Barack Obama’s ticket. Clinton’s hypothetical effect on the race would depend a lot upon whether the conservative base are energized by Sarah Palin because she is a woman, or because she is a conservative. Personally, I’m in the latter camp, but the 23-point swing toward McCain among polled women aged 18 to 49 suggests either that (1) Palin has converted some Hillary Clinton supporters or (2) she has garnered interest from women that had previously been ambivalent to the election.

Running Alaska
(FROM: The Wall Street Journal) An interesting and straightforward little “blurb” comparing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial responsibilities with those from other states. A quick, worthwhile read, especially considering that some Democratic Party operatives consider her primary qualification to be that “she hasn’t had an abortion.”

Michelle Malkin: Sisterhood of the Protected Female Liberal Journalists
(FROM: CNSNews) Now that we see that the number of Democratic Party lawyers and investigators in Wasilla, Alaska is exceeded only by the number of reporters and producers and crewmembers from the mainstream press, the timing is right for Malkin’s assessment of the overt hypocrisy surrounding much of the coverage of Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska and mother of five. The news media asks whether Palin is fit for the vice presidency and questions her parenting by insinuating that she cannot handle motherhood and career at the same time, yet many of those promulgating the sexist talking points have themselves managed such a balance. From Katie Couric to Campbell Brown, the working mother has been embraced in the media and on the political left … until now.

Biden Asks Disabled, Wheelchair-Bound State Senator to ‘Stand Up’
(FROM: YouTube) This has got to be my favorite election-related gaffe of the past few months, if not the whole entire election cycle altogether. Before going on to suggest that conservatives with special needs children don’t love their children because they oppose embryonic stem-cell research, Biden was thanking and recognizing people and politicians in the audience and asked one state senator to stand up, only then realizing that he is disabled and wheelchair bound. I must say, however, that Biden graciously and expertly and genuinely made a good save here; still, I cannot help but laugh each time I see that instant of gut-wrenching regret wash across his face.


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