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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is what political spin is all about…..The WORLD agrees that the Irag war was a mistake, an intrusion, an invasion. And, we are proud of our armed forces who DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD, as I did forty years ago during the Viet Nam war, which does not mean it is morally right. Using the armed forces for a political message is just a grievous as using religious messages. Shame on McCain. Our service people are defending the USA, not a political party.

  2. not a dem anymore says:

    For me this race is over.

    McCain/Palin ’08

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  4. Anonymous says:

    gotta agree with the first anonymous on this one. A video like this isn’t going to get people to change their minds. Democrats and Republicans alike agree that the war was a mistake. Also, it is debated how much “better off” Iraqis are now than they were in 2002. Moreover, do all Iraqis agree? Including the hundreds of thousands who have lost loved ones? (Yes, the Iraqi casualty count is several orders of magnitude more than the American one). Frankly I think that the guy in the video was disrespecting this huge number of people in saying that the war was worth it. It’s so arrogant and “Team America” of Americans to think that going into a country and “spreading freedom” is the right thing to do, even if it comes at the expense of hundreds of thousands of citizens in that country, and if these citizens never asked for American-style freedom.

    Finally — and this is a separate issue — I actually agree with the soldier in regards to sacrifice, and so does Obama. But Bush did not, and I’m not confident McCain does. Let me explain. When we have gone to war in the past, all Americans pitched in and helped. Everyone was invested in the war effort. They saved, cut costs, donated, did not use some war-critical materials, and made extra efforts to never be wasteful. What happens when the Bush administration goes to war? People buy car magnets. And they enjoy tax cuts, and they are American by buying extra stuff. Other than the people who had family members and friends going to war, Americans at home did not make war-specific sacrifices and there was not a community of binding together for this common cause. I think Obama gets it because that is what his message is all about — working together as a group to get something done. I could see common sacrifices being strongly encouraged under an Obama administration much like in WWII.

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