A Den Mother on Steroids

Expectations could never have been more astronomical. More people could not have been eagerly awaiting failure. Stakes could not have been much higher.

Yet, in the opinion of this particular conservative, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stepped into the light before tens of millions of Americans awaiting her every word, swung for the fences, and knocked the ball right out of the park.

She introduced herself and her family to the American people with charm, explained her running mate’s ideas and ideals with conviction, established her independence from the mainstream media’s agenda with force and attacked her opponents without hesitation, and did so in a way sure to earn a spot in the hearts and minds of America’s heartland. She effectively contrasted her small-town background with the cosmopolitan world of the rabid media elites, her conservative principles with the traditional government-heavy ideals trumpeted year after year by the left, her executive experience in Alaska with Obama’s lack of experience anywhere else. She teased the crowd with her knowledge of the global energy market, and showed that she could take a hit and deliver one right back with a wry smile on her face.

I’m tempted, but parroting laugh and applause lines seems counterproductive. Palin’s performance tonight, after all, was about more than her jabs at the ineffective Congress, at Harry Reid or Barack Obama. On the fourth of November, the McCain-Palin ticket may win or it may lose. And while tonight’s speech may have had an effect on the election, I feel as though there was more at stake.

In my opinion, the very future of the conservative movement in America may have rested squarely on Sarah Palin’s shoulders and on her performance this evening. John McCain, hardly a true conservative in his own right, could have picked Tom Ridge or Rudy Giuliani or Joe Lieberman to round out his ticket and, with him, carry the standard of the Republican party. But he didn’t. He took a risk, according to many, on a little-known self-proclaimed “hockey mom” from Alaska who just happened to be the nation’s post popular governor, a mother of five … and a conservative through and through.

When she is finally able to exhale following the success of tonight’s speech, Sarah Palin will be the standard-bearer for the future of the conservative movement. Sooner or later, whether in four years, eight years or two months, the grey hair of the Grand Ole’ Party will give way to a more colorful crowd — Palin, Bobby Jindal, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Mark Sanford, Eric Cantor, Mike Huckabee and Jim DeMint, just to name a few. Palin’s emergence as a bona fide political star cements the future of the Republican party firmly in the hands of pro-free market, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, fiscal, social and foreign policy conservatives who put America first and party second.

John McCain had the opportunity to re-brand the GOP in pretty much any which way he pleased. He picked Sarah Palin, knowing her potential and seeing the political advantages. With all that McCain has done to work against many tenets of traditional conservatism, he may have given the greatest gift possible to the movement championed by Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan — perpetuity.

Palin will likely be skewered tomorrow by the mainstream media. They’ll chide her for being so rough on Barack Obama after he came out–rightly so–in defense of her family. They’ll poke fun at her Marge Gunderson accent, point out that her daughter’s hand was likely super-glued to that of her future son-in-law, and accuse her of name-dropping in order to superficially temper concerns over her foreign policy experience. Nothing will change. Women’s rights groups will still turn their back to criticism that she cannot be vice president and mother of five. East and west coast elites will continue to look condescendingly upon her churchgoing ways, her practical hairstyle, her small-town idiosyncrasies.

The American mainstream media will continue to destroy objective journalism with each passing day, letting their hatred of the values exhibited by those in the flyover states belie their own political and ideological leanings. And, in the end, John McCain and his running mate, that Den Mother on Steroids, may win or they may lose — but either way, conservatives in this country can rest easy knowing that their ideas and ideals will continue to shape America and Her political landscape for years to come.




  1. chiefwamo says:


    great writing

  2. Brian says:

    As a Clinton supporter, I find myself moving from voting against Obama to voting for McCain/Palin. McCain found a winner with Palin.

    Last night was the only time I have watched either Convention, just to see what she brought to the table. I wan’t disappointed. Seeing that Scrappy lady up on stage throwing digs at Obama and even some into her own party made me like her even more.

    She may not have written her own speech, but she presented it just as her own.

    Excellent Job last night, Sarah.

    Kudos, McCain, for bucking the trend and going with an “unknown”


    I agree with your analysis. By the way I started reading your blog within a couple hours after you posted the Phil Berg lawsuit story and fellow blogger, Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana linked you.

    I was going to vote for Obama until he endorsed Andre Carson for Congress from Indiana. Carson is part of “machine politics” here in Indianapolis. Then I started looking into everything I could find on Obama. I knew he was no good if he made a deal with Carson.

    That was before Barr announced his candidacy and before Sarah Palin entered the picture. So I’ve been all over the map with this election.

    I knew the moment I read Palin’s bio that she was the genuine article.

    Not since before Diana’s death has the world been so energized and enthralled.

    We can only hope she becomes President one day.

  4. not a dem anymore says:

    She is great isn’t she, very strong. Yes McCain did good with this pick.

  5. Laura Blackwell says:

    I’m a new comer to your blog. I really respect your ideas and thoughts- particularly because they align with mine. I really appreciate what you said re: the upcoming, Republican leadership.

    I will keep checking back.


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  2. [...] the Republican National Convention, I recall writing a piece here at America’s Right entitled A Den Mother on Steroids in which I heralded as her strengths the very things the liberal elite media hammered her on day in [...]

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