September 3, 2008 — Assigned Reading

Sarah Palin and the Two Americas
(FROM: American Thinker) The mainstream media’s assault on Sarah Palin has been as telling as it has been disgusting. They question her parenting and priorities by asking if a “good mother” would run for vice president with five kids at home, yet if the candidate in question was a pro-choice democrat, anyone daring to ask such a question would be reviled as a sexist. They bring up the DUI arrest of her husband some 22 years ago, yet their candidate of choice, at the same time, was admittedly snorting cocaine and doing God knows what else. They assail her for pointing out that, despite the difficulties which come with a teenage pregnancy, she will still unconditionally love her daugher, while glossing over a speech delivered only six months ago during which Barack Obama expressly stated that he never would want his daughters “punished” with a baby. The mainstream media has responded to threat with blind rage, exposing for all to see the American political left’s hatred for heartland Americans. That’s right. Hate. They hate that you go to church on Sunday. They cannot stand that you pollute the Earth with your pick-up truck; They despise your guns, and your ability to use them. This remarkable woman, Sarah Palin, represents everything that the American political left looks down upon with scorn. She’d rather spend time hunting caribou with her family than clinking cocktail glasses at trendy restaurants. She put the gubernatorial plane on eBay as soon as she took office and fired the gubernatorial chef shortly thereafter, maintaining that she didn’t want her children corrupted by the trappings of the out-of-touch few, that they would be just fine eating macaroni and cheese like kids everywhere else. And now, in an intensely private moment where she is appearing to be so much more human, the left and its mainstream media want nothing more than to simply tear her apart. Sickening.

U.S. Hands Over Anbar Province
(FROM: BBC) So, in case you haven’t heard, the United States military has handed over control over Iraq’s Anbar Province, previously the center of the Iraqi insurgency and perhaps the bloodiest spot in the region, to the Iraqi government. This is another testament to the bravery and commitment of our fighting men and women overseas, as well as leaders on the ground in Iraq and in Washington. Regardless of the way we entered the Iraqi theater–I supported it then and support it now–the transfer of control in this formerly troublesome area is great news, a sign that we’ve done our job despite tremendous opposition at home and abroad. This news should have been blasted from the rooftops. Hopefully, it will be.

Obama Defends Natural Disaster Experience
(FROM: CNN) Asked by CNN coffeehouse crowd studmuffin Anderson Cooper whether he felt his three years’ experience in the U.S. Senate–two of which were spent campaigning for the presidency–contributed to his ability to handle a natural disaster such as Hurricane Gustav, Barack Obama said the following:

“My understanding is that Gov. Palin’s town, Wassilla, has I think 50 employees. We’ve got 2500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe 12 million dollars a year – we have a budget of about three times that just for the month.”

Hmmm … so, I guess that merely running for president provides all of the experience necessary to actually serve as president?

Where’s NOW Now?
(FROM: Human Events) These women’s groups befuddle me, and not just because I haven’t figured out women in general (what man has, after all?). Occasionally, when stories come out of the Middle East about a gang-rape victim stoned by Muslims in Saudi Arabia on charges of impurity before Allah, or an English schoolteacher threatened with death for naming a teddy bear “Muhammad” in her Sudanese classroom, or any number of gruesome and heartless honor killings in a given week or month, I cannot help but notice the deafening silence from the women’s movement in America. And now, with Gov. Sarah Palin rounding out the GOP ticket, they seem to be eerily silent again. Could it be that NOW and friends are not so much interested in the advancement of women, but rather interested only in the advancement of women who fit a certain ideological mold? Palin, as a mother of five and political powerhouse, should be the posterwoman for NOW’s movement — yet there’s nothing. How telling.

Drilling Rebels Keep Fighting During Republican Convention
(FROM: Human Events) Good. The energy issue, despite gasoline prices on the decline ever since President Bush repealed the ban on offshore drilling, is still something that resonates with nearly every American, people who feel the effect of the increase in costs not only at the pump, but at the grocery store and nearly everywhere else as well. As I’ve said before, energy is an issue which transcends the superficiality gap between the halls of Capitol Hill and the cubicles of Main Street. The Republicans must continue to hammer home the democrats’ unwillingness to allow for access to our own natural resources.

Another Rumor of War
(FROM: National Review) The Dutch has spies? Spies which actually infiltrated the Iranian nuclear program? Spies which were so close that they had to be pulled back due to rumors that the U.S. was preparing an attack on Iranian nuclear weapons facilities? Can they build a shoe-phone into one of those wooden clogs? I poke fun, but the article is actually very interesting. I’m just elated that I found something online today NOT about Sarah Palin.


Honestly, I usually try to provide some links to at least a half-dozen articles or commentaries I find to be insightful or entertaining, but today, however, just about everything was on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, so I cut things short for the sake of avoiding redundancy as best possible. In the future, should you folks find anything you’d like to see in Assigned Reading, please e-mail me a link to the piece with the subject line “Assigned Reading” and we’ll see if we can’t get it worked into the rotation. Please understand that I will not be able to get to everything.

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